Found Murder Mystery High School A new Mickey Bolitar novel following on from Shelter and Seconds Away It s been eight months since Mickey Bolitar witnessed the tragic death of his father Eight months of li

  • Title: Found
  • Author: Harlan Coben
  • ISBN: 9781409124511
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murder Mystery High School.A new Mickey Bolitar novel following on from Shelter and Seconds Away.It s been eight months since Mickey Bolitar witnessed the tragic death of his father.Eight months of lies, dark secrets and unanswered questions.As if that wasn t bad enough, Mickey s sopho year of high school brings on a whole new set of troubles Spoon is in hospital, RMurder Mystery High School.A new Mickey Bolitar novel following on from Shelter and Seconds Away.It s been eight months since Mickey Bolitar witnessed the tragic death of his father.Eight months of lies, dark secrets and unanswered questions.As if that wasn t bad enough, Mickey s sopho year of high school brings on a whole new set of troubles Spoon is in hospital, Rachel won t tell him where he stands, his basketball team mates hate him and then there s Ema s surprise announcement she has an online boyfriend and he s vanished.Whilst searching for Ema s missing boyfriend who may not even exist , Mickey gets roped into helping his nemesis, Troy Taylor, with a big problem.All the while, Mickey and his friends are pulled deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Abeona Shelter until the shocking climax, where Mickey finally comes face to face with the truth about his father.

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    The guilt Mickey Bolitar felt over the shocking injury his friend Spoon (real name Arthur) had received would not abate – in hospital and paralysed from the waist down, nevertheless the bedridden boy was cheerful enough. Though Spoon’s parents had forbidden the three friends to visit their son in hospital, when Mickey received the call telling him, Ema and Rachel to come he was surprised and not a little scared about what they might find out about their friend.The four friends were close – [...]

    This book could have been a HUGE mistake. There was - most certainly - the potential for it to displease me on SO many levels (cos, you know it's all about me and my discerning taste?!!).It wasn't until this book popped up in my eReader that I realised:1. It was a YA novel2. It was the THIRD in a series. (And I hate arriving late to a party!)However - I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed this book. Perhaps it's a throwback to my Famous Five, Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew days. Or ma [...]

    The best way I would suggest to punish a person, is to make him/her read this book and snatch away the book before he reaches the climax. The suspense is literally nerve wrecking. I wish that I hadn't skipped the first book in the series. But nevertheless I had finished the second book and picked this up. Mickey Bolitar is back! This time with new objectives, most importantly to discover the truth about his dad. Apart from the superb plot, the characters add more excellence to the book. Rachel, [...]

    Mickey Bolitar is a High School sophomore with a lot on his plate. Along with his school work, his best friend Ema wants Mickey to help her find out what happened to a boy she met online who suddenly stopped contacting her. Mickey is also trying out for the varsity basketball team, but Team Captain Troy Taylor is giving him a hard time. Things are looking up when Troy is kicked off of the team for steroid use and he appeals to Mickey to help him clear his name. On top of this, Mickey and his fri [...]

    Je le recommande pour les funs des romans policiers. --------------------------------------آرلن كوبن روائي أمريكي، له روايات بوليسية عديدة وقد صارت بعضها أفلاما، حسب علمي لم تترجم للعربية بعد.هذه ثاني رواية أقرءها له بعد "ne le dis à personne - Tell no one" والتي أذكر أن تلخيصها شدني في الثواني القليلة التي انصرفت فيها عن أمي وهي [...]

    This review was originally posted on Between My LinesYoung Adult mystery series can be disappointing when you compare them to adult thrillers.  However this one is a bit different, maybe because it is a spin-off from Harlan Coben's adult detective series about Myron.  This series focuses on Myron's nephew Mickey and it's one of the very few YA thrillers that I'd recommend.   If you are a fan of corkscrew twists, then this is one for you! First Line of Found by Harlan Coben: " Eight months [...]

    I am slowly beginning to enjoy the Mickey Bolitar books as much as I enjoyed the Myron Bolitar series. His new series, featuring Myron's nephew Mickey, is another good addition to this second series. Mickey is a high school student who plays a fierce game of basketball much like his uncle. But life hasn't been fair to Mickey. He witnessed a car crash which left his father dead and hos mother, a former tennis pro is in a rehab hospital in California while Mickey lives in NJ, Added to this is the [...]

    I only started this book this morning and I have already finished it. I have read the previous two books in this series this week aswell, I thought as I have them all I will read them all in one go and I am So glad I did. throughout the books a lot of questions were raised however In this final installment many were answered. the only issue was that near the end of the book I had even more questions that needed answering. I hope in the future we have more books including, Micky, Ema and spoon as [...]

    My grade = 75% - CFor anyone familiar with this series, the entire plot of this novel can be described in its title.After I finished reading it yesterday I googled the series in search of what was coming next, but found nothing.Although I enjoyed the entire series, I dropped this one a whole star (or letter grade) because the author left a lot of holes in the story - big holes, very big holes - you could drop houses in these holes and never see them again - big houses, very big houses.I can't ex [...]

    The third book in the Mickey Bolitar series had a lot going on in a short amount of time. There are some definite positives to that. One being it was a quick read that had little fluff and no shortage of action. Another positive is it didn't spend too much time rehashing old details that clogged up the pages. Because of those things, it also felt a little 'light' on the writing and development but seeing as this is the third book in the series, I think Coben is past the point of all of that and [...]

    Boy, that was disappointing for someone who is reading this series only for Myron's appearances and scarce mentions of Win. That being said, I quite enjoy the book. Although The Butcher of the freaking Lodz, of all places, kills my suspension of disbelief every time (which is hardly Coben's fault), I like the scale of problems in that one. It's adequate, it fits and even if the occurring events aren't as dramatic as in "The Shelter", I found them more credible and thereof was more interested in [...]

    This was an excellent end to this mini-series. A large number of issues were investigated and were all resolved in this book. As usual in Harlan Coben's books there were a few twists - some you did see coming and others that came out of left field. I would strongly suggest reading this trilogy of books in quick succession. I have to say the character of Mickey grew on me strongly throughout these books, which was no mean achievement given his role in book 10 of the Myron Bolitar Series. Hopefull [...]

    Found is satisfying in some ways but it leaves way to many loose ends. I have dedicated countless hours into this series and I still have more questions than answers. It is so aggravating. I also am going to bring up that if Mickey Bolitar was ever your son, he'd be a real asshole. He doesn't tell his uncle what he's up to at all and he's getting into constant mischief because he was never given any proper parenting. Although the book left me unsatisfied and it wasn't realistic, I guess I still [...]

    This is the 3rd book of the Mickey Bolitar series. I really enjoyed this series and had to read them in quick succession. I found them very engaging with fascinating characters and plots that twist and turn. This last book had surprises that I never saw coming. Harlan Coben knows how to keep you on the edge with cliffhangers ending every chapter. I hope he is planning more Mickey Bolitar books as they are very addictive. I highly recommend this series and his Myron Bolitar series to those who lo [...]

    I just have to say that I absolutely adore this series.Mickey Bolitar is seeking truth and justice. With the aide of his friends, Ema, Rachel and Spoon, they work to uncover the truth and to bring about justice.What a satisfying end to this third installment in this series. I really wish that Coben would write a follow up to this book because the possibilities are endless and I'm sorry to see it end.

    Given that I am a half-century away from being a YA, I am really not a good judge of an entry in this genre. However, I am a fan of Harlan Coben and I find the Micky Bolitar series just as readable as the Myron Bolitar. There is a difference for sure (less ultra-violence for one!) but the stories rattle along and this one has a wicked twist in the tail, not wholly unexpected for sure.

    I am stunnedspeechless. I started reading this book this morning on the subway & I finished it the same day. This book is a masterpiece, I don't know what else to say. Bravo Mr Coben - you have succeeded in writing another best seller!

    Harlan Coben is the king. This is just another example of how fantastic of an author he is. If you love mysteries and haven't read a Harlan Coben novel, it's time to find one and start.

    "You often hear that you only get one life and that life isn't a dress rehearsal true, but What you're doing right now is life. every moment impacts on the next."GREAT SERIES! Read ALL three.

    I loved this book it almost felt like the end of a trilogy as much as a series book. The characters have developed well over the three books and I look forward to seeing them develop further. The story is engaging and as a YA novel it's an easy quick read. Love this author and love the series.

    This was a really fun series to read. As I said in a previous review, some things were a little unbelievable especially since the main characters were in high school but I still enjoyed the books. I do hope the series continues.

    Decent enough. The first Mickey Bolitar was very good. The second Mickey Bolitar was okay. The ending to found wasn't much of an ending. Don't think i would read any more Mickey Bolitar novels.

    I was so excited to find out that Harlan Coben was writing a YA series featuring the nephew of his acclaimed protagonist Myron Bolitar. I went into this series with high hopes, and was not disappointed.Found is the third installment in the aforementioned series. It is strange to think that it has been almost three years since I read the first book, Shelter, but it's only  been a matter of weeks in-story for Mickey and his new crew. Warning: some info will be spoilery if you have not read the fi [...]

    Advanced reader copy received from publisher (Orion) via NetGalley.Review also published on my blog thebookbrief.I didn’t realised when I got this book that it was part of Harlan Coben’s young adult series - I didn’t even know that he’d turned his writing to the ever-growing young adult genre. I saw that it was number 3 in a series but often crime books have a group of recurring characters throughout the books, but still work as standalone series. With the Mickey Bolitar series, I quickl [...]

    This is the third book in the Coben's teen Mickey Bolitar series, which is actually spun off his adult series that focuses on Myron Bolitar, who is Mickey's uncle. Mickey and his friends Ema, Spooner, and Rachel are back to solve another mystery relating to a missing teen for the Abeola Society. It turns out that it is a mystery that is far more complex. There is a guy that Ema met in an online fan group dedicated to her famous mom. They had been talking back and forth for sometime and had gotte [...]

    This is an enjoyable sequel to the other two books in the series. It felt a bit 'cranked-out' to me. Too much of the book refers to the past books. I didn't remember what happened to Rachel's mom and wished he had just come out and told us again rather than hinting at why Rachel was mad at Mickey. If you take out all the looking back references there may be a third of a book left. It also ends in an unsatisfying way. I figured out the answer to the mystery way before Mickey has his 'aha!' moment [...]

    This is the third book in the Mickey Bolitar mystery series. Mickey is a high school sophomore who, along with three friends, has been drafted into an organization that rescues children. It is the same organization that his parents belonged to before his father died in a car accident and his mother developed alcohol problems. Mickey has been living with his uncle Myron since his mother entered rehab.Mickey is working on a number of cases in this book. He isn't convinced that his father actually [...]

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