A Midsummer Bride

A Midsummer Bride

A Midsummer Bride Love is one experiment this scientist hasn t testedMiss Harriet Burton a horrendously rich American heiress laughs too loud states her opinion directly and even conducts science experiments Her un

  • Title: A Midsummer Bride
  • Author: Amanda Forester
  • ISBN: 9781402271816
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Love is one experiment this scientist hasn t testedMiss Harriet Burton, a horrendously rich American heiress, laughs too loud, states her opinion directly, and even conducts science experiments Her uncle is desperate to get her off his hands and is offering a king s ransom to anyone able to arrange a suitable marriage that comes with a title To avoid marriage, HarrietLove is one experiment this scientist hasn t testedMiss Harriet Burton, a horrendously rich American heiress, laughs too loud, states her opinion directly, and even conducts science experiments Her uncle is desperate to get her off his hands and is offering a king s ransom to anyone able to arrange a suitable marriage that comes with a title To avoid marriage, Harriet swears off all men, until she meets Duncan Maclachlan, Earl of Thornton But when Thornton is falsely accused of being a traitor, Harriet must use her knowledge of chemistry to find the real culprit and spark true romance.

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    Chemistry without the SparkA Midsummer Bride is the first book by Amanda Forester that I've read and when I started to read it, I was very excited! Oh boy, I thought, this is going to be good! The story had elements which I enjoy. A smart, quirky heroine, Harriet, who loves chemistry and a supposedly socially awkward hero, Duncan, who is also Scottish and says "ye" a lot. I enjoyed the beginning, but it wasn't long before the story started to drag. I had to force myself to continue, which I did. [...]

    I've given this a B- at AAR, so let's call it 3.5 starsThis is the second book in Ms Forrester’s Marriage Mart series that began with A Wedding in Springtime. It started well; the author has a nice, light touch and I’m never averse to reading a well-written piece of romantic fluff, but somewhere before the half-way point, I was starting to get a bit irritated. By that time, the book was in danger of sinking beneath a surfeit of exposition; there had been so many different plot strands introd [...]

    A highly entertaining read! Actually rated 4.5. Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:Heiress Harriet Redgrave, whose parents are an American sea captain and the daughter of an English earl, is on her way home when the ship she is traveling on is attacked. She is taken captive and escorted to England where her estranged grandfather, the Earl of Langley, a man she has never met, lives. Her mother ran away years ago to marry her sea captain and they now reside in America, so the earl has never me [...]

    Second book of the "Marriage Mart" Series , this time we have the story of two characters not born in old England.Duncan is a longtime friend of the Duke of Machford, as well as the character of the previous book, Grant . He is Scottish and his accent is strong - cute.Even being a noble and having lived a certain luxury all his life, the life story of his parents' marriage was not the happiest. And now, a few years after the death of his father, and how much of the money of the time was his moth [...]

    4 STARS (I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review).Madam X is back and is to help American Harriet find a titled suitor to fit into high English society. Traveling in the Americas a British ship looking for soldiers takes Harriet back to her estranged grandfather in England in hopes for a reward. When Harriet's mother was a young girl her father, Lord Langley arranged her marriage to an older man she runs off with ship's captain. Lady Beatrice's father has not contacted [...]

    Amanda Forester has very quickly found her place on my list of authors who continually deliver on the promise of entertaining and romantic reads. The second book in her Marriage Mart series A Midsummer Bride has the same appeal as the first story, with humorous characters, interesting plots and a love story that engages right away.Miss Harriet Redgrave never thought that a short voyage between Boston and New York would change her life completely. Traveling during a dangerous period, with America [...]

    A Midsummer Bride is part of Forester’s “Marriage Mart” series and I think that there is definitely some benefit to be had in reading them in order. It wasn’t enough to keep me from enjoying this one but there were a lot of things that I didn’t quite understand. Forester does have an effortless and addictive writing style, though, so the idea of having to read more stories has a lot of appeal. I’m definitely adding her stories to my To Be Read pile and I think she could quickly becom [...]

    For the full review (and others), head to My Written Romance.A thoroughly fun and enjoyable read - I'd have to say I enjoyed A Wedding in Springtime more, but I definitely liked A Midsummer Bride. I don't need to tell you again how much I'm looking forward to the next in the seriesThe romance and chemistry between Harriet and Thornton is very sweet. It is quite easy to see that these two are meant for each other, but the roadblock in the form of Harriet's fortune makes it virtually impossible fo [...]

    An American is returned to her grandfather only to find he wants to marry her off. Her passion for science makes her an oddity. But Earl Maclachlan finds himself falling for her though he's sworn off marriage. Plenty of crazy activity, spies and mayhem.

    Well developed and unique characters. The book was written in an easy to read style. I enjoyed the spy story along with the romance. I will definitely read more by the author

    Most people who know me, are frighteningly aware of my love for historical romances. And for the most part I'm pretty easy to please, especially since there's certain types of plots that appeal to me. I tend to avoid the those that I'm not a fan of. With A Midsummer Bride, I was sure I had found another book that I would love. It features a quirky, scholarly heroine and a hero that was supposedly awkward with the ladies. Unfortunately, A Midsummer Bride did not live up to my admittedly high stan [...]

    REVIEW4.5 out of 5 for this reader folks!An enjoyable historical romance, with a side of mystery and a wack of enjoyable characters, A Midsummer Bride by Amanda Forrester is the second book in her Marriage Mart series. While this book wasn’t as exciting as her first book, it by no means left me feeling unsatisfied. Amanda Forrester uses a real historical background (Napoleon’s War), adds a good mix of characters that keep me chuckling (sometimes cringing) and to top it off, adds a mystery th [...]

    Historical English romance with an rich American heroine scientist and a poor titled Scotish gentleman that fall in love while there is a political mystery and thefts going on while at a country house party.Miss Harriet Burton, is an American heiress who gets kidnapped while traveling between Boston to join her family in New York and is sent to England to her titled grandfather. Lots of romance in this story because all the nice characters find romance, including her gruff stuffy stubborn grandf [...]

    I really liked this book up to the last 50 pages or so. The heroine, Harriett, is an American stuck in England, well, Scotland really since her Grandfather takes her there. The hero, Lord Thorton, is an impoverished Scottish Earl (only because his mom is a pain!)refuses to marry for money. Harriett refuses to be married for money. At the "house party" the H/h of course fall in love, but believe that they cannot be together because Harriett has a large dowry and Thorton needs a large dowry.The st [...]

    A Midsummer Bride was a fun read. It is the second book in the "Marriage Mart" series. I review the first book, A Wedding in Springtime back in May here. I actually liked this one more than the first. I felt like it flowed better. The mystery in the book was fun. Who is the spy and who is setting Duncan and Harriet up? I have to say that I was surprised at the culprit. I was on the wrong track! As for the romance, I loved watching Harriet and Duncan fall for each other. They were well matched. I [...]

    I thought this was a good book. It was well written, the story flowed nicely. Duncan and Harriet were both nice likable characters and the secondary characters were very entertaining. I did find the book lagged a bit in the middle and then picked up pace again towards the end. It was nowhere near as steamy as I like - but it was still good. Neither the end of the book or the epilogue does anything to tie up any loose ends for the reader. Which frankly I found a bit annoying. I will read the next [...]

    The second book in Amanda Forester’s sweet seasonally-titled series, The Marriage Mart. I read her first entry in the series, A Wedding in Springtime, this past summer, and was completely charmed by its combination of wit, romance, and intrigue, not to mention its wonderful secondary characters. I always love finding the nods to Jane Austen in historical romance novels as most of the writers in this genre must find some inspiration in her genius. Here, it’s a Captain Wentworth, an older gent [...]

    A solid 3.5 stars. It is a light hearted romp with many clichés (Scottish brogue, American stereotypes for example) but Harriet and Duncan are so lovely in their commoun strangeness and otherness that I found myself enjoying the marriage market romp in the Hinghlands. The spy catching business was a bit boring and Duncan best friend the duke is a stiff bore still Penelope, the heroine of the next book makes the whole spy plot bareable. Fun to see also that love is not just for the young ones. I [...]

    This, like Forester's other books, is a very clunkily written romance novel. I love the story and the whacky hijinks that make it characteristically a romance, but I also got very frustrated at how informed the heroine's scientific intelligence is and every time a character SAID what should have been thought.At one point the mean girl says "Because you were different" as her reason to why she was mean to the heroine. Seriously?That said, I read this on a plane and it was good and passed the time [...]

    I love Regency romances that feature Americans. The contrast is hilarious! Harriet was awesome, and so was Duncan. I love me some Scottish Highlanders. *sigh* The chemistry was so intense. The way the story has been threaded through both books in the series has really kept me hooked. I cannot wait to read about Penelope and Marchford! Sizzle! Oh yeah, and to see how the spy-catching goes.

    Disappointing. Probably about 50 pages too long, lags in the latter part of the book, conclusion is fine. The novel starts out strong, with a intriguing American heiress who washes ashore in England due to the impressment of American sailors. Her fascination with chemistry is great, the details add to the plot. The male romantic lead, Duncan Maclachlan, has some depth, but a little too much stereotype of the poor Scottish laird with honor to spare.

    I read this book in the Marriage Mart series first, but it didn't detract from anything at all. I absolutely loved the characters and the storyline. Harriet was an atypical historical romance heroine, but I loved her. And Duncan was a great match for her. The writing was very quick and witty for the most part and had me drawn into the character/romance development. An easy read and worth it.

    I really can't get enough of Historical Romances with female scientists. And those with projects that go Boom doubly so. The characters are not only interesting but fun as well. I wasn't too into the matchmaking side of the story. It seemed unneeded to me, but the Dutchess was amusing. I'll definately be looking forward to more novels by this author.

    This did not really hold my attention. I have read other books by this author and usually give them more stars. Don't know what happened with this book. Perhaps I didn't feel the attraction between the H and h and the conflict was just so-so.

    Once I started reading, I didn't put it down until the end. The plot synopsis is so off that it is aggravating. Please read my full review (with spoilers) at my website: letague/2014/01/a

    I skipped so much that's it's almost a dnf I was frustrated by inane conversation about 40% into the story then I just skipped the pages to get the bare bones of the story and my ending.I was disappointed :(

    Cute book. I was looking forward to Thorntons book and it did not disappoint. I did notice quite a few times there is mention of god and loads of scripture I just wonder if that is why sex scenes are glossed over. Overall I enjoyed n can't wait to read the dukes story.

    This story, A Midsummer Bride, second book of the "Marriage Mart" Series, written by Amanda Forester, was interesting from beginning to end. Really fun and charming! I was well written with great characters! It's a beautiful romance! I’ll definitely check out this author’s next book.

    This Marriage Mart series is delightful! I'm really enjoying it. What with the French spies, the unfortunate heroines, the put upon heroes. Even the older people get to have lives. They are a lot of fun. Can't wait for #3.

    This book just wasn't written very well. There was no characterization or details; it was like the author wrote an outline but didn't flush anything out. It's a mildly steamy Christian romance featuring an American heiress in Scotland during 1810.

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