Dein göttliches Herz versteinert

Dein göttliches Herz versteinert

Dein g ttliches Herz versteinert Als Ari zum ersten Mal in das verfallene New Orleans kam trieb sie nur eins der Wunsch zu wissen wer sie ist Doch was sie entdeckte bertraf ihre schlimmsten Alptr ume Mittlerweile sp rt Ari wie da

  • Title: Dein göttliches Herz versteinert
  • Author: Kelly Keaton
  • ISBN: 9783401067834
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Als Ari zum ersten Mal in das verfallene New Orleans kam, trieb sie nur eins der Wunsch zu wissen, wer sie ist Doch was sie entdeckte, bertraf ihre schlimmsten Alptr ume Mittlerweile sp rt Ari, wie das B se in ihr immer st rker wird, und mit ihm w chst auch ihre Macht Eine Macht, die Athene um alles in der Welt besitzen will und die die Medusa Tochter in gr te GefahrAls Ari zum ersten Mal in das verfallene New Orleans kam, trieb sie nur eins der Wunsch zu wissen, wer sie ist Doch was sie entdeckte, bertraf ihre schlimmsten Alptr ume Mittlerweile sp rt Ari, wie das B se in ihr immer st rker wird, und mit ihm w chst auch ihre Macht Eine Macht, die Athene um alles in der Welt besitzen will und die die Medusa Tochter in gr te Gefahr bringt Doch Ari kennt keine Angst F r sie z hlt nur eins Sie will Rache Die Zeit daf r wird knapp und sie hat nur eine Chance Um die G ttin zu besiegen, muss Ari sich dem stellen, was sie am meisten f rchtet sich selbst.

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    Original review posted on The Book SmugglersA Beautiful Evil is the sequel to last year’s Darkness Becomes Her and it picks up right where the previous book left off. Ari, our cursed-to-become-a-gorgon-when-she-turns-21 protagonist is training to be able to tap into her dormant powers so she can face the powerful Goddess Athena and rescue her father and her friend Violet. She has also been allowed by the Novem – the supernatural families that run New 2, this world’s futuristic version of N [...]

    You know things are bad when the heroine of a book wants to die and you want her to die too. I'm usually not too picky about cliched story lines or unlikeable characters in a book as long as something or someone stands out and excites or inspires. Unfortunately, Ari stands aside and lets the people she cares about suffer for her. Ari, who wants to rescue Violet and her father from Athena, charges into situations unprepared, unfocused, and unwilling to use her powers because they make her feel li [...]

    This and other reviews can be found on Reading Between ClassesCover Impressions: OOOOOOHHHHHH PRETTY! I love the colors and the transition from hair to snake reflecting Ari's pending transformation.The Gist: Having survived Athena's attack, Ari attempts to learn about her enemy and formulate a plan for rescuing her father and friend, Violet. (Really. That's it. Can you tell that I am less than enthusiastic?)Review: I love re-tellings of the Greek Myths. I am particularly fond of the Medusa myth [...]

    Kelly Keaton really knows how to make her characters suffer. I thought Ari had it bad in Darkness Becomes Her, but what she goes through in A Beautiful Evil, if it were me, I would have crumpled into pieces and completely lost myself. Not Ari though. Even when she thought things were completely hopeless she never gave up. She would work her brain until she found a way. A Beautiful Evil is just as action packed as Darkness Becomes Her and full of lots of twist that I did not see coming at all. My [...]

    I must say after reading a butt load of books that hold no interest at all I have finally stumbled upon a book that drew me in and left me reeling. With the current books on the shelf it is a relief to find a book that makes me want to read all through the night to see what happens to Aristanae and Sebastian.It is also a relief to read a book that has a clear and unhampered writing style unlike may of the mediocre writers that roll out the books so fast its like reading a diary with missing page [...]

    Well, where the last one was a 3.5 star that I wanted to round up to 4, this one I just have to round down. I still really like Ari, her voice is clear and I find her easy to relate to. I love the cast of kids supporting her, they really feel like a family. And the sense in the first book of too much of a good thing with all of the differently myths and creatures being pulled into one book worked more smoothly and naturally into this one once they didn't have to be introduced and explained const [...]

    OMG! Kelly created a more amazing book!! This book answers so many questions and then leaves alot more in its wake!Obviously Ari is still kicking ass and taking names as she did before but shes even better at it now and getting the answers she needs! She is worrying about everything and still moving forward. Ari doesn't let somethings get to her but Athena knows where to hit, right at the heart! Ari was alone so much she isnt used to caring about people but she doesnt even worry about it, she kn [...]

    We start A Beautiful Evil with Ari learning to fight, because she can’t afford to get whooped by Athena. Again. Not when Athena already has her father, and Violet. So Ari learns to fight.Then she decides that this waiting thing is for the dogs, she’s going to break into Athena’s domain instead of wondering when (& where) Athena’s going to show. So off she goes, along with Sebastian and Henri. Only, things don’t go quite as Ari imagined they would, and she gets whooped. Again. So no [...]

    This book was MUCH BETTER than the first one! Oh God, this book completely drown me in! This book is packed with action since the first till the last chapter. I couldn't put this book down at all today, it's definitely page turner. The story makes me keep guessing what will happen next. I adore Ari, she starts to love herself, to use her ability better to save people. I'd like to see her kick Athena's ass in the next book, lol.

    Really pleasantly surprised with this read!! Better than the first and had so much fun reading. The world building is fantastic and the adventure is definitely there for you. This book picks up right after the last with Ari and Bastian in New 2 fighting to get her friends and family back from the tyrant Athena.Where this books falls a bit for me is that the timing was all off. It was rushed and contradictory in a lot of places. We spent days were on training and "researching" while chapters were [...]

    I know I didn't write a review for Darkness Becomes Her, but I wanted to write one for this one.I really liked the first book, although I thought it lacked something. But this one founded that something and showed it, even though I don't know what it is. ^^What I really loved about this books, and this is not a spoiler if you read the first book, is that the gods are the "bad guys" and the monsters are the "good guys".We can see a lot more of Ari's power and the stuff she can do when she focuses [...]

    I will be the first to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of DARKNESS BECOMES HER. I knew the story had some serious promise, I just thought that Ari had a bit of growing up to do. I am so so so pleased to say that A BEAUTIFUL EVIL is an AMAZING sequel and far surpasses DARKNESS BECOMES HER in my opinion. The stakes are even higher for Ari and the romance between her and Sebastian even hotter! Even if you didn't like the first novel, you definitely have to at least give A BEAUTIFUL EVIL a shot. [...]

    This one started out a bit slower for me than the first one did. I was a bit bummed at the distance between Ari and Sebastian in the beginning of this one. There was a lot of things that happened in the first book that was told about in the beginning of this one to catch you up or remind you which is par for the course for sequels. Overall, I found this one a bit boring, but it did read fast.You can find my official review at the below link:openbooksociety/article/ke

    Realmente no se si me molesta o me agrada la protagonista, de verdad, mis sentimientos son encontrados, ya ella quiere ser valiente pero realmente es un osito de peluche y dioses sebastian es tan sexy obvio que es debido a lo que es

    This is the second book in the Gods and Monsters series by Keaton. Although I didn't like this book quite as much as the first book in the series, it was still a good addition to this series. I continue to enjoy this YA urban fantasy series and the heavy mythology overtones to it. The characters and world are all very well done.In this book Ari is learning how to use and control her new powers. We end up venturing into Athena’s realm, as Ari and friends try to rescue those that Athena took at [...]

    ZUR AUFMACHUNGAlso hier finde ich das Original fast schon ein wenig besser als die deutsche Version. Das liegt vor allem daran, dass ihre Haare sich zu einer Schlange winden, was eine tolle Anspielung auf die Medusa-Mythologie ist, die hier eine Rolle spielt.Die Titel passen eigentlich beide etwa gleich gut. A beautiful Evil trifft ja ohnehin auf Athene und auf Ari zu und Dein göttliches Herz versteinert macht ebenfalls aufgrund des letzten Wortes Sinn Wobei ich immer noch nicht so ganz versteh [...]

    This is one of those occasions where I really would love to have a half star rating as I really feel that I would prefer to give this novel, a sequel to Darkness Becomes Her, 3.5 stars rather than just 3. I did have to go away after I finished this book though and really think about my feelings towards it because they are somewhat mixed.So here's what I liked about this story. I liked the characters. I think Ari and Sebastian are really great as the main protagonists. Their back stories are eng [...]

    Als Ari zum ersten Mal in das verfallene New Orleans kam, trieb sie nur eins: der Wunsch zu wissen, wer sie ist. Doch was sie entdeckte, übertraf ihre schlimmsten Alpträume. Mittlerweile spürt Ari, wie das Böse in ihr immer stärker wird, und mit ihm wächst auch ihre Macht. Eine Macht, die Athene um alles in der Welt besitzen will und die die Medusa-Tochter in größte Gefahr bringt. Doch Ari kennt keine Angst. Für sie zählt nur eins: Sie will Rache. Die Zeit dafür wird knapp und sie hat [...]

    In this sequel to Darkness Becomes Her Keaton continues to weave together mythology and fantasy to tell a gothic YA tale. The story begins almost right where we left off in the last one. Ari has begun at Presby upon her own request and is training for her eventual match up against queen evil bitch Athena. For the first one-third of the book that's pretty much all Ari does, and I was afraid that the slow pacing would continue. As I reached the book's middle, the action started to pick up a little [...]

    You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.A Beautiful Evil is the much anticipated follow up to Kelly Keaton's A Darkness Becomes her. I read the first installment in the Gods & Monsters trilogy recently and immediately rushed out to get the second. I was blown away with the setting as well as the imaginative blend of dystopian/mythological elements and while I did feel that a lot of that was a bit lacking compared to the first it is still a worthy follow up. I do think that this one [...]

    This is the second book in the Monster and Gods series by Kelly Keaton. I was entranced by the first book and could not wait for the next installment and this one did not disappoint either. This book starts with Ari attempting to hone her new found abilities without turning into the monster she fears she's becoming. She is also on the hunt for her friend Violet and her father, both of whom were taken by Athena and are probably being put through untold horrors at the Goddesses hands. Aside from t [...]

    That moment I flipped to the last page of the book, I knew I had to write the review down straight away because it was that amazing! Everything was rad and I hadn't thought it would have more actions in A Beautiful Evil. Darkness Becomes Her had a last minute action at the ending which I didn't expect but it was good though it was short like they were at masquerade party and the next thing you know, Athena appear looking all pretty and stuff and then Ari had a glimpsed of her own powers and what [...]

    I gave it 3.5 starsAri now knows what she is and has started her training and research in hopes of saving her Dad and Violet as well as beating Athena.I didn't enjoy A BEAUTIFUL EVIL as much as I enjoyed book 1 DARKNESS BECOMES HER. The story dragged for half the book, there were quite a bit of depressing circumstances and It was a bit predictable at times. I did enjoy the action scenes and the general plot. Ari was still an interesting character. She is unique in her bloodline because of what h [...]

    I was so excited when this book came to my doorstep! Not only was it a surprise but I knew I would love it! Sure enough, this book captured me gluing my eyes to the pages.What I liked most about this book is the characters growth in the book. I love it when an author can change a character so significantly right before your eyes. Ari is now in training and learning to use her powers. I loved that Ari had to be pushed, that so she can break that human barrier. I still love that Ari is so determin [...]

    I liked this? I think? I mean, I love Ari's character. She's the main reason I kept reading. Plus, the world she inhabits is fantastic and peppered with some heart-pounding fight scenes. However, the rest of the characters are boring. In fact, the rest of the story is fairly boring, except when Ari has her inner arguments. Everything happened much too quickly, and although I realize I'm supposed to suspend my belief, I think the fact that the entire book happened in what I think was about a week [...]

    1tabına gore 2tap bence cok daha iyiydi biraz gec olsa da athena ile zeus arasındaki husumetin nedenini ogrendik kitapta en sasırdıgım nokta(biraz spoi verecem ama) guzel seytanın pandoranın kutusuna verilen ad olması beni bayagı bi sasırttı ayrıca pandoranın kutusunun da kutu seklinde degil de vazo seklinde olması cok guzel ve sasırtıcıydı bence ari nin ilk seferde gecitten gecip babasının o hale geldigini gormesi beni de uzdu ama asıl olanlar 2fer gidisinde oluyor arinin y [...]

    This series took a serious nosedive for me and I have to say that I feel generous giving it 2 stars. The first book is interesting because it is setting up the unique world and mythology, while having the heroine search for the mystery surrounding her mother's death and the curse of her family. Even though I had issues with it, it was entertaining enough that I enjoyed it. This second book loses all the appeal.The heroine makes some monumentally horrible decisions that just ruined the whole stor [...]

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