Farewell to Cedar Key

Farewell to Cedar Key

Farewell to Cedar Key New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong welcomes you to the colorful community of Cedar Key Florida a place where hearts are warm and friendship is true Josie Sullivan adores her Cedar Key hom

  • Title: Farewell to Cedar Key
  • Author: Terri DuLong
  • ISBN: 9780758288158
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong welcomes you to the colorful community of Cedar Key, Florida a place where hearts are warm and friendship is true Josie Sullivan adores her Cedar Key home It s been the ideal place to raise her daughter, Orli, who s just turning sixteen Now that Josie has realized her dream of becoming a registered nurse, she s been offeredNew York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong welcomes you to the colorful community of Cedar Key, Florida a place where hearts are warm and friendship is true Josie Sullivan adores her Cedar Key home It s been the ideal place to raise her daughter, Orli, who s just turning sixteen Now that Josie has realized her dream of becoming a registered nurse, she s been offered the perfect job too helping Dr Simon Mancini run his new practice.Until the clinic opens, Josie is filling in at Yarning Together, where she launches a series of knitting classes for men Yet for all the vibrant changes, there are some tangled threads Josie s romance author mother, Shelby, receives a worrying diagnosis And though Josie has always guarded her independence, her connection to Orli s father, Grant, seems to be rekindling Most of all, as Shelby s college classmates rally around their dear friend, Josie begins to see that home is than a place it s the relationships woven into each life, strand by strand

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    Farewell to Cedar Key by Terri DuLongLove this series and hate to see it end but the author will start a new series which I already know I will get all the books in that one as well.Easy going reading, easy to follow characters and such up to date problems that we can all relate to, mixed in with knitting makes this series/book a big hit. First thing I did when I got this ARC was to check the back of the book where extra treasures are hidden and they are there in this book also! Didn't want to s [...]

    I absolutely LOVED this book! Ms. DuLong has written another winner! I love the interaction between the characters and explanations on why they act the way they do. Some of them have faced challenges, but that doesn't stop them from making the most out of life. There are friendships that have lasted throughout the years, and everyone is supportive and there for each other when needed most. Josie, the main character is independent, yet not sure where her life is headed. She does a lot of soul sea [...]

    This is the sixth and final book in the Cedar Key series. This story is all the more interesting and bitter-sweet by knowing we will never visit Cedar Key again with this author.Josie Sullivan is a single mom and an RN. She was born and raised on Cedar Key where she also chose to raise her daughter, Orli. Orli’s father, Grant, has always been in her life even though he lives in Boston. Becoming pregnant in her freshman year of college, Josie decided not to marry Grant, and went back home to Ce [...]

    I got this book from Firstreads. This is my honest review.I'm excited and annoyed with finishing this cleaver book about love, friendships, knitting and family togetherness. Why? I came into the very end of this series. But--- I am excited about going back and reading all the earlier books, starting with SPINNING FORWARD. This group of women friends, who have been close for 50 years, reminds me so much of my own BFF group of friends that have been there loving and supporting each other through l [...]

    If you have been following the series this is a good ending for it. I am going to miss all of these ladies.Several mentions of Chloe and Ormond Beach in this book. I am sitting here wondering if this is going to be a spin-off into her next series. If it is it sounds like a fun idea.

    I really enjoyed this book. Very nice story about a family in Cedar Key, Florida (town really exists). Makes you want to visit the town.

    I enjoyed reading the Cedar Key series of books. They are a story of friendship and community. In a previous review I said they are Hallmark channel caliber.

    I received an ARC of Farewell to Cedar Key written by New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong in exchange for an honest review. I have loved all the previous books in the series and the wonderful little community of Cedar Key, Florida. This book is no exception, it is wonderful and I enjoyed reading it so much.The book begins with Josie Sullivan who loves living in Cedar Key with her daughter, Orli who is about to turn sixteen. Although Josie is a single mother she is close to Orli’s fa [...]

    Farewell to Cedar Key is the sixth and final novel in Terri DuLong's delightfully heartwarming Cedar Key series. This charming installment is a little bittersweet since it is time to bid a fond farewell to the town and its inhabitants, but it is also another beautiful story of family, friendship and love.Josie Sullivan is an independent single mother with strong ties to Cedar Key. She never married Grant, her daughter Orli's father, but they have a good relationship and he has always supported h [...]

    My first chance to read this series – I love a ‘community centered’ story, and this did not disappoint. Being the last in the series, there were several characters that were introduced and already had a place in the story, and DuLong did manage to provide information that made their relationships feel solid, and encourage the reader to go back to the earlier books. I loved Josie and her relationship and interactions with nearly every character: from teaching the men how to knit, to her dis [...]

    Saying goodbye is never easy but in Terri DuLong’s final book in the Cedar Key series, she instills a feeling of hope as the characters in the story venture away from their beloved home to start new chapters of their lives. Josie Sullivan and her daughter Orli have lived on the Key ever since Josie returned home following her freshman year at college, pregnant, and determined to stand on her own two feet. Now Josie is facing new challenges. First she loses her nursing job, next her family disc [...]

    This last book in Terri's Cedar Key series is just plain lovely. I hate to see this series end, but hope Terri visits this wonderful community once in awhile in future novels. I feel as if I know the people, the layout, the businesses, and the restaurants, just through Terri's descriptive words. I will miss it and those who live there.To live in a small community such as Cedar Key is to be able to thrive on your own with the support and comfort of family and friends surrounding you. No one remai [...]

    * I won a copy of this book through the First Reads Giveaway Program. *I really enjoyed this story. It was set in Florida, one of my favorite places, it had compelling characters, family drama, insecurities, romance and of course it was based on knitting and crafting. It had a little something for everyone to enjoy. The author did a great job with the characters, they felt like friends by the time that I was finished with the book. She provided perfect imagery for the location and it felt like [...]

    With whispers of the "YaYa Sisterhood" present through a group of older women called the "Sisters of '68" DuLong introduces the reader to the many layers of small town life. Main character, Josie Sullivan, is a 35 year old single mom who has not only put herself through nursing school but been able to raise a daughter Orli, and remain on amiable terms with her father, Grant Cooper. This year Orli turns sweet 16 and both parents have agreed to spend Christmas together and celebrate together a few [...]

    Won this off of .At the time I did not know this was a series of books, but you can read this as a stand alone bookThe author Terri DuLong did a wonderful job of making you feel you where right there in this small little town. Found it to be a fast and easy read which I really enjoyed. The characters just fun and loving people. You want to sit right down and make yourself at home. They are just down to earth people like you would find in any small town.Love the main character Josie Sullivan a si [...]

    I believe this is the last book in the Cedar Key series. This story focuses on Josie,a nurse and single mom to daughter Orli (awful name for a character. I kept calling her "oily")Josie's mother Shelby and Oril's father Grant.Josei starts out losing her job at a medical clinic and to help pay the bills, fills in at the local yarn shop. Next is announced a new dr will e opening up a clinic right there on the island and Josie returns to nursing. During this time, she makes plans with her "baby dad [...]

    Terri DuLong’s Cedar Key series is one of my favorites. I loved going back to the Florida island to see what’s up with all the characters I’ve come to know in the first five books. Farewell to Cedar Key could be my favorite of the series! I think that’s remarkable for a sixth book in a series.This book features Josie, her daughter Orli and many more series regulars. The point that you never know what life will throw at you from one minute to another is the main theme. With the help and s [...]

    I won a copy of this book via a giveaway.Having read most of the previous Cedar Key books, I was looking forward to Farewell to Cedar Key. I enjoyed the final Cedar Key story and will probably reread it sometime in the future.One of the nice things about this series is that the books can stand on their own, they do not have to be read in order. There is just enough information given about characters that enter into each story, that the reader is quickly caught up on any back story. I really app [...]

    I received Farewell To Cedar Key as a giveaway. I enjoyed reading the story once I got through the first 100 pages. I felt that the beginning of the book was a little slow. I did enjoy reading about the main character, Josie who was a single mother who was still in love with her daughter's father. I particularly liked page 179 where Kahlil Gibran was brought up regarding love and letting a person go and if they come back I also had never heard of tajine which was mentioned on page 201. I had to [...]

    I received this book free from First Reads and I absolutely loved this book. The characters are caring, heartwarming and relatable. Once I started reading the book, I couldn't put it down. The life changes that the family members and friends go through and how they support each other in the female knitting group. It was also very interesting when a male knitting group was started and to see how those friendships started to grow. This book also shows that love can come at any age and from anywhe [...]

    Josie chose to raise her daughter, Orli by herself. She did not want to hold Orli's father, Grant from achieving his education and career. Over the years they have a good relation and are very good parents. When Orli reaches 16, she wants to make some changes in her life. Josie, too, realizes that she wants to make some changes in hers as well. The community of Cedar Key is very supportive and friends are like family. A very nice book about family and friends and how they help each other through [...]

    Like macaroni and cheese is comfort food for many people, the whole Cedar Key Series are my comfort books. I really enjoy reading about the island and the people of Cedar Key and this latest installment takes the reader right back for more adventures. Descriptions are amazing and characters are well developed and believable. In this book, the main character, Josie, is faced with making choices and it was fun to see which path she would take. Really enjoyed this book and highly recommend the enti [...]

    I've read several book in this series and I enjoy the setting and the characters. Florida is an ideal place, especially this time of year, and Josie and her daughter Orlie have lived her all their lives. Orlie has been working for years to get her mom and dad back together and has convinced them she wants to move to Boston to live with her dad for her senior year of HS. I like the storyline centering around the local yarn/knit shop even thought Josie is a nurse working in the new clinic in town. [...]

    This is so hard to say goodbye to this series! Terri Dulong is a writer that can take you back to these wonderful places each time she writes a book. There are all the things that make my mind relax when I read, fun knitting, even if you never finish anything, beautiful landscapes, good food, and a story of family and friends. I will look forward to her next book, a new series set in Ormond beach, PATTERNS OF CHANGE, set to be released next summer.

    Another in DuLongs series of novels featuring the village of Cedar Key, Florida, and the women who frequent a knitting shop there. The same women move from main characters to background players in the books so you really get to know them.This one features Josie Sullivan, a nurse now laid off who works part time in the yarn shop while looking for another nursing job As the story goes along you'll find it quite predictable but it's charming, an easy, comfortable read

    This was a pleasant read - quick and easy. The plot contained enough twists and turns to keep my interest. The characters were fully realized enough to make me curious about what was going to happen. My brief remarks here are no indication of the pleasure I found in reading the story, more due to a lack of time to sit and give this a lot of thought

    I started this book because it is about knitting and I thought the story would be much like those written by Debbie Macomber. In this book there is a knitting group but it didn't seem to be highlight it that much. The story is light and the characters are somewhat believable. But it just missed the mark for me and I can't explain why.

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