The Wolves In The Walls

The Wolves In The Walls

The Wolves In The Walls Lucy tells her parents that wolves are living in the wall of their house When the wolves decide to come out Lucy and her family find themselves homeless But not for too long because Lucy is determine

  • Title: The Wolves In The Walls
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Dave McKean
  • ISBN: 9780747591627
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lucy tells her parents that wolves are living in the wall of their house When the wolves decide to come out, Lucy and her family find themselves homeless But not for too long because Lucy is determined to get them back home.

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    • Best Read [Neil Gaiman Dave McKean] ↠ The Wolves In The Walls || [Self Help Book] PDF ↠
      426 Neil Gaiman Dave McKean
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Neil Gaiman Dave McKean] ↠ The Wolves In The Walls || [Self Help Book] PDF ↠
      Posted by:Neil Gaiman Dave McKean
      Published :2019-07-23T03:53:27+00:00

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    Am I the only one who thought this is a mishmash of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Rats in the Walls” and the classic wolf-riddled admonitory bedtime stories like “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? The Wolves in the Walls, a collab work by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, is yet another landmark tale that speaks directly to young readers while teaching a few lessons like open communication in the family.SPOILER-ISH! Basically the story revolves around Lucy (aka the girl who [...]

    What a strange-spooky little thing of a book (for kiddies?) with some very interesting artwork.Ok. I am really spooked

    My kids really liked it. My eight year old son read it and thought it was good. He thought the illustrations were cool because the people had "spooky" eyes. I read it to my six year old son and my four year old daughter, and they liked it also. My little girl actually made me read it to her twice. Her only complaint was that the wolves were just regular old wolves and not werewolves. Go figure. I think some younger kids might find the story a little bit scary, so be careful if your kids spook ea [...]

    جذاب ترین چیزش برام تصویرگری وهم آلود بود. یه داستان برای کودکانِ بزرگسال یا شاید هم بزرگسالانِ کودک

    Haha, ok - the below review is one I wrote on in October of 2003. A review, I might add, that was found to be useful by 9 out of 9 members. Wow, I know, wowI recently read this book outloud to my cousin and he LOVED it! The book is so intuitive and allows so much expression and voice intonation. The characters are distinct individuals and I could instantly find their voice. The art is simply amazing - I've been a fan of McKean for years. I really don't think kids should be underestimated in th [...]

    Cute and a little bit spooky kid's book by Neil Gaiman. The illustrations are done by the same guy who did the Sandman graphic novels, so it's got that familiar vibe. I guess you could call it a bit "moody and atmospheric and artsy." It's very Gaimanish. Points for creating the word "squossucks."

    I'm sure this would've been spookier if I had the images (I listened to it), but nevertheless it had the same delightful bedtime story vibe to it.

    This is a great story about parents not listening to their daughter and said daughter saving their home. It also has wolves the walls! It comes with a CD of Gaiman reading the story aloud, which I haven't heard yetbut if the readings from The Ocean at the End of the Lane I heard him give last week are anything to go by, it should be excellent. It is just the kind of story that should be read aloud, too, full of the rhythms and repeated refrains that fit with oral story telling.McKean's illustrat [...]

    The Wolves in the Walls is a story about Lucy and her family, and how they have wolves living in their walls - or at least that's what Lucy thinks. She hears scratching and nibbling in the walls and is convinced that the noises are coming from the wolves. But everyone that Lucy tells (her mom, dad and brother,) dismisses her concerns with more believable explanations. Little do they know, Lucy isn't that far-fetched The illustrations of this book are magnificent and amazing, making the entire bo [...]

    Book #1 REVEZATONASoooo adorable! Once again, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean combined their skills and created a lovely little illustrated book with a satisfatory plot. The illustrations are incredible, even though I'm not the biggest fan of this art style.This is the story of a little girl who starts hearing Wolves inside the walls of her house, but no one seems to believe her, until the wolves invade therir home. Of course, parents never listen to their children. I certainly enjoyed it.

    دوس داشتنی و جذاب ولی خوب چون مال کودکان بود به اندازه ی نوشته های دیگه نیل گیمن عمق نداشت و چند لایه نبودبا این حال بهترین نقطه کتاب که مثلما بزگا هم میتونن لذت ببرت تصویر سازی متفاوت و فوق العاده عجیب و جذابش بود

    Dave McKean’s illustrations are both haunting and hilarious at the same time. The wolves are portrayed as drawings made by a child, as it is implied on the front cover of the book. The wolves are also drawn in both a frightening and humorous way throughout the book. A great example of an image where the wolves display both terror and humor is in the image of the wolves being shown in creepy shadows as they are watching television and are laughing their heads off. Another advantage that this bo [...]

    I am always looking for unique, quality storybooks to keep on my shelves long after my children have children. I struggle to find something special in between "I love you Forever" and "Dumb Bunnies". Sometimes I think I find it when I see breathtaking illustrations, often to be disappointed when the words aren't in the same league. This book absolutely has both. If your children get scared easily- mine do not- then I might skip this one. It is written in fairytale prose and that may keep some ki [...]

    Wow, that was a crazy read! It was dark and twisty and funny and charming, all at the same time. The illustrations are unreal (!) and tie in with the story brilliantly! I am utterly enchanted!

    Spooky! Not for the faint of heart: my five year old almost had nightmares over this one. But it is so atmospheric and alluring, you can't stop reading!

    A Summary/A Thoughtful Review: This dark and suspenseful picture book, more appropriate for an older audience of upper elementary to middle school-aged readers, will appeal to those looking for an eerier side of fantasy. Neil Gaimen writes a thrilling story about a anixous, yet curious girl, Lucy, who believes there are wolves living in the walls of her house. As her father, mother, and brother continue to deny the reality of this situation, Lucy, on the other hand, continues to hear "sneaking, [...]

    We love this book! It is fast becoming a favorite in my house. Sooo much fun to read aloud. I can make my 5 year old jump every time and he loves it. The art is amazing but the writing really stands out as something extra special, especialy considering that this is a children's story. I rarely recommend buying a children's book outright considering that your library is readily available, children's books are quick reads, and kids attention spans are notoriously short but this book I can wholehea [...]

    Probably one of the only picture books I really, really like. Creepy as all heck, though. Come to think of it, that's probably why I like it.

    As a Neil Gaiman fan I absolutely loved the writing in this story, not sure if the illustrations, as beautiful as they are, would go down well with some children, but overall the story is intriguing and not like any other children's book I've read before.

    “Anyway, you know what they say about wolves," said her father. "If the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over.""Who says that?" asked Lucy."People. Everybody. You know," said her father, and he went back to practicing his tuba.” This is quite obviously a children's book (marketed towards the 8-12 years of age according to online) but it'sso thought provoking.It follows Lucy who believes that she can hear wolves in her house's walls, but when she asks her parents about it, they seem non [...]

    ☽ If the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over. ☾ The storyline of The Wolves in the Walls revolves around young Lucy and her family and their unwanted houseguests. It is set in and around Lucy’s home, prominently featuring night-time as is due for a scarier story. Simply reading the text would probably create a homier scene in our imagination, however, the illustrations have a definite ‘creep factor’, almost elevating the setting to thriller or horror status.Lucy fears the scrat [...]

    When Lucy hears hustling, bustling, crinkling and crackling noises inside the walls, she attempts to warn her mother, father and brother. Emphatically telling the family there are wolves in the wall, they do not believe her and say "Well, if the wolves come out in the walls, then it's all over."Never explaining why it will be all over, the refuse to believe her. Her brother continues to play his video games; her mother continues to make jam and her father continues to play his tuba.On the night [...]

    Originally posted HERE.This is the story of Lucy, who could hear the sounds being made by wolves coming from within the walls of their house. She tries to tell her mother, father, and brother about the wolfish sounds, but they were all incredulous and refused to believe her. Only her little pig-puppet believed her. And then one night, something happened in Lucy's house Can you guess what?Wolves In The Walls is a children's story, yes, but I think it might be too dark or scary for the smaller kid [...]

    The genius of Neil Gaiman is an inspiration that keeps me going. If you want to write a story, write a short story first. Let it be short. Let it be brief. Let it be so succinct that someone can read it in 10 minutes. That's what The Wolves in the Wall is. It's a super-short extra-short short story. The story of Lucy who hears the wolves in the wall, and her utter certainty about them being wolves, not rats or mice or bats. There is no character development, as there is just no time for it. Ther [...]

    The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean is a brilliant, if not slightly disturbing and incredibly scary, picture book.The illustrations are excellent and the cover (which looks slightly like the girl out of the horror film, ‘The Ring’) gives a good indication of the content. In short there are wolves in the walls of a house so the family living there have to take refuge when they come out. The family then hide in the walls and turn the tables by scaring the wolves away when th [...]

    Strange and rather not what I was expecting. The art and pictures weren't to my liking, and the story was pretty weird. But I don't know what or why or how, but there was something I liked about it. Maybe because it has Neil Gaiman's imaginative and strange and a bit creepy flare through it. Do I recommend?: *shrugs* It's a Neil Gaiman picture book and illustrated by Dave McKean- it's a quick enough read.~Z:)

    La trama in sè è come una tela cubista fatta di sfaccettature già viste, ma Gaiman e McKean l'hanno assemblata in modo tale da sembrare combinazioni inedite ulteriormente filtrate al caleidoscopio. Un volume illustrato su cui anche gli adulti potrebbero voler riflettere. Tutto questo per dire: sono 51 pagine che vi consiglio di leggere, in particolare se ne troverete una copia in biblioteca, così avrete il tempo di leggerlo in un sol boccone e rimuginarci sù per il resto della visita.

    First Audiobook of 2016!Of course, I had to pick Neil Gaiman! No one narrates a book like Neil. While very short, The Wolves in the Walls is terribly funny with a smattering of the darkness that is typical of a Gaiman work. Loved the little cliff hanger, if it can be called that.

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