This Sweet Escape

This Sweet Escape

This Sweet Escape A dark sexy emotional love story from NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jessie Evans writing as J EvansCan you run far enough fast enough to escape a broken heart SamanthaFor six months I ve hi

  • Title: This Sweet Escape
  • Author: J.Evans Lili Valente
  • ISBN: 9781940848242
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
  • A dark, sexy, emotional love story from NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jessie Evans writing as J EvansCan you run far enough, fast enough, to escape a broken heart SamanthaFor six months I ve hidden my shameful secret behind my good girl image Perfect grades, perfect smile, perfectly fractured family, with a stepbrother who swears he loves me, and a stepmom who bA dark, sexy, emotional love story from NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jessie Evans writing as J EvansCan you run far enough, fast enough, to escape a broken heart SamanthaFor six months I ve hidden my shameful secret behind my good girl image Perfect grades, perfect smile, perfectly fractured family, with a stepbrother who swears he loves me, and a stepmom who buys me designer clothes even a perfect boyfriend I m the only one who knows that Danny s life has been anything but picture perfect He s always trusted me with his truth I only want to escape mine But now I know that s impossible, and I have to get out before it s too late Reality has let me down for the last time From here on out, I m making my own reality, and taking Danny with me.DannySince we were kids, I ve known Sam and I were meant to be Her smile is the most beautiful thing I ve ever seen, and her laughter is a mystery I want to spend the rest of my life solving No one believed we would last for the long haul, but I never doubted it Not until this summer, when Sam meets me at the airport, and says it s time for a great adventure As we hop a plane to New Zealand, I want to believe we re just getting an early start on the world travel we ve been planning, but deep down, I know something s wrong Sam is running from something bad, and the bad things always catch up with you, sooner or later.And when they do, they have a habit of tearing people who love each other apart.Please note The reading order for the Wild Rush series is One Wild Night, followed by This Wicked Rush, One Perfect Love, This Sweet Escape, and One Beautiful Revenge The last two books tell Danny and Sam s complete story and can be read as stand alone companion books without reading the first three novels WARNING The Wild Rush series contains graphic sensuality, unconventional morality, and good people forced into making bad choices Read at your own risk.

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    If you’ve read other books by Lili Valente then you know this isn’t going to be an easy romance. But there’s just something about the way she writes her books and characters that makes all of the heartbreak worth it.After watching Danny grow up in the To The Bone Series I was so happy to see that he was going to have his own series. He's already been through more than any young man should have to but this series takes it one step further. Danny has only been in love once and when he is reu [...]

    We have seen Danny in the two previous books as Caitlin's little brother. He may have seemed a little troubled, but he always helped out and proved that he had a heart of gold and wouldd do anything for those that he loved.Danny has loved Sam practically from the day he met her in Maui aged 13 and he and Sam have never loved anybody else. They are the ultimate childhood sweethearts.Now however with Sam acting strange, Danny, who spends most of his time in Croatia with his family only gets to see [...]

    I love that Danny got his story and that he turned out to be a good man. I am sad for him and Sam that they have so much to go thru before they can finally be happy. I am super nervous about how both of them are going to handle this situation. I don't want them to mess up being together. I can't wait to find out what happens. This is such a romantic and tragic story at the same time. Must read.

    Danny was always getting into trouble while growing up. Growing up very poor with a alcoholic father and a runaway mother didn't leave him with a happy home life. His only saving grace was his sister who basically raised him and his younger brothers and niece. At 13 they move to Hawaii and things are different. They have food on the table, a nice house and things are finally looking better. On his second day of school he meets the girl of his dreams and for 7 years they carry on a long distance [...]

    If you love sexy NA romance, you have got to get your hands on THIS SWEET ESCAPE by Jessie Evans writing as J. Evans, which releases today!About This Sweet Escape A dark, sexy, emotionally charged romance series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Jessie Evans writing as J. EvansCan you run far enough, fast enough, to escape a broken heart?SamanthaFor six months I’ve hidden my shameful secret behind my “good girl” image. Perfect grades, perfect smile, perfectly fractured family, with a [...]

    This Sweet Escape is the third novel in the Wild Rush Series but can also be read without reading those first. But of course I recommend reading the others too. It is a unique and emotional series that I love. You will first meet Danny as a brother in the series at age 13. Danny and Samantha have been best friends turned couple since they were thirteen and leaving in Hawaii. They knew from when they first meet that they belong together and nothing was going to break them apart not even living th [...]

    This Sweet Escape is the fourth book in Jessie Evans' The Wild Rush series and what an excellent and intriguing addition it is. After having read the first three books from this series, I knew it was not going to be one of those run of the mill, sappy love stories. Don’t get me wrong: this is undeniably a love story. However, this novel deals with some serious real life issues which may definitely make it difficult for some readers. Danny and Sam have known each other since they were in middle [...]

    This Sweet Escape is the fourth novel in the Wild Rush Series. In the Wild Rush Series we are introduced to Danny for the first time and his growing relationship with Samantha, who he starts off as friends when he moves to Hawaii. At thirteen, Danny and Samantha's friendship soon blooms into a beautiful relationship. Samantha was the girl that saw Danny as more than the troubled teen, and her compassion and love for him made him want to be a better person. Danny's support and love for Samantha h [...]

    Ahhh Jessie Evans does it to me again!! This latest book in the WILD RUSH series does not slow down from the roller coaster we were on in the first three books at all! THIS SWEET ESCAPE is the story of Danny and Samantha, who first met as teens in This Perfect Love after Danny and his family move to Hawaii. While their lives have been less than easy, their love has been the one constant for them both. Best friends and first love aside these two have fought the odds to stay together for more than [...]

    Danny Cooney and Samantha Collins have been in love for what seems like forever. Since meeting when they were 13, separated by time and circumstance again and again, Danny and Sam have always found their way back to each other. But now Sam is hiding a secret so terrible that she's not sure that there is enough love in the world to keep them together.Oh, my goodness, the feelings that I went through while reading THIS SWEET ESCAPE, the fourth book in the WILD RUSH series. I wanted Danny and Sam t [...]

    ***A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review****This is book three in the Wild Rush series and this is Danny’s story. He is Caitlin's little brother. We saw him in the previous two books and now we see him as a young man and in a relationship with Sam who he has known since he was 13 . He has never loved anyone else and wont love anyone else. Something is wrong with Sam. She is acting very odd and he gets a strange feeling that something is very wrong in her life so he decid [...]

    So I decided to pick up This Sweet Escape and read a bit more of the Wild Rush series, I did read the other books last year but as these books are more about Sam and Danny, I wasn't too worried about not remembering what happened with the other people.I did find this story really annoying at times. You have guesses at what Sam may or may not have been through. There's suggestions throughout the book, but I think this wound me up a bit. Especially with Sam making a huge deal about it and it being [...]

    A gripping, gut-wrenching story that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go - 5++++ starsI had been looking forward to Sam and Danny's story for many months, but somehow lost the original copy of it that was sent out. In getting ready for the next story in the series, I finally realized I hadn't read this one, so I got started on it right away. The characters of Sam and Danny both grabbed hold of me and I did NOT want to put the book down until I finished it. There were a few laughs, the gna [...]

    When I read a new book in this series I swear it's my favourite and that holds true once again!This story centres around Danny and Sam. They have been friends since they were teenagers and have loved only each other.They are meeting again in Maui for what Danny believes is a month-long vacation. Suddenly, there is a new plan and they are on the plane to New Zealand.Danny is confused by Sam's switch of plans and worries that the changes he's noticed in her over the last few months are a sign thei [...]

    ***4.5 stars***This is book 4 in the Wild Rush series. We've seen Danny as a child in the previous books and now we get to hear his story. How he met the love of his life at 13 and now at 20 he's still with her. She's convinced him to run to New Zealand and he goes along for the ride. It soon becomes clear that she's hiding something and he can't figure out what it is. Their adventure takes a turn or the worse and Sam runs. Danny eventually finds out her secret. Will her lying destroy them? Can [...]

    Can't anything ever just go right for Danny and Sam?? I read the first two of the Wild Rush series and my heart went out to the scrappy Danny who took on the world. I was glad to see him and Sam finding friendship and lovebut what a ride This Sweet Escape is!!! It is a buckle your seat belts, hold on to your hats, get in - sit down - hold on- and shut up roller coaster that you want to ride again when it's all over. It is so well-written that you seamlessly transition from deliriously happy, to [...]

    This is Danny's Story. Which I was kinda disappointed. In the first 3 books we got used to him being a bad ass little kid. Now (grown up)in this book he was just toowhats the word I'm looking forLoving? Maybe? Idk. But I didn't care for it. Oh and Sam is just a dumb girl who gets herself in trouble and runs away from her problems and drags Danny along with. Which he doesn't find out till later. Then he finds out, she leaves. the middle of the nightleaving a note that says she was wrong and she i [...]

    Danny and Sam have been together since they were young and have truly made their love work through their long distance relationship. However, Sam started acting differently over the past several months, and when she asked Danny to run away to New Zealand with her, he didn't hesitate. Unbeknownst to Danny, Sam has been struggling with something very dark. This story has many ups and downs as Sam deals with her recent past leaving Danny in the dark. Will Danny and Sam be able to work through the i [...]

    The emotion portrayed in this book through words was phenomenal. I'm completely frustrated with Sam's stupidity, how could she believe that after all this time Danny would not support her. I'm heart broken for him the way he has been left with no way of contacting her and what is going on with her dad! Anyway this is evidently well written, drawing the reader into their story, living the emotions and ending with deverstation. I feel traumatised for them and the way the book ends. The conclusion [...]

    WOW! This one had my emotions all over the place. It's filled with angst and dark raw emotions. Long time couple Danny and Sam are finally able to truly be together but something isn't quite right. As the story unfolds we find out some very ugly truths that will put the future at risk for this young couple. You definitely want to read this one but warning there is a cliffhanger and the story will continue into the next book! I highly recommend this one.

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.Another absolutely fantastic book from Jessie Evans! I first met Danny in the One Wild Night trilogy and am very glad his story is now being told. Love both him and Samantha, and greatly enjoyed the first part of their story. Highly recommending. All books by Jessie Evans are well worth reading.

    the only down side to this book is no endingat said I loved it. heartbreak and tragedy mixed with forever after love. 2 teenage lovers living countries apart. sharing very little time together. reconnect in new Zealand. spoilere mystery of what happened is solved, the romance is not reconciled. cliff hanger ending

    As always with Jessie's books in the The Wild Rush Trilogy, this was an emotional gut-wrenching journey full of the characters we have grown to adore.I loved the setting in New Zealand, the description, and most of all Danny and Sam.Highly recommend to all!!

    What an intense book! Man you just can't put it down it's that good. I highly recommend this one. It just hooks your right from the beginning. It's nice to see Danny get his story told. Can't wait for the next one.

    I'm so finished with this series. I have never read this author and I seriously doubt I ever will again.

    Estas historias están demasiado separadas en distintos libros, really, si fuese un libro por cada hermano sería entretenido pero leer 3 por cada uno y que haya poco avance? no, gracias.

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