Agamemnon Must Die

Agamemnon Must Die

Agamemnon Must Die To sail against Troy Agamemnon sacrificed his virgin daughter Iphigenia Ten years later he returns victorious hoping that Queen Clytemnestra has forgiven him He is so wrong The royal family of Myce

  • Title: Agamemnon Must Die
  • Author: Hock G. Tjoa
  • ISBN: 9781502810809
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • To sail against Troy, Agamemnon sacrificed his virgin daughter Iphigenia Ten years later, he returns victorious, hoping that Queen Clytemnestra has forgiven him He is so wrong The royal family of Mycenae has a bloody, monstrous history Agamemnon returns with his war trophy, the Trojan Princess Cassandra whom he unthinkingly flaunts before his queen After an epic swordTo sail against Troy, Agamemnon sacrificed his virgin daughter Iphigenia Ten years later, he returns victorious, hoping that Queen Clytemnestra has forgiven him He is so wrong The royal family of Mycenae has a bloody, monstrous history Agamemnon returns with his war trophy, the Trojan Princess Cassandra whom he unthinkingly flaunts before his queen After an epic sword fight in his own banquet hall, Agamemnon is killed Cassandra has her nightmares visions of the gory and unspeakable deeds of the House of Atreus she is led away to be executed Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus have their respective reasons, but this regicide must be avenged Or so say the voices in Orestes head He must avenge his father He must kill the regicides He must kill his own mother But killing one s own mother would break the greatest of ancient taboos and would result in even voices in his head Are they just voices Can they be placated

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    This novel challenged me in ways I did not originally anticipate I enjoyed the challenge. Agamemnon Must Die is a author Hock G. Tjoa's reimagining of the ancient Greek myths surrounding Oresteia. This rich, many layered story is well paced, and is completely engaging even as it requires a fair amount of concentration. I found myself flipping backward through the novel more than a few times, when I would become perplexed by a new development or failed to recognize a character (there are many) an [...]

    Oh boy! And I thought I had arguments and disagreements in my family.'Agamemnon must Die' is a retelling of the Greek legend surrounding their war against the Trojans. Agamemnon was king and commander of the victorious Greek forces, whose family suffered a noxious curse laid on their house by the Gods. It is the struggle against this curse, the resulting grotesque family disputes, and appeasement with the Gods that form the basis for this fable.Much of this book is written like a school history [...]

    I received a free copy of this book for an honest, non-reciprocal review. This book is set in Classical Greece, in the immediate aftermath of the Trojan War. Hock Tjoa’s breaks of epic poetry are well-timed. They do more than just break up the prose: they provide another side to the human experience that the characters are going through. Conversations, whether public or private, display the “public face” of the characters involved – while the poetry sheds light on the dark, mysterious in [...]

    Being familiar with the original story of Agamemnon and the Trojan War and after the war made it easier to put my mind in the time frame needed to understand the ways of post antediluvian mode of thinking. When reading such work it's difficult not to judge the character's actions by today's standard. I liked the new twists to the ancient story. He brought them to life as real living people who once existed. There are many different versions of this story. Older versions which I won't write here [...]

    Agamemnon Must Die is a retelling of Aeschylus' Oresteia. I definitely recommend reading the author notes in front of the book if you are not that familiar with Greek mythology and works written about it. I am ashamed to say that the last time I really read something that dealt with Greek mythology was in my English 101 class in college. I had to take notes to make sure I could keep up with who was who and who killed who and why they killed them. It's a lot to keep up with if you do not know any [...]

    To sail against Troy, Agamemnon sacrificed his virgin daughter Iphigenia. Ten years later, he returns victorious, hoping that Queen Clytemnestra has forgiven him. He is so wrong. The royal family of Mycenae has a bloody, monstrous history. Agamemnon returns with his war trophy, the Trojan Princess Cassandra whom he unthinkingly flaunts before his queen. After an epic sword fight in his own banquet hall, Agamemnon is killed. Cassandra has her nightmares/visions of the gory and unspeakable deeds o [...]

    I have only a very vague memory of Greek mythology as taught in school, but I do know it wasn’t such an entertaining read as this. I recommend, though, that you read the author’s preface about the main characters and draw yourself a family tree with a few notes before you start. Those Greek monarchs and their families led very turbulent lives. By the end I had arrows all over my diagram showing who killed whom, who were lovers, and who was seeking to avenge these murders and infidelities.It [...]

    Greek Tragedy Reprised.'O poor Orestes, I see Apollo will plague you with the noble ambition To avenge your father and your king.'This is the classic story of 'The Oresteia' by Aeschylus retold in modern English. Orestes father Agamemnon had earned the hatred of his mother Clytemnestra because he had sacrificed their daughter. In revenge, Clytemnestra takes a lover and they plot to kill the king. When Orestes returns home from war he is torn by what he should do. Traditional honour means he shou [...]

    I really enjoy mythology, Greek or Norse, and I found this book to be both interesting and informative. A retelling of the story of Helen of Troy but from the perspective of the Queen that stayed behind in Greece, it was a fresh look at this well know tale. This is a story of love betrayed and the anger and animosity that remains for ever after in the hearts of those wronged. It demonstrates how retribution by the wronged can weave tendrils that reach out and drag in all of those around them wit [...]

    Mehreen Ahmed's reviewAgamemnon Must Die by Hock G Tjoa is based on a tale from Greek mythology. Pertaining to "strong lustful desires run in that family", the chain of events in the lead up to Agamemnon''s murder has been rehashed in this fascinating tale. Clytemnestra, the queen's conspiracy to kill Agamemnon is the central theme here. A plot was hatched to kill him after she welcomed him back from ten year long Trojan war on the carpet. This carpet was made out of the softest wool in lilac; " [...]

    Agamemnon Must Die, by Hock Tjoa, is a scholarly reimagining of the turbulent story of House Atreus, one of the quintessential Greek tragedies. Modern theater evolved from ancient Greek productions that served as dramatic representations of popular religious myths. The people of the time already knew the details of each story before they took their seats, and in order to make this story relevant to modern-day audiences, the author goes to great lengths to provide a list of the characters, togeth [...]

    Based on the trilogy “Oresteia” from Greek mythology, “Agamemnon Must Die” is a superbly-written retelling of the tale. The author combines verse with narrative in an effective way that is relatable to 21st Century audiences. The book opens with the night watchman, an everyman, mentoring his nephew, the herald. It’s an effective way to introduce the reader to the characters and story backgrounds. He tells his nephew: “As for those who live mostly for the fighting and the killing, I h [...]

    Majestic. Violent. Straightforward. Tjoa casts a spell with wonderful verses that bespoke of vengeful gods, larger-than-life characters and their terrible fates.In ‘Agamemnon Must Die’, a stage is set for the death of a king- who sacrificed his daughter for a successful journey across the sea- at the hands of his wife-queen who will be avenged by their own son, who in turn will have to face Apollo, Furies and Athena before he can have a happy ending - i.e. live and be a king - without his be [...]

    This book is about the Greek story of Agamemnon, the man who sailed to Troy with his army to pursue Helena (his brother’s wife) and Paris (her seducer). A retelling of the tale, it adheres faithfully to the events.In the prologue we see Agamemnon sacrifice his own daughter so the gods will allow him to sail to war – and his wife Clytemnestra’s resultant rage. The story then switches to the end of the ten year war, when Agamemnon returns. In his long absence, his wife has found solace in th [...]

    I rated this 4 stars. I was thoroughly engaged by a large part of this writing. I found the retelling of the legendary heroes of Greece captivating, but then I've always been interested in anything to do with that period of classic history (whether myth or not).The author is clearly well educated and expert in this field and does a good job with the main characters, Aigisthos, Clytemnestra and Agamemnon, and weaves in mini-stories of Helen and Paris, Hector and Achilles, the Gods and others to p [...]

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.Mythology is hard to review because the reviewer has to be knowledgeable and passionate about it to understand what’s going on. You have to know the characters and their back stories before you even jump into the story. This was my main frustration with this book, but it’s a frustration that dates back to when I had to read the Odyssey in class a long time ago.While the story was sound, I had no idea who most of the characters were and t [...]

    I'm a big fan of greek mythology. My favorite god is zeus, and then maybe poseidon and Ares. So when I read the description of this book and it says it is about a greek myth, I was excited. And as expected, this book didn't disappoint. It is well written and the brilliance and knowledge of the author can be seen throughout the pages of the book. You can easily tell the author has done his research well and knows exactly what he's talking about. The dialogue and the language is well written to ma [...]

    It combined a trilogy verse that was a play narrated with both mortals & Gods/Goddesses.I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one. A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written historical Greek mythology book. It was very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. [...]

    The ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus has been hailed by many as the founding father of the modern tragedy genre with works arguably rivaling those of Sophocles and Euripides. Perhaps the most prominent of these works was the Oresteia trilogy; a literary triumph that would not be done justice by a writer inferior to the talents of Hock G. Tjoa.Tjoa's take on this classical tale of sacrifice, love and vengenance perfectly complements the original Greek text in a way that makes it ideal for begin [...]

    I liked the book, it was well plotted starting by the old watchman. Though I have never read any ancient story; this one looked great which grabbed my attention while reading. Everything was defined nicely and smoothly but I wished to know more about Agamemnon- the name of the book itself is enough to gather a group of curious people. I was so immersed into it that i didn't realize that i had finished 11 chapters very fast,uninterrupted. Clytemnestra was successful in her revenge!Overall it was [...]

    I have heard of Agamemnon, Helen, and Clytemnestra before, but had never read any Greek tragedies or legends before. While this book is very different than what I usually read, I found it to be a very interesting read. This book has a large cast of characters and I sometimes had a slightly hard time trying to keep straight in my mind who they all were, but for the most part this book was pretty easy to follow. It was quite interesting to read about the different Greek gods and goddesses shown an [...]

    This book is a retelling of "The Oresteia", by Aeschylus. The fundamental question for such a book is "why?" What does this book do that The Oresteia doesn't? For me, the answer is "not much", but I realized too late that I'm not the target audience. I'm a big fan of the Classical world, and I already understand pretty well the mythology, as well as the historical and philosophical issues the plays deal with. As such, perhaps I am unable to appreciate what are probably this book's greatest stren [...]

    Agamemnon Must Die is a well written book. The prose is lyrical and descriptive and the writing is very good. The narrative appears to be based on Greek mythology, but aside from watching The 300, I am relatively ignorant of Greek history and mythology. The tale starts out being told by an old watchman to his son, a herald, about the goings on in the royal family they both serve. The palace occupants are seething with intrigue; tales of conspiracies, infanticide, cannibalism, incest, rape are to [...]

    This is the story of what happens when King Agamemnon returns from the Greek conquest of Troy.For ten years, his queen Clytemnestra has been nursing her hatred of Agamemnon for sacrificing their daughter Iphigenia at the beginning of the Trojan campaign. In her husband's long absence, she has taken his cousin Aigisthos as her consort. Aigisthos loves her unconditionally and is easily persuaded to help her kill the king.After the deed is done, the story becomes that of Orestes, son of Agamemnon a [...]

    I would like to thank the author for offering this book in exchange for an honest review.I found the story to follow along a swift path. Here is a retelling of an ancient Greek myth. The story of Agamemnon and his death by his wife and lover. It is full of revenge and atrocities. I myself sided with Clytemnestra after all Agamemnon killed her daughter. As a mother I can empathize with the pain she would have suffered when her bright beautiful young girl was killed. I feel he had it coming.Oreste [...]

    (I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review).(This review may contain spoilers).Having been an avid reader of Greek mythology for a really long time, I was quite eager to read this book that was a retelling of one of the stories I know though not every aspect as well as the others.It was good to see all of the different characters, but I didn't feel like they were really expanded upon. I liked being able to see Clytemnestra and getting some hints of her feelings for Aegisthus a [...]

    This was one of the most unique books I have had the pleasure of reading. It is both prose and poetry, and bravely delves into the murder of poor Iphigenia by her ruthless father, Agamemnon, and the not surprising hatred that act births in Iphigenia’s mother, Clytemnestra. Then it goes on to the affair between Clytemnestra and Aigisthos and the affair (probably not consensual) between Agamemnon and Cassandra, the return of Agamemnon from Troy, and his own murder, which of course sparks the sto [...]

    "Agamemnon Must Die" has some really good dramatic dilemmas. I found Aigisthos and his decisions fascinating. Unfortunately, I felt very removed from the characters. Partly this is due to the culture gap. Because the system of ethics and honor was so different in Ancient Greece, I had a hard time believing many of the characters’ reactions to events. This gap is not the fault of the author, as the story is a retelling of the original Greek plays, but I think perhaps if the retelling had more i [...]

    Agamemnon Must Die by Hock G. Tjoa recounts the first play of the Oresteia, a trilogy of tragedies written by Aeschylus, which is the only Greek trilogy that has survived. When Agamemnon, King of Mycenae, prepares to wage war against Troy, he sacrifices his virgin daughter, Iphigenia, and the grieving mother, Queen Clytemnestra, is left to rule the kingdom. She sends the other royal children, Orestes and Elektra, to Anaxibia, and takes the king’s cousin Aegisthus as a lover. After ten years, M [...]

    star rating: 4 star. I really liked it.A wonderful take on an old tale that reveals the capricious and selfish demands of the Greek gods and how man has no power to thawrt them.I love mythology. I read parts of these Oresteia in school (long enough I remember very little) and enjoy any retelling on the old myths that give us insight into characters not focused on in the originals. Things I liked:The story is wonderfully written, a mix of stylized prose and poetry, with lively detail that doesn [...]

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