Amethyst London Amethyst Goldsmith makes dazzling jewelry but her future isn t nearly as bright as the pieces she creates Though custom dictates she wed her father s apprentice her heart rebels against

  • Title: Amethyst
  • Author: Lauren Royal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook
  • London, 1666Amethyst Goldsmith makes dazzling jewelry, but her future isn t nearly as bright as the pieces she creates Though custom dictates she wed her father s apprentice, her heart rebels against the match In mere days Amy will be condemned to a stifling, loveless marriage, and she sees no way out until the devastating fire of 1666 sweeps through London, and tragedyLondon, 1666Amethyst Goldsmith makes dazzling jewelry, but her future isn t nearly as bright as the pieces she creates Though custom dictates she wed her father s apprentice, her heart rebels against the match In mere days Amy will be condemned to a stifling, loveless marriage, and she sees no way out until the devastating fire of 1666 sweeps through London, and tragedy lands her in the arms of a dashing nobleman who knows a diamond in the rough when he sees it Colin Chase, the Earl of Greystone, has his future all figured out He s restoring his crumbling castle and estate to its former glory, and the key to its completion is his rich bride to be But the Great Fire lays waste to his plans, saddling him with trouble in the form of a lowly shopkeeper s daughter with whom he s most inconveniently falling in love

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    Just my opinion, but this was just a fluffy, oversexed wallpaper romance with a unbelievable plot that went on and on and on and on and on. Can Amy (Amethyst) the jeweler marry Colin Chase, Earl of Greystone? Or will he dump her for the wealthy heiress he's already formally betrothed to? And why isn't there one single person shocked at the idea of a lowly tradesperson marrying above her station?Oh well, I see others have enjoyed it, but I didn't care for the characters, Amy being a bit too MaryS [...]

    The book wasn't bad.I rather enjoyed it most of the time.but the scenes where the hero is throwing tantrums and telling his siblings how unfit and working class the heroine is I wanted to punch him.I also wanted to shake the heroine everytime she wanted to stay with him despite his reckless and mean commentske seriously he just called unfit to become his wife so you go and sleep with him anyway???? No and the thing is he didn't even apologize for those thingske what? Outraged!!! but if you can g [...]

    Amethyst "Amy" Goldsmith, daughter of a jeweler, is an accomplished and talented jewelry maker who loves her craft and has a great passion for her work but her personal life is hardly as fulfilling. In just two weeks she will be wed to a man whom she does not love - a man who plans to keep her away from her work to make babies and keep his house all nice and tidy-like. Amy longs for love but will not hurt her father by backing out of the unwanted marriage. One day Colin Chase "Earl of Greystone" [...]

    Generous 3 stars. I found myself not knowing what to rate this novel. It had a lot of right ingredients. Plot, well developed characters, drama. However the story dragged on for quite awhile. I kept thinking this is where it ends right? To find out I had still quite a bit left each time. Normally I like a long developed story. However I felt the same theme was dragged on even after it should have been resolved many times over. And it wasn't one I was big on. The big theme was the heroine thinkin [...]

    Delving into the romance genre is not for the faint of heart. You can read a lot of really poorly written romances that just drag on and on and never go anywhere. I however like to think that reading the poorly written ones allows you to clearly know a gem when you read one. Lauren Royal's Amethyst is just that, a gem. (Yes, pun intended!)Amy Goldsmith (although her real name is Amethyst) is a successful jewelry maker who has quite the unfortunate personal life. She is scheduled to marry a man w [...]

    This was a hard book to rate. I realized that this is a clean version of Amethyst. There were parts that I thought were unrealistic, and that figures, because they probably had a very different result in the other version of the book.The setting is during the fires in London in the 1600's. Charles II has just returned to his throne. I loved that the setting was different than other stories that I have read. I imagine that the book follows a realistic social expectation of Amethyst and Collin. Th [...]

    read a while ago but couldn't remember to review. rather forgettable story. i did not understand the appeal of the heroine. She was good at her trade and fell in love with the hero when he asked her to create a piece for him. I don't see the appeal of such a woman and have no interests in her love story.

    3.5-4 starsSet in London in 1666, "Amethyst" is the story of Amethyst (Amy) Goldsmith and Colin Chase, the Earl of Greystone. Amy lives with her father in their Cheapside Goldsmith & Sons jewelry store. Her mother died just a year before during the Great Plague. Amy is affianced to Robert Stanley, her father's apprentice. It's tradition that if there are no sons in the family, that the eldest daughter marries the apprentice. Robert is from a good jewelry family. But as Amy's gotten to know h [...]

    Amy (Amethyst) Goldsmith is a talented jeweler, not to mention the heiress to the family business and a trunk load of gold and jewels that her ancestors accumulated over generations. The hoard is a bit depleted by the Commonwealth years, when anything enjoyable or pretty was frowned upon. But with the Restoration of King Charles II,things are looking up. Amy was betrothed as an infant to Robert, the 2nd son of another jeweler, who is now her father's apprentice. But as the marriage draws closer [...]

    Amy ( Amethyst) and Colin the Earl of Greystone their story is such a wonderful romance I loved the way they met , I truly believe that she fell in love with him while she had gone to see the Kings coronation . He was magnificent on his stallion , and he took her breath away. Even though she was betrothed to Robert Stanley a man of her fathers choosing who also happened to be an apprentice in her fathers jewellery store . He never made her heart flutter as Colin did , just with one glimpse! As f [...]

    The use of restoration England is an interesting setting, however once you got into the main body of the plot you would be forgiven for forgetting what setting it was placed in. Th author has obviously done a lot of research on the era but needs to add more. The plot line was a bit absurd, a lot of coincidences where happening in order to make it move forward. It also reminded me of the plot line for the first in her clean regency series Alexandra. However I did like the two mc's and I love the [...]

    I absolutely loved this story. It has all of the elements that made you want to keep reading. When Amethyst and Mr. Chase meet they have no idea that circumstances will keep them together in a such a way that they must choose each other or lose everything they hold dear.A couldn't put it down read with a compelling plot twists will have you up all night.

    First time l have read any books from this author, l was'nt disappointed, loved this book.It kept me wanting to read more. It had romance, passion, everything you can except in a good book. Cant wait to read more.

    I really enjoyed this story. It drug just a little in the middle but that might have just been my need to see them happy. This had good elements that lead to a believable, romance set in the time of London's great fire. I want to read more by this author. This was a clean read.

    DNFThis was too long, and getting nowhere fast, so I've given up on it. It was an easy read though,quite pretty

    Oh my goodness I LOVED IT!!!! Absolutely no fillers. Every pages kept me eager for more story. The characters were beautifully developed and the scenes everything - I could feel it and see it for myself. So ready to devour the rest of her books

    I purchased this book when it was on sale for $0.99. I had read Lauren Royal's previous "free' offerings, and enjoyed them, and when the author said it was on for .99 cents I went and bought it.It took me a surprisingly long time to read! Normal I devour romance novels—but this one took me about four days to read. I've been very busy recently, but it didn't engage me the way some other books do. However, I was interested in the characters, wanted to know what was going to happen, and wanted to [...]

    A very enjoyable historical romance that's a little bit different because it's set in the Restoration. It's love at first sight for Amethyst when she sees the handsome Colin Chase in a procession celebrating the restoration of King Charles II -Just two problems stand in their way - she is a child and a jeweller's daughter and whilst he is an aristocrat gentleman.The story picks up a few years later when Colin visits the jewellers where Amethyst works and although he can't admit it to himself, st [...]

    Amethyst by Lauren Royal is about the life of Amethyst Goldsmith. Amethyst is a jeweler in a time when Jewelers were men. The craft was handed down from generation to generation from father to son. She had no brother and the craftsmanship of their family was taught to her. She was promised in marriage to her father's apprentice as was the custom of the time. She did not love the apprentice and had sought to have her father call the marriage off. He would not telling her that she would carry on t [...]

    In The Earl's London Bride I thought the setting was above average. The backdrop is during the Restoration of King Charles II in London. The Great Fire of London in 1666 is the catalyst for the romance of Colin and Amy. At this point I had great hope for the plot.I was sadly mistaken. The plot devolved into maudlin dialogue and stolen kisses that melt, ect. I actually got excited when Colin was sent off to France by King Charles because I was looking forward to more historical facts.Amy is writt [...]

    Adoro leggere libri di questo genere, cioè libri d'amore storici. Ne ho lette tanti, ma le vicende tra Amethyst e Colin mi hanno affascinata e rilassata. Trovo che questo sia un libro molto ben scritto, che mi ha fatto entrare nella storia e mi ha fatto vivere tante emozioni. Non vedo l'ora di conoscere gli altri Chase. Voto 5 stelle e Consigliatissimo!!!

    This is officially a favorite historical of mine. I loved the mix of history, jewels and mayhem. I laughed really hard at times; I thought the story was wonderful and well put together. Definitely going to be reread at some point

    Can you escape the choices that have been made for you? Amy just wants to be a jeweler, she is a find craftswoman but the man that she is to marry won't allow her to work once they are married. She has begged her father to dissolve the arrangement but he won't, ho can she escape this life? Colin knows that he has to marry someone who has money as his family needs it but he knows that the woman that he has chosen isn't the one. He saves Amy from certain death and now he has to care for her but he [...]

    I SKIPPED A FEW CHAPTERS 😩. I know. Shame on mec. But let me tell you, that beginning had me hooked. I totally get why the whole idea drew the author to write this book in the first place; it's a riveting story. What was not riveting was Amy a.k.a Amethyst. And the fact that there were no serious qualms whatsoever about the fact that they belonged to two different classes. She seriously got on my nerves. As you can probably tell from my reading activity lol. She was just too clingy/needy/*shu [...]

    This book was very, very good. This is Amethyst Goldsmith and and Lord Greystone's story. They each live in other worlds, Amethyst is a simple merchants daughter and Lord Greystone is a titled nobleman and so cannot be together. When Amethyst is left an orphan after the great fire of London burned down their store, Colin (Lord Greystone) comes to her rescue along with 7 other children left adrift after the fire. There is a lot of passion between them but they both know they cannot be together. C [...]

    This is a cleaned-up version of Amythest, by Lauren Royal. While that novel is by no means "smut", there are a few explicit love scenes in it. This version tells the same story, but leaves those details to the reader's imagination after suitable hints. It also gave a better description of seventeenth-century English Christmas celebrations, and offered a more fleshed-out resolution of the central struggle of the two main characters, that of reconciling the different backgrounds of two lovers who [...]

    I really like the idea of a series based entirely on following a family through various time periods. And the research and historical details are meticulous and really interesting. I particularly liked the details on her being a jeweler and goldsmith. I wish it had stayed with that focus for the the whole book. Unfortunately the romance and characters are terrible. I didn't like any of them and actively disliked the male lead. What a hypocritical milksop. I started rooting for the villain part w [...]

    Loved it! 😍 😘 😊 😏 🙌 👏💷💷💷💵💵💵 📚📒The Book was great really didn't want to put it down even to eat, sleep, or other necessary outflows. The whole series seems to be great from what I have read, however the price of each book makes it hard for those of us who are on a very limited budget to afford, as each book is really two books and so take Emerald for an example the regular book is $4.99 then add another $4.99 for the sweet and clean version (gotta know th [...]

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