Desert Rage

Desert Rage

Desert Rage Ferociously ambitious U S Senatorial candidate Juliana Thorsson has been keeping a secret The horrific slaughter of a prominent doctor his wife and their ten year old son inside their Scottsdale hom

  • Title: Desert Rage
  • Author: Betty Webb
  • ISBN: 9781464203114
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ferociously ambitious U.S Senatorial candidate Juliana Thorsson has been keeping a secret The horrific slaughter of a prominent doctor, his wife, and their ten year old son inside their Scottsdale home brings Thorsson to Private Investigator Lena Jones The slain family s 14 year old, Alison, and her boyfriend, Kyle, have confessed to the murders Thorsson wants to hireFerociously ambitious U.S Senatorial candidate Juliana Thorsson has been keeping a secret The horrific slaughter of a prominent doctor, his wife, and their ten year old son inside their Scottsdale home brings Thorsson to Private Investigator Lena Jones The slain family s 14 year old, Alison, and her boyfriend, Kyle, have confessed to the murders Thorsson wants to hire Lena to discover if Alison is telling the truth, but before accepting the job, Lena demands to know why a rising political star wants to involve herself with the fate of a girl she s never met Desperate for Lena s help, Thorsson reveals her explosive secret that Ali son is the candidate s biological daughter, a fact she s kept hidden for years But that s not all Thorsson then confides something even unusual than a mere hidden pregnancy, something that could ruin her political plans forever Suspecting that Alison s parents had secrets of their own that could have led to the murders, Lena finally accepts Thorsson s assignment But interviewing those who knew the family well soon puts Lena now a strong defender of the two teens in danger of her life Fast paced, probing, and filled with the trademark twists of the Lena Jones series, Desert Rage once again shows that Betty Webb is unsparing of her characters yet writes their stories with wit and compassion.

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    I received a free kindle copy of Desert Rage by Betty Webb, published by Poisoned Pen Press from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. I gave this page turner five stars.Desert Rage is a Lena Jones mystery. She is a Scottsdale P.I. partnered with Jimmy Sisiwan, a Pima Indian. She meets the Honorable Juliana Thorsson, a U.S. Congresswoman at her home in Scottsdale, AZ. She was requested not to drive the company jeep because it was too well known. When she arrived the Congresswoman asked her to [...]

    When Betty Webb takes us into Lena Jones' Arizona world, the mysteries are always powerful and disturbing. They blend Lena's own past and her passion for the truth, with a violent contemporary crime in today's Arizona. Desert Rage may be Webb's best so far.The police had already wrapped up the case involving the slaying of the Cameron family by the time Lena Jones from Desert Investigations is called in to reexamine the evidence. A Scottsdale doctor, his wife, and his ten-year-old son were bruta [...]

    This is my first Betty Webb novel and even though this book is not the first book in the Lena Jones Mystery series, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to read the earlier ones to get the back story, but this held up nicely even without that info. Now I did have some problems with this, but nothing that annoyed me so much that I started deducting stars. I liked the characters. The MC was a female private investigator and she was well drawn. She had some solid relationships that helped create a pictu [...]

    Her powerful series, based in part on the knowledge gained during the author’s work as an active reporter in Arizona. That information infuses her novels with a strong feeling of authenticity. Teen aged angst, misunderstandings and over-reaction lead Scottsdale private investigator Lena into a dark place where she must pit her analytical skills and persistence against both official stubbornness and a nearly diabolical adversary.As readers of this series have come to expect, the writing is exce [...]

    I was please to find this as I read this series when I find it. This cozy mystery takes place around the Scottsdale, AZ area. Lena Jones is a PI and her partner is a computer expert. Lena is asked to meet a Senate candidate anonymously. The candidate wants her to investigate a triple murder. A prominent Docter, his wife and 10 year son are found ducted tape and beaten to death. Their 14 year old daughter confessed that she plan the murders. Her boyfriend kill them and he agrees. As Lena investig [...]

    I received a copy of Desert Rage by Betty Webb and did not realize it was part of a series, however I found this to be a delightful murder mystery and will check into her previous books in the series.

    As with all in the series that I have read, I liked this book. Except there is an inconsistent feel to the characters in this book. The prologue reads like it belongs to a different book. Almost as if the plot changed as the book progressed. How can Ali and Kyle be "soul-mates" , he rescues animals but doesn't know she cared about the dog. Also the comment that "because she bit me" doesn't fit anything else about Kyle in the rest of the book.Additionally the relationship between Lena and Juliana [...]

    this lena series is good! her office gets firebombed by a female body builder on steroids after lena had her hummer towed from their parking lot. she was also on the case of a mother father and son that were murdered and the teen daughter and boyfriend were charged. both confessed to take away guilt from the other one, but neither did it. it was the choc family! the dr was the one putting inmates to death on death row and the family was getting revenge when their brother was executed. lena got t [...]

    #8 in the series that takes place in the Southwest and Webb always paints a vivid picture of Arizona and makes you feel like you are there. A very good whodunit with lots of twists and turns till the end of the story.

    Had read this series quite a few years ago. Just discovered the two latest and they keep the tradition with well-thought-out plots, likeable characters, good writing. Glad to have be re-acquainted with Betty Webb and her Lena Jones.

    Good fun with a female PI uncovering all the clues . . . a little facile . . . a touch superficial . . . but a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon . . .

    Private Investigator Lena Jones is summoned to the home of a powerful, demanding Congresswoman Juliana Thorsson. Lena is willing to meet with her, but remains skeptical that she could stand this ambitious woman long enough to work the case no matter what it is. That is until she hears the details of the job Thorsson needs done. A 14-year-old girl and her boyfriend have admitted that they brutally murdered the girl’s family. Her father, mother and 10-year-old brother were slain while eating lun [...]

    Lena Jones works as a private investigator in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her business, Desert Investigations, is a two person operation. She's assisted in her duties by her partner, Jimmy Sisiwan, who is proud of his Pima Indian heritage. Their latest adventures take place in the book Desert Rage, the eighth Lena Jones adventure.The book starts out on an unsettling note, when 14 year old Allison Cameron and her boyfriend Kyle Gibbs take her gravely injured dog Misty to the vet. They are very concerned [...]

    Private investigator Lena Jones never shies away from a difficult case, but this time part of the difficulty is she doesn’t care for her new client, who seems rigid and judgmental. U.S. Senate hopeful Juliana Thorsson has hired Lena to investigate the case of a troubled teenager who confesses to murdering her entire family, with the help of her devoted boyfriend. Juliana’s concern is more than just a politician looking out for the needs of her constituents. She is the biological mother of th [...]

    If you want to read a mystery that gives you a real feel for the Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan areas, you can't do better than Betty Webb. But the setting is merely the icing on a cake that is expertly crafted with equal parts character and plot. Lena Jones is my favorite private investigator, and her partner in Desert Investigations, Pima Indian Jimmy Sisiwan, is more than a mere sidekick. Jimmy keeps the business running-- and tries to keep Lena out of trouble-- while she goes off on her [...]

    Every once in awhile, I figure out the mystery in a whodunnit well before the end of the book. At that point, only the most talented writers can succeed in keeping me fully engaged until the big reveal.Betty Webb managed to do this for me in Desert Rage – anyone who's read any of Ms. Webb's earlier works should not be surprised by this. NOR should it be a surprise to anyone (except this reader) that at the very end, the rug was pulled out from under me and I found out that I had TOTALLY pegged [...]

    I received an ARC of this book from Poisoned Pen Press in return for an honest review. Even though this book is the eighth book in a series and I haven't read any of the other books in the series, I had no trouble understanding the plot or characters. Desert Rage is about a private investigator living in Arizona. She gets a request to work on a case in which a teenage girl and her boyfriend are accused of the brutal murder of the girl's parents and younger brother. The customer doesn't believe t [...]

    As in the previous seven entries in the series, this latest Leno Jones Mystery revolves around a central question. It begins when the Cameron family, father, mother and 10-year-old son, are found brutally murdered, and their 14-year-old daughter. Ali, and her boyfriend, Kyle are arrested for the deed. Each confesses in the mistaken belief that he/she was protecting the other. And thus begins the story which asks the question: What is a mother?Almost immediately, Lena is retained by Juliana Thors [...]

    From page one of Betty Webb’s involving mystery, nothing is ever what it seems. The book pushed all my “I like to read” buttons with strong female characters, an injured Yorkie, and teens in trouble. How can you ignore the opening line of the Prologue: “The first thing Ali saw when she came through the door was the blood. The next things she saw were the bodies. ‘Why’d you kill my dog?’ she asked Kyle.” Why indeed?Webb’s desert series set in Arizona is ripe with delightful inco [...]

    I'm so sorry. This is the first, and only, Lena Jones novel I've read, and I know that it's stupid to start with the eight in a series, but I had to read a novel with a cactus on the cover for a Reading Challenge, so Here we are.All I see here on (and on ) isa lot of 5 stars reviews and I actually started to wonder if I accidentally have got another edition, like the unedited first draft? The language was flat, the characters were kind of one-dimensional and things where told, rather than shown [...]

    Although part of a series about a PI Lena and her partner, Jimmy, who is a Pima Indian, it reads well as a standalone book.It is set in Arizona which is the tribal home of the Pimas and some of their belief systems and heritage are covered in the book. The author also keeps mentioning about how hot it is in Arizona and it would seem from what she has written in the back of one of her other books (yes I read more after this one) that she also lives there, and so speaks/writes from experience!The [...]

    I love books by Betty Webb. The books move along quickly and there are numerous twists and turns. I also learn much about the subject matter and pursue on my own. Would highly recommend all her books.

    I am a huge fan of Betty Webb's Lena Jones mysteries and once again Ms. Webb pens a winner in Desert Rage.Senatorial candidate, Juliana Thorsson hires Lena to look into the brutal murder of a doctor and his family, including his 10 year old son. It seems the couple's 14 year old daughter and her boyfriend Kyle have confessed to the crime. But what is the real reason the congresswoman wants Lena to prove Alison didn't do it? Before Lena accepts the case she wants the truth and when it is revealed [...]

    3 family members are found gruesomely murdered in their upscale Scottsdale home and their pet dog is also beaten, nearly to death. All evidence leads to the surviving teenage daughter and her teenage boyfriend. The boyfriend is a foster child and while the girl has good representation from a lawyer, the boy is left with a public defender. So, when Lena is approached by a House Representative to investigate the case, she initially turns the case down until she hears about the foster boy involved. [...]

    I just devour books in Betty Webb's Lena Jones series. They are well-plotted and well-written. I love the Phoenix setting. Betty obviously knows the area well.This Lena Jones mystery dives right into the story revolving around a prominent doctor and his family who are murdered and the key suspects being their daughter and her boyfriend. The teenage daughter and her boyfriend initially confess to the murders. But is it really that simple? Throw in a US senatorial candidate who is secretly the gir [...]

    Love this, my first Lena Jones mystery by Betty Webb. The action moves well, the characters are vivid, the settings all revolve around Scottsdale, which is where I live that gives an added dimension of bringing this reader into the action. Not a dull moment in the book at all. I have deep interest in political nonfiction and fiction. While the plot is not political, one of the main characters is a politician. Webb demonstrates keen understanding of human nature and of human dynamics at all ages [...]

    We’re participating in the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop and it’s only fitting that our giveaway be for a dark twisty crime thriller. With that in mind, we’ve chosen Desert Rage by Betty Webb. This crime novel is part of the Lena Jones Mystery series; however, I hadn’t read the prior novels in that series and had no problem reading it as a stand-alone book. Ms. Webb’s investigative journalism background serves her well as a basis for developing her thrillers without detracting from the fic [...]

    The book got better and better for me as I read along. At first I thought the novel sensational, with the horrific crime committed against a couple and their young son in their Scottsdale, Arizona home. Then the play of characters came in and I became hooked by the two accused teens, Ali and Kyle; the psychologically damaged but sympathetic ex-foster child turned PI, Lena; her caring partner in detecting, the Native Indian Jimmy; and a host of other intriguing characters connected to Lena's past [...]

    Lena Jones is an unlikely combination of rock-hard-boiled private eye and soft-hearted defender of the underdog. Because of her past hurts she's learned to be tough on the outside, but when a couple of teenaged lovers confess to the brutal killings of the girl's parents and 10-year-old brother, Lena refuses to believe it. She has to be sure that there's not something else going on, and, against their wishes, she sets out to find the real killer, or killers. When Lena makes up her mind to do some [...]

    I enjoyed my first read in the Lena Jones series, set in Arizona. Lena, a well known detective who's all kinds of good (feminist, respectful of ancient Indian religions, kickass) is saught by a conservative female politician (maybe a kind of AZ Sarah Palin?) to uncover the truth of a doctor and his family being brutally slaughtered. Her interest? Years ago, the politician sold her eggs (now a BIG SECRET) and the daughter who has confessed to the murders was one of them. Lena is skeptical of both [...]

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