Lessons From a Courtesan

Lessons From a Courtesan

Lessons From a Courtesan Lesson Every man loves a mysteryA scandalous siren called Ria has electrified the ton Every gentleman in London desires her every woman envies her And they are all desperate to know the secrets of t

  • Title: Lessons From a Courtesan
  • Author: Jenna Petersen
  • ISBN: 9780061138140
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Lesson 1 Every man loves a mysteryA scandalous siren called Ria has electrified the ton Every gentleman in London desires her every woman envies her And they are all desperate to know the secrets of the tantalizing, seductively beautiful courtesan All except Justin, the Earl of Baybary He knows all about Ria He learned every inch of her tender skin, every taste oLesson 1 Every man loves a mysteryA scandalous siren called Ria has electrified the ton Every gentleman in London desires her every woman envies her And they are all desperate to know the secrets of the tantalizing, seductively beautiful courtesan All except Justin, the Earl of Baybary He knows all about Ria He learned every inch of her tender skin, every taste of her luscious lipson their wedding night.Lesson 2 No man can make you lose controlunless you let himThough theirs was an arranged marrige, still Victoria surrendered to passion and gave herself to Justin completely When he left her alone the next morning, she swore she would never again let him into her bed Now, though she has other reasons for returning to the city, she enjoys tormenting Justin, letting him see the way other men lust for her But keeping herself from him is such exquisite tortured forgiveness will lead to an ecstasy unbelievably divine.

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    The gentlemen of London are abuzz over Ria, the most sought after courtesan in all of England. The gossipmongers say she comes from the countryside where a soldier taught her many foreign sex practices and now has come to town looking for a new protector. Ria is really Victoria Talbot, the Earl of Baybary's wife. She hasn't seen Justin in three years, ever since he took her maidenhead on their wedding night and left her alone in the countryside at one of his estates. Their marriage was one of co [...]

    Didn't care for Justin's attitude toward his wife and Victoria always willing to fall into Justin's arms after all he's done in the past.

    Unfortunately, this book didn't live up to expectations. The plot was interesting but somehow, as the story progressed, it went downhill. As much as i liked the characters, there were some scenes that makes me really wanna smack them. Repeatedly. So darn frustrating!Like Victoria Talbot for instance. She claims she doesn't want to get entangled with Justin again to avoid being hurt and that he no longer concerns her. But every time he sticks his tongue in her mouth, she melts like butter and all [...]

    This book served as an excellent reminder of why I don't read "bodice-ripper" romances anymore. When it turned up on my recommendation list (Visual Bookshelf), the premise seemed to be outside the usual dreck. Victoria Talbot is an abandoned wife who leaves her country home for London, seeking a friend who has disappeared. Victoria assumes the identity of "Ria," a courtesan, to try and find her friend who had announced her intention to enter that lifestyle.Well, it fairly quickly turned out to b [...]

    Durante toda la historia estuve con la ligera impresión de que ya había leído este libro, y aunque ya lo termine sigo con la duda :P en todo caso me gusto la historia aunque el final fue tan rápido que si hubiera parpadeado me lo hubiera perdido, ademas no se sentí que la historia le falto un epilogo que contara que paso después de esa noche Quede con varias preguntas sobre que paso con los personajes secundarios que acompañaban a Justin Y victoria.

    Leído en Junio 2009INGLATERRA , 1812PROTAGONISTAS: Justin, el Conde de Baybary y Victoria TalbotArgumento:Lección 1: Todo hombre ama un misterio.Una vampiresa escandalosa llamada "Ria" electrificó a la nobleza londinense . Cada caballero en Londres la desea; cada mujer la envidia. Y todos ellos están desesperados por saber los secretos de la seductora y bella cortesana . Todos excepto Justin, el Conde de Baybary. El sabe todo sobre Ria. El ha conocido cada centímetro de su sedosa piel , el [...]

    I really wanted to like this bookBut it just never came together Arranged marriage by blackmail from brides father (unknown to bride)et said groom a month before u marry and then consummate ONCE said marriage groom abandons u for three years sowing his many wild oatsbut u have so much lust and could it be LOVE??? MY DEAR AUTHOR u author u ask too much of my foolish pride!! This could have been a great story a grand sweeping saga of angst and turmoil With major rogue retribution and a heroine get [...]

    Wow. Yepjust, wow! What a plot! What awesome characters! Everything that should ever be "right" with a romance novel hit home in this book, no doubt! First of all, the plot; defiantly, in it's nature, unique. Forced into a marriage with the enemy of his family, Justin Talbot does marry Victoria, but literally ditches her on their wedding night. Telling her to her face he has no intention of having a true marriage, but one only in name, Justin skedaddles for three whole years, touring the Contine [...]

    The book begins with a short prologue the night before the wedding of Victoria and Justin, Earl of Baybary's arranged marriage. A very hot wedding night follows. The story never bogs down from there.Good characterization for the leads and everyone else. Victoria is a woman with spunk and backbone. Justin is a man with secrets that war with his mind and heart and his view of this marriage and relationship with Victoria. Consequently, the damaging secrets kill any chance at a genuine marriage and [...]

    Petersen gets the sex out of the way quickly, marrying her protagonists off in the opening chapter -- the main story takes place a few years later, when Justin, Lord Baybary, discovers that Victoria, whom he abandoned to their country estate after their wedding night, is running around London pretending to be a courtesan. Since they're already married, by the conventions of the romance genre they can have all the sex scenes they want (and do) while trying to suss out each other's secrets althoug [...]

    One of my favorite romance books, in fact it's also on my list of re-reads. It has all the elements of a normal historical romance in this time period- dukes, carriages and such but this one somehow stood out to me. Perhaps because the whole "virgin" fall in love, marriage and children sequence was a little out of order. There is so much truth behind a husband who doesn't want to commit to his simple wife and instead leaves her only to come back finding her completely changed. The story line was [...]

    Langweilig. Justin muss Victoria heiraten, da er von ihrem Vater erpresst wird. Nach der Hochzeitsnacht macht er sich jedoch davon. Nach 3 Jahren erkennt er auf einem Ball seine Frau wieder, die als Kurtisane berühmt ist. Tja und hier beginnen die Probleme des Buches: Einerseits soll Victoria Kurtisane/Geliebte sein, andererseits ist sie komplett schüchtern und hatte natürlich nie etwas mit einem anderen Mann, denn das wäre ja gegen die Gesetze von Romance. Das ist schizophren und funktionie [...]

    I liked it ,I have read better but I have also read a lot worse. The plot summary has been done perfectly by other reviewers so I will just add my opinion.The book opens on Victoria and Justin's wedding night, he beds her gets up and leaves. Then 4 years after dumping her, when justin sees her again he is instantly feeling jealousy and desire and love??. This while he still hasn't said a dozen words to her or got to know her. I just didn't get it? Apart from that the book is an ok read and the u [...]

    This book was delicious and hot. The title should have been "Lessons to the Courtesan" because her husband taught her over and over and over. I like this book better than the book right after it called "A Scoundrel Surrender" with Caleb. This book was much more developed and engaging. The storyline was interesting also, I wanted to know if the friend was still alive and if the creepy guy got a hold to her. Great Read and HOT book cover. This book made me want to run out and get a bed with bed po [...]

    New author for me, not bad at all. The hero is blackmailed into marrying the heroine, consumates the mariage and then goes off for three years. She gets a life in the meantime and they meet up when she is masquerading as a courtesan in an effort to find out what happened to a friend of hers who came to London as a courtesan and disappeared. Of course the likelihood of a lady continuing to associate with a courtesan is pretty much zilch, but the story works despite this.

    Marah is annoying. I would pee on her. That's how much I can't stand her. As for Victoria, she's obnoxious. She hasn't seen Justin in 3 years and "apparently" can't stand him, but he touches her big toe and she's swept away by desire with weeping lady petals and rock hard nipples. #sparemeAlso, these "Lessons from a Courtesan" clearly is supposed to be ironic as Victoria DOES THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

    Justin is blackmailed into marrying Victoria by her father. Her father has info that proves Justin's brother is not Justin's legitimate brother and Justin wants to protect Caleb. Justin has one night with Victoria and leaves her for 3 years, only to run into her in London when she is there to pose as a courtesan to try and find her missing courtesan friends (chloe) who has disappeared. Very readable book. 4 1/2. I reread this book in Jan 2012 and liked it again!

    Hero with no redeeming qualities unless you count adept in bed. I threw down the book in rage. Waste of money. Don't do it. If you must do it, get it from the library. He just doesn't deserve whatever redemption he may get by the end of it. His awfulness isn't even interesting pathological, it's just run of the mill egocentrism. And the heroine buys into it all, wants to be worthy of his love anyway. I sincerely doubt he's capable of the kind of love that's more than possessiveness and lust.

    Very simple writing. I almost put the book down 4 timesrmanently. I just couldn't follow the sentences after reading other authors. I'm glad I did finish the book. It moves alongot is entertaining, but not quite believable to me. If you want a fast read (print is huge) and you have this book already in your possession then I would give it a go. This author does have promise.This author writes under a different name as well=Jess Michaels.

    I really like Petersen's style of writing and dialogue in this book. The premise of this one is really stretching the bounds pretty thin, but in the end she writes good characters, great dialogue, and really hot sex, which is a hard combination not to like. This is my least favorite book of hers so far, and I still give it a four.

    3.5 Stars. I really want to like this book, but it just didn't work for me. Justin was closed-off and rather hostile through at least 3/4 of the book. All that the characters seem to share was sensual passion. I just didn't buy it. Also, the story ended too abruptly. I am looking forward to better books from Jenna Petersen.

    If Chloe could write to her lover while in hiding, why couldn't she write to her friends to say she was safe? Victoria and Marah risked being raped and killed trying to find their 'best friend' who selfishly disappeared without letting them know she was going into hiding. And she was safe the whole time anyway. So not worth it.

    I don't know about this one. It wasn't necessarily badly written, but it lacked a gripping plot and the tension between the protagonists seemed forced, almost farcical. No steamy love scene can compensate for that.

    Jenna Peterson's talent amazes me. With so few Historical authors out there, and few willing to push the sexual wire, Ms. Peterson is setting a new trend. You will love reading Courtesan and have difficulty putting it down. So don't have dinner on the BBQ, or it is bound to burn.

    I loved the situation in the story; there was plenty of natural conflict between the two main characters, plenty of reasons they shouldn't want to be together, and yet the attraction was well-described and realistic, too. This is Petersen at her best.

    A really nice story, but the hero should check out his feelings sooner and be a bit more trusting.But anyway, there is the spark between them (but you shouldn't forgive him everything THAT easily)

    This was a steamy novel about Victoria abandoned by her husband Justin, the Earl of Baybury, then shows up in London as notorious courtesan Ria. It had a good plot and action moved right along but I wish she had more backbone and he did more groveling.

    Not at all what I was expecting from the summary. Bit of a disappointment really. I think it had tons of potential but was executed poorly.

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