The Case of the Halloween Ghost

The Case of the Halloween Ghost

The Case of the Halloween Ghost Hank the cowdog has one of the scariest adventures of his life when he and his cowardly companion Drover find themselves in a strange and spooky place on Halloween night

  • Title: The Case of the Halloween Ghost
  • Author: John R. Erickson Gerald L. Holmes
  • ISBN: 9780877191483
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hank the cowdog has one of the scariest adventures of his life when he and his cowardly companion, Drover, find themselves in a strange and spooky place on Halloween night.

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      222 John R. Erickson Gerald L. Holmes
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    My 8 year old son is absolutely loving this series! This was a really fun one to read leading up to Halloween. I love the stories too but even more wonderful is watching my son's reactions as we read. Warms a mother's heart! :)

    Several chapters. Well done. They pray before they eat. Good sound effects and music, mostly. Some music I don't care for, but not too much of this. Background music is pretty good -- "I Dream of Jeannie", "Suwannee River" and much more. There is a lot of background music throughout. Uses "darn" and "heck" frequently. Clean and wholesome stories for children. Corny humor both adult and childish. Kids would like it.

    This was the first Hank the Cowdog book the kids (niece and nephew) and I have “read” (we listened to the audiobook) - I was surprised at how funny it is! We really enjoyed it. The kids were cracking up. We’re looking forward to more Hank in the future.

    By far my FAVORITE of the series. I giggled all the way through it and was even a little spooked by it. Fantastic read for fall! :D

    Fourth grade and above. Mystery. I absolutely loved this book. There is humor, action, and always a mystery in Hank the Cowdog that the kids just love!

    Even having read 3 Hank the Cowdog books just today, I still enjoyed this one pretty well (take my word for it when I say that it's a little tiresome to read such concentrated HtCd).

    "It's me again, Hank the Cowdog."So begins the ninth installment of John R. Erickson's Hank the Cowdog series. And I'd like to note right at the beginning of this review that the series does not have to be read in order -- any and every book in this series is a good stand alone story.Hank the Cowdog is Head of Ranch Security in ranch in Texas. As the Head of Ranch Security he ensures the safety of the ranch and deals with any trespassers, whether they be human, animal, or ghost. Except, he doesn [...]

    Pete the cat is makin’ all sorts of insenuaytions, innsenuashuns, innsenyooashuns, hints that tonight’s a queer night. In fact, he’s said that Halloween is comin’ and that ghosts and goblins will start poppin’ up out of the ground. But Hank and Drover are too busy helping Slim Chance prepare for his petunia, Miss Viola, who is comin’ over for dinner tonight. At least, they thought they were too busy, but there’s no tellin’ a ghost you’re too busy for him…Visit The Blithering [...]

    This audiobook, like all the others in the Hank the Cowdog series, is hilarious. Hank believes that he is the head of security at a ranch. He misinterprets his surroundings into a delightful adventure full of humor, mystery, and fun. Of course the mystery is only for Hank since readers and listeners easily determine what is really going on. This is one of hte few series sucessfully read by the author of the book.

    This book was about the Halloween Ghost. There were three things I liked in this book. I liked when Hank was so scared at the end he flew on Miss Viola's lap. Also Drover thought the kids were saying Tricker Trees when its Trick or Treat. And once Slim opened the door Drover and Hank dashed into the bedroom and went under the covers to go to sleep, well except Drover because he wanted to talk. At the end Miss Viola, Drover, and Hank believed in the Ghost except Slim.

    I remember reading this and other Hank the cow dog books in grade school and I loved them. They definitely were part of the reason why I enjoyed reading so much then and now. I passed my books onto my 11 year old brother not long ago and he loves them too. I can't believe that there are so many of these books and that the last one was published so recently. Brings back memories! I hope they make these into movies for kids.

    I really like this book because I love halloween and I love scary books and mysteries.I want to remember that he said I hate halloween and ghost can't come in my ranch.When I was little I thought ghost were real.I have a big question why does hank not like halloween.I predict that the ghost will pop out at night and scare them.

    Cute book for elementary-aged kids. My 6 yr loved this, especially the book on CD. Kids will love hearing the story from the dog's perspective. One thing I didn't like is that Hank the Cowdog is kind of rude to his sidekick Drover and at one point even tells him to "shut up," which is a no-no in our house.

    The cat, in "Hank the Cowdog" has explained to Hank all about Halloween. Hank is annoyed by the thought of ghost and goblins. He freaks himself out trying to stop himself from believing in ghost and such(I can totally relate to that rascally dog). In the end we find out what the rukus was all about and Hank goes on to protect the ranch from the next security breech.

    I read pretty much this entire series years ago after I descovered them in my elementary school libary. The plot, and characters are great. Plus these books are extremly funny. I loved this series then and I still love it.

    when Hank and his friend Drover hear about this ghost in the bakery and it haunts it on Halloween Hank and Drover are determined to go there to see if the legend is true.

    For anyone thinking of trying the recipe Slim makesn't. Your stomach won't forgive you, and your child will be complaining about cramps.

    We read this one in record time and loved every minute. I think this was one of the best Hank books we've read so far, maybe because we experienced a song by Wallace and Hank wet himself!

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