The Greek's Virgin Bride

The Greek's Virgin Bride

The Greek s Virgin Bride As the illegitimate granddaughter of a famous Greek billionaire Andrea Fraser was disowned at birth and grew up in poverty Now at the age of twenty five she is unexpectedly called to Greece where

  • Title: The Greek's Virgin Bride
  • Author: Julia James
  • ISBN: 9780373123834
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • As the illegitimate granddaughter of a famous Greek billionaire, Andrea Fraser was disowned at birth and grew up in poverty Now, at the age of twenty five, she is unexpectedly called to Greece, where shocking news awaits her Andrea s grandfather has found her a husband She s promised to tycoon Nikos Vassilis as part of a business deal But Andrea is strongly independeAs the illegitimate granddaughter of a famous Greek billionaire, Andrea Fraser was disowned at birth and grew up in poverty Now, at the age of twenty five, she is unexpectedly called to Greece, where shocking news awaits her Andrea s grandfather has found her a husband She s promised to tycoon Nikos Vassilis as part of a business deal But Andrea is strongly independent and has no intention of meekly accepting a marriage of convenience Nikos may be the most sophisticated man she s ever met, but she ll be leaving him the first chance she getswon t she

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    Andrea has every reason to loathe her wealthy Greek grandfather; he's never done anything to help her or her English mother, even when Andrea was in dire straits after an accident. But when he summons her to Greece, she can't resist the possibility of getting money to help her ailing, exhausted mother. Even if it means marrying a man who will undoubtedly come to hate her if he ever realizes she's not the wealthy heiress he expected.I feel kind of bummed that I didn't like this more. There were s [...]

    I had many issues with this one; especially the part where the heroine Andrea is thrashed by her grandfather while the hero looks on without doing anything about it. I just couldn't take to the hero after that, not even when he discovers her disfigurement and looks after her. The heroine's character was ok, although she seemed to have a tendency to bait danger. But what was worse was the writing; it seemed overly dramatic and boring. I found myself skimming pages rather than actually reading the [...]

    Really enjoyed this. The villain in this one is the heroine's grandfather who has the hero on the hook to marry his granddaughter.Heroine only agrees to meet her grandfather for the first time because she wants to pay off her debts and move her mother, who has asthma, out of the council estate to Spain. She has no idea she is part of a business deal. When she objects to being married off, her grandfather hits her and advises the hero to beat her once they are married.The hero is as shocked as th [...]

    Okay once the H saw the heroine, he was smitten. He says he didn't touch anyone since the day he met her. But I had to sit through his disgusting sexual memories of his two mistresses. It was just gross. I took off one star for that. He was a pig. And he had plans for the greek mistress on the day he met the h. But maybe he really didn't touch anyone else. He was an awesome hero otherwise. The scene where she shows him her legs made me cry. He was wonderful. Swoon worthy actually. But the scene [...]

    A manwhore who has not one but two mistresses gets a virgin wife.Now of course heroine didn’t have the luxury to see the world but there is NO balance of power here.It is written not because that’s how it happens.It’s written because the author and publisher feel that’s how it “should” happen.And the belief that no matter how soiled the male protagonist is the female protagonist has to be untouched is actually rather disgusting than romantic and I’d like to avoid it no matter how m [...]

    I thought this book would be similar to "The Virgin's secret" by Abby Green but oh my god this book was nothing like that. It was way better! The heroine is a young hard working woman who was suffered a lot and the hero a complicated control addicted millionaire. Andrea and Nikos have a connection right from the start and the romantic tension is intense. I loved how near the end it was Nikos who became the vulnerable one cause of his love for Andrea and it was he who exorcised her demons. Readin [...]

    Comencé la novela sin grandes expectativas y sin ellas la acabé xD. Ella es una heroína virgen sólo porque a los veintidós decidió deshacerse de la carga pero a su novio de ese momento le desagradó ver lo desfigurado que estaba su cuerpo luego de un accidente y huyó despavorido. Dicho esto, no es gran cosa. Igual, la actitud de la protagonista me gustó en el sentido de ser tan mercenaria como el héroe para conseguir lo que necesitaba. Ambos sufrieron muchas privaciones y piensan lo peo [...]

    the book was a complete flop ! andrea was physically scarred n off men due 2 dat complex n a bad experience she had when she was 22. she had been through very hard times; lost her dad, involved in a tragic accident which nearly cost her her legs, n rejected by her vicious grandfather who, let me remind you, actually hit her/beat her right in front of nikos. nikos actually thought she deserved it !! bcoz what ? she's a pampered lil heiress !? dats disgusting ! or bcoz she deigned 2 answer back bc [...]

    If you read the blurb than you got the gist of this no need to recap the summaryPretty good story. I really like the heroine she was tough and didn't back down from her evil grandfather, not even when(view spoiler)[he slaps her, she challenged him and he swung again (hide spoiler)]. She sticks to her original plans pretty fiercely and does not change her mind because she is in such a state of lust she doesn't know up from down(which is what we get so often with these hp books).lol. I hate the gr [...]

    re-read 2015- العروس المتمرده / جوليا جيمسحرمت اندريا من ميراثها منذ ان ولدتها امها فترعرت في الفقر و الحرمان لكن عندما بلغت الخامسة و العشرين من عمرها استدعيت على جناح السرعة لليونان حيث كانت بانتظارها صدمة لم تدر اندريا ما يحصل لها الا و هي خطيبة رجل فاحش الثراء . كان جدها قد خطط ل [...]

    الاشياء الثمينة ليست ف الذهب والفضة انها موجودة بداخلنا

    Different. The evil pushing character wasn't the male in this one but a horrible grandfather. Male character was kind and considerate to her every need and insecurity.

    في الحقيقة أحببتها. النهاية السعيدة، الخير ينتصر على الشر والخ، لقد ذكرتني بالروايات الأولى التي قرأتها عندما بدأت القراءة. لقد كرهت الجد وخير مافعل البطل معه، فليس هناك أسوأ من أن تموت وحيداًمن الروايات الخفيفة، التي أنهيتها بجلسة واحدة، والتي تعيدك إلى بداية مشوارك مع ال [...]

    Nikos Vassilis has clawed his way up from the gutter to become a successful (and very wealthy) businessman. Acquiring Coustakis Inudstries will be the pinnacle of his achievements, but in order to do this he must marry Yiorgos Coustakis' grand-daughter. Andrea Fraser has never met her grandfather who cast her mother aside when his son made her pregnant, until she receives a letter summoning her to his home. Andrea decides to see him in the hopes of getting enough money to pay off her family debt [...]

    Ok. So the used bookstore my sister runs gives away grab bags of older Harlequin books and this was in the one I picked. I view these books as the wasabi of literature- cleansing the pallet after a delicious meal. I had just finished White Horses and needed something light and easy that I didn't have to think about.Insipid and ridiculous wasn't what I had in mind, but it did the trick just fine. Wow was this book bad.

    Nikos harus menikahi Andrea demi mendapatkan Coutakis industry, Andrea seorang wanita yang merupakan cucu coutakis, yang selama ini tidak diakui cucu, datang ke Yunani untuk meminta kakeknya membayarkan hutang ibunya, tapi sang kakek berencana lain dan ingin Andrea menikahi Nikos, lalu Andrea akan diberi uang untuk melunasi hutangnya.

    So way back when I would have given this 5 stars. This particular book was one of my favourite Mills & Boon by one of my favourite authors. Now however while I enjoyed the story it just wasn't to my tastes.

    جميلة جدا :) بس رومانسية زيادة عن اللزوم ،، المفروض تبقي القصة أطول شوية عشان تبقي منطقية !

    Good story. really liked the hero,he followed his heart and he gave first priority to heroine than his business.which is very atypical for a greek Hcely written

    وددت أن أندم على قرائتها؛ إلا أن بعضا منها أعجبنى لكن لا ينافى الشعور بالملل من أسلوب سرد الرواية لا أعلم أمن المؤلف أم تعديلات من المترجم!

    Reminded me of , but with some unique twists. I loved that Nikos Vassilis had determined to be a good husband to his forced wife, Andrea, and was so loving to her after the wedding. I didn't like that he thought she had no right to stand up to her grandfather and be disrespectful to him & that he didn't do anything to help her when her evil grandfather hit her.The language sometimes was very flowery, which can be good in small doses, but it went overboard to the point where it was too much.O [...]

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