Angel Hiss Books of the USA Today Bestselling Series ANGEL Dr Angel Savary is dedicated to his skills as a Healer After the death of his mother he s determined never to fail another Pantera But when he s

  • Title: Angel/Hiss
  • Author: Alexandra Ivy Laura Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Books 13 14 of the USA Today Bestselling Series ANGEL Dr Angel Savary is dedicated to his skills as a Healer After the death of his mother, he s determined never to fail another Pantera But when he s kidnapped by a human female, he discovers that her brutal past offers the answers he s been seeking Even astonishing, she stirs his cat with a ruthless need toBooks 13 14 of the USA Today Bestselling Series ANGEL Dr Angel Savary is dedicated to his skills as a Healer After the death of his mother, he s determined never to fail another Pantera But when he s kidnapped by a human female, he discovers that her brutal past offers the answers he s been seeking Even astonishing, she stirs his cat with a ruthless need to claim her Suddenly, he realizes there s to life than duty Indy s life has been one of grim survival The last thing she wants is the distraction of a lover Until she captures Angel The Pantera is stunningly gorgeous and sexy as hell Unfortunately, she hasn t captured him to fulfill her fantasies As much as she might ache with the need to give in to their mutual passion, he s the only hope she has of saving the child she s rescued from a ruthless enemy who threatens to destroy them all HISS Caged like the beast he is, Hiss former Hunter and traitor to the Pantera has accepted his fate as a tortured prisoner in the hideous experimentation lab known as the Sub In fact, he wishes death would come quickly Until he connects with the female in the cage beside him, that is As he helps his fellow captive through her pain and her nightmares, she forces him to envision the possibility of forgiveness after the hell he s wrought on his kind But when their captors plan to use her in their brutal breeding program, Hiss has no choice but to attempt a risky escape Stunning and fierce, Gia used to be a water Hunter in her shifter sect before she was abducted and tossed in the lab for blood drains, and worse Threatened with a hopeless future as a lab brood mare, escape seems like her only possibility for survival After refusing to give herself to the breeding program, she escapes with Hiss to his Wildlands Giving Hiss her heart and her loyalty in the face of the Pantera s overwhelming guilt, all she expects in return is his honesty But when she wakes up one morning to find him gone, will she too deem him a traitor to their love

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    4.5 stars for the rockin' heroines!Angel was great, but Indy totally kicks ass! She was awesome! Does the sisterhood proud! I loved this story. I don't want to give it away, but it is a great continuation of the plot and introduces some new characters. Plus, did I mention that Indy was awesome?Hiss - I was actually happy he got his HEA. You knew, no matter what he had done, that he was not rotten to the core. But his mother? Hmm. Gia also totally rocked. She was brave and fierce. Totally stood u [...]

    ~ 4 Bayou Stars ~ Angel/Hiss is book 13 & 14 in the Bayou Heat series. We get deeper into finding out who the mysterious enemy is that has been stalking the Pantera. This one is filled with suspense, mystery, and passion. The Bayou Heat series follows different couples and the events that plague them. When it comes to these Pantera they will go all out to protector their women. A lot happens in Angel and Hiss story. We get a few surprises along the way that leave us reeling. I loved that His [...]

    ABOUT THE BOOK: RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2015Books 13 & 14The latest book in the Bayou Heat saga is filled with suspense and searing-hot passion as a mysterious enemy stalks the Pantera, threatening to destroy them unless they discover who is hunting them and bring a halt to the ultimate evil.~~~REVIEW: BAYOU HEAT: Angel /Hiss are the latest novellas in Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright’s adult Bayou Heat paranormal romance series focusing on a group of feline shifters known as the Pantera [...]

    "Bayou Heat: Angel - Hiss" by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright. Books 13 and 14 in the Bayou Heat series.I am absolutely LOVING this series!!! Each story flows flawlessly into the next. The characters introduced are each very strong, powerful, intriguing and sexy as heck! LOVE the world of the Pantera!The first story is Angel by Alexandra Ivy.Dr. Angel Savary is a Pantera Healer and he's been helping his fellow Pantera try to find out why the evil Stanton Locke is impregnating human females and ex [...]

    I have been waiting for this book for what seemed like forever. I did a happy dance when it hit my kindle. Yes I love this series that much. One more fan girl thing before I start this reviewI want to bite the shoulders of the cover model. LOL.Angel Savary is a doctor who very dedicated to his work. He has made it his mission to find out where human females were being inseminated with Pantera sperm.Indy is a human female who kidnaps Angel in an attempt to get him to help a very sick little girl. [...]

    1) Dr. Angel gets kidnapped from the parking lot his own hospital. Payton needs him to help save the life of a young girl that she rescued from one of Stanton Locke’s labs. He soon realizes that he’s found much more than information. Angel is calmer than some of the other males, but he stills pushes Payton too soon. Payton is a very resourceful woman. I like her and think she will be great help to the Pantera. 2) I love Hiss’ story. He ends up doing more to help the Pantera experiment prob [...]

    Angel/Hiss (Books 13-14)Angel (Bayou Heat: Book 13)3.75 starsI enjoyed Angel’s book it felt like it moved a little faster than the rest. We also learned a little bit more about Locke, it will be interesting to see how everything with Chelsea spans out.I’m intrigued as to what is really going on beyond Locke, and who is actually behind everything.Hiss (Bayou Heat: Book 14)4.50 starsI have been looking forward to Hiss’s book since he was first introduced…what can I say…I like the bad boy [...]

    I really enjoyed both Angel and Hiss's stories. In both books there was a lot more info in finding out what is threatening the Pantera which makes you want to keep turning the pages to see what is happening.Angel and Indy were a fun pairing as they are both strong willed. Angel is an alpha and Indy is an alpha female in her own right as she has taken the reigns to rescue and help others that have been used by the threat to the Pantera. Having her take down Angel and then realize that he is on he [...]

    Another amazing success in the Bayou Heat series.First you meet Angel. Headstrong, determined and focused.d ohbut Nature and Fate have other plans for this Panther. Bringing another series of further information to help the Wetlands further their fight again their newest enemy.Then our "traitor" Hiss. As we've all come to believe he has a heart buried deep within.d only a special woman can bring it out. Love redeems us all. Love brings us courage to face ourselves, our mistakes and who we really [...]

    Two more awesome stories in the Bayou Heat Series.Angel is a fierce Pantera and amazing doctor. Indy is a natural born leader, and survived unspeakable experiments escaping not only with her life but those of her little band of patched together family. Angel is angry to be captured but quickly discovers he and his skills are needed to help those that captured him. This was a great story and great piece of the puzzle.Hiss the traitor the Pantera we all love to hate. Reading his story made me love [...]

    Can We Get AwayPantera's are being experimented on and their blood and semen are injected into humans for some nefarious reasons. Angel's mate Indy had been used in research until she escaped and she in turned has helped other get away from these labs. Hiss and Gia were kidnapped and used until Hiss got away and took Gia with him to save her. Hiss also got a big shock when he went back to help rescue the other locked up in there. This is one of my favorite series. Of course now I have to wait fo [...]

    Angel: Short but awesome. I loved him and Indy. Angel's sexuality oozed from the pages, oh my lord We are getting deeper into the plot with Locke I really want to know who his master is Chelsea is finally free and at the Wildlands. The plot thickens!!! Now onto Hiss, the betrayer.Hiss: So glad he got his happy ending. So as usual the females of this series are awesome so of course I loved Gia from the get go. Reny finally got her heart to heart with Hiss and we found out some shocking secrets ab [...]

    This book was quite good. I was glad to see Hiss get some redemption, as he was given a raw deal, the full, heinous extent revealed in this book. As always, because the stories are so short they end too abruptly for me. And as always I felt like they didn't answer a number of questions, including where Hiss is going to live? Finally, Ivy's portion of the book was well edited but Wright's portion had some grammatical errors, which seems odd as I'm sure they use the same editor for both. Oh well. [...]

    Love these stories.The continuing stories of all the characters in the Pantra are the best, solving problems, saving lives ,falling in love. Indy and Angel play a big role in getting things back to way things need to be, she as savior and him as a healer. Then we have the story of Hiss,his has been the full gambit of good and bad. But he wants a new beginning with his people and Gia.

    These need to be longerMeet Dr. Savary, aka Angel. Yeah, he is as HOT as his name implies. Angel is kidnapped by Indy, Independence, to help a little girl she was trying to rescue from the bad guys. Watch how the mighty fall.The redemption of Hiss is part of this set.Did you think he was ALL bad? He's not. Come read how he redeems himself and discovers his mate in the process.

    This series is as great as ever. Many questions answered, lots of new revelations. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long between books but that's how it goes I guess. So great to see Hiss come to terms with his anger and realize that he's always belonged to a family even though they were not biological. And Angle is just so WOW!.

    Good Series ProgressI liked these books as the progressed the series. Both Angel and Hiss's books seemed lacking in romance, Angel's more so than Hiss's. If you are fans of the Pantera, the book does give some shockers about why Locke does what he does, but beyond that I needed more between the lead characters.

    Really love these books. They are consistently good reads managing to create well written short stories that not only develop a romance but allow you to get to know the characters. Angel was sexy as sin and Hiss was gorgeously conflicted with his traitorous history, Indy and Gia more than a match for both of them.

    Poor hissI totally love both these authors.d I love this trilogyI loved angels story but I'm a little butthurt, at we didn't get to visit with the little girl they savedI hope in the future that the story's get longer and we get to visit with the other mated couples

    Another good set of stories to add to this collection. My biggest complaint is that you don't get much for $3 compared to other authors. These stories would be better if they were a little longer. They always seem to end fairly abruptly. It seems like the story just gets going then it ends. It was nice to see Hiss finally get some resolution and his HEA.

    Hiss did not disappoint I have been waiting for Hiss's story for some time, and it did not disappoint I loved how he cared about Hus redemption and actually noticed when people tryed to give him another chance

    BayouI love love love this series. These two ladies could be the same person with their writing. I love both stories as if they just continue as one. They are always good and have just enough action and sex in them. Another great read!!!!

    3 1/2 stars from me.I still want more (longer!). I can't honestly write a huge review on this read since it was over so quicklyHowever, I think you need to start with the beginning of the series. Starting at this book is going to leave you confused.

    Angel -- 3 starsHiss -- 3 starsI'm starting to lose interest in this never-ending series. Not much happens in each characters story, and the insta-love keeps occurring faster and faster with each installment.

    Bayou Heat 7 Angel and HissHot ,Exciting and did I say HHOOTTT sexy male Pumas and strong woman that find themselves there mates . A great series to read and watch grow. Great work from Laura Wright

    Love this series. Was glad to finally learn why Hiss turned on his Pantera family. Glad to see he got his HEA I think i want me an Angel, oh my. Full alpha male who finds his mate in unexpected place. Both stories leave you wanting more right now. Quick fun reads. Need to read in order.

    Finally caught up on the series and can't wait for the next one! Each one is hotter than the last one.

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