Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities

Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities

Istanbul A Tale of Three Cities Istanbul explores a city which stands as a gateway between the east and west one of the indisputably greatest cities in the world Previously known by the names Byzantium and Constantinople this is t

  • Title: Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities
  • Author: Bettany Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780297868484
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Istanbul explores a city which stands as a gateway between the east and west, one of the indisputably greatest cities in the world Previously known by the names Byzantium and Constantinople, this is the most celebrated metropolis in the world to sit on two continents, straddling the dividing line of the Bosphorus Strait between Europe and Asia During its long history, IsIstanbul explores a city which stands as a gateway between the east and west, one of the indisputably greatest cities in the world Previously known by the names Byzantium and Constantinople, this is the most celebrated metropolis in the world to sit on two continents, straddling the dividing line of the Bosphorus Strait between Europe and Asia During its long history, Istanbul has served as the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires Its architecture reflects these many cultures, including the Hagia Sophia Byzantine , the Blue Mosque Ottoman , the Valens Aqueduct Roman , the Topkapi Palace Ottoman , and modern Art Nouveau avenues built in the 19th and 20th centuries many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites With the founding of the Republic of Turkey by Ataturk in 1923, Istanbul was overlooked and Ankara became the capital Over the next 90 years, Istanbul has undergone great structural change, and in the 1970s the population of the city rocketed as people moved to the city to find work, turning Istanbul into the cultural, economic and financial centre of Turkey Events there recently have again brought Istanbul to the forefront of global attention Indeed, while writing this book, Bettany was caught with her daughters in the crossfire of Taksim Square Bettany Hughes has been researching and writing this rich portrait of one of the world s most multi faceted cities for over a decade Her compelling biography of a momentous city is visceral, immediate and sensuous narrative history at its finest.

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    Wonderful presentation of the continuity and transformations of this special city through the rise and fall of three empires—the Roman, the Byzantine, and the Ottoman. One pagan and the other two variable forms of Christian and Muslim theocracies. What a labor of love this is. As a reader trying to lighten my ignorance of each of these empires, I hit a bonanza with this book. It made real dent in my dream of some shortcut to catching up on 3,000 or so years of history. I gleaned a lot of perso [...]

    I listened to this during a long car trip and repeatedly I was amazed at the knowledge of the author, the interesting details, the comprehensiveness and depth of the writing. What flashed through my head on several occasions was: I dare you to read this and not be amazed, not be impressed with the author’s knowledge on absolutely everything related to Istanbul. So yes, I judge the book to be amazing. This book is about Istanbul from prehistoric times through to current times, that is to say wh [...]

    In Istanbul, Bettany Hughes sees not a city where East meets West, but where North, South, East, and West look frankly at each other, not always without complication, but with the hope of understanding. That is certainly her aim with this book, she addresses the 6000 years of history with well researched enthusiasm and genuine joy in telling the multiplicity of stories that make up this thrice named city. Written chronologically but also thematically, the book lends itself to piecemeal reading, [...]

    This book was sent to me by the publisher, Hachette, at no cost. This review first appeared in the History Teachers of Victoria journal Agora.If you are especially keen on the history of the Byzantine Empire, or the Eastern Roman Empire, like me you might have bought the classic John Julius Norwich trilogy. Again if you are like me, you may have got to the end of the second book and thought, “No more!” Despite that, the city at the heart of that empire (thrice-named, eat your heart out New [...]

    Bethany is in love with Istanbul, she has unabashedly professed her love openly a number of times, which made it all the more difficult to produce an objective biography of this wondrous and enchanting city. From the Roman times to the Christian era, and from the Islamic Caliphate to the Secular Republic, she has managed to engage and captivate my imagination of her beloved Istanbul. I was engaged completely till the end with the many stories of Kings and Sultans, of their battles and Harims, of [...]

    Let me preface this book by saying, this could have been a GREAT bookThis new biography of Istanbul by historian Bettany Hughes was written with a lot of heart, and got off to a great start (especially with the Byzantine years), but then sadly fell apart. She just took on too much, too fast, too soon. I think Hughes needed to spend more time in the city, just living and breathing it, and second, she needed to work on making the narrative more cohesive and compelling. Note to all historians: Avoi [...]

    DNF at 7%As I said, this is going to be a pretty short review. I'm always faster at DNFing books during the school year. While this book is definitely good and jam packed with tons of history, my rating more reflects the fact that you actually have to have some background knowledge to understand this book. I have no background knowledge. Each chapter in this book is more a vignette about a certain point in the city's history. Alas, I don't know the history and therefore the little vignettes made [...]

    An unnamed Byzantine described Istanbul as the city of the world’s desire. This beautifully written book takes us through the history of a city which has played a key role for over 2,000 years. Sitting strategically between Europe and Asia, North and South, East and West she has grown through the profits of trade, the bounty of the sea and the choice of key world historical individuals. The three cities of the title refers to the names - Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul - by which she ha [...]

    Oh What a noble and beautiful city is Constantinople. How many remarkable things may be seen in the principal avenues and even in the lesser streets - Fulcher of ChartresThe above quote starts Chapter 47 of this historical account of my favourite City, one I have had the pleasure to visit both on holiday and more recently, on a number of occasions, on business.Hughes’s account is an excellent one, drawing heavily on archaeological evidence to link the past of this City (and its past dominions) [...]

    “But of course, the idea of Istanbul is exponentially bigger than her footprint.”4.5 StarsComing in at 800 pages (although the last chunk is notes and the bibliography), this comprehensive history book may seem daunting, but it reads well and details so many fascinating things that it feels half as long. Bettany Hughes delves into the deep, rich history of Istanbul chronologically, mixing culture, religion, and war to create a vivid picture. “In terms of both historical fact and written hi [...]

    A brilliant look at the history of Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul - a unique city with multiple identities over the millennia.I'm a sucker for this sort of history - if it weren't for the fact that we cover thousands of years and a dizzying array of characters and events you could almost call it a microhistory. Let's call it a biography of the city.And actually, biography isn't far wrong, as the city does become a distinct character, growing and changing and yes, diminishing, over the co [...]

    What a brilliant book. Let me preface this by saying that I love Bettany Hughes and have watched nearly all her tv documentary shows I entered this book with high expectations - and can I just say that she totally delivered. Researched, written and narrated by Ms Hughes, this was a very informative and interesting book about Istanbul, from prehistoic times to modern day (ie 2016). That is a huge tie period to cover - and yet she did it will apparent ease. I enjoyed how she focused on the city an [...]

    Book: Istanbul Author: Bettany Hughes Rating: 3 Out of 5 Stars I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, for providing me with this galley. I have loved Bettany Hughes’s work for a few years now. It started with her Ancient Worlds series and Helen of Troy book. Whenever I heard she was writing a new book, I was thrilled. I just knew that I was going to have to read it. While Istanbul does have the same magic that her other works do, I found it not to be as thr [...]

    "Power is not a means; it is an end."― George Orwell, This is the history of a city that is placed on the crossroads of continents and ideas, a place that absorbs all the gods and despots that carry the standards of these gods to rule over the citizens, slaves, minds and the flow of monetary power that being at the center gives, but in the end this desirability is the undoing, the curse that defeats all mortals and Gods into the sediment and detritus of a city that is more immortal than all of [...]

    This is actually going to be an odd 5-star review from me, because I haven't really done much but glance through the book, and I can already tell that I'll be coming back to this book for a while. It provides a detailed history of the city that has been known through history as Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul. The reason I'm reviewing it now, one, because ** I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review), two, because I'd like to get my review in sooner rather than later [...]

    A well detailed, well researched, examination of the city, the people, and the history of Istanbul. Hughes's interest and knowledge in her subject leaps from the pages making this long tome a joy to read. I never got bogged down or lost interest the entire read.

    Just wow. If you love any kind of history, this book is for you. Yes, it's dense. Yes, it's long. But Hughes' style of prose is luxurious and so much more enjoyable that similarly long and dense histories I've read before. The research that went into this book is clearly displayed on every page. When you finish it, Istanbul remains with you. My favorite thing about this book is how Istanbul is the protagonist, changing over time, weaving in bits of its past as a new future is thrust upon it. It' [...]

    I'll be blunt: this book is a goddamned triumph.I liked this book so much that I read all 800 pages of it even though the e-book had a glaring processing problem that caused it to insert a space after every double-f in the text (and some other cases I couldn't pin down a precise cause for). So, every time like "offered" was in the text, which was a surprisingly large number of times, it showed up as "off ered".This was AMAZINGLY distracting. And normally the sort of thing that would cause me to [...]

    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It is also on my personal library's shelves.From the publisher - Istanbul has always been a place where stories and histories collide.From the Koran to Shakespeare, this city with three names--Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul--resonates as an idea and a place, real and imagined. Standing as the gateway between East and West, it has been the capital city of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman [...]

    Bettany Hughes is to be complemented and praised for the ambitious scope of this book – to write a history of the city we now know as Istanbul from its earliest days to relatively recent times.What a challenging task – she has clearly had to walk a tight rope of what to include, what to leave out, how much detail to provide of people, events, periods etc. I don’t doubt that there will be quibbles about the decisions she has made but this is the story of a city not an empire (Byzantine or O [...]

    A lot of people clearly love this book, but it took me a long time to read, and I am not quite sharing the general enthusiasm. The book is full of interesting and is particularly strong on the role of women in Istanbul's history and on what recent archaeology tells us about the city. But in trying to cover several thousand years of political, cultural and social history I found parts of the book to be quite superficial. I also must be getting old because I found the occasionally colloquial style [...]

    Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities by Bettany Hughes is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early September.Despite my boyfriend really wanting me to minimize my review down to be They Might Be Giants lyrics, I feel obligated to give more useful information about this book. The full scope of Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities is from about 700 BC to just after World War II and Hughes seeks to take an archaeologist's perspective onto this giant span of history (even if its leadership passes through [...]

    I was given an early edition of this book and sat down immediately to read it. Fascinating and completely comprehensive, it covers the time of the first mention of the existence of Byzantion, by the ancient Historian Herodotus in the fifth century BC to present day Istanbul. The story of this amazing city perched on a much traveled and much desired spek of land between Europe in the East and Asia in the West, has engendered a fierce desire for trade and religious control of it since the beginnin [...]

    This massive work by Bethany Hughes visits what must be the vast majority of Byzantine settlements all over the world as Hughes uncovers the wonders that were Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul. Art, architecture, literature, commerce, social history, politics, fashion, religion: the subjects tackled cover the spectrum of life in the city by the Bosporus from hundreds of years BC to the present. Note that the detailed timeline provided in the back is a useful reference as you travel through the h [...]

    I finished listening to Istanbul and it was marvelous. Bettany Hughes does a wonderful job reading the book. It's as though she were sitting before an audience telling the story. I did however go ahead and get the physical book. I will revisit the book with the wonderful maps and color plates and of course all the proper spellings of the names, as it seems I need this for context. It will not be a hardship to reread this either. I highly recommend it.--------------------------------------------- [...]

    I was sent an advanced readers copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for a review. I have read a few of Bettany Hughes' books and this one is the best. Istanbul is of special interest to me as I have travelled to Turkey and love the Turkish people. The book will take the reader through over 5,000 years of history of this amazing city. Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul - the city that joins the West with the East. There are many fascinating characters in the book and she makes them come [...]

    Hughes writes in an accessible style with nice touches of wit. This is a monumental project and well executed. She does however betray her bias towards ancient history and her section on post 1923 Turkey is a little sparse. Nevertheless a book that I can strongly recommend if the city and the evolution of Turkey as a nation interests you.

    Absolutely wonderful depiction of the history of Istanbul from the first settlers to the modern city.The description of the various historical periods are complete and detailed, providing a full immersion in the daily life of Istanbul citizens.

    Excellent history of Istanbul. Easy to read and well researched. The author encompasses many topics and keeps the reader engaged. Highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn about Istanbul history.

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