Secrets, Lies, and Scandals

Secrets, Lies, and Scandals

Secrets Lies and Scandals Nothing ruins summer vacation like a secret especially when it involves a dead teacher Ivy used to be on top of the social ladder until her ex made that all go away She has a chance to be Queen Bee a

  • Title: Secrets, Lies, and Scandals
  • Author: Amanda K. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781481449540
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nothing ruins summer vacation like a secret especially when it involves a dead teacher.Ivy used to be on top of the social ladder, until her ex made that all go away She has a chance to be Queen Bee again, but only if the rest of the group can keep quiet.Tyler has always been a bad boy, but lately he s been running low on second chances There s no way he s going to loseNothing ruins summer vacation like a secret especially when it involves a dead teacher.Ivy used to be on top of the social ladder, until her ex made that all go away She has a chance to be Queen Bee again, but only if the rest of the group can keep quiet.Tyler has always been a bad boy, but lately he s been running low on second chances There s no way he s going to lose everything because someone couldn t keep their mouth shut.Kinley wouldn t describe herself as perfect, though everyone else would But perfection comes at a price, and there is nothing she wouldn t do to keep her perfect record one that doesn t include murder charges.Mattie is only in town for the summer He wasn t looking to make friends, and he definitely wasn t looking to be involved in a murder He s also not looking to be riddled with guilt for the rest of his life but to prevent that he ll have to turn them all in.Cade couldn t care less about the body, or about the pact to keep the secret The only way to be innocent is for someone else to be found guilty Now he just has to decide who that someone will be.With the police hot on the case, they don t have much time to figure out how to trust each other But in order to take the lead, you have to be first in line and that s the quickest way to get stabbed in the back.

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      228 Amanda K. Morgan
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    See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher via Edelweiss.Diversity Rating: 1 – TokenismRacial-Ethnic: 2 (Cade is Japanese; Kinley is black)QUILTBAG: 1 (Mattie is bi but plays out a bi stereotype)Disability: 0 (off-screen character with an unspecified mental illness fulfills the “mentally ill people are dangerous” stereotype)Intersectionality: 1 (See above; though bare-bones diverse, the novel doesn’t handle it particularly well)There’s nothing [...]

    Secrets, Lies and Scandals was a book I wanted to pick up because it reminded me a bit of The Secret History by Donna Tartt when I read the synopsis. Sadly, I wasn’t able to love that book so I was hoping I could read this one and enjoy it even more than that one! Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be… Although I did really like this book at the beginning, it fell kind of flat for me at the end.I just want to clarify that although this book does share the same premise as The Secret History, it [...]

    As soon as I saw that this was being pitched as similar to the hit TV series How to Get Away With Murder, I knew that I was going to have to check it out. I've been obsessed with the show and would absolutely love anything similar to it. Secrets, Lies, and Scandals follows 5 main characters, which I honestly think is awesome. Each character winds up in the same college psychology course with Dr. Stratford. None of them are the biggest fan of him, especially because of the way that he treats his [...]

    At a Glance:Oh, hey! This book reminds me of How to Get Away With Murder? Don't you think? Cover:I love red, black and white just like the book. I really like the cover. It's simple, yet mysterious and it's gives you that vibe of a thriller book. Such a great cover. Action:This is a thriller book, filled with mystery not much of a packed action. Yet these five characters will have you on edge ;) Romance:Not really. There are fiver characters, we all get to know them in third person. Each have th [...]

    at's it?I'm stuck between hating this book for its characters, the instalust that took precedence, and the effortless convenience of all the shit that happened versus the ending that was sort of redeeming (but also not really).One thing's for sure: while I understand why HTGAWM is a comp title, the execution of this story is far from it.Derp.

    3.5/5 I was drawn to the mystery and thrill of this book. I would think about it when I wasn't reading it, trying to come up with endings ad to predict it. It was a quick read and I was eager to flip pages it so time passed by quickly while I was lost in murder and plots. The writing flows well and is light enough that the book seemed more humorous about the characters' situation. Even when murder made characters do shady things, it never felt really dangerous. This worked because they're teenag [...]

    'Secrets, Lies, and Scandals' is a taut young adult thriller that will have readers devouring each page. The plot isn't wholly original - a horrid teacher dies after a night summer school class, and five students witness it all. Each has their own reason for taking the course, for being at the school that late, for not wanting to be connected to the death in any way. What happens after that is what really gets the story moving - you don't know who is lying or who to trust - who might band togeth [...]

    Five students are sharing a secret. Mattie, Ivy, Tyler, Kinley and Cade are all taking a summer course for their own reasons. When something awful happens to the teacher they are the only witnesses. They make a risky decision, they will keep their secret and the punishment for telling will be severe. Only one of them crossed the line, but somehow they are in this situation together anyway. Will they be able to keep their mouths shut or will one of them talk? Will they be found out or will they b [...]

    In the Vein of How to Get Away With Murder, Secrets Lies and Scandals attempts to carry on a huge mystery but where the former succeeds, this one falls short.Secrets Lies and Scandals tells the story of a group of teens all in the same summer psych class--all involved in the murder of a teacher.With multiple personalities, and different things at risk--this story is tackling a multi-pov storyline that could've been more thrilling than it actually was.To talk about the characters briefly: Ivy was [...]

    It took me one episode to get hooked on How to Get Away with Murder so a book that was compared to the show and the movies I Know What you Did Last Summer, which I also loved, had some high expectations to overcome. It did take me longer than one chapter to get hooked on the book. It took two.The book was told in the POVs of the five students who were involved in their teacher's death. Mattie was an instant favourite but all the characters were easy to either like or feel for. I didn't feel a st [...]

    As Seen On The FFBC Blog Tour On: athousandwordsamillionbooks.blAs the blurb describes, Secrets, Lies and Scandals does have a very How To Get Away With Murder feel to it. I ABSOLUTELY adore that show, okay? And pretty much any other Shonda Rhimes show, but the thing I love most about HTGAWM is the sheer Panic and Uncertainty that all the characters have, and I was really expecting that from Secrets, Lies and Scandals!And, for the most part, it delivered!The last book I read with over three POV' [...]

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.When the blurb said that it was in the vein of I know what she did last summer, I was hooked. I love that kind of stories and I wanted to try out this book.The author is new so I didn't know what to expect from her writing. The starting was very simple. The background was set and the characters were introduced one by one. The story was told in the POVs of the 5 main characters. It was interesting and intriguing getting to know them. Each on [...]

    GRADE: B-3.5 starsFive students in a summer psychology class accidentally kill their horrible professor. Chaos ensuesCRETS, LIES AND SCANDALS, while not a comedy, has a campy feel to the writing, which was my favorite part of reading this novel. Amanda K. Morgan drew me in with her delightful descriptions of the five main characters. Broken into short chapters from the 3rd person points of view from each character, we learn the secrets they harbor beneath their carefully orchestrated veneers. No [...]

    "Secrets, Lies, and Scandals" is about five main character named Ivy, Tyler, Kinley, Mattie, and Cade. All five of these characters are taking a psychology course taught by the rude, stubborn, Dr. Stratford. The students' summer is completely ruined when they find out that Dr. Stratford is dead. The whole town is wondering, who is the killer? The suspense continues to build up throughout the whole novel. I loved the beginning of the story. However, the ending was a cliffhanger that didn't actual [...]

    Ever been involved in a murder that was an accident, and the person who died happens to be your professor? Well Tyler, Kinley, Mattie, Cade and Ivy has, it's not like they meant for it to happen. Or did they? This is a realistic fictional book, because this could always happen in someone's life. I recommend this book to readers who are into dramatic mystery.

    This book is told from the point of view of five students who are all taking a class over the summer at a college level. The professor is extremely difficult and he doesn't really care to much for his students. He has no problem speaking his mind. The 5 students are having a difficult time in his class and after the first test things get even worse for the kids. I really enjoyed how the book was told from the different perspectives. We got a look at each of the kids before the teacher incident a [...]

    3.5 stars Now I'm not usually one to pick up mystery/thriller kind of books, but reading the description, it sound pretty interesting and so I picked it up.So first of all, the things I liked:-How the story was written in 5 POVs Okay, I know lots of people hate stories with more than one point of view because then it starts to get extremely confusing. However, I think it worked pretty well, even after initially being hesitant. After a while they seem to stop mattering because all the characters [...]

    When it's summer, I turn to two specific types of books: thrillers and what used to be called "chick lit." Those are my two favorite genres for "vacation books," whether or not I am actually lucky enough to be on vacation. This one is a suspense novel, something that reads like I Know What You Did Last Summer. It's about a group of classmates who accidentally kill their teacher (no big loss; that guy was a complete jerk) and who manage to get away with it---they think. There are a lot of twists [...]

    Five students are sharing a secret – Kinley, Mattie, Ivy, Cade, and Tyler. Each chapter is told from one of the character’s points of view, and it goes around in a circle, giving them each a turn. If you don’t mind having that many points of view to go off of, it’s pretty easy to get hooked. Also, the ending is amazing! You think one thing and then the last page changes everything!

    This is a lovely, quick and easy read and I wish it was serialized. Once the hook is delivered in the beginning,the suspense, mischief and mystery, always leaves you wanting to know more. And with characters like Cade, Ivy, Kinley, Tyler and Mattie that offer pleasant and surprising memories, it almost felt like a good time cut short. Which in hindsight, made it even sweeter :)

    Whoa! I was looking for some story like this for so long. It reminded me a little "I know what you did last summer" but obviously this one is better. Thrilling story, strong characters. That's what a reader needs. I hated those little two bastards; Kinley and Cade.

    This wasn't the most horrible of books but the development of it kind of lacked spice. It's basically about five teenagers who all have to take a summer class at the high school. Their professor ends up dying and it's their fault. They cover up the crime and go on through the book feeling guilty about it as well as deciding where to go from there. I felt like the characters were a little cliche, which made me not really care what happened to them. Their dialogue all ran together and it felt like [...]

    4.75/5This was exactly what I was looking for—I loved it. If you are looking for a quick, addicting, ENTERTAINING read, then this is the book for you. I loved the thriller aspect and kept flipping the pages without even realizing it. Yes, this isn’t the best book in the world if I’m looking at it critically, but it was just FUN. My main reason for the book just barely missing a 5 star rating for me was the ending because it didn’t leave the punch I was expecting and it was very open-ende [...]

    3.5 stars to me but there is no half-star. I just give the four stars in generous.*Sporiler review*Five people involved with the death of the evil teacher by accident. They were afraid to go to the prison if it turned out wrong. So they decided to get rid of the body.At first, it seems like just an accident, but with the course of time, each member has growing suspicion for the death and pointing the finger at each other. They made the pact to keep a secret, but someone/small group out of five m [...]

    I actually really enjoyed this read. I like how it wasn't so much of a mystery to the reader and it was more just guessing what was going to happen next. I would definitely recommend this to other people.

    DNF at 28%They're all assholes — albeit of different stereotypes — and I doubt the plot will turn into something I care enough about to see through to the end.

    This book just wasn't that good. Breakfast Club meets How to Get Away With Murder. Everyone was unlikable, everything was unbelievable. Instalove and not enough intrigue.

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