Saving Lucas Biggs

Saving Lucas Biggs

Saving Lucas Biggs Perfect for fans of Margaret Peterson Haddix When You Reach Me and Savvy this charming time travel story from husband and wife team Marisa de los Santos and David Teague follows one girl s race to

  • Title: Saving Lucas Biggs
  • Author: David Teague Marisa de los Santos
  • ISBN: 9780062274649
  • Page: 322
  • Format: ebook
  • Perfect for fans of Margaret Peterson Haddix, When You Reach Me, and Savvy, this charming time travel story from husband and wife team Marisa de los Santos and David Teague follows one girl s race to change the past in order to save her father s future.Thirteen year old Margaret knows her father is innocent, but that doesn t stop the cruel Judge Biggs from sentencing him tPerfect for fans of Margaret Peterson Haddix, When You Reach Me, and Savvy, this charming time travel story from husband and wife team Marisa de los Santos and David Teague follows one girl s race to change the past in order to save her father s future.Thirteen year old Margaret knows her father is innocent, but that doesn t stop the cruel Judge Biggs from sentencing him to death Margaret is determined to save her dad, even if it means using her family s secret and forbidden ability to time travel With the help of her best friend, Charlie, and his grandpa Josh, Margaret goes back to a time when Judge Biggs was a young boy and tries to prevent the chain of events that transformed him into a corrupt, jaded man But with the forces of history working against her, will Margaret be able to change the past Or will she be pushed back to a present in which her father is still doomed Told in alternating voices between Margaret and Josh, this heartwarming story shows that sometimes the forces of good need a little extra help to triumph over the forces of evil.

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    4.5 stars. Great beginning with Margaret receiving devastating news in 2014. Josh has a shocking start to a new stage in life in 1938. One person ties these 2 characters' lives together, can they save him? Love the alternating POV, authentic voices to their eras, and a sprinkle of time travel! Storytelling excellence!

    Imaginative time travel mystery told in alternating voices. de los Santos and Teague do a great job weaving the time travel into their compelling narrative about a young girl reaching back into the past to fix the future. Brave characters, lyrical storytelling, and a wonderful message.

    Originally posted here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.I admit to being a sucker for time travel novels even though I end up actually liking very few of them. I liked Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague. This is a review of the ARC received from the publisher in exchange for a fair review.This book sucked me in in the best of ways, I wasn't expecting that to be honest. But from the first sentence I was hooked, and I could not put this book down. This is how the story b [...]

    My review from the San Francisco Book Review:Margaret can’t believe what she hears when Judge Biggs sentences Margaret’s father to death. Arson? Murder? It simply isn’t possible. Everyone with a brain had to know her father didn’t do this. But it seems very powerful people are arrayed against him. One couldn’t live in Victory, Arizona, or know the name Victory Fuel without realizing where those powerful people resided, and one of them sits before them all in his black robe with a gavel [...]

    I read a book called Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague. The main character’s name is Margaret. Her best friend in the book is named Charlie. Margaret’s father has just been sentenced to death by Judge Lucas Biggs for murder. Margaret does not believe her father is guilty of the crime. To be able to prove him innocent, she will have to use the family’s secret talent, one she’s been forbidden by her father to use.The book takes place in the mining town of Victory, [...]

    In the time it took a man to speak a single sentence, I discovered three things: there's a reason a judge's robe looks like the Grim Reaper's; a blooming jacaranda tree can feel like a big fat slap in the face; and there is such a thing as a silent scream.That first sentence makes this book sound amazing, but it's only downhill from there. For a book about a time-traveling 13-year-old, there wasn't a lot of time travel and it wasn't very interesting.The characters weren't terribly exciting and t [...]

    I enjoyed this book immensely, and I'm not even a little embarrassed that the back cover says "ages 8-12." Honestly, though, that seems a little young to me. My stepson is 8, and although I think he could read all the words, he's nowhere near ready to read something as subtle and sophisticated as this book. Thinking back, I probably would have been ready at about age 9, but I was a precocious reader. That being said, readers mature enough to grasp this story will find much goodness here. It went [...]

    An absolutely beautiful book! Luminous descriptions, memorable characters, and an active plot about Things That Matter. My favorite kind of fantasy where magic slips in to realistic settings in a way that feels like it really could happen. I also loved the emphasis on family and friendship and the unabashed affirmation of goodness in this MG book. Finally, Marisa de los Santos knows how to write about stars!

    It had such great possibility. Time travel, historical fiction blend, boy-girl main characters that would invite all my readers inI'm not sure how this one was selected as a Bluebonnet title this year considering the amazing list of other titles collected. I had a hard time understanding what was going on and I am not the target audience. This one will both confuse and bore kids. I fought the urge to abandon it too many times to count.

    This book is so well-written. It has those sentences in it that you want to write down on index cards just so you can carry them with you everywhere. You can pull them out and reread them to prove that language can be beautiful and expressive. I am looking forward to more joint ventures from this couple. Thank you for sharing these characters with me.

    "Saving Lucas Biggs" is a fantasy/science fiction book, read as an e-book, that documents Margaret O'Malley's fight to save her father. She uses the family secret of time travel to go back in time to try to alter actions that could lead to helping her father. This book touches on character trait topics while also helping students learn about history. This book would be great for teaching students about fighting for what they believe in. Margaret wanted to save her dad, so she was constantly look [...]

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Saving Lucas Biggs': Can Time Traveling Change the Outcome for a Doomed Man?REVIEWED BY DAVID M. KINCHENMargaret O'Malley, the feisty protagonist in "Saving Lucas Biggs" (HarperCollins Children's Books, 288 pages, $16.99, suitable for ages 8-12 -- and adults) will do anything to save her father from a death sentence….even if it means breaking a family taboo and traveling back 76 years to change history.Authors Marisa de los Santos and David Teague, a married couple, are outstandi [...]

    This review and others are posted at Inspiring Insomnia.Confession: I don’t read much middle grade. OK, any. Including Harry Potter. (I know, I KNOW.) But I’m a sucker for a good time travel story, and I loved the synopsis of Saving Lucas Biggs, a book that proved to be both moving and thought-provoking.Margaret comes from a long line of time travelers. When the story begins, her father has been sentenced to a death by the crooked judge, Lucas Biggs, for a murder he didn’t commit. Margaret [...]

    This story explores the self-delusion of a man, Lucas Biggs, and how it leads to his unhappy life. Bigg's self-justification and a series of bad decisions result in him leading a life as a corrupt judge and hateful person. Once, he was a nice boy. Once, he tried to do the right thing. But the desire for physical revenge, versus nonviolent civil disobedience, and his youthful ignorance led him down the slippery slope of wrong-doing. While the story is somewhat slow at the start and appears realis [...]

    FIRST THOUGHTS:4.5 stars. I really really really love how this was written. Plus, the theme of this story is pretty great too! REVIEW:Before I begin telling you about Saving Lucas Biggs, can we take a minute to marvel at how gorgeous this cover is? I'm really obsessed with the colors, and the whimsical look to it.Saving Lucas Biggs was definitely a good read. The novel combined whimsical elements (the time travel) with more realistic ones (Margaret's father's current circumstances) in a really a [...]

    When Margaret’s father is sentenced to death, she can’t believe it since she is certain he is innocent. But this is what happens when someone tries to stand up to the company that owns the entire town. It’s also the company that owns Judge Biggs. The only way that Margaret can see to save her father is to change Judge Biggs’ mind. According to Grandpa Josh, her best friend’s grandfather, Judge Biggs used to be a good person until his father was accused of murder and hung himself. The o [...]

    I liked this book enough to finish it, but I had a lot of problems with it. It might have partly been the narration, since I listened to the audiobook, but the main character thought in very flowery and melodramatic prose that seemed a little unrealistic for anyone, let alone a 13 year old. I get that she's depressed, but the language used in expressing it wasn't very believable to me. I also had a hard time with various aspects of the premise. While the evil mining corporation abuses rights of [...]

    Recommended for kids and adults alike! These are the books that reaffirm my love of children's literature <3 Time travel, hope, plans that didn't work, research at the library, friendship, nonviolent protest, and more - this novel has it all. Tidbits that caught my eye:"a place isn't just a snapshot of itself in the present; a place is everything that ever happened in it.""It was a cinnamon-scented day, the kind you slip into your pocket, carry with you when you leave, and never lose.""I thou [...]

    Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los Santos and David TeagueHarper, 2014Science Fiction279 pagesRecommended for grades 5-8If I wasn't responsible for reviewing as many books per year as I need to for my committee work, I'd start this one over again right now.This husband and wife author team come from backgrounds of writing for adults and young children, and magic happened when they met in the middle.A gorgeous story about a young girl willing to do whatever it takes to save her father's life aft [...]

    This book was very cute and entertaining. I had to keep reminding myself that the teenagers involved were only 13, however. They were super brave and intelligent which made for a great story, however, they seemed much older.I was not that impressed with the method of time travel in this book. All the heroine does is lay down and concentrate. I like when there is a contraption of some sort, or maybe a black holeAnother aspect of time travel that I always enjoy is when my character needs to try an [...]

    This book was so touching! I admit the beginning was slow, but it started picking up after chapter 2. I loved how the authors put time traveling in this book, it really tied everything together. The character Margaret had a cute personality and really was one of those characters that you can't forget. I am not a big person on history, but reading this book surprisingly made me like history. Even though this book is fiction, the authors wrote this book so well that I actually thought it was real. [...]

    One thing that this book really impressed upon me is all the little goodness that people do: the wonderful math equation of all the little good things that add up to more than the bad things done. It is a book of hope and never giving up on someone you love. It does describe murders that happened in the book, but in emotional detail, not gore.Half way through reading the book, I knew I wanted it in my personal library, because I knew I would want to revisit it. When I hear about bad things happe [...]

    Was overall pretty disappointed with this book. Being a big fan of Marisa de los Santos' adult fiction, of YA fiction generally, and of stories concerned with time travel, I expected big things from this. The characters were flat and underdeveloped, it was all resolved too quickly, I had felt as a reader that I had little investment in the characters and the lyrical almost poetic writing of de los Santos was entirely absent.

    This is an amazing book about history time travel, and the way we think about the past and the present.I loved it!This one quote sums it up for me: For every big, bad attention-getting thing that happens, there are thousands of small good ones, acts that might even seem ordinary but really aren't, so many that we can forget to notice them or to count them up. But it's what has always amazed me: not how terrible people can be to each other, but how good, in spite of everything." p.211

    I listened to this as an audio book which I think enhanced it even more. As the different narrators changed, so did the reader's voice. This book had so many layers to it. Historical fiction was fantastically weaved with the fantasy of time travel and the mystery of solving the crime of Victory. Great storytelling. Great word choice. Great theme. It was a fantastic read. And the cover is pretty amazing, too. That took me a while to really see.

    So the story itself was pretty good, but I would not recommend listening to it on audio book. The woman who read Margaret was terrible. Her tone as she read had a constant sense of misery and foreboding, even when something was supposed to be funny. It took away from the story and was overall quite disappointing.

    I was looking for a simple to follow soft fantasy that started with a bang and would engage impatient seventh graders (something like THE CITY OF EMBER) and instead I came away with a slower paced and somewhat difficult to track story. I am not saying the book doesn't have its merits -- it's just not a book I am in need of.

    Surprisingly engrossing. I'm not a big fan of time travel fiction, but the historical fiction and contemporary realistic elements were so well-written that I could overlook my pet peeve for this one book. Strongly recommended to juvenile histfic fans.

    This was a fun, easy read. I thought it dragged a little in some parts, but overall it was a good story. I always enjoy time travel books and I liked the concept behind this one: time travel as a genetic ability, yet one that is almost never useful, because "history resists."

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