Filthy 5

Filthy 5

Filthy The fifth installment in the Filthy serial novel Faye didn t choose her path Not really She didn t choose the drugs The sex She didn t choose Taylor But those are the things she ended up with Faye wan

  • Title: Filthy 5
  • Author: Megan D. Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook
  • The fifth installment in the Filthy serial novel.Faye didn t choose her path Not really.She didn t choose the drugs The sex.She didn t choose Taylor.But those are the things she ended up with Faye wants a choice now.She knows who she wants Is it too late to get him

    • ☆ Filthy 5 || ä PDF Read by ☆ Megan D. Martin
      344 Megan D. Martin
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    ** 4 “pick up the broken pieces” STARS **“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”~ Anton ChekhovI couldn't help but be reminded of Anton Chekhov's famous words while reading this book. They haunted me throughout it all and still haven't quite left me Because Faye doesn't want to be told that the moon is shining. She wants Rhett to show her the glint of light on broken glass. In other words, I believe this book is about a broken young girl who needs [...]

    5 "This shouldn't feel so good" Stars! I learnt two things about myself after reading this series1. I am an impatient moron because the last book comes out at the end of Feb or beginning of March and I have been holding off till then. But I just couldn't stop myself from reading this and now I am trapped. Once you read it, you cant stop and you wait for the next installment andIn short,Dont do this to yourself people! Wait till the last one comes out coz this series is addictive!!2. Although the [...]

    ★★★★★! Filthy , book 5 of 6. Epic & forbidden love story; Temptation, truths, revenge & healing!For full reviews refer to book 1 (book 1 review) and box set (series review).Books in Filthy serial should be read in order:Book 1: Filthy 1 - FULL BOOK 1 REVIEWBook 2: Filthy 2Book 3: Filthy 3Book 4: Filthy 4Book 5: Filthy 5Book 6: Filthy 6 Part 1-6: Filthy 1-6 - FULL SERIES REVIEW***Hero rating: 4.5 stars Heroine rating: 5 starsSexual tension rating: 5 starsSex scenes rating: 4.5 s [...]

    3.75 starsWere we an open book with blood-splattered pages? Filthy 5 is a quest for truth, justice and redemption. Rhett and Faye may share the same enemy, but their intentions are two entirely different reasons even if they are blind as to what those reasons are. Faye is blossoming under a positive love and a healthy environment while Rhett finds himself lost and spiraling out of control. While their deep desires are put to the test, they are not ready to face what it truly means for them and e [...]

    There will be spoilers. I received my first arc from Megan in exchange for an honest write up. Guys, this series is the goods.I wanted him to hurt like he’d hurt me. I wanted to rip him open and feed him his own insides. Show him what they really tasted like. What it felt like to watch the person you loved be with someone else. Love? I don’t love him, do I?I have grown to really adore and hate the characters in Filthy. From metaphorically puking up my guts at the mention of pseudo-taboo word [...]

    Never has something so Filthy has been sooo bloody good.4.5 STARS********ARC received for review********Genre: Gritty & twisted RomanceCover: 8/10 Writing: 8/10Heroine: 9/10Hero: 9/10Humour: 0/10Hotness: 4/10Romance: 7/10Extra book Details: Heroine & Hero POV; 1st person. Approx 110 kindle pages.This has been one of my most favourite serials ever. Seriously.Now be warned, it features anything and everyfuckingthing. Underage sex, abortion, violence towards women, a love triangle, cheating [...]

    4.5 My hearts broken StarsShe's not alone in the darkness.She searchesBut he is heartless Taylor the monster is taken to jail and Rhett is determined to put his father away for as long as possible, to make him pay. Poor Rhett is in a daily struggle with his feelings for Faye and his need to do the right thing. I found myself feeling so sorry for Sarah in this one as it became more obvious that Faye and Rhett had strong feelings for each other.Faye has made so much progress in starting over. Find [...]

    This Filthy was a bit of a game changer, Faye’s secrets are out in the open and this changes the way everyone sees her, and the way everyone perceives her actions. For the first time in the whole serial Rhett’s completely aware of what Faye’s life has been like. With so many big things happening, Faye and Rhett have way more obstacles to overcome than any potential couple in their twenties. Rhett tries to be there for her in a supportive role but with both of them harboring so many other c [...]

    ***4 Can see the light at the end of the tunnel Stars***I am so impatient when waiting for the next book in a series and Filthy is no exception to this.I feel like I have grown so close to these characters and want to know the final outcome. I want their HEA so bad, my emotions are all over the place.Pissed at Rhett for him being so cruel sometimes.trated at his girlfriend for all the crying but ended up respecting her for not being as stupid as I thought.I love how Megan writes gritty stories t [...]

    4 StarsThis book was due out in December and for whatever reason it was late. After book 4's cliffhanger I was losing it. So glad when it was finally released. This one picks up right where book four left off. It starts with Faye in the hospital. Rhett is at her side. Taylor is in jail. Rhett now knows the true. Not only does he know it, but he experienced it first hand. The images are burned into his brain surfacing at all times of the day. Rhett can't believe he never saw what was happening ri [...]

    2.5 Stars!!I know I'm in the minority with this ratingbut for some reason I was on the fence with this oneI didnt hate itbut I also didn't love it!!**More thoughts later**

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewThese books seriously kill me but in a good way I luv them so much my emotions r al over the place when I read them I don't think Faye can go through anymore she as been 2 hell an back an it just keeps getting worst after the devil himself (Taylor) left her a totally mess he finally got put way he was meant 2 b the horrible piece of shit I honestly don't think I 've hated a character as much as I hate him he us just so evil an can play the b [...]

    Jeez Louise this book! (view spoiler)[Parts of this were so hard to read. The scenes were she talks about her baby. How she saw him after he was ripped apart from her. It was awful to read about, but I thought it was written well. It really kicked you were it was supposed to. And the true extent of what she was put through.I know it's pretty awful of me to say but I really felt Taylor's love for Faye in this book. Yes it was wrong, disgusting and disturbing. The type of obsessive love that ends [...]

    Instead of reviewing each book separately, I thought it made more sense to do it all in one as all the parts are pretty short.Filthy was recommended to me by a friend and I saw that book 1 was free on so I made an instant purchase. And from there I was hooked so bad. I just could not stop reading book 1 turned to 2, 3, 4, 5. You know you love a series when you just cannot stop reading for even a little while. I went to sleep reading, woke up continued the series, went to the gym finished the se [...]

    ARC provided by author for an honest review.5++ Heart Breaking StarsIn the fifth installment of FILTHY, we find Faye dealing with the aftermath of the fourth installment. Even though she believes that the darkness will come for her again, a small part of her is starting to believe her life can be something else.Rhett, is dealing with trying to care for Faye, yet keeping his distance at the same time. He’s driven to find something to help both of them deal with the past and keep it away from th [...]

    Faye’s secret is out. After Rhett finds her on the floor in the bathroom with his father hovering over her, there is no way she can deny the years of abuse she suffered under his hands. Now that Rhett knows the truth, he is set to make sure his father pays, focusing solely on putting him behind bars. Faye knows more now than ever that she loves Rhett. But Rhett is struggling to accept that his feelings towards Faye are different from his fathers. He doesn’t want to be the monster his father [...]

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewThe wait was long but it was so worth it!!The last few weeks I've been stalking Megan D. Martin in the hopes of Filthy 5 being realised. I was patient. KindaBut when I woke up this morning and saw that the ARC arrived in my inbox I couldn't believe it.Needless to say I devoured it straight away and ignored the world around me.Part 5 is just amazing! You get answers and even more questions.I was at the edge of my seat the entire time reading [...]

    ☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆Damn, you emotions!! I'm soo upset yet happy at Rhett!!In some ways I was happy that he finally got his head out of his *you know what* and finally came to his senses about his true feelings for Fayebut, on the other hand, I was royally pissed on how he handled things.It was like he was trying to do the noble thing for Faye and himself only to have things backfire and get wrecked for good.Damn boy, are you in fo [...]

    I have officially fallen in love with this author's writing. I'm convinced of the pain and suffering of all the characters involved. The yearning between Faye and Rhett is palpable. The remembered torment she endured from Taylor was intolerable. The triangle that includes Sarah was real. I could imagine her kindness turning into sourness. I can't believe, with all the filth involved, how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

    Is it there yet?Edited:4.5 STARS!Finally! Its been fuckinforever for this book to come out! I just hate waiting! damn it I kinda forgot how part 4 ended so I had to re-read the damn thing to remember what happened.This series is one effing roller coaster ride! Both characters are driving me nuts its not even funny anymore. I was hoping Rhett will put his big alpha panties on, but in this book he was quite frustrating. ugh~ Yeah, he was really possessive here- loved that, but the hot/cold treatme [...]

    4 Emotionally-Exhausting-Stars!!dicated to the author and Sarah! Wow, Sarah, in the end, I'm amazed with you. So, thank you!Rhett, oh man you're confusing piece of sh*t and.ward.And the ending! It makes me anxious!! Can't wait to find out what's on the final book! Filthy 6Can't say I don't want HEA for Faye & Rhett. Totally want it for them. Eventhough Rhett is not the kind of hero who can melt my romantic side but I still want him to have HEA with Faye. As taboo as it is. Don't care. Just w [...]

    Filthy 5 is probably the most emotionally charged book in the series. This time around I didn't write a review per se, just posted pictures expressing my reactions:Eagerly reading Filthy 5 after that charging previous segmentI'm still a bit disappointed with Rhett. Chapter 13- Faye expressing her feelings to RhettChapter 14 is my first time seeing Rhett's girlfriend in a different lightMy reaction to the endingNoooooooooo- don't leave me hanging like thatPlease read this series it is so worth it [...]

    I was really enjoying this series! Will I finish this series? Absolutely!! The only reason I'm only giving it 3 stars is because I felt like Part 5 was too repetitious. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it Probably a little too much considering how disturbing this series is. I feel like I need to re-evaluate myself, and my reading choices. This book is DARK and not for the faint of heart. You have been WARNED!!!

    4.5 starsthis was the best installment yet, made even more enjoyable because it's twice as long as the others and just as you think you have all the answers and your sitting pretty, new questions are asked and once again you're left thinking "how the hell will this all actually work?."the author manages to punch you in the guts with all those pesky rapid fire feelings, she's pretty good at handling that angst stick. and i do love me some angst!also, with THAT ending i really hope the wait for fi [...]

    IT'S OUT?! Where have I beeeeeeen?!?!!??!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!*throws current book down and runs off to read*

    STARS: 4.5 STARSPOV: Faye (and Rhett a few chapters) HEA: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]GENRE: *DARK*, Erotica PART OF A SERIES LIVE: : amzn/16DMol3 B & N: bit/1vzDdORI'm baaaaaack!!! My first review for 2015, and I am glad that it is for one of Megan D Martin's books! Because this Author is fantastic. Filthy 5 is the 5th book in the Filthy series ok I feel like I have now said filthy too much haha! This series must be read in order, one book cannot be skipped. WillTaylorget what he deser [...]

    4.5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆ Oh God just finished it and my emotions are all over the place! Megan broke my heart more than once in this bookI cried more than once. I'm so happy for all the journey Faye did to stand back to her feet again and the courage to live again! I'm happy for the things she achieved in this book and that she got back finally that freedom taken from her when she was 9. I want her to continue this journey and find her independence and happiness without the need of a man.Rhett [...]

    ~4/4.5 Stars~ God, I love this series so much, it's pathetic. I feel like a junkie waiting for her next fix or in this case the next book. The dark theme in this series is not to be taken lightly. Megan D. Martin embraces the shit out of the darkness and makes a masterpiece with it. The characters are so flawed and broken, the plot is smothered with angst and heartbreak, it seems like there's no way out and you end up feeling helpless. Wanting to help but feeling just as lost as the characters. [...]

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