In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight Nash didn t believe in love until it was too late Now he s looking for reasons for answers for meaning Sometimes the truth is right in front of you the whole time Previously released in print editio

  • Title: In Plain Sight
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781937909536
  • Page: 119
  • Format: ebook
  • Nash didn t believe in love until it was too late Now he s looking for reasons, for answers, for meaning Sometimes the truth is right in front of you the whole time.Previously released in print edition of short stories collection, In Sunshine Or in Shadow

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    3.5 stars."Nash, you're raining."IMO, In Plain Sight is a classic case of a lost opportunity. Everything good was there except:a) a well-rounded ending (it's a typical Lanyon ending; says all)b) not nearly enough page time for Nash and Glen as a 'couple'When such an extremely short story should work out for me, then I really need more "relationship development". Gimme something…more, you know? I really liked Nash and Glen and I felt they fit, yet I wanted to see more of them TOGETHER. In fact, [...]

    FBI agent Nash met Glen when he was giving training. But they lived in separate states and Nash didn't believe in love. However, on the day that Nash was supposed to return home, he found out that Glen was missing, right after he walked out of the airport------------One thing I loved so much about Josh Lanyon's stories, even if they're short, was the ability to convey so many emotions efficiently. We didn't even get a lot of Glen -- since he was missing most of the story. But as reader, I could [...]

    I always love Josh Lanyon's short story's and his ability to write a mystery AND a romance in so few words. For such a short story, this sure gave me "chills" at the end.

    3,5 starsShort, gripping story that owes everything to its construction. Do I need to say that it's also very well written?The only drawback is a key point in the investigation that I found lacking, but I probably would have overcome my quibble if I'd had more time.Anyway. It's Lanyon's take on a familiar trope, it's good, and it's different from his usual stories.

    4 stars for this short story of two men in law enforcement - Glen, a local officer in Idaho and Nash, an FBI agent doing a week-long road show. They spend a week together and part ways at the airport as Nash heads back to DC. But Glen goes missing . and Nash rushes back to Idaho to find out what happened, hoping against hope that he hasn't made the mistake of his life by leaving Glen behind. The ending is a bit abrupt but I really liked the storytelling here.

    In Plain Sight is intense, even scary at times and definitely heart-wrenching to read. Josh Lanyon writes my favorite short stories and reading this particular one felt a lot like a roller coaster ride. Or rather like a bungee jump: first the fear for the characters, then the huge adrenaline rush finally followed by euphoria.I'm not a big fan of what-if-thinking, but In Plain Sight made me mull over the fact how seemingly small things and fleeting moments can make all the difference in life. And [...]

    I have always maintained that writing a good short story can be more difficult than a full -length novel. I say this because the key elements like a developed plot and in-depth characters are often sacrificed so that the small window the author is choosing to write about is kept concise. It is a rare author who can write a compelling and complete short story. Josh Lanyon would be one of those "rare" authors.In Plain Sight is a quick sip of a story that introduces an FBI agent, Nash West, as he t [...]

    A short story intensely emotional, that was my favorite aspect and counts a lot in my rating.Overall, I agree with Baba's review: I would have liked knowing more about Glen, maybe not narrated previously but as his POV during this case. Also I don't think that the movie ending is enough, it has let me yearning for an epilogue.

    I need more.Seriously, I need a lot more of these two. Also, I am still confused how Josh Lanyon can make me feel so much with so few words.

    Putain! This story packs a punch, an emotional punch. The depth is Lanyon, but the style is slightly different, I cannot pinpoint why, and I liked it a lot because you don't read it and instantly think: this is a Lanyon! This story one of his best stories, hands down, or maybe it's simply one of my top fav. The romance, the mystery and the characters are mix that did it for me big time. I really liked the two heroes, Glen and Nash. Nash is FBI and Glen is a police Lt in a small town. They have s [...]

    Loved this sweet, romantic, suspenseful (view spoiler)[for a while I doubted if we'd get a HEA/HFN!! (hide spoiler)]

    Rating: 3.5 starsNash is FBI, and he's running a one week education course in rural Idaho. There, he became very familiar with Glen, a local law enforcement officer. The story begins on their departure.What I enjoyed most about In Plain Sight was its exploration into lost opportunity, and wanting something with the belief that circumstances would make it impossible. But "impossible" can be such a fickle thing. So part mystery with lots of introspection, In Plain Sight is a small bundle of carefu [...]

    AudibleJosh Lanyon doesn't mess around - in his 'shorts' he gets right to the point. Just in a few first sentences, the story unfolds as if it's been told in detail for a while already. It never fails to grab my attention from the start. What I did want was a little bit more time with Nash and Glen. Almost all the interactions between them were off the page and, pardon me, but I was greedy. Other than that, a nice short audio story that cheered me up this morning. ***3.4 stars***

    3.5 starsThis was a good story and one I wish would have been a full length story. All the Lanyon magic that happens when she puts two law enforcement characters together. The guys aren't on page together much but I still felt their connection. Mostly I just wanted more of them and more of this.I did this on audio and the narrator was really good.

    4.3 StarsSo this is exactly what I said when I rated this story after listening to it:"Damn. I know the story wasn't really about what can happen when people jump to conclusions (like, a gay cop killing himself or running away from life just because he's gay) but man, that ending. Too close for comfort. Also, I'd have liked to be a fly on the wall when all those haters got their comeuppance." All of that still applies, but I am going to say something that I don't often find myself thinking: I en [...]

    No one writes shorts like Josh Lanyon. He excels in it. It says 37 pages but it sure seems much longer because there is so much happening even as I lament the fact that i want this to be a novel at the end. Yet it is a most satisfying read. Kudos to Josh for being able to wrap everything up, mystery, romance and drama, so neatly in said pages. Nothing else need to be said in this impactful story. The suspense permeates the story right from the beginning, in the romance which was left hanging and [...]

    Another great story by one of my favorite authors Josh Lanyon. Yes, it was (painfully) short. I felt physical pain when I got to the end when I realized I couldn't read any more about Nash and Glen. Despite the brevity, the story is very satisfying and the main characters are fully realized in the way that Josh always does. The emotion and introspection felt real and hit deep- I certainly could identify with the riot of emotions that Nash was going through. There is no on-page sex- and the story [...]

    I read this as part of the wonderful short story collection "In Sunshine or in Shadow", and re-read it again now, and i love it!Josh's short stories are so emotionally intense and fulfilling, with a great plot to match, and In Plain Sight does just that and so well. What got to me about Nash and Glen's story is how real it is, how one week can change your whole life, can teach you so much about yourself, can give you a second chance. I highly recommend it!

    For a short story, it packed quite a punch. I was smitten with the romance and the depth of feelings between Nash and Glen. But the ending was too abrupt, as if the author didn't know how to continue, so he just stopped writing and left it like that, that's why I'm taking one star off.

    So good. This is a perfect little package of mystery and romance. I practically held my breath through the last half of the story, and by the end, my eyes were prickling with tears. Damn, I love Josh Lanyon's writing.

    In Plain Sight is a short, but perfect story. It's emotionally intense and fulfilling. Mystery and romance are nicely interwoven. A Josh Lanyon par excellence.

    A suspenseful and emotional mystery. Amazing how gripping it was for being so short. I love Lanyon's mysteries and this was no exception. Great read.

    2.5 stars rounded to 3I have to admit I was a bit surprised by Nash's sudden change of heart. I mean if he truly loved Glen, wouldn't he have stayed in the first place? Why did it take Glen' disappearance to get him to reconsider his feelings and go back to try his hand at love?Also, there wasn't much to paint a clear picture about what both men were like, how comfortable they would have been with other people finding out their sexual preference and just how much emotion there was in Nash's hear [...]

    I'm not a big fan of shorts, but Lanyon certainly knows how to write them.This is more a brief slice-of-life than a fully realized romance, yet it conveys a whole world of emotional and physical drama within just a few words. Although this is a distillation of the romance between the MCs, I never felt as though I was being cheated or relegated to Cliff's Notes.If you like Lanyon's writing, you'll like this one. And if you're just in the mood to spend a few minutes on a quick romance and drama fi [...]

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