Mad Passion

Mad Passion

Mad Passion Dear Author The guys in this photo have come to a big revelation and they could not contain themselves Perhaps they have finally figured out their feelings for each other or perhaps the one who s pi

  • Title: Mad Passion
  • Author: NaajuRorrete
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,The guys in this photo have come to a big revelation, and they could not contain themselves Perhaps they have finally figured out their feelings for each other, or perhaps the one who s picking the other guy up has finally proposed on this fine Summer day, after all that they had gone through I just want a story about how they came to be at this point in timeDear Author,The guys in this photo have come to a big revelation, and they could not contain themselves Perhaps they have finally figured out their feelings for each other, or perhaps the one who s picking the other guy up has finally proposed on this fine Summer day, after all that they had gone through I just want a story about how they came to be at this point in time I don t care if the story is sad or happy, I just want a happy ending.Photo Description Two young, handsome men kissing against the background of a summer day in the woods, while one of them is carrying the other in his arms.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

    Mad Passion by Naaju Rorrete Sep , Mad Passion book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers This is a story about two men with dissimilar struggles in theirs lives A Mad Passion Heart s Temptation Book Kindle edition A Mad Passion is the first book in the Heart s Temptation series and can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel or read as part of the series Each Heart s Temptation book takes place in Victorian England, where passion burns, scandals abound, and love triumphs. Mad Passion Kindle edition by Rorrete, Naaju Literature Mad Passion Kindle edition by Rorrete, Naaju Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Mad Passion. A Mad Passion Heart s Temptation Volume Scott A mad passion Cleo is hopelessly trapped in a loveless marriage, and Thornton is on the cusp of making an advantageous match to further his political ambitions The time they spend in each other s arms, the they court scandal and ruin. A Mad Passion Heart s Temptation by Scarlett Scott Feb , A Mad Passion that sizzles off the pages Cleo and Thorton s story is full of passion and strife, but you can t help but root for these two strong willed lovers to have their much deserved HEA I fell in love with the supporting characters too and hope that they will find their HEAs eventually as well. mad passion Tumblr Unless it s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it s a waste of your time There are too many mediocre things in life Love shouldn t be one of them One of his men said he s been working in his office at home all day, when you squeezed an information about his location In some days, he Mad Passion Pheromone Oil Luck Shop Mad Passion Pheromone Oil GET THE PERSON YOU DESIRE TO GO CRAZY IN LOVE OVER YOU WANT HOT SEX WITH YOU ONLY Be the first to review this product SKU TM Old price . Price . Qty Get the person you desire to go crazy in love for you Be Loved Passionately by your partner or the person of your desires Mad Passion Skincare Home Facebook Mad Passion Skincare Rated based on Review The face cream is gorgeous, light but hydrating, with no greasy residue, great for combination Mad Passion YouTube Nov , Passion Dont Be Mad Duration theunsane Recommended for you Akcent MAD Beyond Duration zaiwex Recommended for you. Mad Passions Pre Scourge earthdawn reddit Mad Passions Pre Scourge Is any there mention of what the Mad Passions were like before the Scourge If not, anyone like to speculate what they might be have been like I know that the Mad Passions were likely developed with them being mad from start of the development of the rpg So it might be difficult to speculate what they might have

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    I won't be able to eat pizza without thinking of this book. Travis is a widower, but has some serious issues with anger and enjoying his sexuality. Later we get to find out about his past and why he is the man he is. Joe is a nice hardworking guy, who is insulted by Travis during their first meeting, and forced into a fight. During the fight Joe kisses Travis and Travis is confused at the intensity of his feelings. A major hurricane devastates their town, and both men move together with Joe's fa [...]

    I'm not rating this one because it was free and I don't believe in negative ratings for freebies. BUT, I have to say that this was *totally* not my cup of tea. Stilted dialogue that was completelyjust awful, characters that acted like bizarro cartoons, and a non-existent plot. If you can't tell already, I hated it. And since I don't have time to go into a long rant about just how much I hated it, I'm going to leave it that.

    Well, I love a good contemporary, but this one had me feeling like I was in an alternate universe. Why, you ask? Because I literally live within a one mile radius of Joe's supposed home. Yup. I actually live in Galloway, and yeah, there's woods, but there are no bears or wildcatsa few foxes and plenty of deer though. Lived through that superstorm too. Most of the houses that were destroyed in Brigantine, were Destroyedwith a capital D. No way could they have completed the repairs in a month or t [...]

    I find the story different and interesting! It is such a refreshing book which delve into what if all your life you think is wrong to have a different sexual orientation just because society and religion said so. This is Travis dilemma. One of the main characters of this book. However, Joe, the other main character, will not give up on Travis until he sees different. Joe went so far as to put a bet on it. It is a short story, so everything was a bit of a rush. Moreover, the character of Matt, Jo [...]

    “You are very sexually repressed and frustrated. And the worst is that no woman will ever satisfy you, because what you need is a man." ~ Joe.He had done nothing wrong— only fallen in love for the first time, with another man. If this was a sin, he was a willing sinner. ~ Travis.I never expected this story would be this fun was love at first attackI really enjoying the "proces", cuz one of the MC is straight, widower with 3 children, very religious and try to denying himself at first.But onc [...]

    read this just this month forgot the day to shelve so i shelve it as now. These guys are so crazy for each other . It all started with Joe kissing Travis in between an argument. And since then it been will they or wont they get together. Then we have an ex of Joe which just doesn't get the drift. Travis has always thought himself as straight since he married a women had kids. There is an storm on its way and where Travis is staying the house wont stand through the storm. Joes sister invite Travi [...]

    I enjoyed the read but there was some things that just made it way to unbelievable If finding gay love was remotely that easy and exciting I wouldn't be single hahaha The sex scene in this was much better then the previous book I read about finding gay love #FratRush so I do think I would read more books by this author just hope that more of them are a lil more realistic in certain areas but I guess when writing fiction you can go to that extreme

    PIZZAThis was a really funny story for start to finish I found myself having giggle fits. Travis was so innocent it was comical. And Joe was tough but kind at the same time.

    Don't Judge by the GrammarThis book is a solid three stars mainly because of the storyline. I readily admit that it was really very difficult to get through the horribly unnatural dialogue but judging from the authors name I could possibly assume that English is their second language. So with that in mind this is a wonderful story that is heartfelt and sweet. The dialogue needs a lot of work but the barebones are solid and this has the potential to be something truly amazing. The characters have [...]

    nice twist on love and the other guyIn real life things do not always go the way they are planned or desired. Life inserts challenges that make love difficult and sometimes impossible for those who realize what love is doing to their life, but especially to those who reject or do not recognize love without much misery and misunderstanding. True love will work through in spite of all the issues and feelings even if not given a chance for success. This book tells of the trials and tribulations of [...]

    Good book I enjoyed reading this book, it was funny not mad passion as the title suggests , I definitely did not find the passion to be so mad I was looking for sizzling hot , however it was great to read a book that highlighted some of the struggles that gays do go through. I am a great lover of MM books. I would recommend this however be warned if you are looking for red hot sizzling mad passion then don't, even though the title of the book does allude to that you will be disappointed in that [...]

    I found it a bit 'jerkey' with the wrinting style at times and was wanting more detail, I'm a very visual person and love a whole lot of detail to get the story happening in my mind! Was good though This is my Travis, Joe & Matt [image error]"/>

    Very good storythis was a great story. the author does a great job showing what each person is feeling and how the grow and change late. the story of how a family can be developed in many ways too. this is a story I would read again. overview: Travis has had a hard life. but when he lost his wife, something was different. Joe shows up to fix travis's house. Travis was a ball of anger and Joe helps him understand some stuff. slowly over time, things change. Travis learns to love and how to have a [...]

    I liked itI was hesitant to read it at first because I thought it would just be a bunch of sex, but I was thinking out of free options, and checked it out. It was surprisingly good. There was a good story, character development, and a little something extra on the side. It was a pleasant change of piece compared to many gay romances which are very smutty, and lack a good story. Smutt is good, but too much is bad.

    Loved it!!!The story was well written and it was just so cute. It's one of my favorite stories now. Joe never gave up on Travis even though Travis was deep in denial. I love when Travis says "I'm craving pizza." At the ending. That is just so adorable. I would recommend to read this book. It's so amazing!!

    I'm going to rate this story as I DNF'd it. I found the MC Travis completely unlikable and I really couldn't get into the writing style.Stunning story prompt and picture, and nice book cover, this just wasn't a book for me.My thanks to the author for their time and participation in the loves landscapes event.

    A really lovely story. The reader has to take several facts at face value, but overall a nice short story. Both characters were good, as well as the secondaries. Some parts felt a little forced and I didn't have a clear idea about the characters looks or ages, but it didn't took from the main story.

    Delightfully Romantic Love Story A very well written love story between two men, One I highly recommend to those that love M/M Novels , it had all the great things a Novel should have.

    Nice read.The story is unusual. The family is interesting. The editing and proof-reading need another going over. Overall, a fun read that keeps you involved with the story until the very end.

    It was s great story!! Even without the sex scene, i think the author really did a great job capturing the main characters' love. The plot was light and flowing. Simple and you dont have to think of anything you dont understand. simply read forward. well done!!

    Good readGood love story great read for a rainy day inside. The plot is full of personal discovery about true love and personal honest.

    I just loved this story. All I can say pizza has a different meaning now. I mean that in a good way. I fell in love with Travis & Joe completely. I think they were made for each other.

    Pizza has a whole new meaning now.A good story really enjoyed this read.I liked the slow build up. And also that there was an epilogue to show where they were.

    I love this book. The idea of repressed sexuality blossoming into a love is great. The anger and passion felt in this story really riled me up.

    'The sun was high in the sky, and they were still proving to each other who was more suited to be in charge,definitely two-man couples are busy ones.'

    I'm sorry, I really wanted to like this. Probably because it had such a low rating and I always vote for the underdog but this was just terribly written. No normal people talk like that. "Wait, children. What are you saying? This person is not welcome here." Unless your Mary Poppins, you don't call you kids "children". It seemed like the author was trying to get the plot across but not worried about how they got there. DNF

    I actually read this several days ago but had to let myself sleep on it for a bit so I wouldn't be completely obnoxious with my review. See, I had a number of WTF moments while reading this that took me completely out of the story, some of which, to me, were straying into offensive. The sad thing is that I don't think that was the author's intent at all.

    Train wreck. The interaction between the two MCs in the very beginning was so weird that I couldn't stand to read further. It just didn't make sense and the writing g was way too formal for conversation. DNF. Barely made it through 3 pages.

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