Keeping Mr. Right Now

Keeping Mr. Right Now

Keeping Mr Right Now A temporary agreement neither could keep Brainy organized Sophie Birch is no beach bunny In fact she s totally out of her element among the sun bronzed crowd at a film festival in beautiful White St

  • Title: Keeping Mr. Right Now
  • Author: Robin Bielman
  • ISBN: 9781633750562
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
  • A temporary agreement neither could keep Brainy, organized Sophie Birch is no beach bunny In fact, she s totally out of her element among the sun bronzed crowd at a film festival in beautiful White Strand Cove When a surf lesson introduces her to Zane Hollander, suddenly she s up close and personal with the world s sexiest surf star But what can a great looking, experiA temporary agreement neither could keep Brainy, organized Sophie Birch is no beach bunny In fact, she s totally out of her element among the sun bronzed crowd at a film festival in beautiful White Strand Cove When a surf lesson introduces her to Zane Hollander, suddenly she s up close and personal with the world s sexiest surf star But what can a great looking, experienced athlete possibly see in a klutzy out of towner who s never set foot in the ocean Zane Hollander s playboy reputation has never been a problem until recently Now his management team wants him on his best behavior to entice a meaningful new sponsor Sophie Birch is the perfect girl to help reform his image She s genuine and respected and their relationship is purely fictional But the Sophie blooms under the beachy sun, the Zane knows he ll just break her heart Because nothing s important to Zane than following the tide.

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    A hot surfer. A beautiful California coastal town. A nice, believable romance. What more could I possibly want?

    Definition. Mr. Right Now.a man described as the ideal romantic partner but who isn't seeking commitment.Aka Zane Hollander. Keeping Mr. Right Now is a perfect addition to the Lovestruck imprint. Sweet meets sexy and I can officially say I've been Zaned. Our sexy rider of the waves has the opportunity of everything he's worked for coming to fruition, but he needs to reign in his playboy ways. The local film festival is the ideal opportunity and plants him in the path of event organiser Sophie Bi [...]

    4 - Live a little Stars!The first book in the Kisses in the Sand series offers up a perfect balance of romance between a couple that on the surface couldn’t be more different.I loved introverted Sophie and extrovert Zane, together they seemed to push the other to move from their comfort zones to push their boundaries in an effort to experience and be more. Zane has deeply ingrained issues with self-esteem, and because of that believes he is unworthy of having someone as smart and knowledgeable [...]

    Keeping Mr. Right Now is an absolute keeper!I loved everything about this story. The heroine, Sophie, is smart, slightly awkward, and, like a lot of women, doesn’t see anything extraordinary when she looks in the mirror. UN-like a lot of “ugly duckling” stories, she’s not maddeningly self-critical—she’s just always considered her brains to be her primary asset. World champion surf-god, Zane, a/k/a “Mr. Right Now,” is everything Sophie’s not—outgoing, athletic…comfortable we [...]

    Oh how I LOVED this book! Such incredible characters and a story that moves along at a great pace! Zane is outgoing and charismatic but slightly broken, Sophie is shy and reserved but trying desperately to put herself out there. Together they are magic! Plan your day to read this book because once you start you won't want to put it down. I HIGHLY recommend this one.

    This sweet and sexy story is a wonderful addition to the Entangled Bliss Red Hot line and features the romance between Sophie and Zane. Sophie is an event organizer who has come to White Strand Cove to help with a local film festival. There she meets Zane, surf-god extraordinaire who is out to improve his image in order to have his philanthropic desires taken seriously. Having Sophie as his date will make him look serious about his plans, but neither counts on their mutual attraction to each oth [...]

    3.5 sweet stars!Zane Hollander is a world-famous surfer with a bad boy reputation. Sophie Birch is a brainy and organized young woman who comes to White Strand to further her new career as an event organizer. Zane is pursuing a spokesperson gig but before he can even begin to entertain the idea, he must clean up his bad boy image. Enter Sophie. She wasn't the type of girl he hangs out with but she's respected and safe. Just the kind of girl that could convince the non-profit organization Zane is [...]

    Zane is a superstar in the surfing world, hot and popular. When he gets to be an ambassador to the largest non profit organization, he needs immediately to change his bad boy image. So what a better idea to have the perfect shy girl at his side?When Zane meets Sophie, he sees a woman the opposite of him, from a totally different world. Sophie is called by everyone a homebody, a brainiac, a plain girl. Soon though he discovers that she is more than that. She is a woman sweet, genuine, compassiona [...]

    4.5 starsAnother great read by Robin Bielman, Keeping Mr Right Now was a very entertaining and fun read.I truly enjoyed reading Zane and Sophie's love story.Loved both Zane and Sophie, I found myself connecting with them both especially Sophie and her insecurities. Loved how these two people started off as total opposites, one full of confidence yet hiding the mental scares left by his fathers words, the other having no confidence and a very low opinion of herself because of her upbringing and t [...]

    What a beautifully sweet story! Sophie and Zane (whose name I love) were such a refreshing couple. I loved the bond they built and getting to know each other. There were some cute little parts that had me smiling. There were funny phrases where you could see Sophie saying/thinking things, like really, "really" for added emphasis or like I use in normal conversation. Haven't really read that in a book before, very cute. Sophie to me is so relatable. I felt like the nerdy uncool wallflower in scho [...]

    What do you consider your greatest asset? Sophie believes it is her brains, because she is not a beach bunny, not a snow bunny, not the girl that guys fall all over. Taking a job to prove her worth as an event coordinator, becomes more than a mental test for Sophie as she meets the hot and handsome, bad boy surfing machine that is Zane. What could these two possibly have in common? Turns out they both have insecurities and pasts that have left their mark, but neither seems to wallow in their own [...]

    Another delightful read from this talented author! I love how she develops her characters, making them feel like someone you know well and can relate to. In this case the heroine is Sophie Birch who has left her studies into how the brain works to become an event organiser. She wasn’t supposed to be in charge of this event but her boss is unable to do it because of injury so now is her chance to show just what she is capable of. The only problem is that, although an extremely bright young lady [...]

    Well that just warmed my heart and made me feel all kinds of good inside. Talk about opposites attract! SO the writing was really well done. I read the book in just one afternoon. That should tell you something. As characters in a book go, I think both Zane & Sophie were people you can relate to. ANd that says a lot about Robin Bielman's style and character development. The story could have gone to the 'cheesy' side very easily, but it didn't. It was very fun loving and nice to read. My only [...]

    The words I would use to describe this book was fun, sweet, sexy and romantic. I loved really loved this book. I loved the characters. I loved getting to see Sophie develop as a character learning to be a little more confident and to speak out. I loved that there was a dual POV for both Zane and Sophie. One thing I would really like to see is Honors side and seeing whats her story. Overall this book was very well written with never any dull moments. Its a great summer book so you lovely readers [...]

    *ARC recieved by netgalley and the publisher in exhcange for an honest reivew* This is 212 pagesTake off your dress. Leave the pumps on. Lie down with your hands above your head, dont move oh sweet sugar snaps!Im a vanilla guynuh-uh there is nothing ordinary about you oops you meant the shakeYou let me know when you are ready to discover my other flavors and ill deliver This is a story about Sophie whos socially awkward/shy because she believes she is because people say she isThis is also about [...]

    I’ve been Zaned and you will too by the end of this book. This is yet another book by this author that I loved and another book boyfriend to add to my crush list. Zane is totally chocka and swoon worthy.This book was so much fun to read. It grabbed me from the first page and left me with a big fat smile on my face and a happy sigh with the ending.Zane, Zane, Zane. International pro-surfer, playboy, all round good guy and total hunk. One who is in desperate need of an image makeover to impress [...]

    I just had the pleasure of following along as something magical happened in the small beach community of White Strand Cove. The Strand is one of those places that makes you feel at home. It's my perfect image of a small beachfront community. A place where the community doesn't just look out for one another. They look out for everyone! The secondary characters had the same lasting impression on me as Sophie and Zane. Honor, Bryce, Danny, and the rest of the Strand's community are fabulous complem [...]

    Five Stars to Robin Bielman for her great summer read Keeping Mr. Right Now. It's a perfect read to lounge by the pool or beach and take your mind off of whatever is bothering you as it is the carefree writing and theme of the novel will whisk you away to a whole other world. After Sophie literally falls at the feet of the Surfing's world version of "David Beckham", she is thrown into the world of Zane Hollander. After the quick connection and instant chemistry and some encouragement from others [...]

    I loved every chapter, page, and word that this story had to offer. Robin Bielman really blew this one out of the water. See what I did there? There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this story. The characters, the setting, the plot…it was all fantastic! Keeping Mr. Right Now is the perfect romantic beach read, but keep in mind that you’ll need something to cool you down. And I’m not talking about from the suns heat. ;) By the time you finish reading this Red-Hot Bliss book, you’ll [...]

    My thoughts:Zane Hollander stood in profile a few feet away. Sophie's breath caught. Up close, he looked like he'd been carved from the most glorious, most gorgeous stone on the planet. His blond hair was straight, on the longer side and sticking up in GQ messiness. Square jaw, high cheekbones, perfect nose. Then he turned and pierced her with ice-blue eyes that knocked her off-balance.Literally.She tripped over her own feet and face-planted right into the sandEPING MR. RIGHT NOW by Robin Bielma [...]

    What A fantastic read and story very enjoyable and realistic a story that flowed from page to page, Loved the character's of Zane and Sophie love story with great chemistry,He had got a bad boy image that he needs to change with the help of shy Sophie, when he gets to be an ambassador for an non profit organisation,she is totally opposite to him she has got a good home life very close to her parents, He never felt good enough because of how his father treated him and his sister and mother and he [...]

    I have totally been Zaned! And I bet you will be too! Keeping Mr. Right Now by Robin Bielman was beyond adorable and I totally loved it! Zane and Sophie rock, as do all the secondary characters! They all made this story. I fell for the characters right away, and was sad to see the book end. Basically, I was pretty much obsessed with this one from the moment I started. It is the cutest romance and both Sophie and Zane are so quirky. Since this is a series, I am so hoping that Honnor and Bryce are [...]

    I could not put this book down, I was Zaned. Loved the chemistry between these two. Zane, surfer dude who felt like he could never please his family and Sophie, brainiac who was not very outgoing. Two opposites, that find them selves together to help Zane move forward in his career. A fake relationship that moves forward to a fling and more. One of my favorite quotes, "She connectedd with Zane in ways that went beyond the need to touch each other". The next time I play "Go Fish" I might have a s [...]

    Super-sexy surfer hero? Check. Adorable heroine? Check. Chemistry, dreamy setting, happy ending? Check, check, check. I am a big fan of Robin Bielman and this book is my favorite of hers so far. A little sexy, a lot sweet, I enjoyed turning the pages and falling in love right alongside Zane and Sophie, two externally different people with commonalities tucked away inside their hearts. Great romantic read!

    I really loved this book. It was a nice weekend romantic read and kept me interested the entire time, you just can't help but fall in love with the characters. Zane is one of those guys that women dream about. Even though he's a professional surfer, he's never forgotten where he comes from and he never forgets his fans; especially the children. Every time a child came up to him my heart melted. He's just (for the most part) and all around good guy that any girl would love to bring home to her pa [...]

    4.5 starsI loved this story!! I went into this book knowing anything about the author or her books. And I fell in love. Sometimes you need a good romance to make your day better. Zane is a superstar in the surfing world. He is one of the best. Needless to say girls throw themselves at him and he does not turn them down. Not one of them. Zane has a pretty good reputation for being a ladies man and partying all the time . Now a big new sponsor wants him, but are hesitant because of his reputation. [...]

    Loved it! Sophie is sweet and smart but lacking in confidence with the opposite sex. When she is on a working vacation, she meets Zane Hollander, sexy surf star. Zane is the opposite of Sophie, always in the public eye and has a certain reputation with the ladies. Sophie quickly makes friends with Holly, who pushes to break out of her shell, have a good time and enjoy Zane as her "Mr. Right Now" while she's in town. It was nice to see them evolve from friends to lovers slowly. There is more to Z [...]

    Smart yet single Sophie Birch has never even stepped foot in the ocean when she gets the assignment organize a film festival for one of the top surfers in the country: Zane Hollander. Zane's repuation preceeds him as he has long history of seduction of women who've been "Zaned" and his PR team needs him to clean up his act to attract a new sponsor. When Zane meets Sophie he enlists her to help his image and as he spends time with her he realizes what's missing from his life. The beach setting is [...]

    Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really loved Wild About Her Wingman but unfortunately this latest offering from Robin Bielman wasn't for me.There was zero chemistry between Zane and Sophie and they just didn't work for me as a couple. The connection between them was forced and I honestly didn't see what Zane saw in Sophie and vice versa. Additionally, their hang-ups about their past seem to have been created and thrust on them in an effort to make the characters [...]

    When I saw the name Robin Bielman I knew right off that this was going to be a sweet, funny, romantic read and I was not disappointed. The characters are likeable and I do like it when the Brainy girl gets the jock. Curl up in a comfy spot with a warm drink and escape with Keeping Mr. Right Now A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review

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