Nest of Serpents

Nest of Serpents

Nest of Serpents With friends turning into enemies can Drew find his way out of this war alive The entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war and the battle lines have been drawn While Drew and his ragtag army defend th

  • Title: Nest of Serpents
  • Author: Curtis Jobling
  • ISBN: 9780670784578
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With friends turning into enemies, can Drew find his way out of this war alive The entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war, and the battle lines have been drawn While Drew and his ragtag army defend the throne against Ratlords and Crowlords, Gretchen and Whitley venture on a harrowing journey through the perilous Dyrewood But none of the werelords counted on the return ofWith friends turning into enemies, can Drew find his way out of this war alive The entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war, and the battle lines have been drawn While Drew and his ragtag army defend the throne against Ratlords and Crowlords, Gretchen and Whitley venture on a harrowing journey through the perilous Dyrewood But none of the werelords counted on the return of the most terrifying monster of them all

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    Final rating: 4/5 starsHmI think i prefer previous three books to this one. But it's still cool in its own way :) Anyway, very good sequel to Wereworld series. There were plot twists once again (i always welcome plot twists and unpredictability) and many fights, battles, struggles, treacheries, new alliances, deaths of characters and lot more. P.S. Wyldermen are very, extremely very creepy people. I don't like cannibals, and they creep the hell out of me Not to mention Vala, the snake "goddess". [...]

    Wanted to finish the book, but it was past midnight:( So reluctantly I closed this book, to finish it the next day and I did finished another great book in this series the very next day. Really, it was amazing and ended with another cliffhanger just like the previous book.I really liked Trent's character and hoping to see more of him in the next book and also looking forward to see how both the brothers meeting are going to go.The only thing I can do now is wait (not patiently) for the next book [...]

    I was super excited when I realised that there was a new book in the Wereworld series out. After having been left on a cliffhanger at the end of the fourth book, I was eager to pick this one up and start it straight away. The first part re-introduces the reader to all the characters and picks up the thread of their stories. Hector, Drew, Whitley and Gretchen, alolng with Drew's brother Trent are scattered throughout Lyssia. Drew is helping the Staglords defend themselves against the Werelion Pri [...]

    Personal response: I liked this book since I am into fighting and mythical creatures. This is a really good series of books. Each one is just as good as the last one.Plot Summary The book was about a wereserpent named Vala and her worshipers. The Wyermen attacked the woodland city of Bekonheme. Meanwhile in Stormdale, Drew (the werewolf) was helping the stage lords children defend their city. Back in Bekonheme, Witney ( the werebear) and Gretchen (the werefox) are facing Vala in the throne room [...]

    I've fallen in love with this series and hope it never ends but the war in Lyssia won't last forever.With the supporters of the Wolves taking a beating from every corner and more troops arriving across the ocean from Bast things certainly look bleak.Drew Ferran a.k.a the future king is trying to lend his aid to all his supporters but he's only one Lycanthrope and now disabled after his capture in Cape Gala. The beasts of Bast march on to suppress Lyssia while the Cannibal Wylderman have Brackenh [...]

    When a book as good as Wereworld:Shadow of the Hawk was written you wouldn't think Curtis Jobling wouldn't even come close to topping it and yet it Nest of Serpents is the best book by far in the series. Shadow of the Hawk was the evolution of the series as it took more of gritty and dark atmosphere with a lot more overwhelming odds for the heroes to overcome. Nest of Serpents is another step in right direction as it's character's are more fleshed and are made more too feel more like human's the [...]

    This is probably one of my favorite books that I have ever read. I wish that Curtis Jobling would make this series longer than just six books. I think this series is better than Eragon, which is a similar series that I have read. Also my favorite part is when Drew was fighting Vala because I could just see this scene in my head. Curtis Jobling is a very descriptive writer and I hope to read all of his books.

    Poor Drew.For every step he takes towards the crown, his enemies set him back two. He repels the invading armies at Stormdale and rescues Whitley from Brackenholme, but at the same time Icegarden falls, the Wyldermen join forces with the Lionguard, Calico is besieged and there is no word from Azra. But our Drew, with unquenchable spirit and determination, refuses to give up hope and, at the end of the book, decides to head far west, where rumours of enemy ships being attacked hint at a new ally. [...]

    I loved this book and the plot is progressing. I'm kinda disappointed in Hector and the direction he's taken. I hope he redeems himself by maybe sacraficing himself at the end of the war/series to stop the Bastians and save his friends (even if he has stopped being a friend to them at present). I'm happy to see Trent firmly on his brothers side again and seeking to redeem himself for the deeds he carried out while under the false impression that his beloved brother had murdered both their parent [...]

    Another great entry into the Wereworld series. All of Lysia is at war and for every ally that Drew finds it seems that more enemies pop up to fight against him.The approach the author takes to war and alliances in this book is one I find very interesting. Allies and enemies change. New allegiances are formed while old ones break down and new enemies reemerge. Lines are constantly shifting.In some stories Drew would be the rightful king come back after the death of his father to take his place an [...]

    This is the fourth book in the wereworld series, and it is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I do have to admit that I think they should have made it where they got word that the doglords had won or something like that after they win at stormdale. also think that they could have done without Vala coming back. Really want to know what Vega is doing too. I don't like how Red rufus dies. I actually liked his bossiness.

    It was great. Drew is helping the Stags keep control of Stormdale while the Crows of Riven and Rats of Vermire attack them on Onyx's orders. Gertchen and Whitley are heading to Brackenholme while battles are everywhere over Lyssia. They don't know it but they bring an unwanted quest into the Woodland Realm. Hector is now the leader of Tuskun. He switched sides to the Catlords so he could have all the power he wanted.

    This was a very interesting book to read, at first I was just trying to find some books to read when I was in school. I stumbled upon this book thinking I wouldn't read it, once opening the book and reading the first chapter I was on the train to WereWorld. I really do enjoy this book, I would recommend this book to people who love adventure, action, fantasy, and fiction.

    These books just keep getting better and better!! After Trent realizes he's been fighting on the wrong side, he goes and helps Whitley and Gretchen, who are trapped by Vala the Serpent. That's right! Vala has returned!!! OMG!!!

    I think the book had a twist in the ending. When Drew was in his Werewolf form and he howled, he had wolves answer to his howl. I think that is cool because Drew is one of the last Wolflords that lives. His mom his a white wolf but she doesn't get any answer from wolves when she does howl.

    A little bit too long for my taste, but apart from this it is really wonderful. The numerous plot twists and the nonstop violent action make this books a must for fans of exciting swords & sorcery tales. This series is becoming a personal favorite of mine.

    Another great addition to the Wereworld saga. I love how the different stories and characters wove in and out of the main story and kept me guessing.

    WELL WELL WELL this review is so difficult to write because there is so much to say. The series is so good there are no words in the dictionary to describe how I feel. I'll just have to do my best.I was never really interested in Werewolves, they seemed pretty dull and unoriginal but these book with their fantastic character and world building creates a new twist on werewolves that is exciting and interesting from beyond down to the core. Not to mention the introduction of other WereSpecies like [...]

    This book is mainly about the young werewolf Drew, the only son of the late werelord Wergar. He is a fiercely loyal young man, but is naive and inexperienced in the ways of ruling kingdoms. Drew should be the king of Lyssia, but the catlords from the south have taken the throne. Now his group of allies is split up and unaware of the whereabouts of each other. Some are already dead, with others unaware of enemies in the midst. No one can predict what will happen next, as alliances are formed and [...]

    While I still don't like books that use multiple POVs but it kind of works this time as all of the POVs were important and something major happened in each one and I am really curious about what is happening to Hector and their is some more good world building and the character development for the Catlords.

    trailer - youtube/watch?v=h7GeO A continuation of the Wereworld adventure, this book has everything. It has love, it has war, it has deception, and it has sorrow. In this charged adventure following the wolf, you will discover enemies long forgotten and enemies new to the scene. I highly recommend this book and its series to any and all fantasy lovers.

    Drew is framed for killing his mother. He must run from home and find ot all the secets of his life. Very good five stars.

    the plot in this book is basically when Whiteley gets home to bracken holm at last (and shortly after leaves) finds out the old lady that nursed her back to health is actually vala the evil were serpent that drew sapposably killed on his first adventure(Whiteley also finds out that drew is alive).

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