Tea with Jane Austen

Tea with Jane Austen

Tea with Jane Austen Who would not want to sit down with Jane Austen and join her in a cup of tea This book shares the secrets of one of her favourite rituals Each chapter includes a description of how tea was taken at a

  • Title: Tea with Jane Austen
  • Author: Kim Wilson Tom Carpenter
  • ISBN: 9780972121798
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Who would not want to sit down with Jane Austen and join her in a cup of tea This book shares the secrets of one of her favourite rituals Each chapter includes a description of how tea was taken at a particular place or time of day, along with history, recipes, excerpts from Austen s novels and letters and illustrations from the time.

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    I know it looks silly, but it's far more interesting and substantive than it sounds. Lots of quotes and Austen references, but more of a social history of tea—not so much the beverage as the ritual. Quick and fun reading.

    A thin little book with a lot of illustrations and quotes in big print, that accomplishes its purpose of exploring tea practices of Jane's era, and in particular of Jane herself. Although mostly a discussion of social customs, the book also includes a dozen or so recipes, most of them offered first as written in Jane's lifetime, and then translated for a modern kitchen. I would have liked some color illustrations, for example of Jane's brother's Wedgwood set, but wasn't surprised by the lack and [...]

    In Regency era England, the popularity and social importance of tea-drinking is exemplified by Jane Austen’s characters no less than fifty-eight times in her six major novels. The observant reader will recognize pivotal events transpire around sitting down and taking tea: In Emma, Miss Bates declines coffee “No coffee, I thank you, for me-never take coffee. A little tea if you please,” in Northanger Abbey impressionable Catherine Moreland drinks tea with the Tilney’s and is awed by the [...]

    Tea with Jane Austen is a lovingly told tale of the importance of tea in the life of those who lived in the Regency Era. It is all here: How to make tea, tea and toast for breakfast (the usual breakfast fare for all but the wealthiest households), seeping the tea leaves, tea caddies and miscellaneous utensils, shopping for tea sets, and the different types of teas. In Austen's time, tea was a valuable commodity that was kept under lock and key. In the Austen household, Jane was the keeper of the [...]

    This book was very interesting and informative, a portrayal of Jane Austen, how she acquired her tea, which teas she preferred to drink, and what she served with her tea, including some recipes, as well as a history of tea, the availability of different types of tea in Jane Austen's time, and the evolution of tea in general. I particularly enjoyed reading the excerpts from Austen's novels and letters. This is a great book for both tea lovers and Jane Austen fans. I highly recommend it!

    A history of tea and tea-time in England with emphasis on Jane Austen's lifetime as well as examples of different tea traditions from different levels of British society and quotes from Austen's novels that illustrate these traditions. Did you know that coffee appeared in England before tea? Some households even served coffee or hot cocoa instead of tea at tea time but since tea had become the fashionable drink of high society and royalty this afternoon or evening repast became refered to as "te [...]

    Sevgili Jane Austen severler, bu kitabı bence okumalısınız! Tam olarak neyle karşılaşacağımı bilmiyordum ama kesinlikle kitabı sevdim.İngiltere'nin çayla tanışması, kültürlerine çayın nasıl işlediği ve yer edindiğini öğrenmiş oldum. Austen kitaplarını okurken yemeklere, içeceklere anlatımda bu kadar yer verilmesini hep garip bulmuştum. Halbuki bir sebebi varmış. Austen'in çay sevdasını derinlemesine işlemiş ve sanırım tüm kitaplarından alıntılar var b [...]

    A delightful little book. Granted, I'm probably not this author's target demographic, but I still enjoyed it. The author did well in discussing social situations where one would encounter tea in Austen's time and the particular habits of the Austen family as described in their personal correspondence. Great for anyone with an insatiable love of the beverage. History buffs should be forewarned that it also contains recipes. Read tea-related articles on my website: joshuarigsby

    действительно качественное оформление, белоснежная плотная бумага и качественные иллюстрации. Прекрасный подарок для любой дамы, интересующейся произведениями великой Джейн Остин и временем, описанным в них. С такой книгой приятно провести вечер, вспомнить произведени [...]

    A cute little book; slightly more substance than some books of this type, but mostly just a conversation piece.

    This is a delightful and very informative book detailing the importance of tea in the lives of Jane Austen and her contemporaries. There are historical facts concerning the rise of tea to the prominence it gained in Austen's era. What makes this book special are the excerpts from Austen's books and letters that provide examples of buying and serving tea and the part it plays in daily life. Lovely sketches accompany the text in this book that is produced on high quality paper. It's a trip back in [...]

    Much more interesting than you might expect, facts about tea and how tea played out within the strict hierarchy of Recency era England were informative. Excerpts from Austen's works and correspondence rounded it out, and the recipes within were so much fun to read.

    This book states more social history and occasions for British tea drinking, with modern recipes and frequent quotations from Jane Austin's writing. I was looking for more technical information and accoutrements on tea drinking in Regency England.

    Tea is an important part of all Jane Austen's works. She was the keeper and maker of tea in her family and each chapter of this small book contains a description of how tea was served at a particular place or time of day. It includes history, recipes, and even how to make a perfect cup of tea.

    (Note: This review is of the 2011 edition published by Frances Lincoln Limited, which includes forty color and forty-five black and white illustrations.) Tea is not just a soothing, aromatic beverage – in Jane Austen's time it was a daily ritual, a social activity, an indication of status, and a literary device. Throughout Jane Austen's novels and the novels of her contemporaries there is great significance placed on the purchasing, serving, and drinking of tea - some of which might be missed [...]

    Truly excellent. This is a great book for tea lovers, Jane Austen fans, and readers who enjoy glimpses into focused social history.Wilson has compiled a book detailing how tea was "done" in Jane Austen's time (the late 18th and early 19th centuries). Since this predates the Victorian era, which solidified the British tea time as we know it today, the book gives an insightful glimpse into the forces that were shaping not only tea services but also British society. The author spends each chapter f [...]

    Illustrated with period illustrations and peppered with quotes from the novels and other books of the period, this slim volume contains all you ever wanted to know about the social history of tea in Jane Austen's World. The book is broken down into times of day and explains why and how tea was taken with examples from Jane Austen's writings. There are also a few recipes for tea treats and you can even make them at home with the handily provided modern recipe. The recipes use both British and Ame [...]

    This is a cute but sort of gimmicky book, though more substantive than one might expect from looking at it. Tea with Jane Austen is an overview of the tea rituals in England around the turn of the nineteenth century, from the breakfast cup to the meal called tea served at the end of the day. It's broken down into chapters describing one piece of the tea ritual, including things like tea shopping and tea's connection with health and medicine. The gimmicky bit is how closely it's tied into Jane Au [...]

    Tea With Jane Austen is a fun, light read all about tea. Kim Wilson combines historical facts about tea, knowledge of the Austen family's tea traditions, excerpts from Jane Austen's works and letters referencing tea, quotes from various poems and songs about tea, and recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries accompanied by modern translations to create a worthy tea companion book.I learned a lot of cool things about the history of tea. For example, Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, originated [...]

    My daughter gave this book to me for Christmas. I confess it took me awhile to get around to reading it because the opening passages didn't "grab" me. Having said that, I picked it up just a week ago, desperately in need of some simple comfort reading and "Tea with Jane Austen" hit the spot. It's full of lovely photographs, period illustrations, lots of fun facts about Jane Austen, and nearly everything you'd want to know about taking tea in her time. It's also chock full o' quotes from Jane's l [...]

    As the result of several of my bookclubs meeting in tea rooms recently, I have become more interested in the art of tea, especially as it used to be. 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Sense and Sensibility so it only made sense to read a book related to Jane Austen.According to the critics, this is not the most accurate of books but it still has tea recipes past and updated for the present. The author describes teas as she believes they related to Jane Austen and her times, [...]

    I adore Jane Austen and am fascinated by the role of tea throughout time and culture. An avid tea fan, I am impressed with the quality and variety of teas currently available (black, green, white, herbal, etc.) and, having had the pleasure of partaking in various tea ceremonies in Japan and Great Britain, am intrigued by the importance of tea as a social ritual in such disparate cultures throughout the centuries. From the beautiful orchestration of the Asian tea ceremony to the delightful sandwi [...]

    Admittedly, the scope of this book was small. However, what it set out to do, it did very well. It covered all the "tea times," a short history of tea in Britain, all the references to tea in Austen's works, and quite a bit about how Jane would have taken tea, how she prepared it, where she bought her tea, etc. etc. It was interesting and engaging to read, and it had recipes for teas, other drinks, and other cakes and foodstuffs to eat with tea (from cookbooks of the Regency period). I read this [...]

    When I received this book as a gift, I expected it to be mostly filled with recipes, alongside various Austen quotes which mention tea. It is far, far more than that. Tea With Jane Austen is a fine piece of food history, detailing how the consumption of tea in England had evolved by the Regency era. Each point is illustrated with quotes from the Austen novels, unfinished works, and letters. The chapters conclude with historical recipes and modern adaptations of them. Understanding food is a larg [...]

    I love tea, I love Janet Austen, and I love history. I knew as soon as recommended this to me that I'd love it. It did not disappoint.Full of interesting facts about Austen's life and works and the regency period's love of tea. I'm no cook, and baking is not something I enjoy, but I loved the fact that there are a few recipes for regency period foods at the end of each chapter. For those who enjoy cookery I'm sure this will add to the enjoyment of the book also. The book is full of beautiful il [...]

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