Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour ISBN

  • Title: Darkest Hour
  • Author: Lauren Brooke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN 9780439968669

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      352 Lauren Brooke
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    I loved the book, I love reading about horses so this book was very interesting to me. There is a lot of bad things that happen and good things so there's quite bit of drama which makes the book more exciting.I would recommend it to someone who enjoys reading about horses and the country life. I wanted to keep reading it to finish it because it was so exciting and it made you just want to keep on reading it. The emotions that i had were sad because of horses that come to heartland that have been [...]

    I connect with this book well, because it relates to my life. I have four horses, and I spend a lot of time with them. So I can tell when they’re happy, curious, upset, etc. When I read the book I could clearly visualize what the horse was doing and/or feeling as it was described in the book. I could also relate to the way Amy was feeling, especially when she was working with ill tempered or scared horses. My horse is sometimes stubborn and difficult to work with. So I understand how you have [...]

    And another one. Although this one has a huge catastrophe in it (or rather even two), I still don’t have much to say on the matter. This used to be one of my favourites because it was so full of action.(view spoiler)[ Well the kiss with Daniel was interesting. I had a feeling that he liked her and I loved the idea of it causing problems with her and Ty as they seemed too perfect most of the time. I know that Ben had caused problems between them both but that was only briefly. They could have d [...]

    Book Review: Heartland, Darkest HourDo you wish to learn to let your horse trust you again? Do you wish that your horse’s scar of the past can be healed?Well heartland is where the place where you learn all those. They do their work with kindness .Not force; in this book, an equine flu is infecting heartland’s horses. The main character Amy and the stable hands Ben and Ty try to keep it from spreading. They tried to separate the oldest and youngest horses-the ones with weaker immune systems- [...]

    As if Amy's schedule wasn't busy enough, several of Heartland's horses have come down with equine flu. Amy and Ty are working around the clock to quarantine the sick horses in the back barn. Ben is upset because this means he can't compete with Red for several weeks. In the midst of the illness, Amy visits Daniel and Storm, and Daniel kisses her. Now Amy is confused, but before she can talk to Ty about it, a tornado hits Heartland.I raced through this book hoping that everything would turn out o [...]

    This book had very well developed, flawed characters, with a true sense of what the characters were feeling for the most part. As an experienced horse-person, I was a little disappointed by the lack of realism of certain portions of the equine encounters in this book - in real life, training a horse is NEVER that simple, straight-forward or easy. But, it was a quick read and worth the 2 or so hours I put into it. Even though this book is near the end of the series, the characters are introduced [...]

    The Heartland books are a fun read, and they’re pretty quick to get through for me. You get your horses and your heartache from Heartland. These books are pretty steady, all continuing the story of Amy, Lou, Ty, Jack and the assorted horses. The writing and subject matter are obviously intended for children, and can be a bit clunky at times for individuals with a higher reading level. Since there isn't a lot to say, this review is similar to past reviews of this series. I recommend this series [...]

    Am loving this one so much! For a horse love such as myself this book series is wonderful! Am still a child at heart always! And I am not a big fan of too much drama and chaos or heat break and this one is really family oriented as well as soothing to read, which for me is one of the main reasons I love to read. To calm down and relax :):):):):):):) Happy New Year to Everyone :):):):)

    I have to say, the last few books in the series have definitely taken on some more difficult and darker topics, not just in the horse themes but with the characters as well. This installment in the series is definitely more than a little tragic, and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. But it features an appearance from Ty's mom, and I do love the stories that develop his character more.

    When a case of flu breaks out, Amy is trying to keep the youngest and oldest horses safe. When one horse develops pneumonia, Amy is frightened. She doesn't know what to do. After a tornado one day, the barn roof collapses on the horses and Ty. One horse and Ty get seriously injured. This story is a bit sad, but I still really like it. You should read it.

    Another Heartland book! I'm enjoying re-reading the series; I haven't read through the entire thing at one time since I read them all the first time through. This book adds more drama to the series - the "what if?" questions about a character not being in the story get answered.

    I found this book really good, I read other reviews and had to buy the one after this as well!! I read this in a whole night as I couldn't find a good place to stop and put it down!!! I love the series and thought this book was really good!!!!

    I had no idea this was a series until now. I got this one for the kids and am currently reading it to them and they love it I may have to get the rest and read them as well!This was a great book about love, loyalty, tragidy and self -growth.

    I wasn't crazy over this book. Toward the end it got better and more interesting. And whatever happened to Ty? Did he come out of his coma? No offense, but these characters in the book sounds like they lead boring lives living on a horse ranch taking care of horses.

    all of the books usually start great then theirs and obstacle or prolbem that they solve. I thought the books were oky but i hate that so many bad things happen in the sstory . But that does not take away from the series being great.

    WHO KEEPS LETTING ME TAKE THESE BOOKS ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT?Seriously, third time a book from this series has made me cry on a train this week.

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