Quello che sei per me

Quello che sei per me

Quello che sei per me bastata una notte per mandare in frantumi l esistenza di Kacey Jacobs Da allora lei ha abbandonato gli studi si trasferita in un altra citt e ha trovato un lavoro Ma proprio quando pensava di esser

  • Title: Quello che sei per me
  • Author: Rachel Van Dyken Giorgia Di Tolle
  • ISBN: 9788842924012
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • bastata una notte per mandare in frantumi l esistenza di Kacey Jacobs Da allora, lei ha abbandonato gli studi, si trasferita in un altra citt e ha trovato un lavoro Ma, proprio quando pensava di essersi lasciata tutto alle spalle, ecco che il passato torna a bussare alla sua porta Letteralmente Jake Titus si presenta da lei e per chiederle aiuto D istinto, Kacey bastata una notte per mandare in frantumi l esistenza di Kacey Jacobs Da allora, lei ha abbandonato gli studi, si trasferita in un altra citt e ha trovato un lavoro Ma, proprio quando pensava di essersi lasciata tutto alle spalle, ecco che il passato torna a bussare alla sua porta Letteralmente Jake Titus si presenta da lei e per chiederle aiuto D istinto, Kacey vorrebbe cacciarlo subito via, ma come rifiutare un favore al suo unico, grande a In fondo si tratta di andare a casa dei genitori di Jake e di fingersi la sua fidanzata per un weekend Un weekend in cui, magari, Kacey potrebbe fargli capire di essere davvero la ragazza giusta per lui Purtroppo nessuno l ha informata che tra gli invitati ci sarebbe stato pure Travis, il bellissimo e odioso fratello maggiore di Jake solo un occasione tutto ci che desidera Travis Titus Da bambino, ha scommesso con Jake che, una volta diventato grande, avrebbe sposato Kacey E, nel corso degli anni, le ha provate tutte per fare colpo su di lei inutilmente Anzi, sembra proprio che Kacey non lo possa sopportare Ma adesso lui una persona diversa, e vuole confessare a Kacey i suoi sentimenti Saranno sufficienti due giorni per conquistare il suo cuore, o dovr rassegnarsi a guardare la donna della sua vita cadere tra le braccia del fratello

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      109 Rachel Van Dyken Giorgia Di Tolle
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    I just do not understand the high ratings on this one. The characters in this book were extremely immature. Adults who acted as if they were preteens. If you are interested in this book, please take the time to read the 1 and 2 star reviews on before purchasing. Just about everyone is how I felt reading this book, and much more acurate than the 5 star reviews!

    “Sometimes,when life gets hard, and people make you angry or even when you're scared, the best response is laughter. Laugh in the face of fear, in the face of what scares you the most.It's the only way to get you through the things that bring you to tears.”
The Bet is one of those books that brought the laughs. If you’re looking for something light and easy that will keep a smile on your face, this would be a good one to pick up. This is a story about childhood best friends Kacey and Jak [...]

    5 I LOVE THIS BOOK STARS.I, Lisa Jayne Woodward formally declare that I'm a self-confessed book butterfly junkie, sign me up for RA (romance anonymous). Failing that leave me in a padded cell with a shoot for food and this book to read over and over again. This has to be crowned best book of 2013 for me so far. It ticked all my romance story boxes and here are my thoughts What's it all about?Kacey is approached by her childhood friend, now millionaire Jake Titus who asks her to return to their c [...]

    This novel had the cutest prologue I've ever read. :DI loveddddddddddddd the book.I want AMAZING, SUPER CUTE, BRILLANT AND JUST *swoon*I want a continuation of this book!!! Like their story to continue!Like I want more of the other brother too.The story was wonderful and I loved the characters. Grandma was the best!The witty bantering, the humor, the whole feeling of the book, I enjoyed it allThe whole bet was ADORABLE! heheDo read this book!! Its Awesome~ :DHe knew for a fact Kacey loved prince [...]

    Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/If you know my history with romance novels, you’ll know I’m not real good at reading them right most of the time. Mainly because . . . One exception to my ongoing list of failures has been Rachel Van Dyken, so when I saw my library had a selection I had not yet read I was all . . . . This is the part where I talk about the tired trope and whatnot. If you are still a naïve thinker who believes NA romance stories can be “spoiled” it’s probably be [...]

    After reading the prologue, I had high hopes for this one. But as the story progressed, the immaturity of the characters was on full display along with "cheesy" dialogue. Having enjoyed all my previous Rachel Van Dyken reads, I persevered through it hoping for the best.Fifteen Years Ago Travis, a stuttering eight year old, really likes Kacey and assumes he will marry her one day. After all, he was the oldest and well on his way to becoming a man. His attempts at showing Kacey he likes her always [...]

    Recensione del II volumeRecensione del III volume**ATTENZIONE: Recensione piena di spoiler, cattivella e totalmente demolitrice; se vi è piaciuto il libro o volete leggerlo (no, dai, non fatelo. Davvero.) non fa per voi :D**Dicono del libro:“Ma è un libro sulla droga? No perché pare che i protagonisti ne facciano uso…” (Giovane della comunità di recupero)“Ah sì, come no, l’autrice L’autrice è stata nostra paziente dopo una brutta caduta dal seggiolone” (Infermiera dell’ospe [...]

    This was a cute fun read ! Some awkward moments followed by heart warming full on awwwwwwwwwww moments ;). This Travis is a Breath of fresh air ! He said he was going to marry her! He knew this at the firm age of like ten ! His honest thoughts and crush on Kacey - just so adorable. Bonus points for this Travis Titus : 1) he was sentimental ( kept stuffed animal he named after her ) 2) he kept her parents memories alive 3) his fear of big bad bears 4) he finally right hooked his brother 5) his de [...]

    Ok, this was seriously adorable. Sweet, funny (laugh out loud funny), poignant, with just the right amount of cheese. Definitely an enjoyable (mostly) lighthearted read about childhood friends who finally (with some well meaning family manipulation) realize they are meant for each other. "He'd wanted her more than Anything. His entire life. How many people could actually claim that? That for their entire existence, the one person they wanted to share eternity with, had never changed, never falte [...]

    Where's Chuck Norris when you need him to punch some fictional characters in the face?!When I was thinking about what to write here, I suddenly realized that I'm a hypocrite (well okay I already knew I was, this just highlighted it). I was going to say that Jake was plain nasty because he pays strippers and prostitutes for sex and fuck knows what STD's he has. THEN I thought, 'hang on I read books were the heroine is a stripper or prostitute', I root for her and have never wondered what STD's sh [...]

    Sweet and sexy with lots of humor and emotion. I'm really starting to like this author. Looking forward to following this series!My favorite quote:“Sometimes, when life gets hard, and people make you angry or even when you're scared, the best response is laughter. Laugh in the face of fear, in the face of what scares you the most. It's the only way to get you through the things that bring you to tears.”Rachel Van Dyken's adult contemporary romance series: The Bet includes the following insta [...]

    Colour me perplexed. Is this what "NA" books are? 21 and 23 year olds flailing about, finding love and discovering themselves? If so, this book ain't it.It has the other pre-requisites: heroine orphaned tragically, alone in the world and struggling to finish college; the stunningly gorgeous male lead with a tortured (well, this guy had a stutter. Sort of tragic, no?) past, tons of money and a weird family.Otherwise, it was a standard, run-of-the-mill contemporary romance. Heroine agrees to act a [...]

    Loved it!So why a four star and not a fivewell I'll explain in a bit.Kacey's world was turned upside down after a fateful night where she not only loses her best friend but also her parents.Jake has always been Kacey's best friend and protector from not just his older brother who terrorized her as a kid, but also mean teenage girls who did not understand their relationship.Travis (Jake's older brother) has always been behind the scenes and the third wheel to this little equation. He has also bee [...]

    Why the hell does this book have a "below 4" rating???? Why?? Why???It's a real good one, girls & it has every single thing that we looooove :)1> Childhood crush2> Super-sexy guysYep, as in more than oneMoreover they are right bit of cocky!! Just the way we love them3> The heroine is not bad too(Actually couldn't keep tabs on her while salivating for one of the guys ;) :) *hint* Travis)4> Totally loveable family members including a crazy Granny:D Oh yes, I loved her5> It has q [...]

    I must say this was a nice surprise. Have never read this author before but must have come across it here on . It was romantic, funny, smart, sexy (without too much sex - well, without hardly any sex and certainly none of it graphic). Two brothers, one girl. Could get messy. No, it didn't, well not really. Kind of reminded me a bit of the old film, Sabrina. I loved Travis. Kinda liked Jake. but he was a bit to smoozy for me - is there such a word? Think you know what I mean. Will definitely chec [...]

    This book was exactly what I needed. It was a lighthearted romance with some seriously sweet moments. Kacey grew up next door to Jake and Travis. While Jake was a smooth talker, Travis was always being mean to her. In high school, Kacey fell in love with Jakebut Jake was too busy being in love with himself. Kasey looses her parents and her best friend in one night and will never be the same. She takes off and doesn't look back. Travis, forever waiting in the wings, felt like he would never get a [...]

    4.5 Stars! I really enjoyed this one. It was nice and refreshing to read a book for a change that (a) didn't have an annoying heroine--or hero for that matter and (b) didn't have cheesy as hell dialogue. Now don't get me wrong I wanted to kick a couple of boys in the ass a few timesd a girl, but overall it was a really entertaining and funny read.Jake, Travis and Kacey have known each other all of their lives. Jake and Kacey have always been BFFs and Travis was the older brother with the secret [...]

    Such a cute and funny book. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. It was a quick read and the story is fast-paced. Grandma Nadine will become a favorite character, loved her to pieces. Travis is definitely on my list of book boyfriends (which is forever long). Maybe I missed the explanation (honestly I probably did) but I'm curious to know what happened to her parents Again, probably missed it. Whoops! But can't wait to read more of Rachel's books!

    La prima parte della recensione è QUIII parte, le citazioni! Quello almeno Travis lo sapeva: alle ragazze non piacevano i ragazzi. A loro piacevano gli uomini, e lui stava per diventarlo. Gli era perfino cresciuto un pelo sul mento. Se andava avanti così, si sarebbe fatto la barba entro la fine della settimana.Travis a otto anni. Normale amministrazione, no? Si chinò ancora di più, facendo guizzare i bicipiti. Gli occhi color nocciola erano fissi in quelli di lei e, quando Jake si passò la [...]

    No. No. No. Pure torture. Pure annoyance and irritatingly goody goody & childish. There is no heat, no passion, no desire, no swearing, no lust, no fire. nothing that would be considered sinful. It's a book you could read at your church picnic.I bet you just looked at the cover again right? Yeah deceiving. Actually it's nothing like the book. Firstly, there's no passion as the cover suggests. And more importantly, Kacey, who I assume is suppose to be the girl on the cover, actually has dark [...]

    *I gave this audiobook a B- for both the story and narration at AudioGals*If you love your romances short, cute, sweet, and full of laughs, then The Bet may be a good bet for your next listen. Having previously listened to several books in Ms. Van Dyken’s Eagle Elite series (mafia New Adult), I have to admit that I was expecting something a little different (deeper and more emotionally angst ridden). Nonetheless, in the right frame of mind, The Bet comes off as the classic tale of what happens [...]

    Yessss! Loved it!The book was fantastic. And it didn't need to have a sex scene every five minutes to do it! There wasn't really a love triangle either. It sounds like it, but really there's no contest. I won't say who, but I'm sure you can see once you sink into the book. And you need to sink into it. It's got all my favorite things in a book! A swoony guy, a heroine who's NOT a ditsy idiot and someone that I could be friends with, a great family dynamic, a crazy grandma, and it's all about the [...]

    This ended up being so much better than I expected. I was terrified of the love triangle aspect, the chance that Jake would pull his head out of his ass and realize that he loved her - that Travis would finally man up and admit that he had teased her so much because he loved her and then that Kacey would break my heart by picking the one I didn't pickor not pick either at all.Kacey, Jake and Travis grew up together. Kace & Jake were best friends and Travis was her worst nightmare. At the age [...]

    This is my first Rachel Van Dyken book and I'm pleased as punch. I'm a sap for a love story with banter. Predictable but enjoyed the journey. Plus, the grandma's a hoot! She's definitely my favorite character. A must read for those that like a light hearted, romantic, whimsical book and leave it at that without over analyzing it. 3.5★s!

    Rachel Van Dyken has done it again. Blown me away and made me want to curl up inside her book and live there happily ever after. He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotOh how I loved The Bet, let me count the ways:1. A+ beginning. Pulls you in from the start and doesn’t let you go. Seeing the characters as young children really helps set the stage. And the start of the bet, so adorably hilarious.2. The interaction between the brothers as children was hilarious. 3. Jake-once we get to know him… You can [...]

    Review: Surj 3.5 starsFacebook: facebook/TheHopelessRTSU: tsu/HopelessRomanticsBlog: thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bHave you ever read the synopsis of a book and thought you knew the direction the story would go in? Well, that was the case with Rachel Van Dyken's "The Bet." I was expecting a serious, angst filled, heart breaking read that centred around a love triangle. Holy cow did I get it wrong but in a really good way. In fact, Kacey, Jake and Travis's story couldn't have come at a better tim [...]

    Pensavo di trovarmi difronte l'ennesimo libro dolce, romantico, con quel tocco di hot a rendere tutto più godibile Invece mi ritrovo a leggere una sit-com di terz'ordine.Non mi piace criticare in maniera pesante un libro, che a molti magari sarà piaciuto, ma il libro della Dyken é ridicolo oltre ogni ragionevole dubbio!!!Trama, dialoghi, personaggi e stile dell'autrice, non riesco a salvare nulla.Andiamo per ordine la trama : piena zeppa di cliché dato che l'autrice ci propina la solita solf [...]

    4 StarsBecause of you Kace. Everything I do, everything I’ve done in my life, it’s all because of you.The Bet is a quick, light, no-fuss, no-muss, light tension kind of read. If you are in that kind of mood, then it does its job!Kacey and Jake were childhood best friends. Jake and Travis are brothers and Travis is older by 2 years. Jake asks Kacey to spend a weekend with him and his family and pretend to be engaged so Jake’s sick grandmother can be happy and pull through with her health.Th [...]

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