Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Nominated for six Tony Awards Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is one of the most lauded and beloved Broadway plays of recent years Vanya and his adopted sister Sonia live a quiet life in the Pen

  • Title: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
  • Author: Christopher Durang
  • ISBN: 9780802122384
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nominated for six Tony Awards , Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is one of the most lauded and beloved Broadway plays of recent years Vanya and his adopted sister Sonia live a quiet life in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, but their peace is disturbed when their movie star sister Masha returns unannounced with her twenty something boy toy, Spike A weekenNominated for six Tony Awards , Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is one of the most lauded and beloved Broadway plays of recent years Vanya and his adopted sister Sonia live a quiet life in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, but their peace is disturbed when their movie star sister Masha returns unannounced with her twenty something boy toy, Spike A weekend of rivalry, regret, and raucousness begins

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    As with all plays and other things meant to be performed, I think you really need a cast and human vocal inflection in order to really understand the whole thing. That said, Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike has its hilarious moments and its poignant moments. I'm excited to audition for this in a few weeks!

    Although you do not need to be familiar with the works of Anton Chekhov to enjoy “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” I do believe you would more fully appreciate the very Chekhovian themes of this play, and would see it on another level, if you were.I have not seen this play in performance, but reading it I did not find is especially hysterical. Clever at times and I chuckled frequently, but laugh out loud…not really. I think the performance dimension is what adds so much of the humor to [...]

    I was in Christopher Durang's Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All for You in college and I've read one or two other plays of his, but I recently picked up his most recent play which won the Tony last year and decided to read it after a local theater announced it'll be a part of their 2016 season.Reading it made me wonder how the Tony voters choose the Best Play or Musical. I assume it has to be based on the production, so authors really get some great help from the directors and actors who brin [...]

    I desperately want to see this play. Like with many plays, much is lost in translation when you merely read it. How different to see Sigourney Weaver as aging star Masha lamenting being cast as a grandmother and getting paid less than she did in her glory days then to read a faceless character you are somewhat ambivalent towards. I never connect as well to a play I'm reading unless there's a character I desperately want to play that I am imagining myself being. And yet, it is funny. It is both c [...]

    As a book to read, rather than a play seen in a theatre, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is a pleasant, amusing work that one can read in under two hours. Movie star Masha, accompanied by her younger lover Spike, visits her brother and adopted sister at the house in rural Pennsylvania where they live. Two other characters are a cleaning woman named Cassandra and a young woman named Nina who is visiting relatives in the vicinity. The dialogue, which is generally funny, with a few laugh-out-lo [...]

    .This is an extremely clever and intelligent play and I enjoyed it immensely. I only wish I could see a production of it at some time. It is literate, nostalgic and hilarious throughout. Great characters.

    Extremely funny if you're an intellectual theater goer in your 50s or higher, who knows their Chekhov, Moliere, Bergman and Maggie Smith, and has nostalgic longing for simpler times I'm only some of those things and it was quite funny and poignant.

    witty play with plenty of references to pick up on. my only critique is that i dont feel the ending resonated with the rest of the play.

    A play about despair and hope, acting and aging, family and loneliness, Greek drama and Chekhov. I sincerely hope I will be able to see it performed some day.

    Very funny and witty. As always with plays, it can be tough to get a complete picture of how good a play is just by reading it. A play is incomplete until it is performed. But as a script, this was great with a lot of potential for a team of performers and crew to produce a very successful show. Vanya and Sonia (an adopted daughter) were left behind by Masha (a narcissistic, very successful actress) in beautiful Bucks County, PA, to take care of their aged, dying parents. When Masha returns home [...]

    An extremely entertaining take on Chekhov from the reliably funny and absurd, Christopher Durang. A great cast of characters is the highlight of the script - and then there's that mostly naked man running around the whole time What's not to like?

    Read with my play-reading group. It was so good! It's hysterical, and the whole group seemed to have fun taking on these roles for the length of our meeting.

    I was talking with a friend the other day about reading plays as opposed to novels and how most plays, though they may work beautifully in performance, aren’t as captivating on the page. This isn’t a fault by any means; dramatic literature is the spirit that directors, actors, and designers bring into being on stage, and it is rare when a play breathes on its own accord. The greatest theatrical work, however, does: Shakespeare, Moliere, Henrik Ibsen, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, Anton Ch [...]

    I can totally imagine that the role of Masha was written for Sigourney Weaver, so perfect is it that I can "hear" her doing her best "Working Girl" routine here. Being the conceited, disconnected character seems to be where her comedic gold lies, and is probably so funny because it's so far from her actual personality. I can also totally "hear" Billy Magnussen in the role of Spike, the dim-but-lovable-20something-male-slut-for-women-and-men, not yet discovering that his charm is only charming to [...]

    I think that, in spite of his decades of success in the theatre, Christopher Durang remains underrated, even as he has grown as a playwright, better able than ever to forge real emotional moments out of shattered bits of pop culture and campy satire. With Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, I think we have a sense of what Charles Ludlam would have made of Chekhov. (I can't help but equate Sigourney Weaver's Broadway performance as the self-obsessed actor with a Ridiculous Theatrical Company dra [...]

    I hadn't heard of this play or Christopher Durang before randomly finding it at a bookstore. I pay more attention to musicals than straight plays and have never watched the Tony's so its not too surprising that I hadn't heard of this successful play. "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" takes place in Pennsylvania where two middle-aged siblings (Vanya and Sonia) live together. Their famous actress sister, Masha, arrives with her boy toy, Spike, in tow to interrupt their routine. Conflict and hi [...]

    Durang has mellowed a bit in his mid-50's from the inane and often unspeakably crass work he published in the 70's and 80's, but he hasn't lost a step in the humor department. Durang excels at writing comically flawed characters, and continues to do so here with hilarious results.Like many of his plays, this one is loosely plotted and peppered with bits of odd background physical comedy bits while the main story takes place in the forefront. Though not as absurd as some of his older work, there [...]

    Well, compared to the general assessment of this play (including critics) I was not as taken by it. I think much of the dialogue is good and the character of Vonya is as well developed as any in contemporary plays. While Spike is a colorful character and could be played in an amusingly sad way I sometimes had the feeling this character was more of a 'device' to get other characters to respond to each other than a character unto himself. I also could not help but think that since Durang wrote the [...]

    I admit that I only read this book to quell my sadness in not being able to go to NYC to see the play in person. I'm a huge fan of David Hyde Pierce and that's the main (well, the only) reason I bought this book. But that being said it was well worth buying. As for the book itself, it took me two tries and several months to finally finish it. It wasn't bad by any means and it has some really funny moments. But it's a play, written in play form. Had it been in regular book form I might have gotte [...]

    There is no difference between reading/watching Durang's acclaimed play and a well-written cable dramedy. I'd actually go even further and say that watching Gilmore Girls is far more intellectually stimulating than this. Yes, there were funny moments. Yes, I liked the irony and well, yes, I got the Chekhov references (not just the obvious ones because Vanya is as much a tribute to Uncle Vanya as he is to Treplev). But in the end it's a safe play. Durang never dares to dig deeper and all the iron [...]

    I did not love this play. I get the feeling I'm not really the intended audience. Three 50-odd siblings spend a weekend examining their lives and finding their pasts to be disappointing or wasted and their futures to be dim or completely missing. A couple younger characters appear for a bit of comic relief, but overall I found the topics of discussion gloomy and only funny on an awkward level. As always, I'm willing to believe that a play will always be more than the sum of its words once assemb [...]

    Just saw this play at my local theatre about two weeks ago. This was extremely funny. Usually I'm not a fan of farce, but the characters and dialogue in this play are great. The version I saw had very good actors who brought out the pathos as well as the silliness of the plot. I think that those who are familiar with the Chekhov plays, especially The Seagull, and perhaps those older adults who remember the 50s and 60s will get an added enjoyment from the play, but this isn't a necessity.

    I loved this play. I love Durang and have read and enjoyed much of his work. I've never seen this performed live but looking forward to. Masha was a riot. I adored Vanya's wacky molecule play, Spike's opposite of a striptease, the Snow White costume theme, Sonia's Helen Mirren thing, all of it. Great and funny through and through. Now having read Three Sisters by Chekhov, I have new appreciation for the coffee mug incident at the beginning of Act One. It encourages me to read his Uncle Vanya for [...]

    I don't much like Chekhov, and now I'm not thrilled with Durang. Here, the latter imitates all the worst traits of the former, conjuring a sense of unearned privilege that feels at once stubbornly unintelligent and indulgently self-pitying. Gross. I could honestly care less about any of these characters. Having to endure their empty-headed prattling for 10 minutes on a commuter train would drop-kick me into a weeks-long depression. Seeing it win a Tony for Best Play? Somebody get me a handful of [...]

    A fantastic play. Just reading it, you could really see how it plays about on stage. I haven't had a chance to read any Chekhov plays, so many of the references (although not all, because I have some experience with Chekhov's writing) went over my head. I felt the ending wasn't too satisfying, but it still worked with the play. The characters were unique and you could really sympathize with them. 'A really nice play' is the best words I can use to summarize it.

    There is a lot to like about Christopher Durang's Tony Award winning play (2013) not the least is his integration of Sigourney Weaver's real-life career trajectory into the text. Absurdly funny, the characters interact like real siblings. Deeply inter-textual, it helps to have read a few other classic plays but if you haven't you still get the joke! I was fortunate to have received this for Christmas from a dear friend who had seen the play on Broadway.

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