The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line When life gets tough and love is hard to find four friends take their troubles to lunch Surviving a failed marriage and an illness that almost takes her life high school teacher Mallory Hamilton nee

  • Title: The Bottom Line
  • Author: Sandy James
  • ISBN: 9781455575220
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • When life gets tough and love is hard to find, four friends take their troubles to lunch Surviving a failed marriage and an illness that almost takes her life, high school teacher Mallory Hamilton needs the Ladies Who Lunch than ever .After a year of upheaval, Mallory has had her fill of change with one exception Her house is a disaster, and she wants it fixed.When life gets tough and love is hard to find, four friends take their troubles to lunch Surviving a failed marriage and an illness that almost takes her life, high school teacher Mallory Hamilton needs the Ladies Who Lunch than ever .After a year of upheaval, Mallory has had her fill of change with one exception Her house is a disaster, and she wants it fixed Hiring a contractor to finish the projects her ex husband started will help her banish the past so she can return to the life she had before everything went awry But her contractor is sexy, sweet, and single, which threatens the peaceful, solitary life Mallory has planned for herself.Ben Carpenter has had a hard time raising his daughter without his ex wife s help His new client s projects will give him the extra income he needs, not to mention afternoons alone with a gorgeous woman Though their attraction is undeniable, Ben sees the fear and pain hiding in Mallory s beautiful eyes But how can he help her if she won t let him in Ben can fix just about anything but can he fix Mallory s broken heart

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    Sandy and I are critique partners, so I get to see all her books in advance of publication. The Ladies Who Lunch are a group of friends who, together, handle all the joy and tragedies that life hands to them. The bottom line is a good story about a woman struggling with tragedy who discovers that there's always a second chance at love. Lovely story!

    Click Banner to enter Kindle and Ebook Giveaway 6/4-11-2014Looking for a sweet and tender romance, The Bottom Line will hit the spot. Highlighting a group of teachers that lunch together and stick together through thick in thin, this story gives us a strong core group of characters that you'd like to call friends. This is Mallory and Ben's story. Mallory is a breast cancer survivor who hires Ben Carpenter, single dad and handy man. Both characters have emotional / relationship baggage that inter [...]

    After suffering from series of bad-lucks, we often tend to shut the doors of our tender heart, hoping that we'll never ever open that door. In this novel, The Bottom Line (The Ladies Who Lunch #1), the author, Sandy James, weaves a oh-so-romantic story between two bad-luck struck persons, Mallory and Ben, and takes us in a journey from how-life-can-be cruel-to-how-life-can-be-amazing!First, a token of thanks to the author, Sandy James, for providing me with a copy of her book in exchange for an [...]

    I was absolutely lost in this amazingly realistic contemporary romance. Sandy James has a gift for taking love, adding in contemporary twists and rubs, deadly serious topics and coming up with a completely engaging, warm story of love, second chances and the gift of loyal friends. Life deals out the cards, you play what you’re dealt, win or lose and sometimes only the support of good friends keeps you afloat. For Mallory Hamilton, the Ladies Who Lunch, her nearest and dearest friends who have [...]

    As one of Sandy's critique partners, I get to see these stories before anyone else! This is a well-written book with engaging characters and a great happy ever after. You can't go wrong with this one!

    What incredible surprise! I won a copy of the Bottom Line a little bit back from LilyElement and on a lark picked it up this afternoon and. proceeded to read the entire thing in pretty much one sitting. I flipping LOVED this book. The Bottom Line was a truly lovely romance and a touching personal journey that sparked off as Ben's hired on to fix up Mallory's mess of a house.The quick of it is that Mallory has been going through a lot of struggles. Her husband left her amid a medical scare--yes h [...]

    ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 6, 2014When life gets tough and love is hard to find, four friends take their troubles to lunch. Surviving a failed marriage and an illness that almost takes her life, high school teacher Mallory Hamilton needs the Ladies Who Lunch more than ever . . .After a year of upheaval, Mallory has had her fill of change—with one exception. Her house is a disaster, and she wants it fixed. Hiring a contractor to finish the projects her ex-husband started will help her ban [...]

    Mallory Hamilton, is a teacher that is a breast cancer survivor. Her ex-husband ditched her as soon as he heard she had cancer, so she's not really in the market for a relationship. Trying to move on with her life and get rid of bad memories of a failed marriage; Mallory decides to hire a carpenter to make the house her own. I admired Mallory's character, she faced having cancer and a scumbag ex-husband that ditched her as soon as times got tough. The Bottom Line is based after the fact, so I wa [...]

    Very realistic love story about a lady who thought she would never find love again. The difficult subject matter was handled perfectly. The characters were great and very believable. I would definitely read more from this author. Maybe I will look into the 2nd book of this series.I received this book as a first reads giveaway.

    openbooksociety/article/thBrought to you by OBS reviewer AndraI found this story to be thoroughly delightful. Early on it was spelled out very well how Mallory was beginning to feel:“I was rattled by the kiss. At that moment, Mallory was a hell of a lot more than rattled. She was in lust so deep, she had to force herself not to crawl on his lap and lace her fingers through his hair.”Ben was a classy guy throughout. When he found out Mal’s big secret (not gonna tell ya :) !!!), he did not r [...]

    The Bottom Line is a great title. It's what attracted me to the book itself. Some book titles are overly long, some basically tell you the story and some make no sense even after you've read it. But this title is perfect for this book. It's about the cost of rebuilding a house as well as your heart and life. But it's also about how much of yourself you're willing to give and what you're willing to sacrifice for the one you love. It's actually a pretty simple story. A story about second chances a [...]

    The Bottom Line is an extremely heartwarming and sometimes poignant second chance at love novel. In this first installment of Sandy James' The Ladies Who Lunch series starring four close friends who support one another through all of life's ups and downs, Mallory Hamilton unexpectedly finds love with Ben Carpenter, the contractor she hires to complete some renovations on her house.Getting her life back on track after a difficult year, Mallory is determined to finish some long overdue projects ar [...]

    The Bottom Line is the first book I’ve read by Sandy James, and it certainly won’t be my last. This is a solid romance with a heroine recovering from breast cancer. Mallory is a teacher whose rat bastard of a husband left her after he found out she was diagnosed with cancer. She is in remission after surgery, but still recovering from both the emotional and physical side effects of this horrible disease. She is a woman we can all admire because of her strength, and you feel for her situation [...]

    I received this book for free through First Reads. Thanks to the author and to for this opportunity. I LOVED this book. I found myself sneaking at work trying to finish it. The uncorrected manuscript I received was 462 pages of varying emotions. At some points I couldn't stop grinning like a goon, other times I had to wipe tears, and sometimes I chuckled out loud and squirmed in my seat with eagerness. There were enough steamy and descriptive scenes when the love-making-magic got started. 30-s [...]

    I think this is the first time that I have read a romance novel where the main character is a cancer survivor and is dealing with breast reconstruction. It was certainly a nice change from the normal almost-perfect heroines.Mallory's past year has been a real struggle. Her husband left her as soon as she found out she had cancer. Her three best friends were the ones who were there for her during her terrible low times. Now that she is feeling better and recovering from the fog of illness, she is [...]

    I was introduced to Sandy James with her paranormal romance Alliance of the Series. This was followed up by her historical western romance series, Safe Haven. Needless to say when I saw a contemporary romance, I just had to get it. I truly believe that Sandy James can do romance in any style.The Ladies that Lunch are a group of 4 women teachers, 2 in their 30's and 2 in their 20's, who eat lunch together every day and have for several years. The women have become not only best friends, but a su [...]

    It was nice to know from almost the very beginning Ben's story. It made interpreting his actions and understanding them a little easier. But we were still left with a slight mystery for Mallory's history.We know her divorce was not exactly what she wanted but there's little clues that there might be something more. It doesn't take long to figure out that Mallory has been sick and why. But it added a bit of uncertainty with her actions and some of her thoughts. Then there was the banter that the [...]

    Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted at Romancing the BookThis was a feel good romance even if there were some not so happy goings on with ex-spouses, illness and fear. Mallory and Ben had chemistry from the moment they met when he went to her house to give her an estimate for some remodeling she wanted done. Even though they didn’t let on to the other they both felt sparks although neither was in a place to do anything about it because of the messes their lives were i [...]

    *** 3.5 stars! ***Review Posted on Harlequin JunkiesThe Bottom Line by Sandy James: Traditional wedding vows can be paraphrased as follows: “Do you promise to be true in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love and honor all the days of your life?” When, unfortunately, one of the partners in the marriage doesn’t honor those vows, the financial and psychological fallout can be immense. And that’s where The Bottom Line starts. Mallory Hamilton is ready to start life anew. [...]

    The Bottom LineMallory is a High School teacher that has had a long hard year. Her husband leaves she has been ill and now she needs to start over with her life. Her husband left lots of projects to finish in the home when he left and now she wants them done. She asks a friend if they might know a contractor that could do the repairs. He has her call Ben. Ben goes to give an estimate on some repairs that need to be done to Mallory. He really needs the job as he has a daughter to take care of. Wh [...]

    Mallory and Ben have both been burned by love in the past. When he becomes her contractor for some repairs around the house, will they both be able to let their pasts stay in the past and give each other a future? This was an adorable book with a great plot. I loved the ladies who lunch, and I can't wait for more stories about the other ladies. I loved the back stories of both Mallory and Ben, it gave the book a lot of character and just the right amount of tension. The bottom line is that The B [...]

    What a story! Everything is in it. There is laughter, pain, uncertainty, solidarity, love, acceptance and so much more. Cancer is a very real part of our world. The author wisely and realistically deals with this and I could see the story unfold as Mallory grappled with cancer and the fragmented pieces of her life. Her ride or die girls were a group that any of us would long to have on our side. I loved that the right guy got the right girl. While the relationship with Theresa and Amber broke my [...]

    Mallory Hamilton's husband bailed on her within days of her breast cancer diagnosis. She meets Ben Carpenter, a carpenter, who was married to the Bitch from hell. The only good thing about that was his 13 yr old, Amber, who lives with him.Ms James can write! Her storyline about a high school teacher and dealing with breast cancer was spot on about both situations.I'm anxiously awaiting the next one in this series.

    Wonderful bookThere were so many good parts in this book. I love how the friends are there to support. The length he goes to prove his love for her is absolutely amazing. I enjoy reading all of Sandy James books, each one is so different and yet I get hooked right from the beginning.

    I really enjoyed this book. While it wraps its way around the topic of breast cancer, it also touches on other things like child care and teacher rolls in our kids lives. It was a fast moving comtempory romance filled with everyday life issues. I look forward to more of her books. This book was given to me in return for a honest review. Because of sexual content, must be 18 to read.

    Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews Received review copy from NetGalley!The Bottom Line begins when Mallory decides to finally get her house fixed up. It has been a year since her divorce, and she finally wants her home to actually be "her home." So she hires Ben Carpenter to help repair her house. What starts out as a simple relationship soon turns to more. But Mal, and Ben both have a past that makes it hard to have a relationship but they are going to try for each other.This was a swee [...]

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