Butterflies Wake

Butterflies Wake

Butterflies Wake An underground female mafia rights the wrongs of an unjust society in this gripping story of everyday women taking matters into their own hands where the justice system has failed For many years they

  • Title: Butterflies Wake
  • Author: Arlene Lagos
  • ISBN: 9781499240962
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • An underground female mafia rights the wrongs of an unjust society in this gripping story of everyday women taking matters into their own hands where the justice system has failed For many years they have worked quietly and gone unnoticed by the world in which they live, until one of them goes missing The wrong people start asking questions and before they know it, theyAn underground female mafia rights the wrongs of an unjust society in this gripping story of everyday women taking matters into their own hands where the justice system has failed For many years they have worked quietly and gone unnoticed by the world in which they live, until one of them goes missing The wrong people start asking questions and before they know it, they are in danger of being exposed How will they save one of their own without putting their organization in danger Will they be able to remain a secret

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    **Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for a review.**The premise of the book was what drew me: a female “mafia” out to right the wrongs of society and stand up for those whom the system had failed, those who needed justice but had been denied. So much potential, so little payoff.The two biggest problems are the ones that plague nearly all newly published authors. First rule of writing: Show, don’t tell. Everything happening to the characters, everything they’re feel [...]

    Arlene had me right from the start, and this book never let up. I love when a writer gives their characters real flaws, as well as real talents. Camille is the grandmother everyone wants, but she has a secret! Lexi oh so tough on the outside but with a tender heart and spirit. The no nonsense cop Camille who tries to balance her family with the needs of the Butterflies, and the dysfunctional tech genius Grimes who has turned from a life of crime to the much needed Butterflies as her way of copin [...]

    Being a human punching bag for her alcoholic husband, Ron, had aided in her three miscarriages, Camille Waters believed. Her existence was in hope that she would survive the next blow he threw. And it happened. Fast and furious, his fist connected with her face! She was dying on the front lawn of her home, bloody as a pulp. She was fading in and out of consciousness, vaguely aware of her neighbor, Priscilla Sheehan (a nurse at a local hospital, and Patrick’s mother) carrying her back to their [...]

    REVIEWER: PEN3.0 ON THE MASQ SCALEA group of women dispense justice when justice fails.In a way, it's an all-female version of Criminal Minds. You have Grimes, the techno-geek who takes care of everything computer. Callahan is an actual police officer. Lexi is much like Morgan - a little brains and a little brawn. Camille is the organizer.These women - and others - work behind the scenes when they see injustice, whether it be an abused wife, an abused child or a crooked politician.They're far fr [...]

    When restraining orders, the police, and lawyers don't work, the Butterflies can. The "Butterflies" are women in Camille's underground organization where their purpose is to help women get out of difficult situations. As a private neighborhood watch, Camille and her private detectives set out to investigate suspicious activity and to eliminate domestic violence. "Butterflies Wake" has interesting and believable characters. Camille, Callahan, Grimes, Nadia, and Lexi help women who are stuck in a [...]

    I loved this story! The idea of a woman mafia had me intrigued, and it didn't disappoint. I thought that the story flowed very well, the characters and their back stories were interesting, and the justice done was inspiring. Violence against women is everywhere, and sadly I believe the justice system does fail the victims frequently. This book shows "unique" ways of dealing with the offenders of these crimes, and I loved it!As others have said, some of this story may seem far-fetched, but it's f [...]

    What an amazing story! It is difficult to see how women can fall through the cracks for simply trying to survive and make their lives better. Camille, the main character, is a woman who has earned her stripes through heart-wrenching struggles and in turn, repays the kindness of her rescuer, by helping other women out of difficult situations. From her girls, such as Grimes and Lexi, there is no shortage of suspense and girl power. There was plenty of action, drama and even a few touches of romanc [...]

    This was one must read book. Arlene Lagos is a very talented author with so much to give to her readers. This story is a tale of a group of women who empower other women when the justice system fails them. Lagos not only tackles the subject of domestic violence on women she introduces us to a women's mafia group that is there to help when others turn their back. All of these women are so empowering. I appreciated the honesty of the story. My mother suffered abuse at the hands of my stepfather an [...]

    I have had my head firmly buried in this book for a few days, and have been annoyed when I don’t get the chance to read it when family or other life pressures come up.What a fantastic cast of amazing characters! A female mafia – and what an awesome one at that. I would love to be part of an organisation as robust and forward thinking such as this. Crime and punishment. Taking the law into ones own hands because the law doesn't front up.I really loved the well rounded caste of characters. I l [...]

    This book is just fabulous! The story flows smoothly with words that convey the feelings and thoughts of the characters expertly. At first, the telling of the story in present tense felt odd to me, but then I became so caught up in the action that I barely noticed. I loved the group dynamics, and the backstories of a few of the main characters. Most importantly, though, was the unique punishments and rehabilitation doled out to the miscreants. With a decidedly unusual feminine perspective on vig [...]

    A group of powerful woman from all walks of life and all seeking justice form a vigilante group and right wrongs the system has ignored or can't respond to. All of the Butterflies are women who have been damaged in some way by life but by working together they have become stronger than ever. Fortunately not all men are the enemy. There are sensitive men who work with the Butterflies to right the world's wrongs. But they must be on guard and when their secrets are compromised the Butterflies are [...]

    Worthy of a Movie – and a SequelIf you could stop domestic violence would you? If you could bring justice to the halls of the mighty, would you? The next question is ‘How?” Butterflies Wake answers those questions for one group of women and takes us inside their underground organization, sharing the excitement, methodology and dangers as Camille and her team fight society’s ills where they find them – their own city, neighborhoods and schools. This is an interesting, fast-paced read th [...]

    GIRL POWER ON STEROIDS!"Butterflies Wake" is the ultimate story of turning your life around by helping others. Arlene Lagos has conjured up a secret society of "badass women", all determined to stop others suffering as they have. Little details add humour and make the plot believable. The secret apple pie recipe is simply brilliant! Fast moving and funny - this is Girl Power on steroids!

    BW is more than a book, its a conversation about how this is a time for change. War is being waged on women and they can only win this war if they create an army of their own. This book is tight, well written, has strong characters, several plot twists, and an abundance of imagination. This story aptly describes every members' allegiance aimed at doing well to better society.

    Nothing could be more topical with abuse so prevalent not only in our society but even highlighted this year in professional sports. Violence against women, kids, or anyone kind cannot be tolerated, and in this book Arlene weaves a unique story of very true characters doing the best they can to stop abuse before it can begin, or cause more harm.

    A refreshing and involving read. Arlene has weaved strands together in a masterly way. The unfolding story keeps the attention, and the idea of an underground female force of nature to redeem the evil of the opposite sex is truly engaging. This amazing team of vigilantes flexes the power, strength and moral superiority of women. Go girls!

    An underground female mafia that rights the "wrong" of those that have no voiceJustice should prevail, especially when the justice system is supposed to be advocates for those that need appropriate voice representation. Author Arlene Lagos has come aboard in her book Butterflies Wake to form a group that will represent those that the justice system has remained in apathy towards. Born will be this fictional work where the underground female mafia is created as a voice and action for abused woman [...]

    Was given this book for an honest review.A story with practically an all female cast of characters that come from different walks of life. Whom joined forces and become vigilantes, sticking up for women who were suffering from abuse and needed help. The heroines in this book vary from age to background and all specialize and contribute to the cause? It isn't just like a all female mafia group, they are selfless characters who go above and beyond to bring justice that have slipped through the cra [...]

    This book had potential that it failed to live up to. A world-wide group of women, undercover, set about to right the wrongs of The System. Where the justice system has failed, particularly has failed women, the Butterflies step in. That could have been so cool but the writing was not good. Too many cliches, too many gaps in the story and bad dialog. Too bad really.

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