Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law

Murphy s Law Molly Murphy always knew she d end up in trouble just as her mother predicted So when she commits murder in self defense she flees her cherished Ireland under cover of a false identity for the an

  • Title: Murphy's Law
  • Author: Rhys Bowen NicolaBarber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Molly Murphy always knew she d end up in trouble, just as her mother predicted So, when she commits murder in self defense, she flees her cherished Ireland, under cover of a false identity, for the anonymous shores of late 19th century America When she arrives in New York and sees the welcoming promise of freedom in the Statue of Liberty, Molly begins to breathe easier.Molly Murphy always knew she d end up in trouble, just as her mother predicted So, when she commits murder in self defense, she flees her cherished Ireland, under cover of a false identity, for the anonymous shores of late 19th century America When she arrives in New York and sees the welcoming promise of freedom in the Statue of Liberty, Molly begins to breathe easier But when a man is murdered on Ellis Island, a man Molly was seen arguing with, she becomes a prime suspect in the crime.If she can t clear her name, Molly will be sent back to Ireland where the gallows await, so using her Irish charm and sharp wit, she escapes Ellis Island and sets out to find the wily killer on her own Pounding the notorious streets of Hell s Kitchen and the Lower East Side, Molly undertakes a desperate mission to clear her name before her deadly past comes back to haunt her new future.

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    *4.5 stars I have been wanting to read this series for awhile now. I absolutely love the Royal Spyness novels by Rhys Bowen! So I couldn't wait to read her Molly Murphy books. Of course, I've waited a long time but I FINALLY got to the first one! I can honestly say I am not disappointed at all! I love RB's writing. She makes me want to read all her books. I adored Molly--she was a spunky, independent, red headed Irish lass. I also enjoyed Daniel Sullivan. I can't wait to see where their relation [...]

    Really enjoyed that one. So much so that I'm going to treat myself to # 2. Light reading but very entertaining.

    This was one of those stories that GRs kept sending me a recommendation because I enjoy historical mysteries. That said'Lord knows I never meant to kill him.'A native of Ireland, Molly Murphy was on the run after thwarting an attack by one of the local gentry. As luck would have it, she had taken on the identity of a young mother before sailing for America and a new life. Before the voyage to her adopted country was over, she earned a friendship and made an enemy. Then a gruesome murder took pla [...]

    1.5 to 2 starsThis was justt good. Maybe it's first book syndrome or maybe this was the author's first ever published book but whatever the case may be, it felt like it could have been written by a high school senior. The heroine, fleeing from the law in Ireland, manages to make her way to New York, in what I can only surmise is the late 1800s or early 1900s, through a series of highly (and totally unrealistic) fortuitous events. And that pretty much sums up Molly's experiences throughout the bo [...]

    Another entry into my historical mystery jag, this one was VERY similar to the other series I read, but for some reason I enjoyed it a bit less, which surprised me because I like this author's other historical series set in the 20's a lot. Basically it started out really well, the heroine's journey to America, but for some reason after that she was a BIT too perfect and spunky for my tastes. And the love interest was really thinly drawn, which is probably my biggest criticism.There's some intere [...]

    I have been meaning to read the Molly Murphy series by Rhys Bowen for quite a while. Finally, I have read the first book in the series, Murphy's Law, and I can't believe I waited so long. I love the character of Molly Murphy, an Irish young woman who unexpectedly finds herself running from the English police and on a boat to America. She makes a deal with another young woman who is trying to get her children to New York City to be with their father. Molly agrees to escort the children when the w [...]

    I've read and enjoyed all of Ms. Bowen's Royal Spyness mysteries and have loved them, so when I was putting in my last order at my library I finally decided to include the first in her Molly Murphy series, which I'd heard nothing but good things about. I can say that I don't regret ordering them! This was a fun book that I read in one sitting.In Murphy's Law Molly Murphy accidentally kills a man and because of her circumstances she must flee Ireland. She soon finds herself on a boat to America c [...]

    Spunky finesse - A quaintly entertaining whodunit. Bowen has written a lovely, gentle mystery wrapped in historical fiction - hued with serendipitous shades - and with a dash of endgame romance. She does a lovely job exploring the Irish immigrant experience coming to America during the early nineteenth century; painting an emblematic portrait of the daunting process maneuvering through Ellis Island and on to the tempestuous streets and cramped tenement housing of Tammany-corrupt New York City. T [...]

    My wife has been on a kick of late 19th century or early 20th century mysteries lately, often focusing on impetuous, clever, brave ladies solving mysteries in a world where women were supposed to be none of those things. Bowen's Molly Murphy series seems to be one of these. We read Murphy's Law together and it was an enjoyable romp. Molly Murphy is on the run from Ireland when she stumbles into a way across the ocean, impersonating someone else on the boat trip to America. When they arrive in El [...]

    Agatha winner from 2001. Set in turn of the century New York, Molly Murphy has fled her native Ireland after fending off the advances of a member of the landed gentry. She has the bad luck to have been the cause of bad fall, resulting in a dead English man.I listened to this book. The narration was enjoyable. Molly was, sometimes, a bit overly clueless - the incident where she is nearly trapped into prostitution is silly. No one is that stupid. The love interest sounds adorable, but has little a [...]

    The mystery was probably the least interesting thing for me. I liked Molly, I liked Daniel and I loved the setting. Bowen really paints a vivid picture of NY at this time and how the Irish, Italians, Jews, etc all formed their own tight-knit communities. The setting jumped off the page and was, in my opinion, the strongest thing about this book. As for the mystery, everything relating to that felt a little too coincidental. I didn't really believe that so many things could align just right to ke [...]

    The first book in the series. Molly Murphy fleeing for her life accepts an offer to take two children to America as their Mother. Arriving at Ellis Island she becomes a suspect in a murder of a follow passenger. Using her wits she must clear name. As an immigrate New York City is strange to her. Will she be able to clear name?

    3.8 Starsr this first book in a new mystery series starring Molly Murphywho finds that she must escape from Ireland in 1901 or face charges for killing a man who tries to rape her. She finds passage to America as the caretaker of two small children whose father awaits them in New York. Upon arrival, Molly finds life in the big city far from magical as she sets out to make a new life but first finds herself tangled up with murder, shady politics and the "charmingly-frustrated-with-her" NYPD's own [...]

    SUMMARY: From the creator of the much-loved Constable Evan Evans mysteries comes a colorful new series set in turn-of-the-century New York City. When spirited redhead Molly Murphy was growing up a peasant on the coast of Ireland she always imagined there was something more in store for her. She couldn't have known how right she was until the day she became a murderer, albeit in self-defense. Under drastic circumstances, Molly is forced to strike out into a new world. With the police right behind [...]

    Rhys Bown is a new-to-me author and I can't wait to dive in! I loved the era (early 20th century NYC) and the hero. There were a few too many coincidences for my taste, but hey.I lapped this one up and can't wait for more.

    I finally gave the Molly Murphy series a try, and I love it! I highly recommend it - this book and the series!

    like books set during the turn of the century from around the late part of the Gilded age on through the 20s. I especially like them set in New York during this time. One of the first books I ever read that spurred my interest in this time period was The AlienistIt can be challenging to find good genre fiction set during this time, so when I do I tend to try to read it.I had good luck with The Nell Sweeney Historical Mysteries: A Six-Book Boxed Set Series so when these came across my radar, I de [...]

    3.5 stars. I expected a lot from this series, as a huge fan of Rhys Bowen’s Royal Spyness series as well as her Constable Evans books. I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Murphy’s Law is set in a really interesting time period, and it’s obvious that considerable effort was put into research since the book is wonderfully rich in historical detail. Ms. Bowen has a talent for making the reader feel like they’re right there walking alongside the characters; the setting and charac [...]

    Molly Murphy4 StarsOn the run from the law, Molly Murphy escapes her native Ireland for the promise of 19th century New York. Unfortunately, trouble follows in Molly’s footsteps when a man with whom she had an altercation onboard ship is murdered at Ellis Island and she must use her sharp wits and Irish charm to clear her name. The excellent historical background and vivacious heroine make up for the rather lackluster who-dun-it. Despite its potential the mystery is underdeveloped. There are t [...]

    I absolutely love this series though I've only read two books so far!Molly Murphy has left Ireland before she could be arrested and hanged for murder. She is now in New York City trying to find her way. In order to make the trip she poses as the mother of two children who need to be renunited with their father, while their mother stayed in Ireland dying of comsumption.As luck would have it Molly is the only witness to a murder on Ellis Island. When she discovers that her only friend from the tri [...]

    I liked the characters, especially the spunky and independent Molly Murphy, in this first book in a series. Overall the story, set in the very early 1900's just as Ellis Island has opened, was entertaining, and it was a fast and easy read. The coincidences happened a little too often, and too neatly, which detracted somewhat, but did not completely spoil the book for me. I will plan to read more of this series.

    Molly Murphy is running from the law in Ireland after killing (in self-defense) the landowner's son. Who is going to take the word of a worthless girl, so she escapes to England where she is befriended by a young mother and persuaded to use her identity to take her two young children to America to their father. (The mother has TB and would not be allowed to enter America.) Molly makes it to Ellis Island where a man who threatened her on the voyage is murdered. Molly eventually assists the young [...]

    A fun and interesting mystery set in 1901 New York. I liked that not everything was cut and dried, and that the main character wasn't infallible. I didn't pick the ending either! Audiobook was well read. Apparently there are a whole bunch more books in the series, so may check out more later in the year depending on library availability!

    I haven't read a cozy mystery in awhile. I liked Molly's spunk and fearlessness. There was enough variety in the story to not make it entirely obvious who the killer was, so it was a pleasant read and not too syrupy sweet, although it swung a bit close at times. Decent start to a mystery series.3.5/5

    I enjoyed this book immensely! It is the first in a series to feature Molly Murphy, a beautiful young Irish girl who comes to New York, under desperate circumstances. She has fled Ireland because she accidentally killed a wealthy Irish land owner when he tried to rape her. She defended herself, and he fell, hit his head, and expired. So, her adventure begins. Molly is very likeable, and has a flair for getting into scrapes, but more importantly- she uses her wit, considerable intellect, and spun [...]

    [these comments are out of context from a mailing list discussion and contain spoilers][on historical novels in general]I'm not a big reader of historical novels full stop, whether mysteries or otherwise. This is odd because many of my favourite books as a child were historical now I come to think of it and also because when I do read something historical I generally enjoy the change.My expectations for a historical mystery are that they will be fact laden, boring and tediously correct and my wo [...]

    It's the late nineteenth century: Molly Murphy flees her small hometown Ballykillin in Ireland to go to Belfast after having murdered a man who tried to rape her. With no money and the police on her heels, she lands at the doorstep of Kathleen O'Connor and her two little children Seamus and Bridie. Kathleen's husband fled to America two years ago and sent her three tickets for a ship to come and join him. But Kathleen has consumption and knows that they will not let her travel. So she offers her [...]

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