Private North

Private North

Private North An internship cataloguing ancient pottery A war hardened soldier who s impossible to resist A priceless Egyptian artifact And a devious scheme that is fraught with danger Antiquities major Auggie Sto

  • Title: Private North
  • Author: Tess Oliver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An internship cataloguing ancient pottery A war hardened soldier who s impossible to resist A priceless Egyptian artifact And a devious scheme that is fraught with danger Antiquities major, Auggie Stonefield, is about to experience a winter break she will never forget.Teaser Tell me what to do I kissed his neck I want you to forget the pain, all of it, I whisperAn internship cataloguing ancient pottery A war hardened soldier who s impossible to resist A priceless Egyptian artifact And a devious scheme that is fraught with danger Antiquities major, Auggie Stonefield, is about to experience a winter break she will never forget.Teaser Tell me what to do I kissed his neck I want you to forget the pain, all of it, I whispered I pushed his long hair behind his ear I want you to feel only me, touching you, kissing you.

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    DNF at 60%I never rate books I haven't finished, I think this is the second book. This book was a case of great idea, but bad execution. Yes I'm in a book funk and I'm still trying to recover from all the Christmas festivities, but I think I know when a book is not for me. I would've stopped earlier but I kept reading for some unknown reason. This book was boring, I might have been interested in the beginning because the hero seemed a lot like Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre, but that's where the si [...]

    August (Auggie) Stonefield is privileged, but don't let that fool you. She is just a homebody at heart. All she wants for Christmas is her family all together, cooking with her Mum and making traditions. All they want is to fly to the South of France. So she decides not to join them and takes up the offer Professor North has extended - to be his intern over the holidays.Dalton is the Professor's eldest son, a war hero who's injured and defeated. He returns home unannounced. After an eventful nig [...]

    3.5 stars I had high expectations for this book. I was a little disappointed. The flow and writing was good, but it could have been so much better. This story had so much potential, but it fell a little flat for me. It was rushed and the ending was very unsatisfying. That being said. I really enjoyed the characters. The twist in the plot was interesting as well. I've not read anything like it. Dolton is home from Iraq-he's been injured and floating around for the past two years and has decided h [...]

    Straight out of the gate I was predisposed to not love this. College-student heroine, 23 year-old hero and 1st person heroine only POV. But since I liked this author's other things I've read (Freefall and Clutch), and the hero was a wounded war vet, I thought there was a chance it could rock my world. But it didn't.It was okay. I thought the suspense toward the end and the mystery about the Professor's cagey behavior was good. I was not feeling the romance at all. When did these two fall for eac [...]

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4. This was one of those "sneaker" books that I didn't give much chance of liking, but I really did enjoy it. But, it easily could have been so much better with a little more attention to the mystery that was taking place during the story and then how it ended. The ending could have been much more detailed and angsty, before we got our HEA.That said, I loved Dalton (wounded war veteran, very swoon worthy) and really liked Auggie, a girl born with a silver spoon in her mou [...]

    I really, really love Tess Oliver’s books.So far all the books I’ve read by her have not disappointed me. & I love that!I know I can just get nice and cozy on the couch & get lost in her stories.This story is no different. I read this book in just a couple of hours.August is a rich girl that really doesn’t care about her money.She’s not one of those girls that needs to show off.She was asked by her favorite professor if she wanted to do an internship cataloguing ancient pottery f [...]

    Great story!I loved Private North! I would love to be his Sugarplum any day!August loves antiquities and jumps at the chance to spend Christmas break with her favorite professor cataloging pieces. So she goes to his house and meets his son Dalton aka Private North.Dalton is back from Iraq badly scarred inside and out. he went in with his best friend but he came back alone. He has a damaged leg and suffers from PTSD but golden girl August is as drawn to him as he is to her.Professor North has mad [...]

    This book would've been better if it was longer. I think the author squeezed in too many events in only a few pages. This is abouta rich girl who hates her life of riches and a boy who feels hopeless after a tragedy. Both characters had promise, I can give you that. I honestly liked them. The girl is one of those people who don't close their doors to possibilities. Ilike that she gavethe guy's character a fighting chance. The guy on the other hand, is a tortured hero. I'm happy that by the end o [...]

    Private North was a great read. Ms. Oliver gave us mystery, romance and humor; not to mention the hot hot Private North.August is a trust fund baby trying to forge her own way at college and be able to make her own decisions. She foregoes a sterile winter break with her family to take an internship with her favorite Professor. When Professor North invites her to his home during winter break to do the internship, August encounters the North brothers, Ethan and Dalton. You will need to read the bo [...]

    An absorbing read and my first book by Tess Oliver. Dalton North is not your most traditional book hero but is very likable non the less. He's stubborn, opinionated and hard to reach emotionally but he is a real hero with a badly injured leg from Iraq. Auggie is a student brought to Prof North's (Dalton's Father) house over Christmas to work on a project. Auggie and Dalton first meet as she mows him over in her car, their meeting sets the tone for any future friendship; pretty impossible. There [...]

    Private North is a story that simply drew me in from the very beginning.This is the story of college student Auggie “Auggie” Stonefield and Dalton North, a wounded ex soldier.Tess really did an amazing job in telling us this story.This book is a small bundle of romance that is full with surprises.Looking forward to read more from Tess in the future.≧◔◡◔≦ 5 ✰ read ≧◉◡◉≦>>>ARC received in exchange for an honest review<<<

    I really liked Dalton and Auggie. The intrigue at the end was good but it was over so fast. Ending was really rushed. Wish it had been longer.

    Okay, I will admit that when I was growing up in Los Angeles I was a nerd. I discovered Ancient Civilizations in 6th grade and a new love for Egyptian myths,and artifacts emerged. On Saturday mornings my father use to drop me off at the L.A. Museum of History and I would wander around for hours looking at all of the Egyptian exhibits. Anyway, I received "Private North" from Tess Oliver, I was excited to read this story. Can you imagine a story about an Ancient History college student, an Egyptia [...]

    Private North is the perfect book to curl up with and settle in for a quiet night of reading. It’s fast paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat from page to page. I finished it in one sitting, unwilling to put it down or take a break. Ms. Oliver does a fantastic job of pulling you into the story and holding your attention throughout. August (Auggie) Stonefield is not your typical spoiled rich girl. Despite having everything she could possibly need at her finger tips she’s very down [...]

    The bit on the back…An internship cataloguing ancient pottery.A war-hardened soldier who’s impossible to resist.A priceless Egyptian artifact. And a devious scheme that is fraught with danger.Antiquities major, Auggie Stonefield, is about to experience a winter break she will never forget.As soon as I saw this on I knew, knew, that I would need to download it instantly and start it right away. Which I did. It’s only 202 pages long so I read it in about 3 hours without a break – because [...]

    When college student August “Auggie” Stonefield’s dreams of gingerbread houses and a traditional Christmas are slashed by her family’s change of plans to spend the holidays in Europe, Auggie accepts Professor’s North’s student job offer to catalog some ancient artifacts. Though the perk of the job should be Professor North’s graduate student son, Ethan, who will also be working on the project, it’s on the road to her new winter vacation plans that Auggie quickly discovers that th [...]

    This book was very different to the other two books I've read by Tess Oliver. It's a college student and an injured ex soldier set in a small mountain winter wonderland. There's no drag racing or tattoo shops or hot cars. Instead it has Egyptian antiquities, a sad old Professor and a mystery. I couldn't wait to read this book!August is a trust fund baby who yearns for a traditional Christmas whilst her parents favour the South of France and setting her up with the 'right boyfriend'. She'd rather [...]

    I just finished Private North and I loved it. August (Auggie) and Dalton are really a cute couple. All August wants is a nice holiday at home with her family. She is a spoiled rich kid but surprisingly isn't all about her parents money and just wants to be a normal college kid. Having already planned a nice holiday at home turns into her taking on a job with Professor North cataloging artifacts because her parents decided to go to France for the winter. Because of snowy conditions, on the way th [...]

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Instead of going to France with her parents, Auggie decides to go to her favorite Professor's house to catalog some ancient artifacts. Little did she know what was going to happen while she was there. This was a cute love story mixed with some mystery. You're left wondering what Professor North is up to, but you're also anxious to see what's going to happen between Auggie and the professor's son Dalton as well. Auggie and Dalton first meet when [...]

    I received an ARC copy of this book for my honest spoiler free review.I started and finished this book in 1 day. Even with being sick and drugged up I couldn’t put it down. Private North begins with August (Auggie) Stonefield getting ready for her Christmas vacation with her family. She is excited to have a “normal” holiday. Unfortunately, her mother has other plans and August finds herself signing up for an internship with her favorite professor, professor North.The last thing on Auggie [...]

    I was given an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.This book had me from the get go. August “Auggie” Stonefield agreess to help her favorite college professor catalog some ancient pottery over the Christmas break after disappointing news from her mother. Little does Auggie know what lies in store for her. I loved this book. It was an extremely fast paced and interesting read. Once I got started I couldn’t put it down. Private North has it all- history, danger, d [...]

    I’m a sucker for a military man but by the title you would think that was all it was about but, that is the farthest from the truth. This book is filled with tragedy, suspense, mystery, angst and sexiness. August is a female college student and I really enjoyed her character. Her family is very wealthy but she is breaking the family mold by not being your typical snobby rich girl. August is so down to earth, caring and yearning for a family oriented Christmas. Her Professor saved the day by as [...]

    I received and ARC of Private North from Tess Oliver, and I loved the book! Private North is the perfect mix of romance, mystery, and suspense. From the very beginning you will grow to love the main character, August. All she wants is a 'homey' holiday with her family, but as per usual, her mother lets her down by making some extravagant holiday plans. Luckily for Auggie, she happens to run into Professor North--her favorite antiquities professor (this is her major). He invites her to intern for [...]

    This was the first book of Tess' that I read, and i found it very enjoyable. Dalton is a hometown hero, combat wounded. He's returned to his family's home to try and get his life back together. He's lost two people in his life that he loves. The last thing he wants is to go through that again.August -Auggie to her friends - is staying back at college for the Christmas break instead of joining her wealthy family in the south of France. All she wanted was to spend a Christmas at home, baking with [...]

    Dalton, I loved him even when the man's angry, "I'm not dead so you can put away the phone," he growled without looking back at me." I mean I just loved him, "just trying to find a effing place to sleep. There's a bunch of s*** on my bed, so I crawled in here." Without lifting his head from the pillow, he turned and looked at me. "Didn't know it was occupied." Auggie I think she's perfect for Dalton, she shows him kindness, sympathy, that I don't think he gets from other women, "he sucked in a s [...]

    I received Private North as an ARC for an honest review. Private North was full of love, drama, and suspense. Auggie is a college student who is looking forward to her Christmas break with her mom and family. This year would be different though growing up privileged and having everything given to her for the holidays she was suppose to have a quiet one at home. Well that didn't happen instead after a conversation with her professor she decided it was best to do an internship helping him and his [...]

    Arc received from the author in exchange for an honest review.Cover :- 4 starsSex/steaminess :- 4 starsStory line :- 4 starsCharacters :- 4 starsOverall rating :- 4 starsPersonal rating :- 4 starsBook Pairing:- M/FDid it give me a book hangover :- NoIs this a review book or personal read :- Review ReadWhy I chose this book? I got a chance to join the blog tour.What I liked about this book. * Lots of good twists* It was easy to connect to the characters* The writing flowed well and it was a very [...]

    Tess Oliver does not disappoint with Private North. She is one of my new favorite authors. This is a nice little romance novel with a few surprises! There area few scenes that will heat up your blood between Dalton and Auggie but what a great chemistry they have! I think Dalton is my new book boyfriend ;). It is nice to have a a little glimpse of what some of the soldiers in Iraq may have went through even if this book is fictional I am sure there are a lot of similarities for some soldiers and [...]

    Private North is the perfect book to snuggle up on a winters night with, which is what I did. I love everything that Tess writes and PN didn't disappoint. Between the sweet but sexy Dalton and the sweet but head strong Auggie this makes a lovely sweet story. You could see the connection between then straight away, the book was at a good pace and you could feel the sexual tension growing. While being warned about Dalton by his brother Ethan, Auggie still connects with Dalton. Over a series of eve [...]

    Cute little readgot it for free with Rodeo. I would have given it more stars because I liked the mystery in the book but a lot of things were unanswered. Like, those girls that Dolton were kissing in front of Auggie, and when Auggie and Dolton started "dating" she never once questioned if he had a gf? And why was Ethan so hell bent on warning Auggie about Doltondid he like Auggie? If so, the author never touched on that. With Dolton & Ethan's father turning himself indid he, what happened? A [...]

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