A Little in Love

A Little in Love

A Little in Love Paris A girl lies alone in the darkness clutching a letter to her heart Eponine remembers being a child her swing and the peach tree and the baby brother she loved But mostly she remembers bei

  • Title: A Little in Love
  • Author: SusanFletcher
  • ISBN: 9780545829601
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Paris, 1832 A girl lies alone in the darkness, clutching a letter to her heart.Eponine remembers being a child her swing and the peach tree, and the baby brother she loved But mostly she remembers being miserable Taught to lie and cheat, and to hate the one girl, Cosette, who might have been her friend.Now, at sixteen, the two girls meet again, and Eponine has one Paris, 1832 A girl lies alone in the darkness, clutching a letter to her heart.Eponine remembers being a child her swing and the peach tree, and the baby brother she loved But mostly she remembers being miserable Taught to lie and cheat, and to hate the one girl, Cosette, who might have been her friend.Now, at sixteen, the two girls meet again, and Eponine has one chance But what is the price of friendship the love of a boy Inspired by Victor Hugo s classic, Les Mis rables, A Little in Love beautifully conveys the heartbreaking story of street girl Eponine.

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    Read this review and more on my blogIn a nutshell: A heart-wrenching retelling of the classicLes Miserables, telling Eponine's story.A couple of years ago, I finally read Victor Hugo's Les Mis and it's still to this day the longest book I've ever read. I'm still surprised that it actually happened but for all of the reading slumps I fell into and the pain (both mental and physical - seriously, the clothbound version is heavy and I foolishly brought it with me to uni everyday) it's one of my favo [...]

    When Sarah recommended this to me, I was skeptical about it, since I know barely anything about Les Miserables, and thought that would limit my enjoyment, but, I really grew to love Eponine, Cosette and Marius. The writing style was beautiful, the story read like a tragic fairy tale, and I definitely fell a little in love with it!

    I'll admit that my excitement upon finding a teen novel telling Eponine's tale quickly turned to dubiousness, as these kinds of books can often end up as a let down. I'm delighted to be able to say that A Little In Love was not one of them; this is a moving, thoughtful, gorgeously written book that adds so much to the Les Miserables story.Eponine's always been my favourite tragic waif in Les Miserables, and Fletcher does her wonderful justice here, from her childhood in an inn being taught to st [...]

    I can't think of a secondary character in a classic work of literature who is less in need of an author to champion her than Eponine. I read it anyways. I might not have, if it didn't look so much like Fletcher would be taking much of her inspiration from the book, not the musical. But who knows? I was really just kind of happy that this was published.This really is the book's Eponine, and the book as a whole is essentially Eponine's perspective of the things she could reasonably know about, and [...]

    *I received a copy of this audiobook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*Audio: Melody Grove does a fantastic job of bringing Eponine and the rest of the characters to life. Her French is flawless and her accent made the whole experience much more enjoyable.Story: I love Les Misérables. I saw it on Broadway when I was 15 and have loved almost every adaptation since. (Except the movie version where Russel Crowe sings. That nearly ruined the whole story for me.) Les Mis was the in [...]

    See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! My copy was an ARC I got at BEA 2015.Diversity Rating: 0 – What Diversity? Racial-Ethnic: 0QUILTBAG: 0Disability: 0Intersectionality: 1 (Eponine’s family is ridiculously poor)There I was, just sitting near baggage check at BEA waiting for my roommates to get their tickets for a signing of Fairest by Marissa Meyer and generally getting off my feet. Me and my tote bag full of books. Of course you don’t just get off your feet at BEA without either read [...]

    Its very rare I get excited about a book which in many ways is just ‘glorified and bound fanfiction’ and from my past experience books in this category can be horrendously disappointing. So when I read about a young adult novel telling Eponine’s story I admit I was nervous, nervous about one of my favourite charters from one of my favourite novels was about to be butchered into a tale which she wasn’t going to belong in. However, I needn’t of worried, this book is thoughtful, potent an [...]

    In cosa mi sono cacciata.Premessina che è tanto che non lo dico: I Miserabili è il mio libro preferito. Per tutta la vita ho avuto decine di libri preferiti (cavolo, li ho ancora), ma ricordo distintamente che - una volta arrivata alla fine del mattone di Hugo - un pensiero è sorto spontaneo nella mia mente: "Oh. Allora è questo IL mio libro preferito".Per cui il suo retelling YA era qualcosa che non potevo lasciarmi sfuggire, esattamente come quello di Anna Bolena ed Enrico VIII, o quello d [...]

    I got a copy of this book to review through the Vine program. This was a well done retelling of Eponine's story from Les Mis. This was a sweet story set in a harsh time. For those of you who already know the story of Les Mis you know that this is also a tragedy.Those who are familiar with the story or musical of Les Mis already know the story. Eponine is the daughter of an innkeeper and his wife, both of whom make their living by preying on and thieving from others. At a young age the young Cos [...]

    Review coming soon? ever??? Let's just say that this book combined three things I love: retelling of stories, stories about kindness and feeling so much love for characters that it makes me bawl my eyes out. (So yes, I recommend it!!) Xx

    If you don't mind that the ending was unfaithful to Les Misérables (and didn't wholly make sense), it's a good, miserable book. And Enjolras is in it!

    Oh, y'allis book will warm your heart and also break it into little pieces. I've been waiting for something like this since I first became familiar with Les Miserables (I'm more familiar with the musical and movies than the book.). Eponine is by far my favorite character, and this little book tells her story beautifully. It's a tale about how a little girl who was never loved learned to love and learned to love herself. Read it on a rainy day while listening to the Les Mis soundtrack. Now where [...]

    A little in love is a story of a girl set in the backdrop of revolutionary France. She comes from a family of thieves who are terrible and from the outset you feel sorry for her and the way she is forced to live. Over the course of the book her family get worse and worse but she finds a ray of light in a boy who is kind to her and she starts to fall in love with from afar even though it is never going to work between the two of themInteresting enough but suspect I would have enjoyed it more had [...]

    So, if I'm honest, I expected Eponine's character to be edgier, more hard-hearted. She seemed a little lovesick here and so, so young. Full of ideals about love. It was sweet and sad anddistant. I wish we'd had more of the gritty details of life on the streets and of the day at the barricades and less of her mooning about trying to be good. Still a lovely little book, and it has made me seriously consider tackling Hugo's classic.

    I really enjoyed this and it did make me care about the characters, which was all I was looking for in this book. My only criticism was that it felt quite rushed at some points but that is so be expected when you look at the length and depth of the original story.

    Hmm. I might just be getting too old for this sort of thing, but it seems to me that Fletcher has missed the point of Eponine in thinking that the tragedy of her is that she really was a good person, when really the tragedy of her is that she never had a chance to be a good person. This makes the story cleaner but less interesting.

    A bitter sweet historical story about a poordowntrodden girl and how her life unfolds.Narrator Melody Grove's sweet voicecaptured the feel of the gray atmosphere.Clean Story. Few mild unpleasant words.

    4.5 starsAnd perhaps I live too and always will, for love is the strongest thing of all—and love never dies, never dies.A Little in Love is a retelling of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables from the perspective of Eponine. The result is an emotional and beautifully written novel that will stay with you long after you finish it. In Les Misérables - both the original book and the musical - Eponine's story is relatively simple and overlooked. A Little in Love adds so much depth and emotion to Eponine [...]

    As seen on readingawaythedays " A little in love is one of the most beautiful books I have had the pleasure of reading. Susan Fletcher is a master with words."A little in love is an alluring, haunting read which I couldn't put down. Eponine's story was so full of sadness, heartbreak and sorrow but also full of hopes, dreams and untimely love!Eponine's story is of one girl who doesn't want to be the person her surname dictates she be. She has hopes and dreams and goodness in her heart. She tries [...]

    Little acts of love fuel this touching and passionate retelling. We all know Eponine’s story isn’t a happy ending, and even with that knowledge I had hope and still felt heartbroken when I finished the book. Her struggle and determination to be a better person is admirable, and I wanted nothing more than for a little goodness to come her way.Susan Fletcher renews Eponine’s story, showing the Les Mis characters in a new light, yet staying true to the original. The book is atmospheric and ch [...]

    If you've read Les Miserables, you know exactly what you're going to get from this book. If you've SEEN Les Miserables, you know more or less what you're going to get from this book, perhaps with a little less singing and a few more siblings. This book is Les Miserables retold from Eponine's perspective. You know it's not going to end happily. You know she'll spend half the book pining over Marius. You know that her life is miserable from start to finish, that she has awful parents, that she env [...]

    The book I am reading is called A Little In Love by Susan Fletcher. I was attracted to this book because the cover of the book was really interesting, also in the blurb of the book, it starts off with “Paris, 1832.” giving me a clue of the setting of the book. Paris is also one of my favorite cities that I would like to visit so knowing how Paris is like in the past gives a hint of how Paris became the city it is now. This book didn’t meet my expectations because what I thought that the pl [...]

    I felt that this book was a wonderful insight to Eponine. She is a much loved character, and I hugely enjoyed reading more about her life, even if I did know how it would end for her. it was interesting to see how it was growing up with the Thernardiers from her point of view, and as someone who hasn't read Les Miserables yet it was wonderfully insightful to how she came about to live in Paris. I can't fault this book at all.

    Eponine is one of my favorite characters in Les Mis (tied with Enjolras), so I did enjoy that this story was about her. I liked the beginning best of all, seeing her childhood in more detail.But the ending did not seem to go along with Les Mis. Truthfully, I've yet to finish the book, but I know enough about it to know that that was not how things went. That was a bit disappointing. Still, it was an enjoyable, easy read.

    Brilliant.Absolutely Brilliant! I don't think my words can be enough to describe this hauntingly beautiful novel. There are so many emotions surging inside me, and i just don't think i can do justice to this book with a review. It's the retelling of Les Misérables from the perspective of one of it's character- Eponine. Definitely, worth a read!

    Eponine is a very relatable character and the story is just enjoyable and a heartbreaker too.Extremely beautiful. Loved every bit of it. Glad that I bought it in a whim. One of my favourites for sure.

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