The Decisions We Make

The Decisions We Make

The Decisions We Make Daniel Keyes is an orphan fostered by the Walkers The product of a lonely childhood he is thrown into the chaos of the Walker family and into the life of his new foster brother Jamie This story is t

  • Title: The Decisions We Make
  • Author: R.J. Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Daniel Keyes is an orphan, fostered by the Walkers The product of a lonely childhood, he is thrown into the chaos of the Walker family and into the life of his new foster brother Jamie This story is the journey of Daniel and Jamie finding their place in the world Through Jamie being a victim of hate crime to coming out to family and friends, there are many decisions theDaniel Keyes is an orphan, fostered by the Walkers The product of a lonely childhood, he is thrown into the chaos of the Walker family and into the life of his new foster brother Jamie This story is the journey of Daniel and Jamie finding their place in the world Through Jamie being a victim of hate crime to coming out to family and friends, there are many decisions the boys have to make before they become men.

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    I love this author. The books are simple, sweet, and with the perfect amount of angst. This one was particularly good. That's all I got 'cause I'm still dabbing my eyes and blowing my nose.

    See.Laura.Pimp.Book.Ok first off all I have to say that I know that this book was supposed to be based on the two dudes from that show Supernatural and that is supposed to make me love it so much more, because they are so awesome. Well, I think I saw about an episode and a half of that on a plane once, and I still LOVED THE HELL OF THIS STORY! Oh man I loved these boys, this family, their love, their journey, the way it was toldI even loved the author's super cute and TOTALLY Brit expressions th [...]

    I don't normally read books with teenagers characters, because the stories are not my cup of tea.I'm so glad I kept an eye on the reviews and decide to read it, if you are like me, not very keen to read about immature teens, I advice you to read this story,it is Fantastic, and you won't be disappointed.The 2 MC are charming, the whole family is just perfect.I really hope RJ is already sitting down writing a sequel.She could not possible leave us with such a wonderful characters and not knowing w [...]

    One of the reasons I love RJ's stories is because she can always make me feel so much emotion with just a few words.In The Decisions We Make it's no different. I fell in love with Jamie and Daniel when they first met as children and Daniel was afraid of getting his clothes dirty. The relationship these two develop over the years, being foster brothers, is sweet and touching. They've become best friends and they confide in each other when they have issues. Daniel is quiet, a bookworm and an amazi [...]

    "Mark, I think I'm gay. Kind of gay for Daniel"The bulk of this story is about Jamie and Daniel -- foster brothers (Daniel was fostered by Jamie's family when he was 9 years old) and eventually first time lovers. Although there are two other kids in Jamie Walker's family (Mark who is older and Megan who is younger), it is always Jamie that is closed to Daniel, mainly because of their similar age. Growing up, Daniel feels the attraction towards Jamie. While Jamie, he first puts himself as Daniel' [...]

    I loved this story, I loved Jamie from the first time I read about him and Daniel bless his heart. This was the best family he could have came to. I loved the whole family. This wasn't just about first love but about Daniel finding his place in the family and just finding his way. Jamie and Daniel were so perfect for each other, each others other half. Make sure you have Kleenex, I cried but I also laughed too. I'm not surprised I enjoyed this book I really do enjoy RJ's books.

    This is a cheese grater book. Take one heart, yoursRip it outSwipe it back and forthReinsertThank god for the ending. Didn't actually cry, but probably would feel better if I had.

    Daniel is taken in by a foster family after his parents die when he is 9. The family he goes to live with are wonderful, with 2 sons, a daughter and amazing parents. Daniel is especially close to Jamie, who is the same age. When the boys are 17, Daniel comes out to them. His family supports him, even though they’re afraid of the difficult path ahead. Jamie is torn about the news that Daniel is gay. He feels betrayed that Daniel didn’t tell him sooner, but he also struggles with the fact that [...]

    4.5 starsThe story is what the blurb said. In summary, it's about Danny who's raised by the Walkers falling for Jammie, his foster brother.I usually don't like reading young adult romance, particularly highschoolers. The main reason is statistics: in both for gay and het relationships, they don't last long. I feel sad thinking about main charaters that I enjoy reading would split soon. Mostly because they're still young, and new opportunities or new people in college would pull them apart. An ex [...]

    Daniel y Jamie son hermanos desde el momento en el que Daniel llega a la familia de Jamie como niño de acogida. Son hermanos desde los 9 años, son hermanos a lo largo del colegio y del instituto, y es en el momento en el que cada uno de ellos piensa y descubre su sexualidad cuando se dan cuenta de que están enamorados.Como ocurre en casi todos los YA los personajes son dulces y es fácil sentir lo que ellos sienten, a ellos no nos queda otro remedio que quererles, por las inseguridades y la n [...]

    This interesting story dared to explore a somewhat unconventional family dynamic. Daniel is a foster kid, orphaned at the age of nine, who is taken in by a family vastly different than the one he was used to. He was an only child, rather introverted, who was musically gifted and played piano by ear from an early age. The day he moves into his new home, his foster brother Jamie, who's the same age, immediately befriends him. Over the years they become close.Years later, in high school, Daniel com [...]

    Honest to God, this family and these two boys have just made my month. Jamie and Daniel are refreshing young characters that I could read about every day. The family support system is one that every young LGBTQI should have. On top of that, Daniel had devastating family deaths that lead him to be fostered with the Walkers. To deal with all that and come out remotely functional, man I could just hold Daniel to my heart forever. Jamie is intoxicating, loving and all around a great kid. The two of [...]

    This was such a sweet story, sad and hopeful and funny! I would love to read more about Daniel and Jamie's future and time at college.My only complaint, and it's just because so many of the m/m books I've read recently feature the evil, conniving female! It's getting old!

    This is a young adult gay romance that isn't afraid to tackle some difficult issues, yet will warm your heart with the depth of the characters' feelings. In the end, that is what it is all about. Growing up and being a teenager is tough, but the problems Daniel and Jamie have to deal with are just that bit extra-difficult. The angst almost killed me, parts of the book were hard to read through my tears, but overall, the way these two guys grow up and deal with their situation is amazing. Not tha [...]

    3.5 stars A heartwarming story about a grieving orphan and the foster family that helps him heal, and a sweet story about two boys who fall in love. The characterizations were well done, especially Jamie's. I could see him so clearly and I just loved him. I also loved Daniel, so quiet and shy. The author did a good job showing their feelings for each other, making it easy to see the attachment. Although the transitions were a little abrupt, I also liked the flashbacks and how they let us see the [...]

    OMG I was on my way to work on the bus reading this book and burst out crying. I cannot say why I cried because I don't want to spoil it for you guys, but boy what a FANTASTIC book!!! I LOVED IT! RJ when are you going to finish this story. You just cannot end it there. I need to know what happen to these two guys when they go away to college. Please say you are almost finished writing the sequel. 5 plus stars.

    Le doy tres porque le tengo cariño a la versión J2 y nada más lejos de mi intención criticar que fuese un fic, pero es que lo único que ha cambiado es los nombres, un buen repaso y quizás desarrollar un poco más y se hubiese convertido en una favorita.

    Daniel Keyes was a very young boy when he entered foster care, and was placed with the Walker family. A quiet and sensitive young man, he likes nothing better than to play his piano and stay unnoticed. But in this household, that's not a possibility. And with a boy, Jamie, his own age in the house, he's dragged into all the things normal boys do. Making trouble for their brothers. Video games. Mischief.As the two grow up, Daniel takes a different road than his foster brother. Where he's still th [...]

    Is this an "incest" story?Technically, no. Daniel is not Jamie's biological bother; he is Jamie's foster brother. He has been living with Jamie's family since he was 9 yr old after losing both his parents. But some people may still consider Jamie and Daniel's relationship to be an incest. Indeed both boys have been brought up as brothers for years, Jamie siblings see Daniel as their brother and Jamie's parents see Daniel as their son. In the same way, Daniel sees Jamie's siblings as his own sibl [...]

    This review is really about this book, and Love Is In The Title, Love Is In The Hallways and Love Is In The Message. All are excellent books. They leave you wanting more. I want more of Luke & Cam, I want to see what happens with them at college and if Meghan and Mitchell get together. I want more of Jamie and Daniel. I also want to know how college went for them.I want more, but I don't. These stories ended too soon, but just at the right moment. It's good that we get to imagine how things [...]

    What a wonderful story! I fell in love with this entire family. I felt as though I was really pulled into this relationship between Daniel and Jamie. The uncertainty, the new feelings, the big leap was all written in a way that opened your eyes to what Daniel had and was going through (as if you are feeling it yourself). Highly recommended.

    I have an adopted brother whom I love very much (but not like that lol) so this story about what makes a family had me moved to tears. RJ's regular romances are very good too but her YA stories are always something extra special.

    Despite one violent episode, this is mainly a sweet story of love growing between two foster brothers. The flashbacks to their childhood set the stage for shy Daniel and outgoing Jamie finding in each other a balance and complement that will hold true, even as sexual attraction becomes a part of it. There were parts of this story that could have been deeply emotional and angsty. (view spoiler)[Jamie's attack and its aftermath, especially the injury ending Jamie's basketball career, coming out to [...]

    This is a lovely feel-good story that makes you believe in the intrinsic niceness of peopleBUTis is almost too sweetI think it is saved by the innocence of the romance between Daniel & Jamie. If you liked The Christmas Throwaway then you'll enjoy this book too. Sweet, sweet, romance.

    I loved how close Jamie and Daniel were from the moment they met, so it seemed only fitting that their first love was found with each other. They made a beautiful couple so I hope there's a sequel to tell us how things go at college :)[Also, it cracked me up when big brother Mark was helping Jamie research "all you need to know about the buttsex". What a great family!]

    3.4 starsWarning: Spoilerish review!This was a nice, sweet story full of likeable characters. It was also nice to read about GOOD foster parents for a change. Again, it was nice but there were things that really bothered me about it (see below rant).Two things bothered me about the story though:-the flashbacks. I never like stories told through flashbacks because I find them disruptive. I would have been ok with a few flashbacks. As a matter of fact, I was fine with them for the first 35% of the [...]

    Daniel came to live with the Walker family after his mother’s suicide. The quiet, shy musical prodigy is immediately taken under the wing of the family’s middle child, Jamie. From the moment they meet, their bond is strong and unbreakable. But, as the boys approach their high school graduation and Daniel comes out to the family, everything is about to change.Not every adult fiction writer can transition well into the world of young adult romance. RJ Scott is one that can. Decisions We Make i [...]

    I would of gave this book a 5 star if it wasn't for the niggle that was always in the back of my mind. For me an RJ book is a must read, her writing is good and I always get attached to her characters as if they were real. The writing was good, the characters I adored even the supporting ones, the story was good, I even shed some tears. So when I read the blurb I didn't think it would bother me that the two MC's were raised as brothers but yet it kept popping up in my head that they were brother [...]

    I love Daniel and Jamie, and I can't wait for their follow-up story. I felt so badly for Daniel just losing his parents and being thrown into this kind of crazy/loud (even though I would consider them normal) family, but Jamie was there for him from the first moment he walked through the door. I am so glad Jamie didn't play with Daniel's emotions and string him along to get what he wanted while also trying to keep up his straight jock image. I was surprised that Daniel was the one who wanted to [...]

    This is an incredible romance as well as a family drama. The story rolls along quickly making you want to love all of the charachters in the family equally and hoping for a happy ending. Read this book, it will make for a great afternoon! I just wish it had been, oh 2 or 3 times longer.

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