Sweet Mungo

Sweet Mungo

Sweet Mungo Sweet Mungo Mungo An unusual name for an unusual boy Growing up in England at a time when homosexuality was illegal and rarely discussed Mungo s looks are so arresting that sometimes his beauty spe

  • Title: Sweet Mungo
  • Author: Meriel Brooke
  • ISBN: 9781909133532
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook
  • Sweet Mungo Mungo , An unusual name for an unusual boy Growing up in England, at a time when homosexuality was illegal and rarely discussed Mungo s looks are so arresting that sometimes his beauty spells danger Abused by his father seduced by a teacher sodomised by a gang of roughs Not the best upbringing But there is hope, close friends like Amy and Tom who arSweet Mungo Mungo , An unusual name for an unusual boy Growing up in England, at a time when homosexuality was illegal and rarely discussed Mungo s looks are so arresting that sometimes his beauty spells danger Abused by his father seduced by a teacher sodomised by a gang of roughs Not the best upbringing But there is hope, close friends like Amy and Tom who are willing to be there for him Hilary, who starts as an enemy and then becomes a friend and who is maybe destined to be something much Mungo loves music and singing in a choir He eventually decides to join the theatre, becoming an accomplished actor But his sexuality remains confused, even the prospect of marriage and parenthood offers him no solace Will he find himself or is he destined to live a life of lies The story of Mungo is perhaps the story of every young child who ever grew up with troubles and nightmares Or perhaps it s the story of every young adolescent who ever questioned their sexuality Or perhaps it s the story of every man and woman who has ever questioned whether they will find success, their place in the world, and most importantly of all contentment.To read Sweet Mungo is to be transported to a world of both harshness and hope, a world of pain and pleasure, and most importantly, a world that allows you to get to know and to care for Sweet Mungo.

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    The author starts the story when Mungo is only a child. He’s an easy boy to like and I admired the author’s ability to capture his innocence. Some of the scenes are difficult to read. Not to ruin anything, but he’s victimized on more than one occasion. Even his own father is quite cruel on occasion and his mother is powerless to help. To complicate matters, Mungo is confused about his sexuality in a time when questioning ones sexuality was not socially accepted and he doesn’t have many p [...]

    Sweet Mungo explores a character who is quite different from the usual serial killers often said to be produced by physically abusive fathers and the corresponding ineffective, cowed mothers--or other types of criminals who were, as children, victimized by pedophile teachers, or who suffered rape. Instead of a sociopathic clique, Mungo is beautiful, and saintly. Despite enduring a wretched father and other predatory adults, Mungo remains respectful, highly moral, empathetic, kind to animals, and [...]

    It was not easy at all to review Sweet Mungo; I was completely split about the book’s merits. The left side of my mind was really happy with a writing style flowing in a way that switched me back at a time when my grand-mother was telling me stories, a long time ago. The right side of my mind was not happy with the characters’ development; they were somehow missing to meet themselves in a narration where they really had a role to play. Told in a first person style, Mungo’s version of facts [...]

    I received a free copy of this book in exchanged for an honest, non-reciprocal review. As I started reading this book, I figured it was the kind of story that I wouldn’t be terribly interested in. But it surprised me: the pace was rather slow sometimes, but I never quite got bored, even though I had expected to. As the story progressed, I kept thinking that perhaps I was about to hit the boring part. As I read, I wasn't even sure why I wasn't bored: there were no sex scenes, no fight scenes, n [...]

    This book was really difficult for me to read, not that the vocabulary was challenging, but that it stirred and tugged on many different emotional levels for me about people's prejudice toward difference and the main character's struggles in carving a place for himself in this world.This book begins in post-war Britain not long after World War II. The opening chapter already transports you into a five-year-old boy's family dynamics that stem from an unattached mother and a harsh disciplinarian f [...]

    Mungo's growing pains at the tender age of eleven are extraordinary. While such pains are common, but his are not. However, he grows out of them as he takes life's challenges bravely on the chin.This complex portrayal of a boy's psyche written in graphic description is both captivating and appalling. Through his innocent eyes, the vices which beset the society is exponentially revealed. The author Merial Brooke has handled this sensitive theme with utmost diligence. Sugar Pants is an interesting [...]

    One of the rewarding aspects of being involved in a book club or a book lovers' association is the opportunity to expand your literary horizons and delve into a theme or genre you would not normally consider. In the past month, I’ve reviewed sci-fi romance tailored for teenage girls. I've reviewed cookbooks for "slim ladies in the real world." And now I have been selected to review "Sugar Pants: Don't draw me pretty, don't colour me Lavender.”Frankly, I was initially quite unenthused by the [...]

    I have to say that the premise of this book intrigued me from the first time I read the blurb. I was wondering how the events would unfold and whether it would be a little too graphic. There were some scenes which should probably have a trigger warning, but for reasons I'll get into below, they didn't have the impact on me that I thought that they might. I'll start with what didn't work for me. There were lots of little niggles I had with this book. The meandering pace the novel took as it looke [...]

    OMG! OM! OMG! You know, when I finished reading this book, I sat back in my chair and I said to myself, "This woman is a professional writer. I hope she’s not posing as an Indie." And then, I pinched myself! What was I implying? That Indies can’t write books THIS GOOD? Shame on me, because I KNOW that we Indies are just as good, and often times even better than those that are traditionally published. I don’t know if Meriel Brooke is an Indie Author or not, but what I do know is this: THERE [...]

    I admit this is generally not the type of book that I would be interested in reading; however, I did find myself enjoying Mungo's story. The story starts with young Mungo and his misfortunes: he is maltreated by his father, seduced by his teacher, and gang-raped. Though Mungo didn't seem to be a person of strong character, I was somehow relieved when he stood up against his dad and decided to pursue his dreams. I was, on the other hand, disappointed that he didn't really know who he was. He was [...]

    Sweet Mungo is one of those stories that grabs you from the opening pages simply by virtue of the writing, which is assured, poetic, and elegant in its understatement. As the story progresses, you are introduced to a truly compelling cast of characters and a story that just won't let go.The novel opens in postwar Britain and tells the story of Mungo, son of a harsh father and ineffectual mother. He has talents as a singer and later as an actor, and the narrative follows him as tries to find his [...]

    A Decision to Be MadeThis is a very well written book. It grabs you from the very beginning. Mango is a beautiful boy growing into a beautiful man. His father was rigid and abusive. There was tragedy in Mungo's early life that affected him emotionally throughout his life. Mango had a decision to make and this story is about the journey.

    "Sugar Pants" is a detailed and compassionate account of a young man growing up and making his way through life in the second half of the twentieth century. In an era when homosexuality was still illegal and deemed a mental illness from which one could be cured, the protagonist endures insults and injustices yet also finds true friendship and love from people who can see beyond society's conventional norms.Keen to pursue a theatrical career, Mungo is steered through boarding school towards a med [...]

    Sugar Pants is a story that deals with the life of a young man who has dealt with abuse and issues surrounding his sexual identity for almost his entire life. It reminded me a little of "A Little Life" because of the extreme emotions it evoked because we have to watch the protagonist suffer so much at the hands of others. I actually thought this book was better in many ways because Mungo eventually found the strength he needed to live his best life and embrace the person he was always meant to b [...]

    I recommend this book to readers who enjoy character led coming of age books and/or interested in the acting profession.The book has a smooth, easy feel and I was drawn very quickly into the life of Mungo. A likeable character I believed in from the start and I so wanted him to make the right decisions and lead a happy life. I read the book in 2 days and didn't lose interest or become distracted at any point.The writing was clear, concise and to a good standard making the book a pleasure to read [...]

    Defamation is defined as the false or unjust injury to a good reputation. It is committed when something is written down. I guess the question is can it be applied to an institution? Mungo, the protagonist, is sexually assaulted by the Latin Master at the school, which did exist until 1975. I assume if something like this did happen in the fifties, the names have been changed, but it does beg the question should be labelling real institutions, with the idea that they allowed indecent assaults to [...]

    The writing is excellent, story quite good but the characters just about OKThis is a tale of an abused child who tried to make the best out of his pitiable condition. From a terrible upbringing, he works hard to become an assistant stage manager and then an accomplished actor. He is also is a good singer. However, even as his professional life gets a kick, his personal life is in shambles. If being abused by his father and sodomized by his teacher were not enough, he is also gravely confused abo [...]

    Completed on: 08/13/2015 Review Rating: 5 stars! Reviewed By Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ FavoriteGrowing up in the 1940s in England, homosexuality is a criminal offense. Mungo, having to deal with the fact of an unusual name, grows and struggles with himself as you witness his journey as a choir boy. Meriel Brooke is a skilled writer, delivering the story through the eyes of the age level depicted. Small, cautious descriptions were used when the character was five, and then the explanations an [...]

    This is a book about the early life of a young man who endeavours to build a career as an actor whilst coming to terms with his sexuality.From an intrigueing start with a boy looked in a coal bunker, this is a book of professional quality from the beginning.The author evokes a clear image of the main character's time in school and experiences within the stage business. These are either very well researched or based on the author's life experience as the level of detail is very high.The book also [...]

    Homophobic attitudes in mid-1900’s England as seen by a young manThis novel portrays attitudes and actions toward homosexuality in the mid-1900 in England through the eyes of Mungo Warner, a young man who attracts both men and women. Mungo is unable and unwilling to satisfy his father’s desire to follow in his footsteps and study medicine. Instead, Mungo is more interested in stagecraft; his decision not to study medicine leads to his father’s disowning him.Mungo’s appearance and interes [...]

    Ms. Brooke is certainly a storyteller. From the very beginning, I couldn't help but like Mungo and hope that everything turns out for the best for him. He is an abused child, a confused adolescent who has unspeakable atrocities happen to him, leading him to grow into an equally confused adult with some equally disheartening occurrences. Nevertheless, he seems to be a likable guy, though it is difficult to tell if he is always the victim of his circumstances or if some of the unfortunate events t [...]

    First and foremost, the writing is great. And the storyline was normally a storyline that I would be jumping up and down in the background rooting for, biting my nails as Mungo mused back and forth over his feelings for both Amy and Hilary. However, the story, for me, was slow to start and it continued on this pace. I kept hoping for that BAM affect when you get so involved with the story, but it never came. I felt, despite the obvious talent in writing, that I was robbed of the characters as we [...]

    Sweet Mungo was a challenging but rewarding read. I had a hard time getting into it, not because it was bad, but because the beginning of Mungo's story was quite disturbing to me. His home life is sad, his parents distant (especially his dad) and his school life complex in ways that we hear about all the time these days but back in the day were swept under the rug. Meriel Brooke captured the angst of this time well.The story opened up a bit for me once Mungo entered the theater, despite the fact [...]

    “Sugar Pants” is a tale of a young man dealing with issues relating to his sexuality in 1960s England. Unfortunately, this is a weak effort, although I will note in the author’s favor that I only spotted two typos in the entire text. (However, I do wish that notes and letters read by the narrator were published in italics, or in a different font. This was needlessly confusing.) The work is subpar because the text rarely conveys much emotion, the period setting never comes across as unique [...]

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