A New Hope

A New Hope

A New Hope Starting over is never easy but in Thunder Point where newcomers are welcome and friends become family it s possible to find yourself again In this brand new story New York Times bestselling aut

  • Title: A New Hope
  • Author: Robyn Carr
  • ISBN: 9780778317364
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Starting over is never easy, but in Thunder Point, where newcomers are welcome and friends become family, it s possible to find yourself again In this brand new story, 1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr takes us on a moving and rewarding journey as a young woman finds new hope After losing her child, Ginger Dysart was lost in grief But since moving to ThundStarting over is never easy, but in Thunder Point, where newcomers are welcome and friends become family, it s possible to find yourself again In this brand new story, 1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr takes us on a moving and rewarding journey as a young woman finds new hope After losing her child, Ginger Dysart was lost in grief But since moving to Thunder Point, a small town on the Oregon coast, and with the help of her cousin Ray Anne, Ginger is finally moving forward Her job at the flower shop is peaceful and fulfilling, and she s excited to start her first big assignment, assisting with the Lacoumette wedding In spite of her lasting heartache, Ginger finds herself swept up in the pleasure of the occasion But the beauty of the Lacoumette farm and the joy of the gregarious family are ruined by an unfortunate encounter with the bride s brother, Matt Struggling with painful memories of his own recent divorce, Matt makes a drunken spectacle of himself and Ginger when he tries to make a pass at her, forcing Ginger to flee the scene in embarrassment But when Matt shows up at the flower shop determined to make amends, what started out as a humiliating first meeting blossoms into something much deeper than either of them expected Discovering they have a lot in common, they form a solid friendship, though everyone around them worries that Ginger will end up with a broken heart yet again But if Ginger has the courage to embrace the future, and if Matt can finally learn to let go of the past, there may still be hope for a happy ending.

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    Originally posted on The Book NymphoGinger Dysart is slowly recovering from the loss of her child on top of the disintegration of her ill-advised marriage. Working in the Thunder Point flower shop and being around a network of interesting and supportive women has raised her from a dark abyss. When she "meets" Matt Lacoumette at his sister's wedding reception, it's an unlikely encounter between two people rebounding from painful life events. I loved this story for several reasons. First, Ginger's [...]

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsA New Hope, the latest installment in Robyn Carr's Thunder Point series, isn't one of my favorites, but it was a nice visit to this tranquil seaside town. In general, of late, Ms. Carr's writing hasn't enthralled me in quite the same way that many of her Virgin River books did. There are few of the Thunder Point books that have made it to keeper status for me so far, so I asked myself why I still keep coming back. I think it's because I'm far enough into the series that I [...]

    Piper's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsA New Hope is the eighth book in Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series. I have been a fan of this series from the beginning. I have enjoyed all the books so far, and I was so looking forward to Ginger’s story after meeting her in the previous book. I fell in love with Ginger and my heart broke for her as she came to Thunder Point to put her life back together after the loss of her marriage and her infant son. Sadly this book was such a let-do [...]

    A New Hope is a marvelous story of new beginnings. After facing a double dose of tremendous and life altering grief, where do you turn? For Ginger Dysart, it was Thunder Point. I guess you could say, Ginger is learning to live again when Matt stumbles into Ginger's path. Together they learn that even with deep hurt life still goes on.Heartfelt, sexy and wonderfully real, the people you meet at Thunder Point will stick with you long after the story ends.For me, I love Carr's ability to bring a co [...]

    A BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, POIGNANT STORY OF HOPE, COURAGE, AND SECOND CHANCESSERIES READING ORDER APPEARS AT THE END OF THIS REVIEW!Robyn Carr is in top form in her eighth entry in the Thunder Point series. A NEW HOPE brings Ginger Dysart, the ‘niece’ of real estate agent Ray Anne, to the Lacoumette farm for the wild and wonderful Basque heritage celebration that is the marriage of Dr. Scott Grant and Peyton Lacoumette. At the wedding, a very drunk, unruly man embarrasses himself by proposition [...]

    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5The Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr just keeps getting better and better. I swear each book is better than the one before it. A New Hope, the eighth book of this series, has it all. The characters are very likeable and the story is well written. It all just feels so real and honest. And the best thing about this series and this book is Ms. Carr brings back all of the characters that we've come to love from the previous books, so we get to keep track of how life is goi [...]

    A New Hope is the eighth book in the Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr and one that I was excited to read. In the previous novel, we meet Ginger Dysart and her story just about broke my heart so I was eager to see her find her happy. Two damaged characters, tender moments and a slow-burning romance had me completely swept up in the romance A New Hope delivered.I have said this before, but it bears repeating, Robyn Carr’s small-town romances always make me feel like I am coming home. She creat [...]

    What a great addition to the Thunder Point Series! I loved it! Ginger and Matt were wonderful together, and just what each other needed. I loved reading about their sweet romance, and seeing Ginger come alive again and Matt get over his heartbreak. Ginger Dysart has been able to power through some of the grief over her son's death after coming to Thunder Point. She has a job that she is enjoying with a florist, and she is excited about assisting with a wedding. The bride's drunken brother puts a [...]

    I only have two issues with this book. 1. Their relationship seemed to move a little quick. Like he asked her to marry him like reeeeally soon. 2. There's a dog on the cover. There's no dog in the book. Am I the only one that was bothered by that?Anyways Loved it, of course. I'm addicted to Thunder Point! Can't wait for the next book! :)

    The dialog between the h/h just didn't seem real, it read like total fiction to me. So therefore it bugged the heck out of me. Yes, yes I know that this is fiction, but it seemed more fiction than contemporary fiction ought to belol. I can't explain it any better. :-)

    ExcellentAnother fantastic book in the Thunder Point series! Ginger and Matt are a great pair and the way they help each other heal is heartwarming. Definitely a recommended read.

    Book 8 is the second chance at love for two characters previously mentioned in book 7. Ginger Dysart moved to Thunder Point to live with her cousin Ray Anne, following the loss of her 4-month son and the dissolution of her marriage. Ginger was deeply depressed and her family hoped that the change of scenery and time with her cousin Ray Anne would help Ginger find the will to continue to live. Ginger began working at Grace’s flower shop and slowly started finding a reason to get out of bed ever [...]

    I liked this a lot. You definitely have to have read the previous books, as there are too many characters and not enough back story otherwise. However, I really appreciated how Ginger grew from wasting away from grief to a self-assured woman who refused to put up with behavior that didn't help her. Matt moved from complete jerk to a guy who had lost his way to a man knowing where he wants to go, to a man ready to go there. It takes him a bit longer as he's unwilling to let go of his bitterness.O [...]

    Well, that was just so sweet! I liked the characters, especially Ginger - loved how she came into her own during this story. Matt, like many heroes, needed a good kick to get there himself. But he got there and that was pretty sweet too. Robyn Carr's books are like comfort food for me and that was just perfect was I was trying to take it easy to recover from a cold. Therese Plummer's narration adds so much to the experience too.

    I absolutely loved the Virgin River series and I have liked the Thunder Point series. This book was based on two characters that should have been a side story not the main story. I really think this series has run its course.

    Ginger Dysart came to Thunder Point unwillingly, compelled by her mourning and grief-stricken parents to try to make a fresh start in a new location. Her aunt welcomed her with open arms, helping her to find her feet again after a bitter divorce and the unexpected loss of her only child. While she might have found a job she enjoys and made new friends, Ginger is not looking for love again—ever. So when Matt Lacoumette drunkenly hits on her at a friend’s wedding, it’s understandable that Gi [...]

    Very good book. Ginger was introduced in the previous book (One Wish). She came to Thunder Point to get away from the memories of her failed marriage and the child she lost to SIDS. Her Aunt Ray Anne helped Ginger out of her depression and to the point where she was starting to live life again. Ginger got a job helping Grace in her flower shop and has learned to let go of the past. When this book opens, Ginger is helping Grace with the flowers at Peyton and Scott's wedding when she encounters Pe [...]

    A New Hope by Robyn Carr#8 Thunder Point seriesGinger Dysart & Matt Lacoumette. Ginger is starting to recover after abandonment by her husband and the loss of her baby to SIDS. She's working in the little flower shop in Thunder Point, starting to heal, making friends, getting back into the land of the living. She attends a big Basque wedding for Peyton Lacoumette, helping to provide flowers for the occasion. During the after party, she is approached by a handsome but very intoxicated man, wh [...]

    My Review:I have to sayis is one of the most unlikely starts to a romance ever and I loved it for that. Matt has been having a hard year since he and his wife divorced. His family now calls him Mad Matt and his unhappiness overflows onto Ginger when they both attend his sister's wedding and he gets too drunk to function respectably. In an effort to make amends they end up in a friendshiptied by their respective bad marriages and resulting unhappiness. It doesn't really start out that way, but I [...]

    Every time I read a Robyn Carr novel, its like coming home again. It's so easy to step right back in to the lives of the residents of Thunder Point, even after time away. The author creates a compelling town with delightful residents and I love catching up with old ones and meeting new ones just the same. I finished this book with such a good feeling in my heart and I fell in love with Matt a little myself just as Ginger was falling in love with him! Matt and Ginger are such complex characters w [...]

    3-1/2 stars.This review is also posted on Pretty Sassy Cool.I didn't expect to like A New Hope as much as I did, considering the heroine is dealing with the loss of her child. That's just a subject that I try to stay away from--I can't even begin to imagine that grief, and frankly, I don't want to. Robyn Carr did a great job of conveying the depth of emotions that Ginger Dysart felt as well as the heartfelt remorse that Matt Lacoumette feels when he humiliates Ginger shortly after meeting her.Th [...]

    A New Hope is the 8th entry in the Thunder Point series by best selling author Robyn Carr.I don't read a lot of romance, but a co-worker mentioned that she had enjoyed quite a few Robyn Carr titles. I was looking for an easy, feel good read, so A New Hope seemed like a good bet.Ginger Dysart has suffered great personal loss. Still grieving, she moves to the small town of Thunder Point, Oregon, to help out her cousin. Carr quickly introduces us to the many residents of the town, each with their o [...]

    A New Hope is #8 in the Thunder Point series. It takes up the story of Ginger Dysart, who has been staying with Ray Ann and healing from a broken marriage and losing a child. She has found a job working for Grace in the local florist shop.The book opens at the Lacoumette farm where the wedding of Scott and Payton is taking place. One of Payton's brothers - Matt, makes a nuisance of himself with Ginger and she floors him! He too is recovering from a broken marriage and something else which has le [...]

    Reviewed for NetGalley:Okay, here's the thing. I like Robyn Carr. Robyn Carr is the whole reason why I started reading contemporary romance. I couldn't get into it before I started her Virgin River books. But I did not care for this books. There were a couple things I liked. The hero and heroines first kiss is adorable, when they go to watch the sunset, *swoon*. Unfortunately the things I didn't like overshadowed this book for me. (view spoiler)[- How Carr introduced the hero, by having him drun [...]

    I've read and enjoyed all the Thunder Point books but this one was kind of uninteresting. Part of the problem for me was neither Ginger nor Matt had a backstory that made me sympathize with them and understand why they got together now. Ginger married a wanna-be rock star with a huge ego and Matt married a wanna-be model who just wants to party. Both marriages end in divorce which one would expect except these weren't teenage marriages, they were both in their late twenties. Ginger goes from a h [...]

    When Ginger Dysart comes to Thunder Point, her life has taken a serious downturn. She lost her baby to SIDS, then her marriage broke up. Ginger lost all interest in life and her parents thought staying with her cousin Ray Anne just might help her regain an interest in life. She takes a job at the local flower shop and slowly moves out of the morass her life has become. Slowly she begins to take an interest in living and working. Her life takes on meaning. Assisting at the Lacoumette wedding, she [...]

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