Nero Nero is the king of Legacy Prep living a life of power Elle is the school s punching bag living a life of fear The only good girls Nero knows jump in his bed when he tells them to The closest Elle h

  • Title: Nero
  • Author: Sarah Brianne
  • ISBN: 1230000248505
  • Page: 168
  • Format: ebook
  • Nero is the king of Legacy Prep, living a life of power.Elle is the school s punching bag, living a life of fear.The only good girls Nero knows jump in his bed when he tells them to.The closest Elle has come to a bad boy like him is in the cafeteria line.The mob boss gave him orders to find out what she knows.Her mouth is sealed.I just want to be a fu ing made man.I m jusNero is the king of Legacy Prep, living a life of power.Elle is the school s punching bag, living a life of fear.The only good girls Nero knows jump in his bed when he tells them to.The closest Elle has come to a bad boy like him is in the cafeteria line.The mob boss gave him orders to find out what she knows.Her mouth is sealed.I just want to be a fu ing made man.I m just a fu ing waitress.

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    4.5 starsNero is one of those guilty pleasure books. It’s a book that is fairly unrealistic and I couldn’t help but love it. Why? Because the enjoyment factor was crazy high. I didn’t want to put it down and it was highly entertaining. Elle is a senior in high school. She has been bullied most of the 4 years she’s been there, even more so because she protects her best friend Chloe, taking more of the bullying than she should. To supplement her scholarship to Legacy Prep, Elle works at a [...]

    4 FREAKING CRAZY STARSA RECIPE FOR A CRAZY TEENAGE ROMANCEINGREDIENTS1x Tortured, self sacrificing and helpless heroine1x Arrogant, manwhore and possessive type hero1x Shy and loyal wallflower, who is also best friend to the heroine2x Loyal, hot mates for the hero1x Bitch of a nemesis for the heroineA haggle of robotic blonde drones who follow the nemesis around.Common sense (optional)Every once in a while, I stumble upon these "little gems of crazy" and this is one such book. And by that I mean [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this unconventional love story. Nero and Elle have captured a special piece of my heart. Their story was sweet and, at times, full of teenage melodramatics. Nonetheless, I devoured it.Much like the characters from 'Fallen Crest High', these young characters seemed to be much older. I had to keep reminding myself that this story was set in high school, because the power and resources that Nero and his friends wielded was tremendous. In that regard, it was a bit unbelievable, [...]

    I am not going to trash this novel because of it's classic cliche YA theme. Usually if i stumble upon a story that is juvenile i just pass it off as bubblegum high school drama and leave it at that. Suffice to say, this is a book written by young girlies, for young girlies.This book however has two things that annoyed me to hell. Portrayal of the lead female character Elle and the actual writing, witch was atrocious.I'll elaborate.Both men and women tend to be misunderstood and underestimated be [...]

    TOP 3 WAYS Nero IS LIKE LINDSAY LOHAN.#3. Teenage Drama Queen Much?In the beginning, Nero is quite the teenage drama queen, as Elle and her BFF Chloe are repeatedly beaten and bullied by the richest, most popular kids in school:“ 'I have a mess.' Cassandra pushed Elle’s plate off the table. Then, her high-pitched voice screeched, 'Clean it up, waitress.'The cafeteria grew silent. That word waitress made Elle’s skin crawl, and yet it might as well be her birth name here as far as they were [...]

    10 STARS! 10!If you don't know me by now,I must tell you that I love my men mad ass possessive and batshit crazy! In books, tooAnd when they are strong,sexy and protective,just like our hero in this one,we have a winner!I really,really love this book!I love how two main characters work together,and most of all,his crazy possessiveness!And he's son of the capo di tutti capin a girl ask for more?

    "I think killing is way too fucking easy."I enjoyed this well written debut novel that told the tale of two high school seniors who are brutally bullied at Legacy Prep school and only have each other in this caddy school. Elle and Chloe have each other’s back and never rat. Sadly, the bullying aspect of the story was hard to stomach but the girls’ bond was pure and strong. Elle witnesses a mob hit outside her place of employment that draws the attention of the heads of the Caruso crime famil [...]

    Ten reasons this book made me go WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?:1. The h witnesses a murder and loses one (Yes one. Een. Uno. Un. Eins. Um. Isa. En. Unu. Jedan. Vienas. ONE) nights sleep over it. 2. The h goes to a high school were she is regularly attacked and left in a beaten bloody pulp, once her arm is even broken and nothing happens. No teacher asks about the bloody girl lying on the floor. Her parents believe she gets black eyes and broken bones from playing soccer and says nothing? The staff at the [...]

    Wow. Talk about a book with seriously messed up people who can't even function by themselves. Nero is a creepy control freak and Elle is a pathetic heroine.My message to Nero:My message to Elle: Done.

    4.5 Holly Nero this was good! Alpha hero with a weak/abused heroine? I gobbled this shit up and I know what you all thinkingFor me this book is quite typical Hero is popular, hot, rich blah, blah! Heroine is weak, poor and thinks she's plain yada, yada!Same old clichéd theme that we probably read like 13242735 times but something about NERO that really hooked me til' the end! H/h are in their 18ish so this book is YA genre but with a glorified sexuality Am I making sense? No? Ok. I guess the ma [...]

    4 'Strawberry' StarsElle has one friend, and one friend only, Chloe. Elle puts up a part time job to pay off tuition, sucks up the bitches bullying, and always been the target because she doesn't let anyone or anything get close to Chloe. She's a true friend. One night Elle was taking out the garbage at work when she heard something in the ally. She hid behind the garbage can. She witnessed a man getting killed. Shocked and scared she so ran for her safety after they've disappeared. Turned out t [...]

    3.5 StarsThis book was so unbelievable but for some reason I just kept right on reading it. lol I had to see what these high school mafia men were going to do.Elle is bullied at school. Shes been through hell for almost 4 years. She stays at the prep school because of her best friend Chloe. She has to protect her. She does everything at school to take most of the abuse away from Chloe. Elle and Chloe only have each other at school. Nobody will go up against the popular kids and try and help her [...]

    DNF @ 56%I was almost positive I'd love this book. Lots of my friends have and it did sound intriguing. However, it was nothing like I'd expected and it was difficult even attempting to finish. Nero was completely unbelievable as an 18 year old son of a mob boss. He was almost over-the-top, acting and speaking like an older man cut down to fit into a YA plot line. His commanding tendency with Elle verged on abusive at times. These people are in high school for God's sake! Yet he made promises th [...]

    Phew!!!! I'm still very emotionalI feel so much joy because i started this book and i didn't regret it not once But at the same time i feel sad not only because the development of this story but also because it just finished. And now what??? What i would do without my Elle and my Nero??? Oh, guys!!!! I have to admit it!!!! This book became one of my favorites and i'm a little obsessed with it!!!! I couldn't help it!!! If you'll read it, you will understand me!!!Also, i have to make it clear to y [...]

    Re-read: 20.04.2016Still awesome. I want more books like this. More boys like Nero. I love him!“I will fight. I will torture. And I will kill in my line of work. I knew I would join the mob ever since I could remember, and you have to accept that because I am not giving you an option. It’s a part of me, just how you’re a part of me, but nothing—nothing—will ever come before you.No one will ever fucking touch what’s mine and not pay for it.” If getting on the ground is what keeps th [...]

    This book is odd. It's like a diet YA version of the mafia genre. But it's not the diet where you think you don't even notice the lack of sugar, no, this is like one of those rice cakes that tastes like styrofoam and eating it you realize that you rather die from an overdose of lard than eat another styrofoam bite. Elle is a poor high schooler going to a fancy prep school and she witnesses a murder by some mob guys. The boss wants to know if she saw them, so he sends his son, Nero, also a senior [...]

    4 Mafia vs Bullyng STARS"I see three made men standing, I shall not tell. The Boss. The Terrifying. The Scary. I shall not ever tell."Me encanto este libro, Nero ya entro rápidamente en mi top book boyfriends. Es adolescente, pero ya todo un Alfa male, en toda la extensión. Toda la historia de la mafia fue sencilla y a pesar de todo el drama del bullyng me agrado mucho.El final, wow mi escena favorita de la protagonista. Me encanta que las historias YA tengan escenas eróticas. HOT HOT HOT HOT [...]

    "Elle was dreading lunch. The students hadn’t been able to pick on her and Chloe since the last day before break, which meant they were all going to let out their pent-up aggression on them. God help them."It was all just so absurd. And I mean REALLY absurd and yet I didn't care. The book took me on a ride and i enjoyed every single minute of it!!!!! AMAZING! Absolutly LOVED it!I won't go into detail, because it inevitably involves spoilers for those who may wish to try this story. If you love [...]

    4.25 "Young Alpha in the Making" StarsThis is my first book by this author andwowI'm ready for more. I knew I'd love this one from the first chapter. I didn't intend to read it right away after downloading it. I was going to read a few lines to get a feel for the writing, but once I started I could not stop. And the next thing I knew I was done. It sucked me right in and wouldn't let me go. When I first read the blurb I was wondering how it would work having a young (last year of high school) he [...]

    **4.5 stars**“I was never supposed to fall in love with her but it was the best mistake of my life.”Damn, that was good!It was exactly what I needed! I was hooked immediately and I couldn’t put it down! I know, it was a bit unrealistic but I didn’t care. I enjoyed every single minute of it!ElleShe’s fiercely loyal and has a strong sense of endurance. The things she suffered and willingly bears to protect her friend, Chloe is so admirable. Nero CarusoHe’s protective, dangerous and cap [...]

    Nero was perfection in fictional form. And more than that, he is perfect for me. I don't make that statement lightly. I'm going to go out on a limb here (and probably get tar & feathered for it) but for me, the way people talk about Kristen Ashley's heroes, Nero was all of them rolled into onewith none of the irritating issues I have with KA's guys. He was absolute perfection. I've had book heroes that I've loved before, and some that I've joked about wishing were real, but seriously, if I h [...]

    Let me start by saying I finished this in one read, and enjoyed the writing very much however had a lot of issues with the story altogether.Elle, our heroine is 17 goes to this rich up the ass prep school that she hates. She gets beaten, bullied, made fun of on a daily basis. And when I say "beaten" I do not mean it lightly she has had numerous stitches, probably broken bones and all. On top of it, she is on a scholarship at the prep school, where she also has to work at this diner every night t [...]

    DNF at 60 percent.There are several reasons why I'm DNF-ing this book. 1. I didn't attach to the main characters.2. The book felt grey to me. I don't know if they mentioned the weather but in my head it was cloudy, windy and grey. 3. Half of the book took place between lessons. It's not that exciting. 4. It romanticized mans chauvinistic stereotypes. Nero's friend wouldn't allow his sister to be out dancing but he could sleep around. And I got the feeling that this was something we should like.5 [...]

    Meets Meets MeetsBully, Bully, Bully, & More BullyElle, the FMC, and her BFF, Chloe, are high school outcasts. They only know two things- being bullied or being ignored for four years. We're told that Chloe is a beauty with scars on her face and can't stand to be touched by anyone, but readers are unsure exactly what happened or why these two are bullied by EVERYONE. Elle is basically Chloe's armor, taking on all the bullying for her unstable friend who hides behind her. The mental fears her [...]

    Elle is used to keeping secrets, she has for three and a half year thanks to Legacy Prep school. A senior now, Elle has only one thread holding her to the school, her best friend Chloe. Bullied, taunted, and perfecting a way to just get through one more day, Elle holds her head up high and protects Chloe day in day out. Elle works everyday as a waitress to continue to pay her way through school, lord knows she can't get help from anywhere else. When Elle witnesses a murder though she knows her t [...]

    What a Fun and Wild Ride! NERO is a debut New Adult Romance by Sarah Brianne, and what a debut it is! The Made Men or Soon to be, Nero, Amo and Vincent are friggin so adorableIf I wasn't a mother of two, I might go couger for these boys!Nero and Elle have a story unlike any I have read. It might not be the prettiest start to a romance but it certainly was fun to watch. I am DYING to know who Sarah will set Elle's friend Chloe up with, Amo or LuccaI can't wait for the next Made Men installment an [...]

    4 Nero Alpha StarsI will admit I was intrigued with Nero because of the storyline. I love a mob boss kind of theme read and you throw in an alpha Hero, I’m all over that. There were a lot of high notes with Nero and despite the length (it was a tad bit too long for my taste), it was overall a pleasurable read.SummaryElle is a loser and only has one best friend, Chloe. Elle would do anything to protect Chloe, even if that means Elle gets beat up and teased instead of Chloe.Nero is the alpha on [...]

    3.5 Stars, this is going to be an addictive series - it felt very old school New Adult, I liked it :)

    HOLY SH*T! I was told this was gonna be good, but DAMN it wasn't. It was fanfreakingtastic! I'm in love and I need more like RIGHT NOW! Ms. Brianne has got herself a new stalker fan! ;)This book was so not what I was expecting. My buddy read partner read it and told me I had to read it. She said she found "her KA" (KA is my most favorite author) She said she found "her perfect book boyfriend" and that she was staking her claim and she even gave me back the rights to all the KA men she'd previous [...]

    5 well deserved stars!"I plan on making all your wishes come true""I have a lot of wishes," Elle teased."I think you're worth it." - NeroThis is without a doubt one of the best books I read this year and will definitely be on my yearly favorites! Don't ask me why, although I will try to explain so in this review, but let me give you an idea of how I read this in one sitting:This book starts off with Elle, a senior at Legacy Prep, an elite private high school, who's just started her last semester [...]

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