Benjamin Franklin's Bastard

Benjamin Franklin's Bastard

Benjamin Franklin s Bastard Benjamin Franklin s Bastard by Sally Cabot is an absorbing and compelling work of literary historical fiction that brings to life a little known chapter of the American Revolution the story of Benjami

  • Title: Benjamin Franklin's Bastard
  • Author: Sally Cabot Sally Cabot Gunning
  • ISBN: 9780062241924
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Benjamin Franklin s Bastard by Sally Cabot is an absorbing and compelling work of literary historical fiction that brings to life a little known chapter of the American Revolution the story of Benjamin Franklin and his bastard son, and the women who loved them both.William Franklin, the son of Benjamin and his favorite mistress, Anne, is raised by Deborah, Benjamin s wiBenjamin Franklin s Bastard by Sally Cabot is an absorbing and compelling work of literary historical fiction that brings to life a little known chapter of the American Revolution the story of Benjamin Franklin and his bastard son, and the women who loved them both.William Franklin, the son of Benjamin and his favorite mistress, Anne, is raised by Deborah, Benjamin s wife A steadfast loyalist, he and his father cannot reconcile their wildly disparate views, causing a rift in the bond both thought unbreakable.Fascinating and heartbreaking, Benjamin Franklin s Bastard, i is a gripping tale of family, love, and war, set against one of America s most fascinating periods of history.

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    Spoilers below? Maybe. I have spoken of how I view the author's portrayal of Benjamin Franklin and his relationships with those closest to him. This is the central focus of the book, not historical events.I am very glad I didn't give up on this book halfway through. I would describe this book as having two very different parts. The first half, which I did not like, focuses upon Benjamin Franklin's early years - his amorous relationships first with his later to be wife (Deborah) and then the moth [...]

    I liked the story a lot. Benjamin Franklin was such a cad, but in a drunk uncle kind of way. This was a fun read. I liked the use of real letters in this for the historical accuracy. The setting is obviously set in a turbulent time in Early American history, so I was a little shocked it didn't cover any of that. No war. No fear. No battles. No call to arms. I would think this would have colored Benjamin Franklin's life and that of his son, William, more than was led to believe here.I liked the w [...]

    I absolutely loved this book, and the audio version, too. It kept me interested from the first page to the last and fleshed out my understanding of one of my favorite historical figures, Benjamin Franklin. (I didn't say I'd want to be married to him!)The setting and characters were, in my opinion, skillfully drawn, although William Franklin's mother's name is unknown. As explained in the Afterword, Anne was the author's creation, and is a character who became real to me as the pages turned. I lo [...]

    I loved this book. I've always been fascinated by Ben Franklin, and this book gives you a sneak peek into his private, personal life. It doesn't glamorize him, but shows him as a flawed human being trying to do the right thing. I picked up the book on a Sunday afternoon and "fell into it." Many hours later, I reached the end, looked up, and realized that I was actually in the 21st century. I couldn't stop reading and stayed up way too late. Wonderful subject matter, wonderful writing, and wonder [...]

    This is the 4th book of Sally Gunning (Sally Cabot) that I have read and am struck on how well she tells a tale of historical fiction based on true events and real peopleSally has a gift for making historical figures come alive and makes us wonder about the circumstances and fates of those secondary people in the background whose actions affected the prominent historical figuresThere are consequences for every action and responsibility for every choice we make and Sally's book on Ben Franklin an [...]

    Loving historical fiction, and becoming completely swept into the lives of Franklin's family, was delightful. I'm sorry the story drew to an end The author did a wonderful job of twisting history with fiction.

    'Benjamin Franklin's Bastard' is a captivating historical fiction novel that tells the story of William Franklin - the son of Benjamin Franklin and his mistress, Anne. This illegitimate son is raised by Benjamin's wife, Deborah. The novel takes place around the time of the American Revolution and tells the story of a man and his son torn apart by differing political views. William is a loyalist and his father and he can't seem to come to any sort of even ground between their political views. Sin [...]

    Born and raised in the poverty of Eades Alley, sixteen-year old Anne is happy to find employment as a serving girl at the Penny Pot tavern. She quickly realizes there is more than one way to earn money there. When she meets the young printer Benjamin Franklin, she has met someone who not only adds to her finances, but to her mind. When she becomes pregnant with his child, he is not free to marry her because of his previous commitment to Deborah Read, his common-law wife. Franklin convinces Anne [...]

    **Received from first reads giveaway.This was a great book. Wonderfully written and compelling. I read this book in 2 days. Everyone has heard of Benjamin Franklin and his many accomplishments: inventor, printer, author, scientist, and Founding father to name a few. With this book, Sally Cabot shows us another side of him - a not so virtuous side. Upon learning that he has an illegitimate son, he asks his common law wife, Deborah, to raise his illegitimate son with him. The entire time they are [...]

    I read this after reading Sally Cabot Gunning's Cape Cod trilogy (Widow's War, Bound and The Rebellion of Jane Clarke) and I loved loved loved those stories and her writing in those stories. I had high expectations for this book, and it fell short. Ben Franklin was an amazing person - inventor, politician, creator, free thinker, intelligent, among other things. According to this telling, he was also quite the ladies man. Lots of sex, lots of relationship drama, lots of historical references to s [...]

    What sets this one apart from other Franklin books is that it is almost entirely about his personal life. Only the last third of the book centers on his other activities, although they are lightly touched on in other parts. The last part of the book explains what was true and what was made up, I liked that many of the conversations were taken from letters and other Franklin source material. I have to say that after reading this, I did not see what kept Franklin with Deborah. Although I felt sorr [...]

    Meet Benjamin Franklin. Not the pudgy, spectacled, balding, founding father, but a dynamic, tall, handsome, virile man with a most exciting personality. His story is told through the two main women in his life, and later in the novel, his illegitimate son.The book takes place in Quaker Philadelphia and London, spanning the years from 1723 to 1777. Ms. Cabot pulls you into the time frame of dirty, drudgery, class conscious eighteenth century. The author seamlessly feeds us Franklin's accomplishme [...]

    Cabot's newest novel offers insight into the lives of Ben Franklin and William, his illegitimate son. Told through the stories of Ben's mistress Anne and common-law wife Deborah, this highly readable novel sent me to the encyclopedia again and again to learn even more about the people and places involved. I found the novel to be well researched and riveting. I have lately become a big fan of this genre of stories - fictionalized accounts of actual historic characters. Recent favorites include Mr [...]

    Excellent use of three points of view (Franklin's wife, mistress, illegitimate son) to create a character study of Franklin. Outstanding historical detail, setting--and a reminder that flawed characters shown in their various realities are more interesting than the "perfect" characters that are too often offered to in school.

    I've read over half the book, and I'm going to call it. The characters are flat - even Benjamin Franklin seems dull and plodding - and the story lacks tension and vibrancy. In short, I'm bored, and I can't muster enough interest to finish this one, on.

    At first I was unconvinced about this one, but then my opinion changed and I couldn't put it down. Great historical fiction. Can't wait to go fact check everything. The authors note didn't cover all of my questions.

    I liked it. Actually, I've liked every book that Sally Cabot Gunning has written. Her research is impeccable. Her story and creative visualizations take be right back to the century. I find it most interesting that in all her books she points out the unjust action taken again women in the particular era, treating them like a scarlet letter or back mark. And yet, here we are another 300 years later and finally, the truth comes to power by a group of Hollywood women sho shine the light on sexual h [...]

    I began this book with no idea of how historically accurate it was. Then I wandered over to to find out that yes, Benjamin Franklin did indeed have an illegitimate son (mother unknown, so the character of Anne is totally fictitious) that he asked his common-law wife, Deborah Read, to help him raise. I was quite surprised that his wife was one of common law, though I do understand the circumstances that demanded it.I find it quite amazing that William Franklin followed so much in his father's fo [...]

    This was an interesting book. The time period that this book takes place in is one that I really enjoy and provides a wonderful backdrop to the story. Franklin, Deborah and Anne are interesting characters and the circumstances that brings them together and keeps bringing them together is Franklin and Ann's son William. It is fun seeing these characters grow and to see them try to survive their circumstances. Through the good and the bad. I think that what I take away most from this book is the f [...]

    will the real ben franklin please step forward. now that we know the reality of the lives of jefferson and franklin, our founding fathers, we know how truly human they were. this is a good work of historical fiction drawing on real facts concerning franklin's illegitimate child william and the surrounding circumstances of founding a new country. cabot weaves the story in and around the smells and sights of a new american port city; in her description of tavern life with all the soot and grease a [...]

    I would have named this book "Three Franklin Bastards". I had known that Ben and his son (as NJ Governor) were on different sides of the revolution. What I had not known of was the womanizing and how it affected his poor women who had to scrabble for a living. Benjamin's common law wife certainly was no match for his intellect but was a drain on his life Anne could have encouraged Ben's curiosity if she had been the one he married. The book is engaging and fulfills it's promise to be true to his [...]

    Benjamin Franklin was one of America's early celebrities. An inventor, politician, ambassador, and, perhaps more famously now, a lover of women. Specifically, two. Benjamin Franklin's Bastard tells us the story of Deborah Reed, who would go on to become Franklin's common law wife, and Anne, a poor tavern wench who gives birth to his bastard, William. Circumstances force Anne to surrender William to Franklin, and while Deborah loathes raising a child not her own, William soon becomes as much her [...]

    This is a fascinating historical novel about the early years of America's first outstanding scientist, inventor, shrewd businessman, and political genius. The story is told mostly from the point of view of his mistress as she describes the curiosity of this imposing intellect and his path to fame. Despite the title, most of the plot revolves around the father, though the reader also learns about his acknowledged son, William Franklin, the eventual royal governor of Colonial New Jersey. The plot [...]

    I enjoyed reading this book but found it very wanting in the history of the time. Franklin's keen interest in women was certainly the main part of the story. His son, William from one of his affairs came to live with Franklin and his wife, Deborah. Son and step-mother did not have a good relationship and was the source of much trouble in the family. William's loyalty to the Crown and becoming Royal Governor of New Jersey split he and his father until the relationship was ruined. William and also [...]

    As this story makes clear, it is hard to love a man who cannot be contained, and it is hard to fault women for struggling to survive in an environment that was marriage- or male-dependent. Much credit to women who raise children not their own, and to fathers who stand by their children as well. The human heart is fickle and it is sad to watch Deborah's preferential treatment of Franky and Sally over William; happily Elizabeth is a different woman altogether. Anne's struggle to survive, and keep [...]

    Intriguing story about Benjamin Franklin's illegitimate son I wasn't aware of Franklins' personal life as a young man and was fascinated that his son by his favorite mistress would be taken into the household occupied by his "common law" wife, Deborah. The story revolves around Franklin and William's divergent views on life and politics -- William was a Tory totally supportive of the King and of course we know Franklin's politics. What's interesting as a sidelight is how the two women handle it [...]

    It's really true that Benjamin Franklin was the father of our country!I know he used to greet women by kissing them on their breasts. It wouldn't surprise me if he had scads of illegitimate children. I guess that's another story, though.This story was very well written, and I found the young mother to be very naïve. I guess they were at that time in history.Still, and all, to give up your son, is a hard thing to do, and to see him raised by someone else well, I can't fathom that.The characters [...]

    A good historical fiction grabs you by page 2, and transports you to the time frame of the novel. Sally Cabot (Gunning) never disappoints! She has told the story of Benjamin Franklin's entire life as seen through the eyes of three people who knew him best - his mistress, his wife, and his son. The entire novel is told from the perspective of being close to this famous man, but never the most important person to him. I was pulled into the story on page one, and kept just turning the pages until I [...]

    Very well done. I have read many books about and by Ben Franklin that are archaic in nature and language, which is fine. The first part of the book occasionally feels like a salacious, contemporary romance novel but it succeeds as it depicts the earthiness and private side of Franklin and the women, particularly Anne and Deborah. It is very informative as well. The second part is more about Ben's and Anne's relationship with their son, William. I had known about William’s eventual political st [...]

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