The Chameleon's Shadow

The Chameleon's Shadow

The Chameleon s Shadow When Lieutenant Charles Acland is flown home from Iraq with serious head injuries he faces not only permanent disfigurement but also an apparent change to his previously outgoing personality Crippled

  • Title: The Chameleon's Shadow
  • Author: Minette Walters
  • ISBN: 9780330449557
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Lieutenant Charles Acland is flown home from Iraq with serious head injuries, he faces not only permanent disfigurement but also an apparent change to his previously outgoing personality.Crippled by migraines, and suspicious of his psychiatrist, he begins to display sporadic bouts of aggression, particularly against women, especially his ex fiancee who seems unable toWhen Lieutenant Charles Acland is flown home from Iraq with serious head injuries, he faces not only permanent disfigurement but also an apparent change to his previously outgoing personality.Crippled by migraines, and suspicious of his psychiatrist, he begins to display sporadic bouts of aggression, particularly against women, especially his ex fiancee who seems unable to accept that the relationship is over.After his injuries prevent his return to the army, he cuts all ties with his former life and moves to London Alone and unmonitored, he sinks into a private world of guilt and paranoid distrust until a customer annoys him in a Bermondsey pub and he attracts the attention of local police investigating three murders which appear to have been motivated by extreme rage .Under suspicion, Acland is forced to confront the real issues behind his isolation How much control does he have over the dark side of his personality Do his migraines contribute to his rages Has he always been the duplicitous chameleon that his ex fiancee claims And why if he hates women does he look to a woman for help

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    Bloody awesome. Ok not bloody, there's no gore in it, no graphic details. But still awesome.If you've been looking for a quality follow-up to the Stieg Larsson's Millenium series, something a bit like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and yet highly original - this is it. Matter of fact style, incredible the psychological depth, keeps you guessing till the very end. For a moment there I was damn convinced my favourite character was the psychokiller. That gave me quite a high. Then you have great [...]

    Minette Walters is a well known and awarded British author who always creates a well written story. In The Chameleon's Shadow, we meet British lieutenant Charles Acland who is returning home from Iraq after receiving a devastating and disfiguring injury during battle. He is uncharacteristically suspicious of everyone and often hostile. This is especially true of his relationship with his ex-fiancee and parents, but all who encounter him are on the receiving end of his aggression. Acland becomes [...]

    This is not just a mystery or thriller - Minette Walters has the ability to take current social & psychological issues and build a convincing story around them. The Chameleon's Shadow is a strong narrative of investigation from both a law enforcement & medical view point. Lieutenant Charles Acland returns from Iraq with horrific physical and psychological scars. Recovering from serious head injuries received in a roadside bomb attack, he now suffers from debilitating migraines, sudden ex [...]

    Rating 2* out of 5. This is a book I chose not to pick up for years, although the author used to be one of my favorites. I wish I would have left this in the "let's not read" pile, but no, I had changed my mind.The main problem with this book is the lack of sympathetic characters. Charles Acland returns from service in Iraq a changed man. His looks have been ruined and his temper is terrible. He's recent memory is shattered. His ex girlfriend Jen doesn't even hear that he's back and when they fi [...]

    My wife's a huge fan of Minette Walters. Ironically, I really haven't delved much into her work because the blurbs always make them seem really depressing. It's true that my own tastes in hard-boiled and noir crime fiction hardly makes for cheery reading. However, at some level, it's possible to rationalise these stories as exercises in existential despair situated in a Manichean parallel universe, a Planet: Sin City, only written by better authors than Miller. Walters' novels seem a little too [...]

    Minette Walters's books are more about psychological portraits rather than the crime itself. The tale of a UK soldier damaged in the Iraq War and then suspected of horrific murders in England sounds perfect for Walters. Alas, this is a little bit of a misfire.Although she normally creates compelling characters, The Chameleon's Shadow is hampered by some less than believable characterization. The book has Walters's usual twists of the plot yet the ending, weighted with coincidences, is unsatisfyi [...]

    I read this new Minette Walters in about 3 days. If I had have had more time - I would have finished in a few hours.It is classic Minette Walters, she spins out the suspense from the first page to the last. You are never quite certain whether her main character "Lieutenant Charles Ackland" is what he appears to be - or if there are dark secrets lurking. I can't say any more or it would ruin the plot!Walters also creates a very likeable character in "Jackson" the doctor/lesbian weightlifter! Who [...]

    I'm a latecomer and new fan of Minette Walters. I don't know how I missed her many award winning crime novels, but in the short time since I discovered them, all I can say is I'm hooked. Lucky for me Walters has written thirteen novels thus far so I've got lots to choose from. The latest, Chameleon's Shadow is a winner.It all begins when Lieutenant Charles Acland is sent home from Iraq after a bombing in which two of his friends are killed in action. Prior to his tour he broke up with his girlfr [...]

    this review refers to the audiobook version.Walters is a master of the convoluted mystery: whodunit is not only a matter of the puzzle, but a matter of the person. the candidates' character and psychology are inextricable from motive, means, and opportunity. this is what makes her books such great reads this book, our protag is a wounded iraq war veteran suspected of a string of vicious murders of middle-aged--and possibly gay--men. Charles Acland is a prickly fellow, prone to sudden outbursts o [...]

    Young soldier in Iraq is injured in a roadside bombing and his face is badly damaged. He isn't accepted back for active duty and is at loose ends, with both anger and terrible migraines plaguing him. His girlfriend has broken up with him, he doesn't have a job, and it looks like he may have some connections to some killings. This is the basis of the book.I didn't think it was one of her better books. The bad guy was kind of obvious, and the good characters were also self-evident even if their ou [...]

    This recent mystery novel by Minette Walters starts slow and takes its time to come into gear. The story is complex, almost jumbled at times, and the author may have been better off focusing on the main thread. There are a lot of sidelines, but instead of adding to the mystery and tension, I thought the story was unnecessarily protracted, only to reach a crowded and hasty end.Furthermore I miss the smart humor I enjoyed in the author's early works, but which somehow got lost over the years, bein [...]

    Why did Minette Walters stop writing books? I wish she had not! In many ways this is my favourite - though I'd find it hard to say which of hers is my favourite - especially because of the many casualties of war (ex soldiers) I have met among street people and others over the years and the great support I feel for them. I am a pacifist but that doesn't extend to soldiers who the country has essentially abandoned. Lieutenant Acland does convince me. I found the ending a bit less so but overall I [...]

    She's my favourite crime writer, and this was a return to form. I liked the main character, an angry, bitter and damaged returned Iraq veteran who gets caught up in the serial murders of old men who were paying for sex. It's got a really twisted conclusion, and while I'm not sure she exposed enough clues along the way for the reader to accept the perpertrator as revealed, I really liked the tension of the investigation. She's another writer who uses a lot of epistolatory text, but again, she man [...]

    The mystery wasn't engaging and the writing was tedious. A character would do something, then we would spend 10 minutes reading about a policeman going thru mental gymnastics to figure out that the character. (drumroll) um, did exactly what we read about 8 pages ago. Not a sympathetic character in the cast, either. I liked a Walters book I read a few years ago, but this one did nothing for me.

    Very good psychological thriller, not at all what I was expecting, about a British soldier badly disfigured in Iraq, being investigated by the police for a series of brutal murders of gay men. There's a great heroine, clever twists and you spend the whole book wondering did he or didn't he. I definitely want to read more of her books.

    Great characters make this one of Minette Walter's most satisfying books yet. Plenty of dark crime here, too. All in all a pretty terrific thriller to keep you reading well into the night. - BH.

    Minette Walters books aren't just great spy novelsey are interesting books presenting the reader with layers of mystery, analysis and sleuthing. By the first chapter, the reader is hooked. The novel starts out with an injured and disfigured army lieutenant trying to jump the hurdles of speaking to a psychiatrist without giving away any information about himself (especially some dark, hidden secrets). He just happens to coincidentally appear every time there is a "clue" in a rash of murders of ol [...]

    Difficult to give a review of such a long, complicated but great story. A British background with a returning wounded Iraqi lieutenant, Charles Acland as the main character. Childhood background issues, former psychotic girl friend, migraine headaches as a result of his injuries along with being at the wrong time and place in murder investigations. A woman doctor takes him "under her wing", a police superintendent's belief in him, all make for a spell binding story. Keeps you in suspense and won [...]

    I am a fan of Minette Walters but it is some time since I have read anything by her. I have only given this book 3 stars although the actual book is worth 4 stars. It is very well written and an absorbing read BUT the ending (i.e. who dun it) I found unsatisfactory, as was the explanation for why Acland (a successful and brave Lt. in the army) was so psychologically damaged and aggressive. Sorry but the last 25 or so pages lost this book its 4th star for me still worth reading.

    Ik was vergeten hoe origineel haar boeken zijn. Het was al een aantal jaren geleden dat ik er één las. Een literaire thriller met diepe bedenkingen over het leven afgewisseld met krantenartikels, psychiatrieverslagen, P.V.'s enz.

    Typical Walters. The dark side of humanity exposed in many ways. Unfortunately I worked out the culprit too early in the story.

    This is the 3rd book of Minette Walters I have read in the last two weeks. I really enjoyed this book and the way it was written.

    Not as compelling as some of Minettee Walters other books - I didn't mind the way newspaper / reports were used to tell the story, but the characters got on my nerves.

    Enjoyable enough to read. I'd give it 3.5 if I could, no more due to the improbable coincidences and character interweaving.

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