Genesis An unexpected move an unexpected love an unexpected world Essie has been chosen for such a time as this An aspiring journalist Essie Jacobs is your average high school senior a good girl who loves

  • Title: Genesis
  • Author: Bonnie Berman Shores
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook
  • An unexpected move, an unexpected love, an unexpected world Essie has been chosen for such a time as this An aspiring journalist, Essie Jacobs is your average high school senior a good girl who loves superheroes, Joan Jett, Whoppers and classic rock When her mom tells her that they will be moving from Bradford, Massachusetts to the tiny town of Eden, Georgia in twAn unexpected move, an unexpected love, an unexpected world Essie has been chosen for such a time as this An aspiring journalist, Essie Jacobs is your average high school senior a good girl who loves superheroes, Joan Jett, Whoppers and classic rock When her mom tells her that they will be moving from Bradford, Massachusetts to the tiny town of Eden, Georgia in two weeks, the normally logical teen freaks out Her life is mapped out, after all, and it doesn t include a move to some hick town in the South When the inevitable happens, however, her expectations of a boring summer are pleasantly dashed when she meets Ty Gregory, an irresistibly charming boy from a wealthy family He immediately takes a liking to her and they become inseparable Bored with her routine once school begins, though, the independent Essie decides to get a job at the local nursery where she meets Michael Powers, the boy she had seen in a dream before moving to Eden She learns that Michael s family and Ty s family do not associate, but neither boy will tell her why Essie s curious nature takes her to the internet where she stumbles upon information about the Grigori She s always had a feeling that there was something different about Ty and, when he finally admits that he s a fallen angel, she s anything but scared.

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      471 Bonnie Berman Shores
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    One of my friends found this ebook on Smashwords and downloaded it because it was free and it had a few 5 star reviews. It took me a while to get to it because I was reading a series. Anyway, she was right. This book is great! I love graphic novels and fantasy and mostly love to read the action adventure kind of fantasy with warrior-type female leads, but every once in a while I like to read something sweet and innocent, which is exactly what this book is. It doesn't try to be epic. It just tell [...]

    Genesis introduces us to Essie Jacobs, her family and her friends. And, oh yeah, angels.As a lover of fantasy, I often imagine that any number of creatures actually live and move (disguised) among us. This book makes this a believable reality. And why not? If the Bible is to be believed, Shores provides ample references to prove that angels have been, and possibly continue to be, here on Earth. That fact alone is enough to make this a fascinating read. But Genesis is so much more. It's about the [...]

    Genesis ignited something within my soul that I haven’t felt since reading the Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis or The Golden Key by George MacDonald. Shores’ knowledge of the Bible and use of biblical characters enhance the Christian message, which is woven throughout this beautiful story. I fell in love with the lead character, Essie, and grew deeply concerned about the choices she was making between what she knew in her heart to be right and her escalation of commitment in what was wrong. I fo [...]

    Wow!So, this is the first time I've written a review -- mainly because most of the books I've read already have so many reviews that I don't think mine matters. Not the case with this one. Only a dozen or so reviews, so listen up, fellow paranormal romance loversFirst of all, I read this book in 2 sittings. I didn't start till around 8pm last night and picked it up again right after breakfast. The story was so engrossing I didn't even realize it was ending. I hope the sequel will be released soo [...]

    The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man (possible SPOILERS)A stupid title for a review of a book about angels and demons, you say? Well, wait a second and I'll explain. If you saw both movies, you probably know what I mean. If not, here goes. In Spider-Man, Peter Parker was sullen and boring ─ he never used his abilities to just have fun. In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter did what I personally think any normal person would do he embarrassed the popular jock who had embarrassed him, he caught bad [...]

    No school today what else is there to do but finish a great book?! My friend just read this and downloaded it on my kindle so I wouldn't forget about it. I knew there was a reason she's my best friend! ;) How bad would it suck to have to move for your senior year??? Luckily, Essie meets the dreamy and irresistible Ty within a week of moving to Georgia. Everything about him is swoon-worthy and you, along with Essie, ignore the fact that he is a fallen angel. Sure, she does her homework just as an [...]

    when you choose to rate a book five stars, the option says "it was amazing". that is absolutely true of genesis. i genuinely thought it was amazing. essie, her family, and her friends are characters that you can totally relate to. they do the same things we all do. i read a lot of fantasy books and usually the settings are unreal (hence, fantasy, i guess). this book presents angels among us and makes it believable. i love how the author makes demons lovable and that you hope against hope that th [...]

    An ordinary teen thrown into extraordinary circumstancesat is exactly what happens to Essie Jacobs when her life takes an unexpected turn her senior year of high school. Residing to the fact she is stuck in Georgia, she quickly gets involved with a handsome, charming and impossible to ignore young man who immediately steals her heart. But there is someone else who has been patiently waiting for her affection.Wow! What a thrilling, adventurous, exciting, nail-biting ride Bonnie Shores takes you o [...]

    I'm in love with Ty!!! Why can't real boys ever be as awesome as fictional ones?! "As you wish." If only ;) Genesis is a great read and it's easy to imagine yourself in Essie's place and getting caught up in the excitement of having a boyfriend with supernatural abilities. So what if he's a fallen angel. What does that even mean?! He's into her and she's loving every minute of it. She's kind of "every girl" in that she has realistic struggles but chooses to ignore them (for the most part) and li [...]

    Genesis is the kind of novel I couldn't put down.For me, the characters came to life & jumped right off the pages. I loved that they took on personalities everyday people can relate to. I am intrigued with the romance laced throughout the story and found myself closing my eyes to imagine the romantic settings being described. I was very impressed with the way the author took the time inserting a wide range of details from Whoppers (candy) to Biblical quotes (I could actually look up and lite [...]

    Yes!!! Finally, a YA novel with Christian values that doesn't come off as preachy. Essie is a high school senior who hasn't conformed to the patterns of this world -- she's not having sex (although I think she struggles with that desire after meeting Ty), she's smart and she speaks her mind. She wants to do the right thing, like being there for her mom and siblings, but she also wants to step out of her ordinary life sometimes. She's smitten with Ty but acknowledges who (and what) he is and she [...]

    The Author Really Knows Her Stuff!Genesis has a creative plot and smart writing, particularly when it comes to the history of angels. Shores knows her stuff. Her facts come straight from the Bible and various Apocryphal writings and she weaves these facts expertly into her story.Although the premise is that angels and demons really do exist and are hiding in plain sight, the plot is believable and refreshingly different. The main characters are well-developed, multi-dimensional and likeable. The [...]

    Let me just say, I inhaled this book! I couldn't put it down! I am salivating for the next book! (Get writing Mrs. Shores!) I LOVED Essie! Great female lead character (unlike so many others I have read) and I have a few issues with Ty! But I will have no spoilers here and will write a more in-depth review after reading it again, and slower. I got so into it and read it in 3 days! At Disney World! Must slow down and savor

    This is my first review, so I'm not sure exactly what to say. So I'll just say that I really loved this book because it made my heart happy and I didn't want it to end.

    loved it!!!!! did not want it to end so anxious for the next book I hope Essie wakes up and sees Ty for who he really is. she should be with Michael [swoon].

    This book was very juvenile. I wouldn't waste my money or time. Very cliche. I never even finished it because it didn't capture my attention.

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