Dispatches DISPATCHES On August a rogue Chinese military cabal launched an opportunistic EMP attack against the United States triggering a cataclysmic chain of events with the potential to change worl

  • Title: Dispatches
  • Author: Steven Konkoly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • DISPATCHES On August 19, 2019, a rogue Chinese military cabal launched an opportunistic EMP attack against the United States, triggering a cataclysmic chain of events with the potential to change world forever With the United States crippled, belligerent powers rise to fill the void overseas, catapulting already volatile regions into chaos and war hastening a worldwidDISPATCHES On August 19, 2019, a rogue Chinese military cabal launched an opportunistic EMP attack against the United States, triggering a cataclysmic chain of events with the potential to change world forever.With the United States crippled, belligerent powers rise to fill the void overseas, catapulting already volatile regions into chaos and war hastening a worldwide collapse.On the home front, most citizens continue to struggle with the loss of power and critical infrastructure, exhausting their thin supplies and turning to the mercy of an overwhelmed government to survive the winter.As spring arrives, Alex Fletcher faces a difficult choice With their food supplies running low, Alex questions the feasibility of staying with the Thorntons and Walkers at their isolated lake community While searching northern Maine for a solution to his dilemma he stumbles on a secret with the potential to destabilize the entire region.Dispatches concludes The Perseid Collapse Series, answering reader questions about the world scene, while cleanly delivering the Fletcher s fate.

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    Alex Fletcher for Governor of Maine. Another solid installment in the Fletcher universe. Keep up the good work Konkoky, you have a knack for drawing me into your stories. The Black Flagged series was an exciting read as well. I eagerly await your next book in any series.

    Book four says it's the conclusions of The Perseid Collapse series, but I'm not entirely convinced. Readers moved Konkoly to produce book four to resolve unanswered questions from the first three books. Book four answered many of those questions including the fate of the Fletcher family, but I can still see the fate of the nation and the Chinese in limbo. Book five Mr. Konkoly? This is a very good series with great characters and a steady flow. Well done.

    Excellent readThe series would made one epic book.lots of military jargon that might be .easy for somen see series continuing. Will most likely read again to see what I missed first time.

    A must read for Apocalyptic/Dystopian EMP lovers!!! I've read my share of reading books about Emp's, and I can truly say Steven Konkoly has done an incredible job in writing all four books in this series. I purposely held off writing a review until after reading book four, as I wanted to see where the story took us. Wow what a ride! The characters are absolutely believable, and you grow to feel like you're on the nightmarish tale with them. I'll always remember Alex and Kate Fletcher, their fami [...]

    Setting up for book fiveStill good, but not close to what the first three books were like, it's the talented writing that gets the three star rating.While the first half of the book takes the reader to what is happening in other parts of the world, we wind up back in Maine with the Fletcher family and their neighbors. There is the prerequisites of a power struggle between two government agencies/officials, and between nature and man. The author's talents for all things military gives us the gift [...]

    Plenty of post-apocalyptic action!Having read this series from the beginning, it appears that the initial stages of the story could have been revisited. The asteroid's hitting the east coast and the launching of nuclear missiles in an apparent attempt to destroy it prior to impact, would have been a good topic to delve into further. The story seemed to show a disconnect with the other military actions taking place in other countries. The reader is left to wonder why these military actions are re [...]

    Good readThe series finale closes out a good read forthosewho enjoy survival scenarios. Alex and his family continue their post EMP journey in Maine. Still beset by militia forces, federal intervention, and Winter, Alex stands tall as an ex-Marine with a pragmatic heart of gold. I enjoyed the series and think you will too.

    Definitely edge of your seat thriller. Like others, though, I wonder if Part 1, which takes us to other parts of the world and the international situation, isn't a little out of place. Could there have been another way to give us the international situation without introducing us to new characters and places? Will definitely read more by Konkoly.

    As a rule, I'm not big on end-of-the-world stories. This series kept me up late way to many nights, reading ahead to see what was next. Thoroughly enjoyed the series.

    Great read!!From start to finish the epic tale of The Fletchers grabs and never lets go not even in the end!!

    Exciting conclusion to the first series. Find out if the Fletcher family sails away, or is rolled over by the Recovery Zone forces. Who are the good guys with guns, and who isn't so good. Just smart, fun reading for those who are and aren't prepared for that rainy day. Things get tough when it's raining Meteorites.If you've read these Konkoly books from the beginning, be sure to check out all the other authors in this Perseid World.

    Great series! Dispatches is the last book in The Perseid Collapse series. The story is told in 2 parts. The first part addresses what is happening around the world since the EMP hit the US, and the second half is about Alex Fletcher and his family trying to survive. Everything is wrapped up nicely by the end and I hate that the series is over.

    The Perseid Collapse is one of the better series I have read. Lots of action, very thought provoking and an outstanding cast of characters. Reading works such as this should make you aware of what might be in your future. The need to stay aware of what's happening in the world around you just might save your life.

    To really understand this book you have to read the 1st 3. They are all powerful and full of meaningful relationships and thought provoking ideas about the possibilities of disasters that could happen. I highly recommend this series to anyone and the prequel Jakarta Pandemic is a must.

    DispatchesIt finally ended. Or did it. This series only covered the first year Excellent read. Enjoyed all of the books.

    Good fast read!The whole series flew by. Keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. Black flagged series was good as well.

    DisappointingAlthough the ending of this book was good the beginning was a slow read. To much unnecessary and irrelevant info in the first third of the book.

    Great seriesReally enjoyed the entire series. Fast moving and well written. Good character development through all three books. Enjoy your read.

    I finished the series and really enjoyed all 4 books. I feel the only thing lacking to me was a solid conclusion. Maybe this is purposefully done so he can do more which would be awesome!

    An enjoyable end to our adventures with Alex Fletcher and his family. There was only one thing I never managed to get my head around was who exactly were the seditious group?

    Not as much fun as the first threewwI excitedly pressed pre-order when I saw that another Steven Konkoly but was available, but this sequel to the Perseid Collapse trilogy has more than a few bumpy spots. Some of the most important plot points are confusing and poorly foreshadowed; the political background is not especially convincing. The author tells us the book deliberately contains two different stories, I think I would have enjoyed two separate books or one longer novel. I still really enjo [...]

    I really enjoyed the Jakarta Pandemic but the books following were hard to follow.This book jumped around so much in the beginning that I could keep track of what was happening to who and where. There was no Alex and family and I was ready to give up. Fast forwarded to Part 2 and that's where the book picked up again.They manage to hang on by the skin of their teeth every time. I feel like there was no good ending this book. What happened to the gardens? What happens with the Walkers and Ryan? I [...]

    Brilliant end to this series of books.I thoroughly enjoyed the perseid collapse series the characters were really well written and very likable. The group dynamic was very interesting and had some funny banter throughout. There was a lot going on with different characters but it was very easy to keep up with everyone and the overall story. I don't usually read this type of book but I am genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed them and couldn't put it down. It's a definite page turner. Give thi [...]

    Another great addition to the Perseid collapse series. It adds another part in the story of the fletchers which is great. If you liked the first three books this will be right up your alley, but if you haven’t read those books you’ll be a bit lost. What the author also tries to do as well is show the reader a bit of what’s going on outside of Maine, but since he really doesn’t spend a lot of time on it, it’s nice but I felt as if it left me wanting rather than being an integral part of [...]

    A Satisfying Conclusion to the Series. Dispatches is the final book in The Perseid Collapse Series. More than any of the other books in the series this one is non-stop action. It was gratifying to see Ryan step up and out of Alex's shadow. Now I'm off to pursue some of the books in the Perseid Kindle World Category and see how the EMP is affecting other parts of the country and how the war is affecting other parts of the world.

    A rather weak ending to the series. The book is in two halves: the first dealing with worldwide corncerns, and the second back with Alex and his extended family. The first section is incoherent and rambling, and doesn't clear anything up at all. It then segues into a fairly pointless tale of Alex doing a favour for his old Marine buddy. Very disappointing considering how strong the series has been overall.

    Dispatches. Steven KonkolyBook four in the series. I can't recommend this book enough!! A explosive action thriller!! A believable tale of hardship, love of family and duty. Europe is falling to the Russians,nations are near collapse , but, again a believable scenario. Alex Fletcher must again step up to the plate . This is a truly fantastic series!! Try to read the Jakarta Pandemic first , then the Perseid series .

    Good series. Fair endingI would have to say that this series has been one of the most enjoyable I've ever read, with that in mind I had high expectations for the last book However I will say that there are a few unanswered questions presumably allowing a Segway into potential novellas. This particular book out of the series, I feel ended a tad quick in comparison to the rest. Overall good read, would buy again.

    I understand the seed plot issues withe 1st portion of the book. Seems to be a great idea to use the world created for more stories. Hope it works well. I will miss Alex. The author had sure given me a clear feel for his character. Hope this family & his friends get a visit somewhere in the future. The plot & action were within my realm of possibility. The comedic humor between the guys before a tense situation rang true & was worth including. Thanks sir for the ride.

    It was nice to revisit the characters and nice to see some loose ends tied up however, I think he could have done more with this book. He could have very easily spread this story across 2 maybe 3 books and it would have made for a much better read. He rushed through trying to get to a conclusion and you could tell that. It was good to read especially if you are a fan of the other books but it was rushed. If you read the others read this one as well.

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