Freakshow She s a freakBorn with congenital analgesia Olivia York s inability to feel pain is expected feeling nothing at all is not Betrayed and unemployed Olivia joins Cirque des Curiosit s a traveling cir

  • Title: Freakshow
  • Author: Jaden Wilkes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • She s a freakBorn with congenital analgesia, Olivia York s inability to feel pain is expected feeling nothing at all is not Betrayed and unemployed, Olivia joins Cirque des Curiosit s, a traveling circus with heavy emphasis on the strange and exotic She s hired to sell tickets, but when her unique oddity is discovered, she becomes Orion the ringmaster s assistant in a daShe s a freakBorn with congenital analgesia, Olivia York s inability to feel pain is expected feeling nothing at all is not Betrayed and unemployed, Olivia joins Cirque des Curiosit s, a traveling circus with heavy emphasis on the strange and exotic She s hired to sell tickets, but when her unique oddity is discovered, she becomes Orion the ringmaster s assistant in a dangerous performance on the centre stage.He s off limitsCairo, the son of the Cirque s ringmaster is the one man Olivia needs to stay away from But his rippling muscles, dark tattoos and sensual lips intoxicate her, and before long she surrenders.When girls start to go missing, her burning need to solve the unfolding mystery leads her to After Dark, the erotic late night version of the Cirque Orion is determined to break her bond to Cairo through any means possible, even if it leaves Olivia scarred or dead.In a world built on illusion and deception, Olivia s quest to feel something than curiosity might come at a very steep price Deals with sexual themes that some readers may find offensive This is a standalone dark urban fantasy novel.

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    So I've been mulling over how I would word my review. Because first and foremost I don't want to offend the author, I've read Therapist by Jaden Wilkes which is still one of my favourite dark reads. I think most of us go through stages in our reading journey, we'll flit from one genre to another but we always have one genre we always go back to and for me that's dark romance. Doesn't matter how dark or how not dark enough. Give me a couple with a controversial relationship and I'm all ears. Frea [...]

    Jaden Wilkes has written a wonderfully unique urban fantasy story, very well written you really get a feel for what the characters are going through. Olivia York was born with the rare genetic disorder congenital analgesia. She grew up without ever feeling physical pain. She has suffered many injuries and she has always been considered freak.When she's hired to sell tickets at Cirque des Curiosités, she no longer feels strange and abnormal. The circus freaks are extraordinary performers, just a [...]

    4 freak starsA wonderful suspense filled paranormal erotic love storyOlivia is born with congenital analgesia, the inability to feel pain. All her life this has made her feel abnormal and different from others. Betrayed and unemployed Olivia joins Cirque des Curiosités, a travelling circus with emphasis on strange. Here she meets Cairo the owner's son, the man she is supposed to stay away from! But she feels an unexplainable connection to Cairo.When the circus starts to feel like home, strange [...]

    Got my ARC!!!So excited for this!!!

    3.5 FREAKY stars!!My first read from Jaden Wilkes and I'm quite impressed. Intrigued by the title and promising blurb. Honestly, I loved at first until they reached the missing girl. It has thrilling effect. Too bad, it didn't hold my interest when the secret revealed. Maybe it's me not you but I still enjoyed the story. Welcome to the circus!Olivia York has an abnormality can't feel any pain since child. Her parents always keep her alive when little Olivia is trying to 'rebel'. Now she's a 25 y [...]

    5 Stars!"Until the stars burn out."What a brilliant surprise. Can I tell you a secret? I wanted this book, needed this book, but I never read the blurb, never looked at any teasers. I just knew I had to read it. I'm glad I drove straight in, I may have ran a couple of red lights. Mildly - Dark. A couple of dark themes. If you don't read dark books, I'd recommend. And if you do, I'd recommend. So, who would've thought. This is Urban Fantasy, you wouldn't know with the first few chapters or the ne [...]

    I jumped into this book without reading the blurb. All I knew was that Jaden Motherfucking Wilkes wrote it and that's all I needed to know. I love Jaden's dark and twisted mind and I knew I would more than likely love this too. And I did, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a different genre! Dark urban fantasy + Jaden Wilkes = Holy shitballs awesome! Olivia was born with a condition that keeps her from feeling pain. She's always felt like an outcast, like a freak, hiding her [...]

    Jaden Wilkes is one of my favorite dark romance authors and with Freakshow, she takes us on a unique journey through the strange, dark, creepy and immensely interesting world of traveling freakshows. Olivia York's life has gone from bad to worse in short order. She has a medical condition that keeps her from feeling pain. After being injured at work, her condition is discovered and she loses her job. Then she discovers her boyfriend and best friend are sleeping together.Things begin to start loo [...]

    5 freaking stars!!!Wow wow and more wow, this book is like no other, I've been eagerly awaiting FreakShow i have to admit the cover caught my full attention from the get go.I was intrigued by Olivia from the very first page, she was born with Congenital Analgesia this is the inability to feel pain, at the age of thirteen her mother and father died in a car crash and she was raised by her older sister, who blamed her for their parents dying.After loosing her job,boyfriend and best friend her life [...]

    I really wanted to love this book. It wasn't bad by any means but it was just okay to me.Olivia was a difficult character for me. I liked her one minute then she was on my nerves the next. Overall she was just okay also. Her condition was explained quite well and I felt so bad for how diffcult her life must have been trying to not get hurt.I did love taking risks after all and what was one more scar on my heart if it meant the possibilty of feeling something at all? Cairo. I didn't like him in t [...]

    If you know me, then you know I don't read fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, shifters, talking animals or any of those things. I like real stories. BUT I have this infatuation with circus carnies that made me put all of that aside and read this book anyway. In fact i waited on bated breath for this release, I love Jaden's writing and desperately wanted to see what she did with the 'freaks'.I was not sorry you have write something pretty amazing for me to give an urban fantasy five stars and [...]

    (view spoiler)[I feel cheated. I don't think I would have read it if I knew it was a paranormal story. (hide spoiler)]

    Ohhh lawdu know how long I have been waiting for this book to come out??But patience is a virtue and it was so perfectSooooo worth the wait!!. This book is a different story for Jaden, it was so good and HAWT good as well.d if u know Jaden, this woman can write some HAWT ass sex scenes.v it lol I'm not going to spoil why it's differentu just have to pick it up and read now = )I mean It's about a Freakshow for goodness sakeslove all the descriptions, I felt like I was under that tent as a v [...]

    "I carry the universe in my house of flesh, I will love you until the last star burns out and the heavens descend into darkness."Olivia feels no pain. Born to be something other she feels she is an outsider in a world full of people who values only the normal, only the usual and she is anything but. Losing her parents and her grandmother young, left to be raised by her resentful older sister Olivia is adrift in a sea of normalcy that is slowly drowning her. Applying out of pure desperation she f [...]

    “It was a delicious handshake; almost electric with the little jolt it gave me. Something reacted deep in my gut, some animalistic reaction to his pheromones or something, but it was there and I liked it.”5 freaky stars!! Holy cr@p this story was so beautiful, dark, and sexy. It ripped my heart out but in so many great ways!!!Olivia was born with a rare disease called Congenital Analgesia, which means she has the inability to feel pain. She lost her parents at the age of thirteen and grew up [...]

    ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEW***OMG! That is so not the ending that I wanted! I wanted more Cai! I wanted more Liv!! They so deserved to be together!! I have so many unanswered questions. I hope that this is not the end of their story! What about the two other sisters? What about Sea's destiny? And, where the hell did Orion run off to? I really enjoyed Liv and Cai's story. It was like nothing I have ever read before. The whole backdrop of the circus and Liv's extraordinary gift was [...]

    This book is so beautiful an unexpected. The plot line is utterly original and surprised me more than once, which I love. Liv is not a typical girl. Born with the inability to feel pain, she has always felt like a freak. Out of a job, about to lose her apartment, she applies for a job with a specialty circus and for once in her life feels like she's the normal one of the group. Cairo is the ringmasters son. Literally tall, dark and handsome. Very charming, and a truly good guy. He takes to Liv a [...]

    This is the first time in a very long time that I am sitting down to write a review that I know will not do the book justice. This is one of those books you read then want to call all your friends and tell them they need to read it. As always Jaden used her insane talent to craft a story that is absolutely brilliant but this time she pushed just a bit more and created a story that creeps into your heart and gets all wrapped up and twisted in there then just starts plucking away at your heartstri [...]

    For the love of ker-plunk! What a shocker to find one of my all time favorite authors surpassing her writing genre in a completely fantastic hell raising, chit storm of never ending mind boggling, who dun it whiplash. I freaking love every dam character, yes even the father of all lies, the master of deceit, Orion.So dam clever, absolutely unique this story is so unpredictable you will not see a dang thing coming until it socks you right between the eyes and maybe your lady bits and pieces. Bewa [...]

    I am pissed pissed at ending, I'm pissed at Brigid, I'm pissed at Orion. I'm just plain pissed and heart broken! I've have only cried at the end of two books, Raw and now this one. I've been waiting so patiently for this book and the moment I saw it pop up in my Kindle store I thought it was Christmas and read this in 3 days! No joke! This is worth the read. If you're into paranormal then this is a definite must!! This book was worth the wait and I look forward to more ( although I'm still pisse [...]

    Something a little differentI've been dying for something a little different. It is a captivating, dark story that had me sitting down and reading it in one sitting. Up until the last chapters I truly enjoyed it. The buckets for stars for me just because I truly hated the ending . Don't get me wrong , I found this book worthwhile read. I look forward to reading the next book in the series .

    What did I get myself intoSo, I thought I had it all figured out. I mean, I had read the first few chapters that Ms. Wilkes had put on watpad and devoured them every time she updated. So I thought I had some upper hand because I knew the story. Boy, was I wrong, it was nothing like it was supposed to be, but soooooo much more. I will forever love Jaden Wilkes

    This was a one of a kind and unique read with beautifully amazing characters. I loved that this was so different from what is out there in the romance genre right now. Jaden creates a vivid world of cirque performers each mysterious in their own way. Full of mystery, suspense, love and sexy moments to make you melt too! I loved every minute of it!

    Freakshow is unlike any book I have ever read before. Such an amazingly unique story. Shifters and witches and freaks, oh my!! The connection between Cai and Liv is so powerful that it really takes on a life of its own. It will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride down a dark, twisted and very hot path.

    Holy frigging shitballs, this book knocked the wind right out of me with its awesomesauceness. Its true that I love everything that Jaden writes but this book has to be read to be believed, it will do things to you that you didn't think possible. Don't think, just punch that pre-order button or buy button on release day (11/24/15) you will not be disappointed!!!!

    I had the wonderful opportunity of receiving a arc. I absolutely loved this book! Jaden did a amazing job as always! I love the circus theme and the twists and turns she throws at you! Join the Freakshow November 24th!

    Unfortunately, I have to admit to being a bit disappointed. I thought the storyline sounded so amazing, but it just fell flat for me. I was ok with a bit of paranormal thrown in, but the whole Brigid arc was just a little much for me, and I can't say I was a fan of the ending.

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