Bad Girls

Bad Girls

Bad Girls Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real life thrillers Allison Brennan Phelps s writing reads like a mystery novel Suspense MagazineThe crime stunned quiet Mineral Wells Texas year old Bob Dow shot exe

  • Title: Bad Girls
  • Author: M. William Phelps
  • ISBN: 9780786032440
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real life thrillers Allison Brennan Phelps s writing reads like a mystery novel Suspense MagazineThe crime stunned quiet Mineral Wells, Texas 49 year old Bob Dow shot execution style in his own bed, his invalid mother locked in the next room and a cache of homemade porn starring the town s underage girls The two accused killers teenPhelps is the Harlan Coben of real life thrillers Allison Brennan Phelps s writing reads like a mystery novel Suspense MagazineThe crime stunned quiet Mineral Wells, Texas 49 year old Bob Dow shot execution style in his own bed, his invalid mother locked in the next room and a cache of homemade porn starring the town s underage girls The two accused killers teen lovers Bobbi Jo Smith and Jennifer Jones were on the run, intent on going out in a cross country blaze of glory M William Phelps exposes a gripping tale of sexploitation, lust, and betrayal, while questioning the court s fateful verdict in a tantalizing forensic puzzle Were both girls equally guilty of murder Or was one merely a pawn in the other s dainty, blood stained hands One of America s finest true crime writers Vincent Bugliosi Includes 16 Pages Of Dramatic Photos

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    Release Date:September 3, 2013 Genre:True CrimeI have read many of this authors true crime books in the past and enjoyed most of them. However, this one was quite bad. Had the author written the story in about 300 pages it would have worked better. This is for a few reasons. First, it was HIGHLY repetitive. Phelps could have easily given us the details in way less than 500 pages had he not constantly repeated what happened. I am so serious. It was every-single-chapter. The same stuff, over and o [...]

    Pretty rough. I had to buckle down just to finish this one. This book was 500 pages and should have been 200 or less. I can see why the author thought he had a winner here, as not only was he able to get one of the the murderers directly corresponding with him along with her family, the case itself had murder, sex, and depravity, and a "Thelma & Louise" style cross-country escape. However, the story was highly repetitive, hideously drawn out, and the nuts and bolts of the story held no myste [...]

    I have enjoyed a number of Phelps' TC books but this one didn't do it for me. I just couldn't care about the 2 womenor anyone else, for that matter

    This book was bad like really, really boring, and bad, which is hard to justify when it's allegedly a true crime novel, which I can always usually find interesting. I have read many other reviews on amazon that say that the author changed up his style of writing for this book, and maybe that's what the problem is. First of all the book is just too long, it's repetitive and about half way through I started to feel like the author must be getting paid by the word because he kept saying the same th [...]

    I was tempted to rate this as the worst book I have EVER read. Phelps redeems himself in Murder in the Heartland, but Bad Girls is loaded with atrocious slang. Phelps can barely go a page without a sentence emulating Texan drawl: "We seen 'em come in the front, but they done went out the back." And worse. "Murder" is substituted with "whacked" and offensive street talk of that ilk.The "protagonist" Bobbi Jo, who Phelps believes is wrongfully accused and convicted of murder, is not a very sympath [...]

    Not one of his bestIve read most of Phelps' books and usually appreciate his command of the English language and his ability to create a clear, well-connected narrative. This book does neither. I finished the book because I wanted to give the author a chance to redeem himself, but that never happened. It's almost as if he wrote this book in two or three days without bothering to read through it himself. If I hadn't read Phelps before this, I would be highly skeptical about the author's ability t [...]

    I only read up through page 200. I have read several other books by Phelps and have always enjoyed them, but I couldn't bring myself to finish this one. The writing was horrible and convoluted. He keeps jumping from Bobbi's story to Jen's version to Kathy's version. It would have been better if he told the whole story from one point of view, then from the nest point of view, then from the third. He repeatedly talks about the drugs and the sex. We get it already! These people live for drugs and s [...]

    This story could've been told in maybe a hundred pages? A long-form magazine article? It's not Phelps' fault but the story just isn't that interesting. There's so much lying, it's really a she-said, she-said and difficult to gain insight into the crime. Thus, the book was incredibly repetitive and stagnant.

    William Phelps is my favorite true crime author, I have read everyone of his books but this book is really hard to follow and not written the way his has written in past, he is and will always be my favorite author Ready for a new book!

    This jumped all over the place, and really could have been cut down without sacrificing the story. I expected it to be intriguing, but it wasn't at all.

    One of the most poorly written true crime books I have ever read. The author works to spoon feed his conclusions to the reader. It is both frustrating and insulting.

    Finished reading " Bad Girls " by M. William Phelps. Once again a very good read. There was a lot of work put into this novel Mr. Phelps went through tons of interviews and court records to get this done. The novel is a little long due to the fact that there are so many versions of the events that he included parts of everyones' version of events and mentions whose version of the story he is telling throughout. True crime novel worth reading.A man named Bob Dow was murdered in his own bed. The t [...]

    I have enjoyed the books that I have read by M. William Phelps, and this one is no different. I was enthralled by the story of the murder of Bob Dow. The lives of the two convicted young women, Bobbi Jo Smith and Jennifer Jones, was interesting, to say the least, if not a bit confusing. Phelps gave a good case of the overcharging of Bobbi Jo Smith. Unfortunately, the jury tended to believe the lies of the co-defendant, Jennifer Jones, who would not know the truth if it hit her in the face. The b [...]

    I originally heard of this "story" through ID Discovery (Dateline, or one of the shows) and through reading this book and the facts accumulated through M. William Phelps, I am amazed at the different presentation of this case. If what has been presented and written throughout this book is truth, and I believe Mr. Phelps did his research and interviews presenting just that, I can not understand for the life of me how Ms. Smith was able to be convicted so severely on charges which she was on trial [...]

    This is a book that makes you think. Bobbie Jo Smith is no angel, but does that make her guilty of murder. Phelps is not known for championing the side of the convicted. It is because he usually goes after those convicted armed with facts and evidence that makes him one of my favorite true crime authors. I can't think of another example of his work where he advocates for the innocence of the convicted individual. He really doesn't think Bobbie Jo Smith was guilty in the murder of Dow. He makes a [...]

    I for one have to say that I believe Bobbi Jo had nothing to do with the murder of Bob Dow. The author does his absolute best to put out all the information he uncovered regarding this case. Why wouldn't Bobbi Jo's lawyer send all of the documents, which she gave written consent, to M. William Phelps? I can't understand how a jury found Bobbi Jo guilty, especially with the wild statements & testimony given by Jennifer Jones!!! I personally hope that someone looks into the "facts" of this cas [...]

    Another great true crime novel. This is what happens when you have two crazy people living in a fantasy world thinking everything is their way. The one that suffered the most was a poor elderly lady, no one even knew was there. Having the enabler taken care of, the girls thought they got away with it, but no. Justice was served.

    I havent read many of phelps books but out of the ones I have read this would be my favourite so far. lots of twists and turns in this book the only fault I have is it kind of jumped from past to present which was sometimes confusing.

    Beginning was confusing to follow but as the book picked up it became clearer Bobbi Jo deserves a new trial!

    Great read. I do agree that Bobbi got a bad rap. I hope she can win on appeal. Love Mr Phelps books as well. They are always very detailed.

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