Trade Me

Trade Me

Trade Me Tina Chen just wants a degree and a job so her parents never have to worry about making rent again She has no time for Blake Reynolds the sexy billionaire who stands to inherit Cyclone Systems But w

  • Title: Trade Me
  • Author: Courtney Milan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tina Chen just wants a degree and a job, so her parents never have to worry about making rent again She has no time for Blake Reynolds, the sexy billionaire who stands to inherit Cyclone Systems But when he makes an offhand comment about what it means to be poor, she loses her cool and tells him he couldn t last a month living her life To her shock, Blake offers her a tTina Chen just wants a degree and a job, so her parents never have to worry about making rent again She has no time for Blake Reynolds, the sexy billionaire who stands to inherit Cyclone Systems But when he makes an offhand comment about what it means to be poor, she loses her cool and tells him he couldn t last a month living her life To her shock, Blake offers her a trade She ll get his income, his house, his car In exchange, he ll work her hours and send money home to her family No expectations no future obligations But before long, they re trading not just lives, but secrets, kisses, and heated nights together No expectations might break Tina s heartbut Blake s secrets could ruin her life Trade Me is the first book in the Cyclone series.

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      224 Courtney Milan
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    3.5 stars. Full review posted January 22, 2015Dear Reader,If you are here to meet a man who……is a manipulative jerk with stalker-ish tendencies…has a fetish for insecure virgins with an inner goddess complex (or any other complex for that matter)…hides a torture chamber filled with BDSM devices in his penthouse, then……you failed the test. Didn’t you know that I dropped out of Fifty? I’m very disappointed that you are not up to date. Shame on you. You are requested to kindly take [...]

    4 stars!This was such a refreshing NA romance!! Though there’s the overused billionaire trope, there were so many other aspects to this story that made me go ‘yes, this genre needs more of that.’ These characters were ethnically diverse, the billionaire hero was so down-to-earth, the heroine a smart and sassy chick, their banter was top-notch, and even though they both had a lot of baggage, I never felt like any of it was contrived or put in for drama’s sake. They’re genuine characters [...]

    "Try trading lives with me. You couldn't manage it, not for two weeks."Tina Chen I have to play it safe.Juggling her studies, work and family leaves Tina time for little else. She keeps her head down and her thoughts to herself. Until one day billionaire Blake makes a comment in class about poverty. Yeah, like he'd know all about it.Blake Reynolds I have a problem.Blake's father is a self-made billionaire. Blake has been working for Cyclone since a teenager. Going away to college, he hopes for s [...]

    3,5 Exchanging Stars. Tina is a student who works hard everyday of her life just to make ends meet and be able to keep studying. Her dream is study hard in college, then find a good job that allows her to pay her parent’s bills and never have to worry about money again. Blake works in his father company since he’s a teenager, his father is a self-made billionaire who wants to pass the company to Blake. One day during class Tina and Blake start fighting over poverty and after that Blake makes [...]

    4 stars!This had the makings of being a 5-star read for me until I hit the last 20% or so. But this is still so much better than what is currently saturating the New Adult market out there. And Courtney Milan can definitely write NA contemporary as well as she does HR. She has always had a distinctive voice, and it definitely shined in this book. Tina Chen is a struggling college student who's trying to keep her head above water despite myriad familial responsibilities that stop her from enjoyin [...]

    If you can accept a rather unrealistic premise, you'll soon find out that Trade me is a fantastic addition to the New Adult genre, without any of its regular fucked-ups (slut-shaming, stalkers, assholes, lack of diversity, giant dicks and their "it's not gonna fit!" *GASP*). Both MCs are endearing and well-rounded, making it very easy to root for them : you have Tina, a Chinese-American student who refuses to lose her freedom and whose sarcasm is perfection ; and then Blake, a rich, smart heir w [...]

    2.5 STARSI'm truly in the minority here with my rating. The good with this book is that for a NA, it was refreshing because it lacked the excessive drama and overused angst often seen in that sub-genre. There was no insta-love, the relationship between Tina and Blake was progressive and based on more than just lust. My favorite thing was the interracial coupling in this book ( Tina is Chinese, Blake is Caucasian ). In reality this is not even something that warrants attention. People of differen [...]

    4.5 Art Imitating Life Stars * * * * 1/2Warning This review is more about my love of Courtney MilanThe brief review is I loved the book.I first learned of Courtney Milan because of The Siren and Tiffany Reisz. I was new to , Romance and Erotica. In my looking around for things to read I had heard of this book The Siren which lead me to the review by Ms. Milan/review/show which in turn led me to her. The review made me just stop I loved every part of it how it told me about the book the ideas pu [...]

    Courtney Milan is known for writing unusual historical romance novels--the kind that make you swoon but also make you think. I love her historical fiction primarily because she writes about the types of female heroines no other author really feels comfortable discussing, whether it be the feminists, the scientists, the overly large, or those of different races. What's more, her male characters range from the classic duke to the a-typical male virgin to the self-proclaimed male suffragist. Thus, [...]

    I moved this book to my top-tbr only because I was very curious about Courtney Milan’s approach to this genre. Honestly the key words “sexy billionaire” in the blurb could just cut the level of my enthusiasm for Trade Me in half! Is Blake a possessive, six-pack man-whore?Absolutely not! Blake character surprised me. A nerdy gentleman. I love this character.“One of these days, though,” Blake tells his father, “she’s going to realize that I think the sun rises on her smile.”Tina do [...]

    A fast-reading, involving spicy romance with humor and a whole lot of realistic angst about being poverty-stricken--and the workaholic rich. Ordinarily I'm suspicious of romances with billionaires, but this one, with its "trading places" twist, was way better than most--Tina Chen, the poor girl, who switches places with wealthy Blake Reynolds, holds her own. In fact, I thought the best conversation in the entire book was when she met Blake's dad Adam (think a bearable Donald Trump crossed with S [...]

    3.5 Stars!There are many things I very much enjoyed about this tale, first and foremost being Courtney Milan’s clever writing as well as the unique plot. She’s incredibly talented and as with her highly successful Historicals, her foray into the Contemporary genre has produced a well written, well researched story. However, I missed the chemistry between Blake and Tina. I didn't feel the deep, romantic connection that I find in Milan's historicals. All in all, an intriguing read with a well [...]

    [3.5] What made this book wasn't even the romance. It was the fact that it discussed immigration and the suffering families have to go through, poverty and privileges. I love that a NA book was discussing such heavy topics in pretty great detail and basing the romance around that story arc. But speaking of the romance, it wasn't necessarily that well developed for me. Or believable. I was half-heartedly rooting for them. I loved them as individuals (strong, outspoken, determination, great family [...]

    Sometimes when you read a book, against all odds, these letters that form words that form sentences that form pages of a story CAPTURE you - they affect you, and you truly feel it. That was the case with Trade Me. I can't quite articulate it and I wish I could. But this book felt personal; it resonated. I laughed, I cried (I ACTUALLY 100% CRIED), I even got a lil hot (if you know what I mean). It had it all. I am thrilled that I ignored the sort of iffy reviews and decided to read it regardless. [...]

    This is a story which has "intentions". It's written to fit an agenda, and unfortunately it is so preachy and OTT that I fail to understand all those positive reviews. This is not a feminist book, at least not according to how I understand feminism. The male MC is so clearly invented and unbelievable as to be super-exasperating. And the Asian (we are never allowed for a second to not notice her being Asian!) female MC Is as bad a klutz and as insecure - at the end of the day - as Bella. The two [...]

    Leído para el 2015 reading challenge #16. Libro que no hayas leído de un autor que ames.3.5 Nota para mi: No leer la "nota de la autora" sin haber leído el libro antes porque sino me entero de spoilers super importantes.Cualquier libro de Courtney es un must read para mi, ya me leí 10 de sus libros y todos me gustaron (algunos menos que otros PERO no llegue a odiar a ninguno) y este no es la excepción. No estuvo mal pero teniendo en cuenta que esta es la mujer que escribió The Suffragette [...]

    01/25/2015 --2nd attempt. DNF at about 50%. I should have stopped at the first chapter, but kept plugging away. I really didn't like the h. She was nattering on about a lucky white cashmere sweater and then **splash** it is a mess. She has real issues with the clock and the whole time she is nattering on and on about the looks she and the driver of the **splash** offender have exchanged in class BLAH!Knew then I should just give it up then, but kept at it until I just couldn't anymore. I read N [...]

    Chinese MC that has an activist mother. A hero with eating disorder? Hello, I'm in. Diversity in New Adult makes me so happy.

    3.5 StarsArc provided by Victory Editing through Netgalley TW's: Eating Disorder and Drug abuseFull disclosure: New Adult is not my favourite literary genre. To put it mildly.However, since this was written by author Courtney Milan, I decided to risk it, and request an arc.Thankfully I was approved, because in a way this story almost restored my faith in the genre.The reason for that "almost" is that for almost eighty percent of the book, I was pretty much loving it.In fact this was promising to [...]

    Not your typical NA. It's very character focused story where the romance was not as strong/central as I would have liked. The final 20% were unexpected and a bit over-the-top. Still, it's a great start to a new NA series, well written and elaborate, just as Ms Milan's historical romances!Full review is also posted on my blog, Ellie Reads FictionI love Ms Milan historical romances and when I heard she was writing a contemporary, I was curious to read it asap. Now, when I saw the blurb that the he [...]

    2 Stars 5% in 30% ingood going 75% in 95% in.This is what you call taking a completely awesome book, having realistic down-to-earth unique characters with an original plot and.well falling flat. What in the hell was that last 15% ?? Cheesy unrealistic fillers. Was it the same author who wrote the first half of the book ?? The conversations became so forced. The romance during the whole book was underdeveloped, but the character driven plot was awesome enough to overshadow that. But it seemed in [...]

    Actual Rating: 4.5 starsFull review originally posted on my blog: Word WondersToday I am presenting you with a book I read in one sitting. ONE. Granted, I had no internet to distract me, but it’s still a lot for me. That almost never happens and that’s how hooked to the book I was. I was so invested I couldn’t put it down.  Trade Me was such an adorable, fun and sometimes very serious ride.Not gonna lie, the writing took me by surprise, I always expect NA writing to be just… there but t [...]

    3/5; 3 stars; B+I love Courtney Milan's historicals so was interested to see how she would do on the contemporary romance scene. I liked this book. I didn't warm up to it as much as say, The Duchess War, but it was entertaining. I am not much into YA or NA books and am particularly leery of books with billionaires so this book actually exceeded my expectations.Some good parts:- the characters Tina, Maria, Blake, Adam and Mrs. Chen. Liked them all.- the insights into immigration issues and immigr [...]

    Trade Me was my first book by this author, and it was a nice surprise.I loved that it felt different than most of the New Adult books out there. The characters somehow felt more real and more mature, the book was not drama-filled and it was not full of angst. Even the characters were likeable.So why 3 stars, you ask?Because something was missing. And that something is the SPARK between the characters!!! The passion! The chemistry was there, but only I could feel it a couple of times.Also I expec [...]

    I've been reading this one for days and I just realized I'm only at 18%. It's just time to put this one down since it's not grabbing me.

    How did this get in here? I read the first chapter to see if it would be of interest and then forgot to stop. Oops. Lots of fun, with flawed and yet wonderful characters. Typical of the author!

    I went back and forth as to whether I should pick this book up or not. I feel that the cover and the synopsis do it such as disservice and makes it sound like one of the other million books out there about the regular girl meeting a billionaire. It's not, though -- it's so much more than that.It has all the elements to what I think would make a great book. First off, I really like a lot of Courtney Milan's books. Despite the fact that the set-up is quite cliche (super rich boy meets super poor g [...]

    "Love is never safe."First off, let me just say this book is not what I expected. And yes, this is a good thing because I'm not really a fan of the "sexy billionaire" trope (sorry, not sorry but arrogant SOBs don't appeal to me). But luckily this book was so much more than just another billionaire romance and I’m really glad I decided to give this book a chance.Trade Me follows the story of Tina Chen and Blake Reynolds. Tina is a college student trying to balance school work, a job and family [...]

    I’m one of those readers who when told to read book, never reads it, a few of my friends had recommended Trade Me to me, saying it would be my sort of read, but of course I just added it to my never ending tbr pile. Until one day finally I decided to give the sample a go on audio, and seriously the couple of seconds I heard from Sean Crisden convinced me to buy a copy straight away. I’m the fussiest person ever when it comes to listening to audio books, but Crisden’s voice was perfect for [...]

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