Shades of Obsession

Shades of Obsession

Shades of Obsession The Obsession series is a tale of romantic obsession set in s Boston that gradually reveals a previous connection between the rich Turners and the middle class Andersons Alexander will stop at no

  • Title: Shades of Obsession
  • Author: J.R.King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Obsession series is a tale of romantic obsession set in 2010s Boston, that gradually reveals a previous connection between the rich Turners and the middle class Andersons Alexander will stop at nothing to get Elena Anderson, destroying everything and everyone who dares coming between them.A popular quarterback rapes Elena Anderson the object of Alexander Turner s obseThe Obsession series is a tale of romantic obsession set in 2010s Boston, that gradually reveals a previous connection between the rich Turners and the middle class Andersons Alexander will stop at nothing to get Elena Anderson, destroying everything and everyone who dares coming between them.A popular quarterback rapes Elena Anderson the object of Alexander Turner s obsession not long after her sixteenth birthday Alexander, who s much older, decides to interfere Elena s boyfriend disappears, and she moves to California While Alexander focuses on his career, Elena obtains a Stanford degree, then moves back to Boston To get the girl, Alexander pleads, harasses, and even ridicules himself Elena manipulates him as only a woman can, and just when she thinks she has the upper hand, he has her kidnapped.

    Shades Of Obsession Kindle edition by JR King Romance Feb , My patience was growing thin waiting for the characters to meeting each other s pages too long From the writers perspective, I get it The levels of obsession were clearly known to the reader Dark romance, lust Lies, desire, money are clearly shades of obsession SHADES OF OBSESSION Film Review THE HORROR Shades of Obsession is an easy way to pass minutes of your time Despite a relatively shaky start it eventually comes together and finds its feet as a relevant, if not wholly successful, exploration on families, careers and everything in between. Darker Shades of Obsession Obsession, by J.R King Darker Shades of Obsession Obsession The Obsession series is a tale of romantic obsession set in s Boston, that gradually reveals a previous connection between the rich Turners and the middle class Andersons Alexander will stop at nothing to get Elena Anderson, destroying everything and everyone who dares coming between them. Best fifty shades of obsession images Artwork Dec , Explore butterflylo s board fifty shades of obsession, followed by people on Pinterest See ideas about Artwork, Auguste rodin artwork and Film. Buy Shades of Obsession Microsoft Store en IE Shades of Obsession Bill Pollard is a loving husband, father and teacher who also happens to be hopelessly obsessed with a model that he has met via the internet Spending long nights entranced by her he keeps it a secret from his family When a new student enrolls in his college he suddenly finds his fantasy is becoming a tormenting and terrifying reality. Shades of Obsession Chapter Obsession, an Inuyasha Author Says Hello Yes, another new story, I m now writing two crossovers, but I m feeling very positive about both of them so it s all good Also sorry about the length of this chapter, but I m hoping to keep these chapters shorter and update often, at least few times a week Another thing you should be aware of is that Itachi may be slightly OCC at places, but I will try to keep

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    Well this far exceeded my expectations! I guess I expected something similar to the 'Fifty Shades' book but what I discovered was a quality, literary, story of Alexander's obsession for Elena. The story is certainly erotic but it is so much more, with it's strong male and female characters, who are genuinely interesting and recognisable. I was impressed by the descriptive skills of the author and for quite a long book, the erotic parts were never repetitive and decidedly exciting! It's almost as [...]

    Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆This is a debut novel by author J. R. King and the first offering in her Obsession series. Shades of Obsession, is a multifaceted novel and does not easily fit into a one size fits all mold. Yes, it is a contemporary romance that deals with obsession, but it also addresses other social issues in today’s society. Rape, sexual obsession, drug addiction, and social class entitlement, are just a few of the twist and turns that unfold throughout this ero [...]

    Shades Of Obsessionis a borderline literary fiction novel as the writing is outstanding.I read exotic novels as a form of escapism. Erotic novels help me unwind after a day teaching sixth-grade English. They're fun. They're silly.I expected Shades of Obsession to be the same, but I've come away thinking that it is a very well-written novel that just happens to have some erotica in it.The main character, Alex Turner, is a millionaire of pedigreed lineage, but has had to struggle to make his rise [...]

    A SOPHISTICATED EROTIC FEAST 6 stars! NO SPOILERS. This is my first review I’ve ever bothered to write after reading hundreds of books. Why? Because it’s so worth it. Within its genre, this was a 3 star Michelin meal vs fast food, edging vs a quick fu*k, a slow and steady sophisticated erotic feast. This is a rather long novel but stick with it and you’ll reap the rewards.Without giving any spoilers, I’ll focus on how the book was written. I read a LOT of erotica and a lot of it is well [...]

    Obsession takes you down dark and twisted paths yet never losing sight of the goal or object of obsession. This is the path we find Alexander "Alex" Turner with Elena Anderson. He describes himself as red blooded male with dominant streak a mile wide. The only person who can twist his world is Elena. Elena wants to forget the horrors of her past yet there glaringly present. Alex makes a deal with the devil in order to move forward. Will Elena move forward? Can Alex live with his obsession? Your [...]

    My goodness!!! It's been a long time since I've read anything that detailed and erotic. Alexander is a force to be reckoned with and Elena, as tough as she is, knows subconsciously that she is made for him. At first I felt a little lost with the verbiage and tone of the book but halfway through I understood where the author was going with the characters. I love how the great details into, not only their psyche, but their mundane lives show how great of a factor is plays in the story. Deep down t [...]

    Since the success of Fifty Shades Of Grey a plethora of authors have jumped onto the bandwagon and churned out thousands of pages of poorly written erotica for the sake of it. This book is not one of those, it well written, tasteful yet filthy when it wants to be and quite frankly a cut above the rest. Some books of this genre feel the need to wedge erotic scenes in wherever they can and this creates a forced and overdone feel. In this novel the erotic scenes were not repetitive or unbelievable [...]

    2.5 in serious need of a trim starsI don't mind a little world building. I understand that in order to understand the character, the way he thinks, the life he lives, etc, descriptive adjectives come into play and sometimes an author throws out designer labels and name brands to show how ridiculously loaded the MC is. I'm okay with this but all good things in moderation. This book was over 700 pages long and honestly, if you trimmed the unnecessary fat, it could easily be half that. I found myse [...]

    If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, you'll love this book. If 50 Shades was a little bit too much for you, you'll still enjoy this book because its take on BDSM is polished yet exciting. J.R King describes the relationships of Alexander and Elena is an unabashed manner. However, this book doesn't describe the sex scenes in a trashy way, but in an honest way. If you're looking for a hot erotic novel, to read before bed, this is it!

    Here’s the dirty. The cover is nice. The blurb didn’t hook me at all. I’m still not sure about it. I mean, who cares why, from the get go, a grown man has a desperate and unhealthy need for a young girl! Really? That’s how you want to draw me in? Another book about an obsessive, possessive, stalkerish man? Whatever happened to restraining orders? Why would a rich, smart man stalk people when he could be jet-setting and yachting with supermodels and actresses and whatnot, travel to the mo [...]

    What a page turner? Shades of Obsession is an intriguing read. I began my reading adventure wide-eyed and pregnant with expectation. It did not disappoint at all. The book began by creatively introducing each of the characters both main and minor. The main characters Alexander Turner and Elena Anderson are in my opinion a potent pairing. The book incorporated the lives of each character in a refreshing manner. I fell in love with Alexander and found myself imagining I was Elena. I was impressed [...]

    'Shades of Obsession' is a true portrayal of opposites attracting. In the well-written erotic novel, we get to see how the story plays out from two very different points of view. On one end, we have Alexander Turner. He is selfish and arrogant, and he's had everything handed to him on a silver platter since day one. He's promiscuous and is actively involved in S&M as a primary hobby. Due to his dominant and commanding ways, he plays a very strong leading character. He knows what he wants, an [...]

    I received a copy of the pdf from the group Read It & Reap in exchange for an honest review.Millionaire Alexander turner is complicated, flawed and obsessed with Elena Anderson. Alexander and Elena’s point of view tell this original story. Their distinct voices give the reader insight into their public and personal world. Their connection is undeniable but is it real? This fast paced read has many unexpected and shocking twists and turns. Shades of Obsession is a true page-turner as the a [...]

    For some reason I really wanted to like this book and persevered despite my dislike for the author's writing. I loved the plot, the reasons why Alexander went after Elena, how he went about it waiting waiting and waiting until he finally had her. I don't even mind delving into Alexander's life without Elena. What did bother me was the writing. If you've read Jordan Silver books, you know how she likes to do brand names. This is x100 of that. I think even the different bathroom fixtures were give [...]

    Given in exchange for an honest review. This one is hard to rate. I think if it was trimmed down it would have been more enjoyable. At first I was intrigued, then I was bored. Usually I am a detail hound, always wanting to know more. In this case, it was way too much information. Useless information, pretentious speeches and monologues. At times I felt like I was being preached to. Once we got to the meat of it, it ended, to go onto book 2. 500 pages and no absolute conclusion. I'm not sure I wa [...]

    The cover and title reference are enough to send me running for the hills. Why oh why do authors do this! ***sigh.

    The first half of the book was pretty bad. It was slow and didn't flow well. It wasn't really needed either. I nearly stopped reading but just ended up skimmed large sections as I wante dto see if it would get better.The book did start to get more interesting about halfway and it honestly could have been a decent read if it had been cut down a lot in editing. Despite the fact I really didn't like any of the characters in the book.

    disappointingI wanted to like this book, but so much of it talks at you, not to you, that you can not get a feel for the character's personality, nor immerse yourself in the story. Too wordy and descriptive, so much of it surplus. Succinct writing would improve the story, with more conversation between characters.

    3.5 STARSEver Been To Stockholm?TO READ OR NOT TO READ Ok I am sitting on the fence with this one. First of all, if you have issues with kinky sex, rape discussion or kidnapping, please steer clear of this book. It will, at the very least, make you extremely uncomfortable. If you are amenable to these things, read on. THE RUNDOWNThis book is written mostly from the viewpoint of Alex Turner; an educated, business tycoon, that has never eaten off anything less than the finest silver. (The word meg [...]

    Shades of Obsessions is the first book in a sexy series written by J.R. King. The novel is very intense in how the story unfolds. Yet it is bold and sexy. But this story also has a very dark side that can easily draw the reader in. I liked the way the author cleverly revealed the main characters Alexander and Elena personalities with their positive sides as well as their flaws. Alexander is a successful businessman and the type of guy that can get any woman he wants, but instead wants Elena. It [...]

    This book has absolutely blown me out of the water! I am very impressed as all expectations have been passed. It’s a very well written erotica novel with an interesting plot and complex characters that were really well-developed. I loved the story as it held my attention from the very beginning until the surprising ending. I would have to say that the best way of describing this book to someone is that it encompasses similar themes, attitutudes, and character personas from the famous books, [...]

    This is one of those books that I had trouble getting into at first. I’m glad I gave it a chance. I was impressed with the writing. Once the story is laid out it was full of twists and turns. Though I am not a huge fan of inner-dialogue in books, J.R. King seems to make it work. In most romance/erotica novels I find that back story is often missing, Shades of Obsession was full of excited backstory! I really enjoyed J.R. Kings writing style, She writes unlike any romance author I have read bef [...]

    It’s as if Tony Stark has blended with Deadpool and was tossed into American Psycho. The fourth wall will be demolished, and you will truly feel as if you have entered the mind of Alexander Turner. This is the story of an affluent, and slightly twisted, man who would go through Hell itself to be with the young woman who has captured his imagination and heart. And who would destroy anything and anyone who gets in his way, especially the men who try to sleep with Elena Anderson.This story has a [...]

    I tried, I really did try, it has taken me weeks to reach half way through the book, and I can no longer continue to read this book. The writing style is shocking! I Can't follow through, it is driving me insane!!!I found the characters had a lot to say, about their past or then they’d just ramble about a lot of nothing… There was a lot of thoughts that didn’t really need to be in there…I am 13% through the book, and I am finding this book boring as hell… I hope it’ll improve…28% [...]

    When Elena finds herself tied up in the bedroom of Boston's hottest bachelor, the seduction games beginOur alpha male is funny. Nice character attribute. Our vulnerable female is not so silly, just insecure. The story is not for the fainthearted. The Boston setting rocks. Absolutely fantastic, I wanted more of this. There was some good character building, the end was a bit rushed, or maybe the beginning was too slow. I categorically related to Elena. Why she hesitated and settled for the other b [...]

    Smart, snappy writing with attitude. Well-written prose. Great storyline. Believable characters. While the book itself is long, the story is still captivating. Building and keeping rapport with an audience is difficult with lengthy text, but author JR King knows how to keep the reader interested and engaged. “Time is one weird, undecipherable bitch, I thought. When you want to savor something it seems to end too quickly, but when you want something horrible to be over it takes an eternity to e [...]

    This book was great. When I first started reading, I was imagining it would be another cookie cutter erotica book, but that was far from the case. The author put a lot into the world building and I was impressed with the depth of the characters. There was a lot more to this book than erotica. I was initially drawn to Alexander, but when Elena came into the picture, she quickly became my favorite. I enjoyed seeing both points of view and though I wasn't fond of Alexander's previous relationships, [...]

    Shades Of Obsession by JR King is a sultry, erotic, masterpiece thriller! Written with shear eloquence and class, this book takes you on a journey of intensity that makes you want more. I love the characters and felt very involved with them on a personal level as I delved into their life through the words so well written by this talented author! Anytime an author can stir emotions in you on any level, you know they are talented and JR King stirred many emotions for me throughout this entire read [...]

    Alexander Turner is a wealthy, selfish, and callous man. He has a taste for fashion and S&M. After meeting Elena, a girl who is ten years younger than him, Alex becomes obsessed. He will do what ever it takes to have her, including murder and kidnapping. Elena's naïve and vulnerable character offers the perfect contrast to Alex's arrogant and ruthless one. The sexual tension is off the charts. Alex intends to have Elena, and he wants her to be as obsessed with him as he is with her. "Fifty [...]

    Tough to rate!This was really tough to rate. I am having a struggle of whether I should've rated it a 4 or a 5. I guess I settled on a 4 for only one reason. it was way too long. Needing to arm myself with a dictionary just to get through the absorbent amount of descriptive text was a little too much for me. Too many characters to keep track of and sometimes a suit is just a suit. Sticking to those simple rules JR King could've saved about 150 pages.On a more serious notee story line and charact [...]

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