Rise of an Oligarch

Rise of an Oligarch

Rise of an Oligarch One bullet One billionaire Mikhail lies in a coma For while Mikhail s methods were ruthless his arrogance left him vulnerable His associates can shoot but they cannot manage the financial empire he

  • Title: Rise of an Oligarch
  • Author: Carlito Sofer Nik Krasno
  • ISBN: 9780993082726
  • Page: 495
  • Format: ebook
  • One bullet One billionaire Mikhail lies in a coma For while Mikhail s methods were ruthless, his arrogance left him vulnerable His associates can shoot, but they cannot manage the financial empire he built so painstakingly Is there a way to avoid its rapid descend into turmoil Rise of an Oligarch is a thrilling historical fiction set against the background of the BigOne bullet One billionaire Mikhail lies in a coma For while Mikhail s methods were ruthless, his arrogance left him vulnerable His associates can shoot, but they cannot manage the financial empire he built so painstakingly Is there a way to avoid its rapid descend into turmoil Rise of an Oligarch is a thrilling historical fiction set against the background of the Big Bang of the USSR This is the book that tycoons don t want you to read

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    I only knew what an "oligarch" is because of my political science degree. For folks who do not know, here's the definition:oligarchnoun ol·i·garch \ˈä-lə-ˌgärk, ˈō-\: a person who belongs to a small group of people who govern or control a country, business, etc.Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's DictionaryI remember learning about the different types of government in college and one of the students in class asked, "Where might one find an example of an oligarch?" The professor replied, [...]

    Oligarch: a politically powerful group or person, involving great wealth, wielding great influence and power.Mikhail was a poor Jewish boy in the communist USSR. He vowed that one day he hold the power so ruthlessly hung over his head. With the demise of the USSR, he grew to become a corrupt and extremely wealthy power in the new Ukraine, a land where money bought alliances from the highest bidders, drugs, arms dealing and money laundering were rampant. At the top of the heap stood Mikhail, but [...]

    This book pulled me in very quickly, and that's the kind of book I like best. So often it takes the author pages and pages to lay out the story before very much finally starts to happen. Sofer and Krasno's book gets right to it, and with solid suspense from the get-go. As soon as the small circle gathers, we're on the edge of our seats as we wait to see what's going to happen, having already seen that Mikhail, the protagonist, is in a coma. As the story weaves, we are taken on a journey of the r [...]

    Synopsis/blurb….When Ukrainian oligarch Mikhail Vorotavich is close to achieving his ambition of topping the Forbes rich list, an assassination attempt leaves him in a coma and his vast business empire rapidly descends into turmoil.Lying in a hospital bed, Mikhail’s uncensored life story from a poor Jewish boy in communist USSR to disgustingly rich businessman in independent Ukraine, full of corruption, scheming, sex, drugs and violence, flashes in his mind’s eye. He has done it all: racke [...]

    Misha is a poor Jewish boy, born in Kiev, Ukraine just before the breakup of the Soviet Union. After having everything he owns taken from him by crooked officials as he emigrates to Israel, he learns to "play the game". Soon enough, he's rising in the ranks of the criminal element in Ukraine and moving into other countries. But he's not the only crook in the game and a "new kid on the block" isn't exactly welcome. And that's where all the "fun" starts. The story starts with Misha being rushed to [...]

    Oligarch takes you in a tour de force that only few (who actually been there) can describe so vividly, through the point of view of a young ambitious boy turned man, growing up in one of the roughest and non-forgiving places on earth, to becomes a master of his own destiny. Risk does have its reward, and if one makes it through the enormous difficulties, there is no limit to success. But with success come enemies, jealousy, rivalry, and betrayal. Survival of the smartest, and sometime of the cru [...]

    Misha, was a young Jewish lad living in the Soviet Ukraine under Russian rule after his father was kidnapped from his home, in front of his family, taken away and eventually murdered by the KGB. This experience began to change Misha’s perception of the world as after his father was taken, they took his family home and he, his mother and sibling became one of the poor families of Kiev.Taking place primarily in Kiev, Ukraine this story traverses the time period just before the fall of the commun [...]

    This is a well-written book, a crime and conspiracy thriller. Through the use of current day events interspersed with the back story it tells of the rise of a Ukrainian oligarch from humble roots into a position of power. The hero is really an anti-hero and as such is intriguing. We see the changes he undergoes as he struggles to rise out of poverty and we are witness to the levels of corruption undertaken to achieve that.This is a novel that draws heavily on the authors’ expertise involving t [...]

    I loved this story of the rags to riches rise of a poor Jewish boy from Kiev. As bad as he appears to be, he treats his mother and wife very well so in my eyes he's got a lot going for him. Initially, I likened it to a Harold Robbins tale, but it is actually more than that. Set mostly against the backdrop of factual events in Eastern Europe after the fall of communism, it appears to provide some answer as to how some of those real-life oligarchs got fabulously wealthy in countries where citizens [...]

    First book to explain with a good story about oligarchs, or more precise, About Russia- Ukraine back in the days when USSR was the only God. Good story, good writing. For a few hours I liked an oligarch.

    I really enjoyed the memoir-style flashbacks and differing POVs for the rest of the narrative. This is quite different from the other 2 books, where the story is told exclusively from Misha' POV.The flashbacks, in particular, were engaging and well-written. The authors created a plausible backstory that seemed like it was based on personal experience. Having read the 3rd book in this series first, I realized just how much I missed about Misha's past. If you're getting into this series, read it i [...]

    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewRise of an Oligarch: The Way It Is: Book One by Nik Krasno is the first in a series and is also a debut book. This book is a page turner. Once you open it, it will grab you, hold you down tightly and then you'll watch those pages turn and turn and turn some more until you get to the last page. You'll even find a few twists and turns. Make sure you have your seatbelt on because you will be on a great adventure. As you read this story, it will draw you in and you'll [...]

    The story is told in two parallel threads: in one, Misha – the oligarch of the title – tells the story of his rise from poverty to wealth; in the other, Misha's family and employees deal with the aftermath of his attempted assassination.Misha is an interesting protagonist. He learns early that corruption is the only way to get ahead, and this knowledge serves him well. However, even while he tells of his wheeling and dealing, and the effects this has on others, we still like him. He's honest [...]

    Corruption at its finest!Rise of the Oligarch gives us a fascinating look inside the shadowy rise of a Ukrainian business man. Mikael is by no means an honorable person, bribing officials to make his business opportunities, stealing state companies from the Ukrainian people, indulging in sex and drugs essentially treating women as disposable objects. He is revolting in just about every way, yet you can not put this book down and look away from him. His entire life is unabashedly un-American thou [...]

    I loved this book! I am normally more drawn to female driven novels but I became really invested in Misha. This novel starts with a bang, literally, an assassination attempt on an important figure who at first remains a mystery. The story then takes us back and forth from the past to the present as we learn more about the victim of the assassination attempt and the attempts by his associates to find who was responsible. The technique of taking us back and forth from learning more about the victi [...]

    Rise of an Oligarch is a humoristic, violent and realistic novel about a guy who manoeuvred through the corruption of the falling USSR to become one of the richest in the world. He ends up with a bullet in his head and while investigating the failed assassination attempt, his partners discover a thrilling conspiracy led by former KGB agents. You have KGB, Israeli Mossad, Russians, drugs, and arm dealing in Africa – all the necessities of a good thriller. The story is probably based on real fac [...]

    "Rise of an Oligarch" is a detailed and action-packed thriller about the rise of Misha/Michael/Moshe, who goes from being a fatherless (his father is taken away by the KGB and never returns) Soviet Jew from Kiev, to one of the richest men not only in his native Ukraine, but in the world. We watch his ascent from bullying-victim-turned-seller-of-fake-exams in his Soviet school, to penniless pool boy in Israel, to multi-billionaire back in Kiev, now the capital of independent Ukraine. The action e [...]

    This book is worth reading if only for the potted history of the Ukraine and its relationship with the rest of the world; particularly with Russia. It certainly provided background to the current turmoil in what I discovered was one Europe’s biggest providers of food, manufactured goods and arms.Mikhail Vorotavich is a very bright young man who was determined to be successful but he did it the only way he knew possible which involved deceit, corruption and violence. Although Mikhail is clearly [...]

    This is a great story had me hooked right from the beginning. Nik Krasno certainly knows how to write a great story. I enjoyed the very diverse characters, and the way the Author has taken us back to Misha’s younger years of growing up. Misha learnt from an early age that you have to meet violence with violence. He was bullied in school for being a Jew. Every day he got bullied by a pretty big kid, until Misha decided to punch him in the face. This put a stop to the bullying, and from then on [...]

    Wow, this book had everything you needed to be entranced and unable to stop reading until it’s finished. Oligarchs, crime, money, crime, sex, crime, revenge, history, violence, lots and lots of money, and humor.Oh, did I mention money and crime?It starts with an attempted assassination (no, I’m not giving anything away, I promise), and you follow the characters as you are lead through all the points leading up to the moment. You follow Mikhail through his life, piecing together how he became [...]

    Four stars of David, in honor of Misha’s religious roots. This isn’t my usual read, and I’m happy to say it rose above my expectations. Woven between present day chapters are long chunks of backstory centering around the main character (and oligarch) Misha. I’d caution readers of the ADHD persuasion that these sections are far more literary than the present-day chapters, and to avoid any urge to skim—it’s all important. While the backstory portions are long and intricate, they’re e [...]

    Mikhail Vorotavich is a successful entrepreneur from Ukraine. After an assassination attempt on his life leaves him in hospital, he moves to London, England - But he has many people whom still want him dead.He made his riches by scheming, drug trafficking, and racketeering. As he tried to become legit, powerful and dangerous enemies are still in pursuit and they will stop at nothing to get to him.As his partners try to discover who is behind his assassination attempt, they stumble on a conspirac [...]

    Rise of an Oligarch read like an Eastern European version of The Godfather. And I do mean that in a very complimentary way. It has all the gritty bleakness you’d expect from a story set in the Ukraine along with some brutal characters that would as soon cut your throat than shoot vodka with you. Some of Misha’s story was pretty business heavy, very detailed. But it’s to be expected since he’s detailing his climb to power, and, while things like that would normally bore me to tears, this [...]

    I received this copy from Nik Krasno in exchange for my honest review.It's unusual reading for me in view of the fact that I was born in the former USSR, in Ukraine, and have lived there for 33 years. So I am aware very well of the situation as well as of the everyday life in Ukraine at that time. Because of this I could not resist to compare my own opinion and my attitude about all the events.Roughly speaking, the situation and the relationship between people are well described. Perfectly writt [...]

    Mehreen's review: PDF copyThis book is unputdownable. "I think therefore I am," has come to hit the oligarch in its full ironical potency. It is not just about existence but survival of an oligarch as he rises to power and tries to stay there. Legitimacy becomes an issue for long time survival in power and the plot beset with twists, suspense and intrigue has shown how the mighty might rise and all the foul play they need, to see them to the top. Therefore, he is, surely, the way he thinks.

    There were some interesting bits in the early part of Misha growing up in the Ukraine. But the book just got worse and worse. All men want pretty girls, drugs and alcohol. Ukrainian women are all beautiful and want men who want pretty girls, drugs and alcohol. The way Misha made his money was ridiculously simple. And then he was shot, declared brain dead and he woke up, started speaking and was ready to take on the world. Argh

    If you want to learn about Ukraine, its politics and oligarchs, and have fun along the way, then this is the book for you. Influences of Quentin Tarantino, Irvine Welsh and the Godfather are felt as the story spans 40 years, covering communist Soviet Union, independent Ukraine, and up to modern times. A page turner that left me with a taste for more.

    A solid readThough it was a little wordy for me. Still, I did enjoy the story. If you like a thick tome, this one is for you.

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