Nieuw begin

Nieuw begin

Nieuw begin Evie Blanchard is een uitstekende fysiotherapeut en heeft een heerlijk leven in Los Angeles maar als ze een tragische gebeurtenis te verwerken krijgt merkt ze dat het haar niet meer lukt haar beroep

  • Title: Nieuw begin
  • Author: RaeAnne Thayne Titia van Schaik
  • ISBN: 9789461999290
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • Evie Blanchard is een uitstekende fysiotherapeut en heeft een heerlijk leven in Los Angeles, maar als ze een tragische gebeurtenis te verwerken krijgt, merkt ze dat het haar niet meer lukt haar beroep uit te oefenen Ze besluit het roer drastisch om te gooien ze verhuist naar het kleine plaatsje Hope s Crossing, gaat daar in de kralenwinkel werken en neemt een hond Het bEvie Blanchard is een uitstekende fysiotherapeut en heeft een heerlijk leven in Los Angeles, maar als ze een tragische gebeurtenis te verwerken krijgt, merkt ze dat het haar niet meer lukt haar beroep uit te oefenen Ze besluit het roer drastisch om te gooien ze verhuist naar het kleine plaatsje Hope s Crossing, gaat daar in de kralenwinkel werken en neemt een hond Het blijkt een goede beslissing, want langzaam maar zeker lukt het haar de draad van haar leven weer op te pakken.Dan wordt haar zwaar bevochten gemoedsrust verstoord Brodie Thorne, een zakenman uit Hope s Crossing, wil dat ze zijn dochter helpt Taryn heeft een zwaar ongeluk gehad, en Evie heeft de expertise in huis om haar weer aan het lopen te krijgen Met veel tegenzin geeft ze toe, op voorwaarde dat ze er maar een paar weken in zal investeren Maar in die paar weken hecht ze zich aan Taryn en tot haar grote schrik ook aan Brodie

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    If you are a sap like me you may need a couple of tissues. There are some really tear jerking spots in the book. Nothing horrifying, I promise. The book is well written, you get a good feel of the characters. Well rounded characters I guess you could say. The plot has three main characters. Evie, currently a beading jewelry artist. However, two years ago she had a career as a physical therapist. Taryn, an accident survivor, and lastly her father Brodie, a successful business man. Evie and Brodie [...]

    Now that's more like it! I had feared, based on the disappointment with the first in the series, that I wouldn't like these earlier books in Hope's Crossing. This book, book two, thoroughly dispelled that concern. This had everything I like about RaeAnne Thayne's books with the added bonus of some elements that struck very close to home for me on a personal level. It's a shame that you really need to read the first book before this one if only because the events in it play such a pivotal role.Ev [...]

    This is a sweet story about redemption, forgiveness, healing and love. As a fan of these types of romances I am happy to say that this is the perfect read for a stormy night. I was able to forget about the storm around me and come to love the people of Hope’s Crossing.Woodrose Mountain is about a woman named Evie who after a personal crisis leaves her job as a physical therapist and becomes a beader in the small town of Hope’s Crossing. It is there she meets Brodie who desperately needs her [...]

    Looks like a cute small town romance, but parts of it are a little dark. I liked the romance, though I wish more time had been spent on it. There just wasn't enough Evie and Brody together to make their love fully satisfying. Though I really liked their scenes together. And moving from their misconceptions of each other to appreciating and loving their differences. I also liked them individually. Though I do wish Evie hadn't caved to the emotional blackmail. It bothered me that Katharine, who kn [...]

    We met Evie Blanchard in the first book of the series Blackberry Summer. She works for Claire in the bead shop but before she came to Hope's Crossing she lived in Los Angeles and was a very successful physical therapist. After a very emotional year there she sought refuge in the relaxed pace of Hope's Crossing. She is shocked when her friend Katherine who knows her history asks her to help with her granddaughter Taryn's rehabilitation. Taryn was injured in a accident the shook up the whole town. [...]

    Forgiveness, redemption and giving back to others to help deal with your own troubles are the underlying themes of this second light romance in the Hope's Crossing series by RaeAnne Thayne. Evie Blanchard works in the beading store with Claire (from BLACKBERRY SUMMER) but she's actually a physical therapist. A tragedy in her past has caused her to forgo that path for her own emotional security. But when single dad, Brodie, begs her to take over his 15 year old daughter, Taryn's therapy, Evie is [...]

    Woodrose Mountain by RaeAnne Thayne is a HQN publication and was released in March of 2012. This is the second book in the Hope's Crossing series.Evie has moved from L.A. to Hope's Crossing after a terrible blow. She was a physical therapist and now her heart just isn't in it anymore. She now host arts and crafts fairs and does bead work in her little store. But, a terrible car accident involving a car load of teenagers and drunk driving has left Hope's Crossing in mourning. One girl is dead and [...]

    Very emotional book. Evie left Los Angeles and her job as a physical therapist when the emotions involved in one of her cases got too hard to handle. She came to Hope's Crossing at the urging of a friend and has found a sense of peace while she works at the local bead store. She has put her life as a physical therapist behind her until Brodie comes to her asking for help with his daughter. Taryn was in a terrible accident that left her unable to move or speak easily, and has been refusing to coo [...]

    You will find this entire review at Forever Book Lover.This is the second book in the Hope's Crossing series, have you had a chance to read my review on the first book, "Blackberry Summer"? This book starts off right where the other ended. The town is still recovering from the tragic car accident. One of the victims in the accident is Taryn. She was badly injured, and she is finally coming home. If you read the summary above, you know that her dad will settle for nothing but the best for her rec [...]

    A tragic accident leaves Brodie Thorne’s teenage daughter, Taryn, in a wheelchair. She has the enormous task of learning how to do the simple things in life all over again. Brodie seeks the help of Evie Blanchard, a top physical therapist who recently moved from the big city to the small town of Hope’s Crossing. However, he’s stunned when Evie turns his offer down.Evie left Los Angeles and her job after having to deal with her own personal tragedy and she no longer wants to deal with the u [...]

    STARSIt is a sweet tender book. Made me cry and laugh, and end with a smile.Evie Blanchard loves her new town called Hope' Crossing and her job working in a bead shop. Evie also goes to craft fairs and part of each sell goes to a scholarship fund. What Evie doesn't do his physical therapy even though she is licened in Colorado.Brodie Thorne life has taken a bad turn. He almost lost his daughter. Taryn was in a bad accident that put her in a coma with brain injurie while another teen lost her lif [...]

    This book is a sequel to Blackberry Summer, which I reviewed a few months ago. Taryn was one of the kids hurt in the accident which happened in that book, but you do not have to have read it to enjoy this one. The book takes us through rehab after a major incident; both the rehab of Taryn's body and the rehab of Evie's heart. The mystery person from Blackberry Summer is back, and if this person is who I think s/he is, I'd love to read his/her story--I'd like to read it even if my guess is wrong. [...]

    Finally, a romance story that's right up my alley! I love romance. I think most of us do. I always get sidetracked and frustrated when the romance is disrupted by lurid sex scenes. There's a huge difference between love and lust and, sadly, I fear most writers don't see the difference. That's not true of RaeAnne. Not only did she provide me with an intriguing story, she provided me with characters that I could care about and a romance that was sure and true. I didn't even have to skip any pages [...]

    While I liked the first book, and its couple Riley and Claire, I think I like this book a little bit more and especially its couple Brodie and Evie. And their many, many flaws and how they learn to overcome it. All the while, a possible romance between them?I also liked that this one is more focus on the plot, while it does have its romance elements to it. I don't know what else to say really but that this was a pretty good installment in the series so far and I look forward to read the next boo [...]

    This was a good story but I didn't care for the writing style; five pages about walking in the door with description of every little thing and every single thought and dialogue of 'come in'. I starting skimming early, reading only the dialogue finished book quickly that way. Brodie asks Evie to do physical therapy with his brain-damaged daughter but she balks because of a past experience.

    soooo i read Sugar Pine Trail and thought it was cute and wanted to read the start of the series. turns out the Caine's started in the hope's crossing series and not the haven point series.ok the entire hope's crossing series was like a hallmark movie with a lil nicholas sparks thrown in. cuz in hallmark there is not as much bad stuff going like folks dying and whatnot, nick sparks likes death or dismemberment or some awful tragedy.i enjoyed the hope's crossing series for that hallmark feel. the [...]

    Hope's Crossing #2 Woodrose Mountain was excellent!!! Evie, a physical therapist meets Brodie. Brodie has a teenage daughter who gets in a serious car accident. Taryn is a typical teen who thinks her life is over, bit Evie sees the potential to be better. Evie introduces the teen responsible for the accident. Brodie is very mad. Taryn connects with him. They make tremendous progress. Evie and Brodie get close.Taryn thought the accident was her fault. The teen talks to Taryn and together, both of [...]

    Cute! Took me forever for some reason but really good. I love her writing even though it gets repetitived frankly the same goes for the characters and backstories. Everyone in this town has an incredibly tragic history and I don’t think she’s done AS good of a job fleshing those out like she did in the Haven Point series. However, I did like Brodie and Evie and Taryn. Solid story overall! I’m spacing these out a bit more so I don’t get burnt out like I started to with the last series.

    Evie Blanchard moves to Hope’s Crossing to heal from a past she doesn’t want to relive, even in her memories. When Brodie Thorne insists she’s the answer for his injured daughter’s future, will Evie forego her own happiness to heal a child? In truth, can an entire town heal by example?Evie Blanchard's emotional past has driven her to find employment as anything other than a physical therapist. She moves to Hope's Crossing and works at a bead store owned by Claire Bradford. Beading become [...]

    this was a marvelous read. it took me from happiness to sympathy to frustrated. it provided a lesson on pressure and loyalty. her books grab my attention and i just get lost in the reading, almost as if I'm in a different reality.

    It was an easy read. I predicted the ending but enjoyed the story leading up to it. Some interesting twists & turns & personalities.

    I always know that I'm in a melancholy mood when I read a romance book and end up walking away from it just as ambiguously as I was when I started it. This book is great. It has some tough things in it and the underlying characters are there. Reluctant MC who is scared of love. Strong love interest who doesn't want to commit Except to her. The mentions of specific beads throughout the book are pretty cool and make me want to take up a new craft (mustn't). I finished this quickly but now I think [...]

    Excellent!This book was an excellent story of love, loss, mistakes and redemption. WHo wouldn't want to move to Hope's Crossing!

    AmazingAs always RaeAnne Thayne delivers a really,really good story.One that will hold your interest from the first page to the last.

    When Evie Blanchard moved to Hopes Crossing, Colorado two years ago, she hoped to leave behind her grief over the death of her adopted daughter, as well as her job as a physical therapist. Living above the local bead store, String Fever, she teaches beading classes and travels on the weekends to art shows selling the jewelry made in the shop. With an eclectic group of local woman around, who usually end up in the workroom of String Fever talking and beading, life is simple and calm, just as Evie [...]

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