Rosethorn Rosethorn is a breathtaking debut novel of love lost and found again that culminates in a stunning end you won t soon forget I know I could be happy with someone else But it was decided a long time ag

  • Title: Rosethorn
  • Author: Ava Zavora
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rosethorn is a breathtaking debut novel of love lost and found again that culminates in a stunning end you won t soon forget I know I could be happy with someone else But it was decided a long time ago It was always going to be you From Morocco to Paris, Sera has traveled the world over but she never forgot Rosethorn, the beautiful, abandoned mansion where she anRosethorn is a breathtaking debut novel of love lost and found again that culminates in a stunning end you won t soon forget I know I could be happy with someone else But it was decided a long time ago It was always going to be you From Morocco to Paris, Sera has traveled the world over but she never forgot Rosethorn, the beautiful, abandoned mansion where she and Andrew used to meet for trysts Until the day Sera found her mother s diary Sera s obsession with the shocking secrets it contained tore them apart and sent Sera fleeing to New York with a devastated heart 10 years later, Sera revisits Rosethorn, only to run into Andrew, all grown up and handsomer than ever Politeness gives way to a heated confrontation over their painful past Yet unable to resist each other s lure, both surrender to the undying power of first love.Fate has brought them together once again, but will an old tragedy destroy Sera and Andrew s second chance forever

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    ♫ ♪♫ ♪Well I never took the time to realizeHow much I needed love in order to surviveI was so spoileda princess in my timeAnd your love was so deepAnd mine blind ♫ ♪♫ ♪★★★★3.5 Hauntingly Beautiful Stars★★★★A story about love lost and found again, a love so beautifully poignant that it seems almost unattainable .quite simply an intensely thought provoking, heartbreaking story.This is about Sara and AndrewSara:An innocent girl who has aspirations, and plans and drea [...]

    My thoughts about Rosethorn are conflicted, because there were parts I loved, but my overall feeling after reading it is frustration. The romance between Andrew and Sera was filled with dreamy, all-consuming longing that made my heart skip beats. You know when you're in the haze of a romance that takes your breath away? Some of the scenes were so very swoony! Andrew and Sera's relationship, their chemistry, and characterization were strong. Unfortunately, this skipped from Sera and Andrews's pas [...]

    Sera may have traveled the world and seen beautiful sights, but the one place that will always stand out among the others: Rosethorn. Though others may see only a mansion, Sera sees the place where she met with her lover. The place holds an heir of magic and of sadness, of heartbreak and of good times long past. When her recent lover, Chase, asks her to move in with him in Paris, she replies that she must return home one last time- home to Rosethorn. When she runs into Andrew, old feelings are r [...]

    I received Rosethorn from the author for an honest review. And to be honest…Here it comes…I love it. No, I adore it. But wait…isn’t that the same?JUST BRILLIANT. (in my opinion Rosethorn was about) Letting go of the past Begin a new chapter in your life and look for second chancesd p.s. not all Asians eat cats or dogs, really. Don’t judge. Live on. Synopsis from "I know I could be happy with someone else . . . But it was decided a long time ago. It was always going to be you."From Mor [...]

    Captivated from beginning to end!I knew I was taking a chance by trying this new author and signing up for a free copy to review. Indie and free - I have not had the best of luck. But something about first loves and the old mansion tempted me. Plus, that cover - had to have. I am here to say how happy I am I took that chance! Rosethorn had everything I hoped for and more. I was charmed by Sera and Andrew's relationship - the fireworks between them, the innocent love, and the way they returned to [...]

    **I requested a copy of this book from the author through in exchange for a review.**WOW. I just finished this book and I must say the ending was pretty incredible. My mouth was literally hanging open once I got to the "twist" - then I flipped back to skim previous chapters and the beginning, at first thinking, "What?" and then realizing, "Oh! That’s why!" The author did a great job of plotting the book, moving in and out of the past and present, revealing the story bit by bit. First, with Se [...]

    Rosethorn looked like a different read with an unattainable romance in it that is why I decided to go for it. It certainly was a different read but I failed to be completely mesmerized by it. It basically is the story of Sera and her first love Andrew which revolves around the house which is named Rosethorn.The book starts off with Sera being with her current love Chase who proposes to her to move in to Paris with him. Eager to leave New York and her past behind Sera accepts the invitation but s [...]

    I jumped at the chance when I saw that the author was offering copies for review. The cover was so enticing and the storyline was just my thing. I am such a sucker for reunited first loves. The author sent me a copy Friday night but once I read the first line - "Spring was a season for regret" - I was enamored and had to read the rest rather than go to sleep.Sera comes home after 10 years away. She's sophisticated, successful, and about to move to Paris with her older boyfriend. When she and And [...]

    This book left me absolutely breathless and emotionally drained. Not for the obvious reasons either because it wasn't a heart-pounding thriller. I didn't cry, I didn't scream or threaten to throw my kindle and I didn't even dissolve into a puddle of goo. This one went well below my surface emotions to challenge me on a deeper level. Debut novel? Really? Not easy to believe once I read this. I feel like offering a warning label of sorts since I'm still shaking and affected. Let's just say if you [...]

    You can also find my review on my blog:read-love-blog/2013/07Rosethorn is the debut work from author Ava Zavora and I was 100% wholly unprepared for how much I ended up loving this book. Yes, this title goes on the list of books I’ve read in 24 hours and I loved every minute!Growing up with only her grandmother and not ever knowing the parents she was born to, Sera dreamed of where her life would take her and all of the magical places she would travel to and see. Now, after realizing those dre [...]

    Originally published at The Rookie Romance Blog.I really, really loved this. It was very beautifully written, and the story just completely captivated me.Sera returns home before she moves to Paris with her boyfriend, Chase. She's sophisticated, ambitious and successful, a million miles away from the heartbroken girl she left as. When she reunites with Andrew, her first love, everything she thought she knew changes.Throughout the book you get a really good insight into the important aspects of t [...]

    *I received ARC in exchange for an honest review*Sera has never forgotten Rosethorn, and years of traveling the world the mansion still holds a special place in her heart. There is an air of romance about it; it holds memories of happiness but also sadness. When her lover Chase ask her live with him in Paris she agrees but wants to returns home one last time to Rosethorn for closure. It is on this return that by, chance or fate, she meets her first love Andrew the man who still captures her hear [...]

    This novel is emotionally intense right from the first page. It is the age old story of high school sweethearts coming back together after a time of separation, but with some extremely new and original twists. That said, there were also some unexpected twists and turns in this story that kept you on your toes. This is a culturally and geographically diverse novel. Each person, place or thing is brought to life individually. Zavora takes the time to develop everything in such a way that you can s [...]

    Heart pounding romance meets and a spine tingling mystery.The story was imaginative and the imagery was hauntingly beautiful. There was always a lot going on as the book switched from past to present, but the author did a great job of making a smooth transition so that there wasn’t a lot of confusion while reading. The pacing of the book was nice and did a great job of providing you just enough information to give you some answers while not giving everything away.The romance was sweet and I lo [...]

    This book was recommended to me by a friend on and I think I was able to get it free on Kindle. I can't believe I put off reading it for this long. I was enthralled by this story from the beginning. The prose was beautiful and reeled me in right away, which is rare for me these days. I am a sucker for stories of first love, and this book had a few love stories twisted in there (which was a bit confusing sometimes with all the flashbacks & the reason for my 4 stars) but it was captivating ne [...]

    Overall: Magnificent. There are no words to describe just how much I loved this story.I remember an eighth grade English teacher, now long gone (I am 55+ years old) talking about "painting with words." When I read this passage, that came to mind: . . . her significance rapidly receded into the past, like a shadow dissolving into the darkness of an empty stage.Maybe it was just the place it appeared in the story's arc. But somehow, I do not think so.This was a wonderful coming-of-age story starti [...]

    Even though I sometimes found Sera frustrating due to her decisions I fully understand that that's pretty much what people do. We're all flawed and her decisions/mistakes/whatever is what makes Sera a realistic character with a believable story. Plus I loved all the Filipino food references - made me sooo hungry!This is a beautifully descriptive story of two people trying to figure out their lives/loves. The story is divided into three fluid "sections": present-day Sera (and Andrew, etc), 17 yea [...]

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank Ava Zavora for a free copy of this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it!At the base of every good book is good writing. Zavora's writing draws you in from the get go. Her characters are full of life and have very big personalities. You can't help but want to get to know them. The story is just as good. With the descriptions that the author gave us, I felt that I was walking through Rosethorn and I was experiencing all of the feelings that Sera was feeling. Zavora w [...]

    I was engulfed with this book, I could put it down. Love love the writer. Kudos to some great writing. I would love to see a 2nd part of their life together. The book is great by itself, but I am always looking for more.

    Great read! My only issue is that the ending is abrupt. I wish more time would have been devoted to working things out and how the dynamic changed / didn't change between Andrew and Sera after they reunited.

    I thought the novel was okay. I didn't really like it and thought the ending was way beyond weird. It could of been written a lot differently to capture more readers, instead it seemed a bit long winded and in the end overall, it bored me.

    Wonderful book! was surprised to find out it was a debut novel, so well written. Completely drawn to both Sera and Andrew and how everything about their love story felt very real. Looking forward to reading more of her work.

    I have read quite a few Indie (or Self-published) books in the last few weeks. I want to support these artists, because there are some truly talented people out there, however my experience is that most of these authors could really use some practice…or lots of practice…or not quit their day job. But then there’s Rosethorn. Rosethorn is WHY I read Indie books. I have found the diamond in the rough, and I am pleased to be able to introduce you to this book.As you can imagine from my introdu [...]

    Thanks Loralee for posting this in the Romance eRead group because it's a FREEBIE!!!From Morocco to Paris, Sera has traveled the world over but she never forgot Rosethorn, the beautiful, abandoned mansion where she and Andrew used to meet for trysts. Until the day Sera found her mother's diary. Sera's obsession with the shocking secrets it contained tore them apart and sent Sera fleeing to New York with a devastated heart. 10 years later, Sera revisits Rosethorn, only to run into Andrew, all gro [...]

    Rosethorn is an ambitious, well crafted and simply stunning debut. Ava Zav’s tale of first love explores mature themes without skimping on romance. It tells us the story of Sera, her first love, new life and the dark secrets of her past. I call the work ambitious because Zavora weaves an intricate and delicate plot that is rich with emotional subtext throughout, and a lesser writer would have mangled it.I don’t want to spoil any of it and deny you the full effect of the book’s thrilling tw [...]

    I enjoyed this book overall. There were some issues with me in how the book was laid out. Knowing whether it was Sera's past when she was young, a young adult, or present got sometimes fuzzy since it felt like things jumped around a little too much. It did keep you on edge for figuring out how the story would play out and didn't see the conclusion of the book like I normally do so in that case the author did a good job.There were many difficult topics discussed in this book so I would not recomm [...]

    I loved the parts when Sera and Andrew were together - so beautiful but I agree with the other readers that the shift from the past to the present and vice versa was a little frustrating as it was done without any demarcation. i would also have loved for the ending to have been prolonged, maybe an epilogue and an explanation about Andrew's ex fiancée as it sounds like he loves her too.

    I could only get through the first few chapters. It seems long winded and not very imagery oriented. I may pick it back up again on one of my off days when I am bored out of my mind. It just didn't draw me in and I found myself hoping the chapter would end so I could go to sleep already.

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