Blind Lust

Blind Lust

Blind Lust When Venus has a wager with Cupid that prudish librarian Lizzy Sweet cannot be enticed to love she neglects to tell her son that Lizzy is a three hundred year old witch The first man Lizzy sees aft

  • Title: Blind Lust
  • Author: Annie Seaton
  • ISBN: 9781619372580
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Venus has a wager with Cupid, that prudish librarian, Lizzy Sweet cannot be enticed to love, she neglects to tell her son that Lizzy is a three hundred year old witch The first man Lizzy sees after Cupid shoots his arrow is Josh Deegan, a famous country and western singer who has come to town to rediscover his muse, in an old farmhouse haunted by a culinary ghost LoWhen Venus has a wager with Cupid, that prudish librarian, Lizzy Sweet cannot be enticed to love, she neglects to tell her son that Lizzy is a three hundred year old witch The first man Lizzy sees after Cupid shoots his arrow is Josh Deegan, a famous country and western singer who has come to town to rediscover his muse, in an old farmhouse haunted by a culinary ghost Local warlock, Wesley Gordon, who has been hitting on Lizzy to no avail for over one hundred years, is not impressed The quirky old folk of Silver Valley watch fondly as the battle between love and lust plays out Leaden and golden arrows zing around, spells are magicked, potions stirred, and ghosts hunted Who will fall in love and who will let the other go forever

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    Cupid and Venus were up to their usual hijinks with Venus making a wager with her son. Languid and bored, Cupid accepted the challenge – the payment after all was worth it. Lizzy Sweet was the target – sweet by name; sweet by nature – a librarian in the tiny town called Silver Valley where she’d lived for a long time. Venus neglected to tell Cupid that Lizzy was a three hundred year old witch who couldn’t fall in love with a mortal or it would be her downfall. And Lizzy’s best friend [...]

    This was a short read, but very satisfying. It combines one part mythology with one part paranormal and the result is a super cute story that you will wish was just a little bit longer so you could spend more time with Josh, Lizzie and Wesley.There was a lot of things to love about this story.1. It is a unique plot: wiches and cupid and Venus. Not a likely combination to appear in most stories.2. A hot sexy country star and a librarian? Yeah this is great!3. Did I mention the librarian was a wit [...]

    3.5 stars = a solid I liked it. Venus makes a bet that Cupid can't get straitlaced librarian Lizzy to fall in love, but doesn't let Cupid know that the deck is stacked against him since Lizzy is no mortal but a centuries old witch who will lose her immortality should she fall in love with a mortal.Blind Lust is kind of an odd title for this cute story and its odd assortment of mythical and magical individuals. Lizzy is smart enough to figure out what is going on when all of a sudden she is lusti [...]

    What a lot of fun to read! The author categorises this story as a novella but I thought of it as a long short story.The goddess Venus plays a trick on her son Cupid by betting him he can’t make a certain mortal woman fall in love and forget her inhibitions to pursue the object of her desire. Cupid takes the bet not knowing that the dowdy librarian, Lizzy Sweet, is in fact a 300 year old witch and is going to be much harder to manipulate than he thinks. Even less straightforward is the fact tha [...]

    This review can also be found on Always a Booklover.Blind Lust seemed like a very interesting read. Though it didn’t disappoint, I cannot say that this is a new favorite of mine. Let’s start with the good things first shall we? So, Blind Lust was a fun read. It was light-hearted, easy and a very good novella to pass the time. The storyline was interesting too and the premise for it really intrigued me. The moment I saw the blurb, I knew I wanted to read it. I mean, Cupid plus a witch plus a [...]

    I may be a little early for Valentine's Day, but simply couldn't resist sharing. After all, there isn't a more appropriate subject than love, nor a more intriguing idea than a bet between Cupid and his mother. Add in a 300-year-old witch, 100 years of unrequited love, a culinary ghost, and gimme that book!Blind Lust is some of the most flat-out fun I've had with a book in a very long time.Thanks to that intrepid meddler er incorrigible imp, Cupid, every time Lizzy and Josh get near each other [...]

    This was a really warming enjoyable read and adored it. Since I do like this author had to grab this one and it flowed so nice it only took me a minute it seemed and was left warm and happy. You meet some wonderful characters in this one-Lizzy who is a witch,she works at the library and is great friends with Wesley who is no mortal either. In the town though arrives country and western song writer singer Josh who has to stay in his aunt's house in order to claim his inheritance. But there is als [...]

    I dipped into this book not sure what I was going to find, and was delighted. Magically and paranormally speaking, I've served my time with the heavyweight Harry Potters, Twilights, and True Bloods, without finding anything as truly engaging as this story. Annie Seaton has a lightness of touch which creates a world which is simultaneously ethereal and earthy. She exploits the juxtaposition of the real and the magical to playful and off-beat effect. I've never read anything quite like this before [...]

    Review by Desere :Fantastic characters,intriguing spells and fabulous scenes ! Yes you name it this book had it all ! I am no big paranormal fan but yes I have said it before and I will say it again Annie Seaton knows what she is doing when it comes to writing !The book had a beautiful cute love story with a delicious twist that in the end after reading I truly had to take few seconds to come back down to earth ,yes the book had me going wow ,now that was really awesome!The author has a way of m [...]

    “Blind Lust” by Annie Seaton is a different story than one you’d expect by just the title alone. Cupid and Venus make a bet that even Cupid can’t get a person of Venus’ choosing to fall in love. Of course Cupid takes that bet and then it’s on! What Cupid doesn’t know is his target is a librarian and a hundreds year old witch who can’t take a mortal lover without giving up her own immortality. Lizzy Sweet is the aptly named librarian and witch who is hit by Cupid’s arrow. Josh i [...]

    Blind Lust is a charming, mystical story with a distinctively modern touch. Hm I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly but think witches using the Internet, Cupid in a white suit and sneakers, warlocks on Harleys and maybe you'll see what I mean. The descriptions and even the dialogue had a sort of dreamy quality - except when it was used to contrast the new kid in town (the sexy country star) with witchy Lizzy and the Old Folk. I have to say, one of the most impressive things about Blind [...]

    When Venus and Cupid make a wager, things become very interesting for Lizzy. She is their target. She may be a witch but she's not immune to the power of Cupid's arrow. Now she is in lust with a mortal, Joshua Deegan. This does not sit well Wesley, a warlock, who has loved her for ages. Where do we go from here? Annie Seaton has written a romantic paranormal story that is filled with interesting characters. I love them all. Their dialog is sharp and witty. The romance is tender and humorous. I e [...]

    I loved the ending of this one - but I won't spoil it for you. Seaton set this one up so well - Cupid, Venus, the impossible couplea country music star, a witch, a warlock, a sexy librarian, a ghostI only wish she'd made the story longer, by fleshing out a little more of the detail. Yes, that's my biggest complaint about this one - too short - and I'm not just talking about the page count.For a while, I honestly thought it wasn't a romance at all, for Lizzy was so determined to beat Cupid at his [...]

    3.5 stars to be exact.I liked that the story is part mythical and part paranormal. I was already laughing when I started reading during the scenes of Cupid and Venus. There's also a slight twist to the story that came as a little surprise. I was expecting it to be a predictable read although I had my bet going for Wesley.Overall, it's a light, fun & enjoyable read. I did however get a little confused towards the last parts of the book. I still can't figure out how had Cupid won the wager. I' [...]

    I love books that combine magic, mythology and paranormal so was instantly hooked on the premise for this one. It would have been nice to have seen a little more character development, but I suppose that's one of the downsides to a novella. The ending was a bit of an odd one for me, as it was what I had been rooting for yet I still felt a bit of an anti-climax - I think perhaps because it seemed a little bit rushed. Overall though this was a sweet story with the magical elements very well blende [...]

    Blind Lust was a quick, fun, romantic story. The main character was Lizzy Sweet. Lizzy is not your average librarian, she is an immortal witch. Venus and Cupid have a wager to see if Cupid can get her to fall in love.Lizzy is struck by Cupid's arrow and falls in lust with a country western singer. Wesley, her best friend has been trying to win her heart for many years and is not happy with the competition. It all works out the way it was meant to.I enjoyed this story and I recommend it to anyone [...]

    I do not read paranormal too scared!!! but boy oh boy this cute book by Annie Seaton changed my mind and if it is anything to go by I would certainly be buying more Great characters The settings and spells had me enthralled and caught up in a different world for the entire book Gosh the plot twist at the end surprised me but in a wonderful way!!! PleasePlease Annie could you write some more Please??

    Sadly I found the book pretty confusing. I've always enjoyed reading magical books but apart from the fact that Cupid shot his list arrow at Lizzy and Josh causing them to be in list with each other. But I really couldn't understand how Lizzy suddenly found herself in love with Wesley after this incident. Perhaps it's me because I saw a lot of good reviews for this book but I really couldn't find the book enjoyable which was pretty sad because I do like Annie Seaton's books.

    I've read very little paranormal romance, but if this cute book by Annie Seaton is anything to go by, I'll certainly be buying more. Great characters, settings and spells had me wrapped up in a different world for a few hours. I was delighted by the plot twist at the end. Can we have some more like this, Ms Seaton?!

    This book was very interesting. I like the premise, and the story itself was pretty good. I think I understand the element of surprise the author was going for, but I would have LOVED to have fallen in love completely with Wesley and/or Josh (I won't ruin the surprise!) by way of more detail on the characters, more development maybe. But a good read nonetheless!

    At the beginning I loved this book - it had a very clever twist, and I love stories with interesting magical elements.I only rated it less than 4 stars as I felt the hero/heroine triangle with the musician didn't really work and was confusing. It also meant that the ending was anti-climactic.It would also have been nice to know more about the heroine's life.

    I love a good paranormal book and this one didn't disappoint.It was an easy read and I did it in one sitting, didn't want to put it down.I loved the atmosphere and the characters. The ending made me feel really good because that was what I wanted in the end.Please write more paranormal books Annie, PLEASE.

    What a great book to read when you need a little romance, magic, lust and love oh and don't forget cupid! Lizzy and Wesley her best friend are getting by until Josh enters the picture, then sparks and spells fly :-) A short, sweet and sexy book to read right before bed!

    Well this was a freebie from amazon, and it was a short sweet simple love story. It had two gods Venus and cupid, some lusty arrows and two men and a witch. It was never boring but it was very PG. For a free read it was worth reading.3.5 to 4 stars.

    Short and sweet. Entertaining and intriguing. Annie's characters are always beguiling and the plots set in interesting locations. Her descriptive prose is second to none and is always relevant to the plot. Entertaining read.

    LovedEven though this was a short story, it was perfect. I fell in love with the characters and was so happy with how this story ended. Thank you for a wonderful story!!!!

    I enjoyed this book very much. It was funny and keep you interested.Not what I usely read, but sence I got it free I would read it, glad I did. Very enjoyable.

    Ok, I read it in spite of the title. I'm just not into sensual books. This is a sweet story! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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