Маленькие трагедии

Маленькие трагедии

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  • Title: Маленькие трагедии
  • Author: Alexander Pushkin
  • ISBN: 9788087762196
  • Page: 486
  • Format: ebook
  • 1799 1837 , 4 x 1830 , , , 1799 1837 , 4 x 1830 , , , , , , , , , , , Animedia Company ,

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      486 Alexander Pushkin
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    Pushkin’s came to us as a new guiding light, a brilliant illumination of our dark way. In this sense Pushkin is a presage and a prophecy.- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Pushkin Speech (1880)Ambition. Envy. Nostalgia. Survival.The past was not necessarily better when human beings have maintained some particular patterns over the years. And Pushkin, an exceptional influence for the greatest writers of Russia and all over the world, shared his views on the human nature through the mastery of his poetry. Th [...]

    ضیافت به روزگار طاعونچون زمستان با غصبهمچو سرداری مخوفلشکری از برف و یخپُر بتازاند به مادر مصافش آتشیمی جهد از هیزمییا که گرمایی مهیبمی رسد از محفلی*ملکه ای دیوانه سر،نام او طاعونتاختن بر ما گرفته بی امانشادمان نازد به خودزانکه هستش کشتگان از حد فزون.گورکنها روز و شب با بیلش [...]

    Песня Мери ("Пир во время чумы") из К/Ф "Маленькие трагедии" youtube/watch?v=FaujPBБыло время, процветалаВ мире наша сторона:В воскресение бывалаЦерковь божия полна;Наших деток в шумной школеРаздавались голоса,И сверкали в светлом полеСерп и быстрая коса.Ныне церковь опустела;Школа г [...]

    با هر پله ی جدید پیشرفت اندیشه و رفتار انسانی، در ابتدا حتما همچون کفر و بدعتی نامشروع برخورد می شود. جرج برنارد شاو

    Written as a series, and remarkably quickly - all four completed between 23rd October and 8th November 1830 - The Little Tragedies are Shakespearian in the situations and in the aspects of human nature that they address. In her essays about the plays, Nancy K Anderson writes: "Each of the little tragedies is an examination of the type of single-minded, self-willed passion that blinds a person, so that the warnings of reason and conscience are equally powerless, and the path of self-destruction i [...]

    bookcents/2011/09I have posted on "Mozart and Salieri" earlier:Pushkin does a wonderful job of embodying two disparate views of art in his characters. Salieri places art on a lofty plane, able to justify murder in order to “save” it. Mozart’s quote above is in direct contrast to everything Salieri has worked for and the esteem he desires. Pushkin also pushes the idea of the sacred accessible through the profane. Salieri’s asceticism in his personal life carries over to his music. His rep [...]

    أربع مسرحيات شعرية كتبها بوشكين بالخريف يلي قضاه في قريته "بولدينو" بحيث اهتم بالمآسي التي تسببها الأهواء البشرية والانصياع لها من بخل وشهوة وحسد وأنانية وهي 1- الفارس البخيل : تتحدث عن فارس يقع بين يدي المرابين نتيجة لبخل والده الذي يكتنز المال في قبوه غير عابئ بابنه بالرغم م [...]

    مقدمة المترجم: إدريس الملياني، مبهرة بحيث أنها تعطي معلومات واسعة عن مسرح بوشكين وتطور هذا المسرح، والمعين الذي استفاد منه بوشكين في تطوير المسرح الروسي وآرائه عن المسرح الروسي.في هذه التراجيديات يظهر صوت الضمير الإنساني الذي يحكم الحبكة المسرحية، ففي كل واحدةٍ من هذه المس [...]

    If geniality's bloodline indeed exists - I would prefer it to Christ's "Rex Deus"For having Pushkin, Alexander on the list, As well as having there name of Mozart, Amadeus 1. Memorable 52. Social Relevance 43. Informative 24. Originality 55. Thought Provoking 56. Expressiveness 57. Entertaining 58. Visualization 49. Sparks Emotion 510. Life Changing (Pivotal, crucial, determining, defining, momentous, fateful, consequential, climacteric, transformational) 15, 4, 2, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 5, 1 ====> 4 [...]

    A decidedly odd collection of short poetic dramas. I'm absolutely not sure what to make of Pushkin's "Little Tragedies" - works so unknown by most of Western literature that only one of them warrants a page!Mozart and Salieri is perhaps the most unusual for a Gen Y reader, since it was very much the basis for Peter Shaffer's Amadeus many decades later. This concise tale of the night that Salieri kills Mozart is a psychological tale of Salieri's increasing resentment of the great composer, which [...]

    I knew Pushkin was a genius but this really is more than I could imagine. The best mini-play in this group is Mozart and Salieri. If you've seen the movie Amadeus, that movie is based on Pushkin's play. What an amazing find. I did not know of this connection previously: it's delicious! Thank you Aleksandr!

    Il cavaliere avaro [Скупой рыцарь] (1830) *** Mozart e Salieri [Моцарт и Сальери] (1830) *** Il convitato di pietra [Каменный гость] (1830) *** Il festino in tempo di peste [Пир во время чумы] (1830) ** La brevità sicuramente aiuta a entrare subito nel vivo ma non permette uno sviluppo ottimale

    His fairy tales are better. This book feelskewarm. Almost as if he added his own spin on other people's work.

    Τρεις μικρές ιστορίες, η μία καλύτερη από την άλλη. Προσωπικά μου άρεσε υπερβολικά ο "πέτρινός καλεσμένος".

    Four one-act plays:"The Miserly Knight""Mozart and Salieri""The Stone Guest""Feast During the Plague"

    I read Mozart and Salieri in Russian, and considered the the Salieri film, which achieved some fame, plagiarism.

    Короткие пьесы, но очень емкие. Приятно, что в таком небольшом по размеру сборнике содержится довольно много иллюстраций.

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