La confraternita del pugnale nero: La guida definitiva

La confraternita del pugnale nero: La guida definitiva

La confraternita del pugnale nero La guida definitiva Curiosit scene eliminate battute fulminanti e un appassionante racconto inedito in esclusiva per gli appassionati di Wrath e co Chi ha seguito tutte le puntate della saga vampiresca che dopo aver sp

  • Title: La confraternita del pugnale nero: La guida definitiva
  • Author: J.R. Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Curiosit scene eliminate, battute fulminanti e un appassionante racconto inedito in esclusiva per gli appassionati di Wrath e co.Chi ha seguito tutte le puntate della saga vampiresca che, dopo aver spopolato in Usa, ha appassionato anche i lettori italiani, non potr perdersi questa chicca una guida definitiva all universo della Confraternita del Pugnale Nero AccantoCuriosit scene eliminate, battute fulminanti e un appassionante racconto inedito in esclusiva per gli appassionati di Wrath e co.Chi ha seguito tutte le puntate della saga vampiresca che, dopo aver spopolato in Usa, ha appassionato anche i lettori italiani, non potr perdersi questa chicca una guida definitiva all universo della Confraternita del Pugnale Nero Accanto a un racconto inedito sulla coppia Bella e Zsadist, anche tante informazioni di prima mano sulla vita dei guerrieri e interviste strettamente personali, scorci di vita quotidiana e divertenti conversazioni dalla bacheca del sito di J.R Ward, insieme a molto altro che non sveleremo Persino l autrice si lascia conoscere pi da vicino, aprendo ai suoi affezionati lettori i segreti della sua carriera di scrittrice, dagli esordi come narratrice rosa ai successi della saga Gli amanti dei vampiri di Caldwell sono avvisati qui troveranno soddisfazione a ogni pi piccola curiosit

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ☆ La confraternita del pugnale nero: La guida definitiva - by J.R. Ward ↠
      486 J.R. Ward
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    I'll start by stating the obvious--this book is a must-have for all BDB fans. It is filled with so much fun "stuff" and will keep you occupied and entertained while you await the May '09 release of the latest in the BDB saga, "Lover Avenged".Chief among the goodies is a short story about Zsadist, Bella, and baby daughter Nalla, called "Father Mine". In it, we see Z and Bella having marital problems, coping with being new parents and all the adjustments that entails, and watch Z struggle to bond [...]

    Here's the thing: there are people who read books, and there are people who are "readers." People who read enjoy books. Readers take that to an almost insane degree. They don't just read books, they immerse themselves in them. And, to the extent that they have a "favorite" book or author, they can get lost for days.or longer. Readers read favorites over and over (and over) again. It isn't so much about the words that are put on the page, although those can be very good. It is more about how you [...]

    jrward/bdb/slicesml❤❤❤More. More. More. TRUE. TRUE. TRUE.But sometimes it’s just because you’re looking into the eyes of your lover and your gratitude for having them in your life overflows because you showed them what was on the inside and they didn’t run scared or turn away, they accepted you and loved you and held you in the midst of your passion or your fear or your combination of both. ❤Wrath

    ~AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE FOR BDB FANS~This is essential reading for BDB fans. Zsadist and Bella's 81 page short story alone is worth the price of admission. Huge insight is given into each book in the series and the Brotherhoods world, as well as a ton of other information. JR interviews each of the Brothers getting them to fill in a question/answer sheet with hilarious results, giving us a greater understanding of their characters. I actually came away from this feeling like the Brothers were rea [...]

    I cannot believe how long I waited to get this book. If you're a member of J.R.'s official BDB forum, then you may be familiar with some of the pieces in this compilation, such as the Slices of Life pieces and the Brothers on the message boards. But even if you are, that doesn't mean you should skip out on this one. There is a ton of stuff to indulge in that will satisfy your hunger of the Brothers until the next book comes out.One of my favourite parts of this book is the deleted scenes. Ward g [...]

    jrward/bdb/slicesmlSeriously this is a slice of Phury heaven ❤For Phury, the nature of the Do Not Have, the Cannot Have, the Never Possible, the Unfulfilled is taking him into darker places than he could have predicted. I think he assumed that if Z ever healed a little, that his own suffering would be over.

    WOW! I'm just not sure what else to say about "The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide" by J.R. Ward. For those who have gotten caught up in this series, it's an absolute 'must buy' for your keeper shelf!Ward has included, among other things: a shiny, new short story about baby Nalla; the original proposal for Dark Lover which started the whole series; some deleted scenes (different from the ones originally available on her website); some of her favorite quotes from each book; a teaser [...]

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsFather Mine – Father Mine is yet another incredible story in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. It fills in the blanks for Zsadist and Bella, covering the events that occurred in their lives between the final chapter and epilogue of Lover Awakened. It relates the narrative of Nalla's birth, and the subsequent return of Z's nightmares of his horrific past. Z is one of my favorite brothers, because he is tough as nails on the outside but broken and vulnerable inside. He [...]

    A ver, hubo partes como la historia corta de Zsadist, algunas entrevistas y ciertas cosas que estaba genial pero hay otras que sobraban completamente. A veces, muchas y demasiadas, se enrollaba como una persiana jaajaj sigo enamorada de Zsadist y así será hasta que llegue el libro de Lassiter claro ajajajaja

    When I was finally done with J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series, I felt a sense of accomplishment for making it through all of them, even the bad ones. Then, however, another friend informed me of The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide. Never one to read hokey "companion" books, I thought nothing of it until I was told it contained a novella about Zsadist and Bella involving the birth of their child. Naturally, I had to borrow it, just to make sure I'd read everything, r [...]

    I am CRAZY about these guys or else I'm just crazy! When I'm in the world of the BDB, I'm really IN it - do you know what I mean? I totally buy everything and everybody in each book, and when I finish one, I'm more than a little let down that I have to return to reality, true? Of course, Ward perpetuates these feelings, what with her "interviews", board postings, etc further adding to the ease with which you can slip into believing these guys are living and loving in Caldwell, NY! Not many book [...]

    This was very short but I loved it!!!Sooooooooooooo that was movie night (day). Next one is going to be an Aliens marathon. And yeah, Rhage is going to insist on acting out the alien out of the stomach routine on the floor in front of the TV. *sigh* Hollywood's just like that, you know?

    I wanna watch movies with the Brothers!!!Merged review:This book is a MUST HAVE! love the interviews and the deleted scenes!BUT I'm confused! the deleted scene with Cormia and Phury having a young (boy named Ahgany born 5 years after Nalla)since it was "deleted" that means they don't actually have one right??I saw a post where someone was talking about their young and I'm like "WHAT??!! THEY DON'T HAVE A YOUNG!"(I never read the deleted scenes until now)their son is never mentioned in any of the [...]

    5 stars – Vampire Romance This features the BDB short novella Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story that is such a beautiful, emotionally moving tale of what happens after the HEA. I (like so many other BDB series fans) love Zsadist and Bella and their against all odds love story. It's J.R. Ward at her very best and makes the BDB Insider's Guide truly worth the buy/read!

    Father MineMain reason I gave in and bought this was for the short story about Zsadist Bella and Nalla. I can't get enough of those three. Adorable angsty gorgeous little family. <3 I've been really dying to see more scenes of Zsadist interacting with baby Nalla. This definitely fed my curiosity but I want more. WAY MORE. I love the father-daughter sweet-as-hell bonding moments. Ward could you please give us more of that?? Anyways seeing Zsadist's personal demons and struggles to be a good fa [...]

    This really isn’t going to be a book review, but more of an informative collection of my thoughts. For those of you who are fans of Ward’s Black Dagger Series, hopefully this post will help you determine whether or not it would be worth your while to purchase it.First up, the Guide is actually pretty hefty, weighing in with a whopping total of 474 pages. The book is trade paperback size and actually has a small font. I’m going to guess it’s a 10 font. So, as you can surmise, there is qui [...]

    Okay this guide is awesome!! If you think you have a feel for the Brothers through reading their stories, then you will feel even closer to them reading this. I found myself at times kinda forgetting these guys are fictional characters while reading this. Which has never happened to me while reading fiction. Yes, getting lost in their world and stories for sure, happens and that's cool. But you always know these are not real people. For some reason reading this guide/series, and I don't know how [...]

    I read this book in virtually one day as it was filled with a new short story with Bella and Z that helped a LOT with where things were left off with them, lots of juicy details regarding all the brothers, lots of information I already knew and just a bigger glimpse into the world JR Ward has created with the brothers.I liked the new interviews with the brothers as it provided them with even more depth if you read the first interviews on her website and compared them to the interviews in this bo [...]

    This is a GREAT read. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Father Mine the story of Z and Bella's birth and the hardships afterward.I laughed so hard at profiles the brothers filled out. V's gave me tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.en I realized that RAGE filled it out. lmaoThe interviews were wonderful.On the boards was great too. Got a good insight on Lassiter. Valentines day was hysterical, omg and when V and Rage messed w/ each other was LOL funny.You can't miss reading this if you love the series.O [...]

    Pero que adorable el relato de Z y Bella asdfghjklñ Me encanta esta pareja, que ganas tenía de leer más de ellos. Y las escenas eliminadas <3 Me temo que la de Phury y Cormia tenia mas tensión y pasión que todo que libro junto (triste pero cierto). Genial esta guía, tiene sus cosillas interesantes.

    Das einzig gute und interessante war die Kurzgeschichte über Z & Bella, der Rest war wirklich unnötig und überhaupt nicht das, was ich von dem Buch erwartet hatte.

    4 stars. Zsadist is J.R. Ward's favorite character. It is written. It is word. It is bible. That's honestly the main thing I took from this. The woman has impeccable taste and I'm not just saying that because I am absolute Z trash. Nope. Not biased at all. While I absolutely loved all of the Slice of Life short stories about the boys and their shellan's my favorite thing about this guide was the way Ward talks about her writing process about the first 6 books. That whole section and her writing [...]

    La Guía Secreta de la Hermandad de la daga Negra es un complemento perfecto y casi de obligada lectura, diría yo, para las amantes y seguidoras de esta saga tan increíble y excitante.Su lectura ha sido reveladora, divertida, tiernaHe descubierto muchas cosas y me han dado ganas de releer todos los libros de nuevo. Es fabulosa.Empezando por la novela corta de Zsadist, mi macho preferido de todos - junto con Rhage, Wrath y Butch - que me ha encogido el corazón. Y pasando por las entrevistas co [...]

    I'm glad J.R. Ward wrote this part of the book to give us a little more insight as to how she was able to write this series. I enjoyed reading it and the convos that she gave us to fun to read with Vishous.

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