Winter Still grieving over the sudden death of his lover antiques dealer Flynn Ambrose moves to the old ramshackle house on Pitch Pine Lane to catalog and sell the large inventory of arcane and oddball ite

  • Title: Winter
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9781937909482
  • Page: 446
  • Format: ebook
  • Still grieving over the sudden death of his lover, antiques dealer Flynn Ambrose moves to the old, ramshackle house on Pitch Pine Lane to catalog and sell the large inventory of arcane and oddball items that once filled his late uncle s mysterious museum.But not all the items are that easy to catalog or get rid of.

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    I never thought it could be possible, dare I say it, Adrien English has some serious competition for my affections. I'm in love again, I wasn't expecting this emotional attachment so soon, it stuck with me throughout and didn't let up. Flynn and Kirk are fabulous, understated characters who are firming up as fast favourites, especially if the series continues in the same vein. An excellent story with the right amount of creepiness and I ate up every word, a scary ghost works wonders and the snar [...]

    GAHHH! Sometimes, I read Josh Lanyon and I just think “damn, now THAT’S a pro”…his stuff, the stuff you know he took the time to get right…is just GOOD. It flows. It’s crafted, but feels effortless. And everything about it is…money.I loved this book. I suspect when you write as many books as Lanyon has, it’s tough making everything entirely original. This book has shades of some of his others (shall we chalk that up to his “style”?) and the story feels ‘done’ already. But [...]

    Lanyon is not the type to punch you in the gut with her words. She is more the type to trail a feather down your spine and make you shiver. This is it here. The hits come quietly, softly and yeah for me, so much better this way.Winter, deals with loss, separation, mourning, guilt for remaining behind, not knowing how to continue. So we see Flynn struggling in this morass and then Ines and Kirk come into his life and things start changing.Have you ever felt say, hurt or angry or sad and turned to [...]

    Hey, Lanyon!Way to go, buddy.My mind is a blank today so I don't have much to say. Clearly I need about 18 more cups of coffee. Or some cocaine, I don't know.So, I really liked it. It's a similar set-up to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks but, uh, different and stuff. I liked both Flynn and Kirk and I'm looking forward to watching them bow chicka wow wow. Wait. No. I'm looking forward to seeing how their characters develop over the next three books. Also, there'll be more ghosts! Yay!It's a gosh darn [...]

    Perfect title. For Flynn, life is this long dark of sadness where nothing is warm or alive. In this old cluttered house that seeps with the cold of a Connecticut winter he busies himself sorting the affairs of his uncle and meets two individuals who change his life. Kirk is the steady soul who gets pulled into Flynn's sphere and Ines, well, she's a bit of a mirror of Flynn, but unrepressed. This is definitely creepy. It is also emotionally taxing as a great deal of what is happening relates to F [...]

    What did I just read?!How do books this perfect exist? I have no idea. I can't even comprehend this.SPOILERS BELOW!!!This book scared the shit outta me. Actually. I was terrified reading this from the very first chapter. Keep in mind, I"m a gigantic wussy, but it was legitimately scary. And I love scary books. They make you feel so uncomfortable in your own skin and so mentally terrified. Awesome.I didn't even know Lanyon could write horror books. Let's be honest though, is there anything this m [...]

    Josh Lanyon has done it again! Another wonderful read from a man who never fails to amaze me at how great he is at creating characters who from the word go slowly and subtly burrow themselves into your heart in a quiet way yet when you've finished the story, their presence tends to stay with you for a long time. Typical of his couples, the banter and interplay between these two MC's is understated but also very classy and his balance of poignant and amusing is just perfect. What I also love abou [...]

    Written November 15, 20143.7 Stars - Another good Lanyon with interesting characters and a thrilling ghost plotBook #1 - WinterThe Haunted Heart series is to be four books, four seasons and four ghosts. This was the first one, Winter. I listened to the audiobook (6:10 hrs), well narrated by Lee Samuels.***********************************************More a ghost story than an M/M romance. I felt the end was somewhat abrupt. The ghost story in itself was completed and explained, but what about the [...]

    While this starts as online-series, I decided to wait until it is officially edited and published. Simply because I hate reading online and I have no patience for WIPs. So I don't know how edited or expanded this one compared to the Wattpad's version -- all I knew was that Josh Lanyon added around 10k from the original version.I assumed that this would be a 4-stories (involved with 4 seasons) related to the couple, Flynn and Kirk. In that sense, I could take the rather abrupt ending because this [...]

    Ah, how nice to spend time in Josh Lanyon's mind again. A romance in the old sense of the word - a story about the human heart, not about hookups turning into love along the way. The first of a series (I'm guessing a four part series, given the title and the setting), "The Haunted Heart: Winter" is both a satisfying work of romantic literature AND a great set-up for what (I certainly hope) will come next. Flynn could be the protagonist in a sequel to a YA novel where the Happy Ever After goes ba [...]

    Damn, the beginning was SO scary - I was thinkin' "Josh Lanyon wrote this?!?" But it was great, very well done! This author always writes a terrific mystery and I wasn't disappointed here at all, a clever and interesting plot.The two main characters' relationship develops slowly, with Flynn recovering from the tragic loss of his lover and Kirk struggling with his own demons, the growing friendship and attraction between the two is paced perfectly.I love a good ghost story and it is one of the be [...]

    While I cared about Flynn and worried about him, I was also irritated with him, so I strongly identified with Kirk during that ride to the airport. Flynn was grieving, so I wanted to give him some leeway, but I also wanted to shake him at times. I did like the slow build in their friendship, it was a nice balance to Flynn's grief and it felt real.Although the ghost story was well done, sad, but interesting and spooky, The Haunted Heart as a whole wasn't a winner for me. As a set up for the next [...]

    4.5 starsLanyon gives good words. Seriously.Totally creepy and surprisingly emotional. I just love Flynn, so much. It's hard not to. In fact, I dare anyone to read this and not love Flynn. Double. Dog. Dare. You.I want so badly for him to be able to move on and be happy. I felt like he was almost there, almost to the point where he realizes 'hey, maybe I can be happy one day, just not today.' We were so close and then Lanyon does what he does best THE END.Please, please let there be more.

    I totally fell in love with the intelligent complexity and the emotional sensibility of this story. It's scary, funny, touching and thought-provoking at the same time. Flynn Ambrose has lost the love of his life and the aftermath of it is not pretty — it's excruciating. Flynn has never loved anyone else like he loves Alan whom he has grown up with and whom he literally shared his whole young life with. He feels lost and hopeless and simply done after Alan's sudden death. Flynn doesn't have any [...]

    Wait, it's done? It can't be done. I'M not done! NOOOOOOOO!Firstly, this was a great ghost story. The good old fashioned kind with wrongs that needed to be righted, haunted mirrors and creepy basements. Loved it. Loved it!The ghost story brought Kirk and Flynn together and they are great characters. I have a huge book crush on Kirk and these two are why I don't want it to be over!!! There is still so much story to be told for these two and I really can't wait to read more.

    Back after a hiatus with a stunning novella, Lanyon once again paints fantastically romantic and eerie pictures with his words. The plot in this book is solid and the characters, Flynn and Kirk, are both at odds and entangled. This is the first of four novellas for these characters and the poetry of their relationship is wonderful. I highly recommend this book.

    Poignant, creepy little tale with the start of a good relationship but no sudden declarations - I look forward to the other seasons.We meet the characters al la A Ghost of a Chance and there's the feel of The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks about the spooky house, ex-military character and sofa surfing. Personally I'd have liked more information on the house, at least a clearer concept of how it was set-up with what appears to be self-contained apartments. The couple dynamic is standard Lanyon and there [...]

    This was quintessential Lanyon and I loved it. Beautiful writing, two complex, interesting characters- each so consumed with dealing with their own demons and past traumas they don't appear to need each other at all. Except they do d such wonderful dialogue from that delicious push and pull- the snark and dry humour and then the gradual (and swoon-worthy)glimpses of warmth and grudging affection as the two begin to open up more to each other. I loved the slow reveal of why Flynn appears to be ho [...]

    I don't know what it is about stories with grieving MCs that attracts me to them. It really is not the angst as I am not a fan of that. I think it is the hope of seeing a broken heart mended. In this story 26yo Flynn is grieving the sudden loss of his partner a few months prior. He takes on the job of sorting through his dead uncle's antiques to get them ready for sale as a distraction. In this process he comes across a haunted mirror. He also finally meets his uncle's tenant Kirk. Kirk is in hi [...]

    This book reminded me a great deal of The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks I did enjoy this new story and a slightly longer Lanyon book, but for me there was something missing and I'm not sure what. Maybe the set up of the mystery was a little cliche and I felt like I knew where it was going. Maybe it was the whole similarity to this previous novel. Just not sure. Ok read, just not my favourite from this author.

    The best Josh Lanyon in a while--I so love his sentences--"The snow was forming white mounds at the bottom of the foggy glass, like an ant farm winter wonderland.""I didn't have another plan though, so I continued to stand there like a wind-up toy one spring short of a full key-turn.""Darkness fell like a drop cloth."God I love the way this man writes-so visual---WINTER(THE HAUNTED HEART,#1) is a great start to a new series--cannot wait for the next one

    Flynn Ambrose has inherited a lot of things from his uncle. A run-down house. A taciturn boarder. A basement full of junk, a living room full of antiques, and a bathroom gestating the next plague. Nothing a little bleach, care, and tactful avoidance can't fix. But Flynn can't help but think that his uncle could have done without leaving him that lovely mirror holding the ghost of one seriously pissed-off lady. Or at least left a note on how to go about exorcising her. Because running down the st [...]

    ☆º★5 Stars - KAPOW!★º☆A "Live your Life, Buy the Book" reviewFollow the link above for a giveaway and a quickfire Q&A with Josh!It is no big secret that I love pretty much everything Josh writes. He has this way of reeling me in, and keeping me enthralled until the end. I love Coldplay – but they sometimes take criticism for sounding the same. I don’t care. Sure, they have a signature sound – but it is a sound I love! In some ways Josh’s books are the same – he has a sign [...]

    This was a classic Josh Lanyon. I loved it.It had so much atmosphere and was positively creepy at times - a perfect haunted house (or mirror in this case) story.The romance was more in the background, but I am hoping for a sequel with more development on that front.Flynn was a great main character for me. He was very vulnerable, his situation was integrated in the story flawlessly. Flynn was telling the story in 1st person narration - and it worked great. It had the right amoung of introspection [...]

    3.5 starsDefinitely not a romance. Definitely a paranormal mystery. And i definitely didn't like the abrupt ending. But I really liked the storyline and both guys. I sincerely hope there will be a sequel soon.

    I should begin this review by openly admitting that I am a Lanyonphile. Roughly translated in the Greek, that would be a lover of all things Lanyon, specifically Josh Lanyon. So when I was told I could review some of his latest work I sat myself down and had a stern talk with said self. I reminded me that I needed to be impartial, review the work as is without fond memories of works gone by and allow for constructive criticism should the writing call for it. I was impressive as I firmly took mys [...]

    So one of my bestest unicorn friends is a bit of a Lanyon fangirl and I couldn't ignore her love for his books any longer, I had to find out what the fuss was about - and boy did I find out. *Side note* I have to admit I was nervous as said Unicorn also likes clowns - me not so much a fan, I'm with Sam Winchester with the whole clowns are waaaay creepy stance.ever, what I can say isWow, from the first page I loved Flynn. Heartbroken and seeing ghosts and making a fool of himself in front of his [...]

    What Winter taught me is that I don’t actually want Josh Lanyon to step into the paranormal.That’s not to say I didn’t like this book, because I did. It also doesn’t mean that she can’t write paranormal, because it was actually decently creepy. I think what I mean when I say I don’t want her to write paranormal is that she’s got such a niche already. Her mysteries are so good that she’s the only mystery author I read. I don’t think she should attempt to dive in with the other p [...]

    While the main story, the ghost part, has its conclusion, the rest doesn't. I was beginning to wonder why this book is in the romance category. There isn't any romance here, only a promise of one. There is one hot scene though, but even that had more to do with comforting than with anything else.Flynn is twenty six and he is in mourning over his lover's death. He inherited a huge house full of antiquities from his uncle. Oh, and one ghost. Well, one for now. Kirk is his tenant. I like that he is [...]

    This is Josh Lanyon.Do you have any doubt that it's going to be good?Why are you reading the reviews?It's auto buy!You already know what your going to get.A great storya brief glimpse of romance. Which is perfect in a series. No need to jump to hot n heavy and in WUV right out the gate. Work up to it.The characters were great. I want to know more about both of them. I'm left wanting more of everything. My only complaintWere the hell is book 2? It's been 3 years! This isn't the first series by La [...]

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