A House Divided

A House Divided

A House Divided A House Divided the third volume of the trilogy that began with The Good Earth and Sons is a powerful portrayal of China in the midst of revolution Wang Yuan is caught between the opposing ideas of

  • Title: A House Divided
  • Author: Pearl S. Buck
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A House Divided, the third volume of the trilogy that began with The Good Earth and Sons, is a powerful portrayal of China in the midst of revolution Wang Yuan is caught between the opposing ideas of different generations After 6 years abroad, Yuan returns to China in the middle of a peasant uprising His cousin is a captain in the revolutionary army, his sister ha A House Divided, the third volume of the trilogy that began with The Good Earth and Sons, is a powerful portrayal of China in the midst of revolution Wang Yuan is caught between the opposing ideas of different generations After 6 years abroad, Yuan returns to China in the middle of a peasant uprising His cousin is a captain in the revolutionary army, his sister has scandalized the family by her premarital pregnancy, and his warlord father continues to cling to his traditional ideals It is through Yuan s efforts that a kind of peace is restored to the family.

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    A House Divided (House of Earth, #3), Pearl S. Buckتاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیستم جولای سال 1993 میلادیعنوان: خاندان از هم پاشیده؛ یا، خانه گلی؛ نویسنده: پرل باک؛ مترجم: فرحناز خمسه ای؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، موسسه چاپ و نشر بیگوند، 1371، در 405 ص؛ عنوان دیگر: خانه گلی؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی قرن 20 مخ [...]

    Not many who have read the "Good Earth Trilogy" are likely to agree with me, but this was my favorite book in the series that begins with the The Good Earth, followed by Sons. That is not to say it is the best or most important book in the trilogy, for that depends on what terms we are speaking. All three a page turners with compelling characters and plots. The Good Earth received the most acclaim, is by far the best seller, and is also the best known because it was adapted into a movie. It is a [...]

    A couple of days ago, I finished reading the novel, A House Divided by Pearl Buck, which was first published in 1935. I found this literary novel, in which Pearl Buck tells the fictional story of Wang Yuan, son of Tiger, a Chinese war lord. difficult to read due to its style. In childhood, Yuan feared his father whose sword was never far from his hand. At the age of nineteen Yuan joined the revolutionists, 'who were the enemies of all lords of war such as the Tiger was.' He returns home wearing [...]

    A House Divided by Pearl S. Buck finishes off this trilogy about turn of the twentieth century China. The Good Earth starts the story with Wang the farmer becoming the father of three sons. Those sons grow up to be a landlord, a merchant, and a warlord, in Sons. They in turn have their own children. The youngest son of Wang the farmer becomes Wang the Tiger who has his own son and daughter. A House Divided follows the son Yuan through the Chinese Revolution.A House Divided spends a lot of time j [...]

    I'm glad to see how The Good Earth trilogy played out, but A House Divided is nowhere near the book that The Good Earth is. It took me almost two months to read it. It had endearing moments, but did nothing to hold my attention. This book was very easy to put down and forget about for several days at a time. Not terrible, a good enough story, but not a "must read"."For soon he knew her mind was as simple in its own way as his own country mother's mind, a kindly narrow mind which dwelt on a dish [...]

    A House Divided is the third novel in the trilogy. In almost all Pearl's novels, there is the contrast of the East and the West. Then there comes the comparison of the different generations. The themes of the book are relevant today in that our culture, ideas, lifestyles, and the influence and relationships with our children, effect their lives and influence future choices.This book mainly concentrates on the son of Wang the Tiger (and the grandson of the original Wang) but it does reveal a bit [...]

    Overall, a pretty satisfying end to an excellent series by Pearl Buck. Book III of the Good Earth trilogy focuses primarily on Yuan, with his cousins taking minor roles in this one. The themes of this book center around the new versus the old (since some of the book is set during the Chinese revolution) rich versus poor, and foreign versus national. Buck does a nice job of setting up these conflicts and asking the right questions about how to resolve them while depicting that there are no easy a [...]

    To me this trilogy is exquisite. The use of language is like nothing I have ever read before, almost as beautifully crafted as Beryl Markham's West With the Night. This third book is not as good as the first two, but I still gave it 5 stars for the clear sense of the passage of time that this multigenerational story conveys. While the first book, The Good Earth, is best, it's worth it to hear the tale to it's end. Beautiful, beautiful writing.

    I liked this book much better than the second one, although you can understand this book better if you have read Sons. In this final part of the trilogy, the main character studies abroad, and faces all the problems that any ex-pat faces while abroad and then readjusting back home. Yuan's love-hate relationships with both his native country and the country of his sojourn are very convincing, and make a very eloquent answer to the critiques that some Chinese intellectuals made of The Good Earth ( [...]

    I read this book before I know there are 2 other books before it at first I was a bit confuse because suddenly Yuan bump into his father and they were arguing but after all this book is a really nice book, I can't stop myself read it till the end. somehow I know what Yuan feels, he was mad at his country, but he love it with all his heart. he lived in a hard time, when revolution started in China. he loves his father with his own way. well I guess all fathers just like that, love their children [...]

    This book was a strange one for me. I liked it a lot at first, but then it just stalled for me and got really boring. Yuan was so confused all the time and it seemed that the bulk of the book was about him kinda sorta hating one or another group of people, but not really hating them because he was a gentle soul.over and over. I thought the revolution stuff was interesting, but don't know enough about Chinese history to really understand what was happending in a historical context. I thought it w [...]

    This was my favorite book of the "House of Earth" trilogy. I loved the characters: Sheng, the elegant, handsome young poet, who loves art and everything beautiful; a hedonist, and the most honest and unconflicted of the family. There's Wang the Tiger, a once fierce warlord, struggling to maintain power and dignity in a now defunct world, and whose most prized possession, until the end, is his beautifully decorated sword. An image that will stay with me is that of old Wang the Landlord, a lifelon [...]

    Well, I finished reading the third volume in the Good Earth Trilogy and continue it celebrate the author's insights, building characters identity and interweaving the three/four generations of one family. There was much to follow but completely worth the reading time. The books, and this one in particular, highlighted the political issues in China that surfaced, went underground and then resurfaced again. Youth who joined the revolutions took up causes that their grandparents fought for. Along w [...]

    What a wonderful end to a wonderful trilogy. Through the eyes of this one family we have seen them go from poverty to riches and power to not quite poverty again. We have seen them go develop their opinion on the common man, from being one of them and hating the rich to being rich and looking down on the poor. This trilogy with its rich variety of beautifully packaged characters provides a intimate view of China as it left feudalism and empire into revolution and re-revolution. This is a must re [...]

    The last book of the trilogy, which I think is worth going through even though it's the first book that's really the classic. The book follows the grandson of Wang the Farmer, and the son of Wang the Tiger (the general), who was raised to be a general but decides to abandon that and return to the land. He ends up in a city anyway (probably Nanjing), gets an education, becomes a revolutionary (probably a Nationalist), hides in America for a while (probably California) and returns to become a teac [...]

    Pearl Buck Nobel Prize WinnerTruly enjoyed following the life of a poor Chinese farmer who worked hard beside his strong and supportive wife to create great wealth in The Good Earth. The story sheds much light on Chinese History and the changing roles women faced as time marched forward. There is much irony in the story as the children's children forget where they came from and embrace "foreign ways".

    চাষি ওয়াং লাং যে পরিশ্রম আর মাটির আশীর্বাদে ভাগ্য পরিবর্তন করেছিল সে ছোট ছেলের জন্য ভেবেছিল বাবার ভাগ্যে বয়ে আনা জমি দেখা শুনা করবে, সেই ছেলে জমিকে ঘৃণা করে বাড়ি থেকে পালিয়ে গিয়েছিল। ওয়াং দ্ [...]

    This book brings the trilogy into a very different context, telling the story of Wang Yuan in the coastal city and then in America. There is a sharp contrast between the values and lifestyles of the three generations which becomes clear in this novel. The events seem to proceed more quickly than in the preceding two books.

    This is the third book of The Good Earth trilogy. Since I could not find the second book 'Sons', I decided to read the 3rd book. I did enjoy this book very much, but may be not as much as The Good Earth. Here we meet Wang Yuan (grandson of Wang Lung, the main character of the Good Earth) a young man who is bit lost between the old and new in China. The story is captivating in many respects because the author had addressed many aspects such as generational, cultural and gender divisions quite won [...]

    Dibandingkan dua buku sebelumnya,The Goodearth dan Son, menurut saya lebih bagus yang sebelumnya.Jika diurut,sesuai dengan serial buku ini,paling bagus adalah yang no.1 menyusul 2 dan 3.Pada buku ke 3 ini lebih banyak bercerita tentang pergolakan batin Yuan, cucu Wang Lung,tokoh sentral dinasti Wang dari Wang Si Macan.Pergolakan yg sejalan dengan perubahan2 yg terjadi di China,dan perubahan diseluruh dunia. Perubahan politik dan kultur yang luarbiasaTetap menarik,tetap ingin menuntaskan buku ini [...]

    I read this straight after reading the second in the series - Sons. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more if I'd taken the break between the two. I rarely read to two books of the same series end to end as I find I need a break between them. However for various reasons I took this on straight after Sons.I enjoy Buck's writing style. It's almost like reading a story that has been written down exactly as it was told to the transcriber.While I did enjoy this, I found myself becoming increasingly [...]

    As I read this Book, I could not forget the sacrifices Wang Lung and O-Lan made to provide the basis of the family fortune. Reading about the values and choices of the following generations touched me greatly. I couldn't help wondering what they would have thought. Their money changed the family's life options, providing many opportunities, choices and conflicts that would not have been present in a subsistence-living peasant family. China and the world changed too. Much of the book deals with t [...]

    Technically a 3.5 star review, as I liked it more than Sons. (Or at the least, I liked Yuan more than his father.)Similar to some of the other reviews, I did not like how the book ended feeling "unresolved" - or, right when it felt like Yuan's life was getting good. It's also atypical of Buck that she ended the book when Yuan was still youngish - all of Buck's other books end when the protagonist is old and close to the end of his life.As always, I continue to be amazed at Buck's insight into a [...]

    Membaca buku ini semula saya mengharapkan untuk mendapatkan gambaran secara utuh tentang trilogi ini. Buku ketiga bercerita tentang Wang Yuan, putra Wang si Macan. Dan seolah memperjelas judulnya, buku ini jelas bercerita tentang kehancuran dan kebangkrutan keluarga Wang. Perubahan politik di China, perubahan structure masyarakat, dan lemahnya personality dari anak cucu keluarga Wang turut mempercepat kehancuran mereka. Membaca buku ini memberikan rasa pedih dan kecewa karena banyak memceritakan [...]

    Book #3 is a great wrap up to the Good Earth trilogy. I liked it much more than Book #2 because there's so much going on in this book. The main character Yuan is moving around a lot more, even going abroad. We get a real dose of Western attitudes in this book as well as more emphasis of the younger generation's desire for revolution. It was interesting to see the characters decide what a true revolution is and whether or not it's a good thing. Yuan experiences moments abroad where he wants to sw [...]

    Like previous books in the series, this book focuses heavily on the family relationships as well as the relationship between people and the land. This book added a new dynamic with the concept of old traditions vs. new innovations and western and eastern culture. It was interesting to see how Yuan interacted with American people as well as the effect that American culture had on his family. This book shows how it is important to try and find a balance between old and new. Once again, it returns [...]

    This was as beautifully written as the first two in the trilogy and with the interlude in the US perhaps converged more with the authors own life. The characters built on the those of the Sons gaining greater depth and complexity with each generation reflecting the tumultuous changes occurring in China with only a few characters such as the Lady Yuan's step mother being able to bridge. Buck leaves you wanting more.

    I am not sure just how much readers will learn about China and Chinese culture from the Good Earth Trilogy. I do kn0w you will learn a great deal about Pearl Buck, especially in this concluding volume, A House Divided. Buck does manage effectively to conclude the tale of the Wang family in a satisfying way, but she also indulges in her own ideological polemics. All her personal obsessions--mostly subsumed in the first two books--come to the fore in this final work. All the things Buck concerned [...]

    A Fitting End to a Wonderful Trilogy!A House Divided deals with the grandchildren of Wang Lung, the farmer. War and oppression have changed the country and made the young fight for freedom from the old rules and customs. Foreign schools and foreign immigrants have brought new ideas to this generation.The main chapter is Yuan Wang, the son of The Tiger. The Tiger tries to raise his son to be a soldier like himself. But when the Tiger sends his son away to the southern school of war, Yuan learns t [...]

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